Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Weekend Wrap Wednesday ~ Hair, Dad's Birthday & Caden Happenings

This actually was a low key weekend I think I was so tried that I didn't really do much. You know they say working out gives you more energy but man I'm just so beat. But I keep going (more tomorrow). Today I thought it would be fun just to show some pictures of our weekend :).
Mommy even had mommy time, and got my hair done!
It was quiet and I was able to read ok I feel asleep in the chair
She has these great rocking chairs you sit in while you process
I guess I feel asleep, you know how I know this????
I snore and WOKE myself up!
Caden was a busy boy!
He decorated the walls and of course the floors!
While working I keep hearing this click, clonk.
I look up to find Caden coming down the hall!!!
LOL he was so proud of himself
Oh yes and he took my camera and took a pic of himself.
Then we parked out skates!
Saturday was my dad's 60th Birthday!!!
My mom was having a family reunion planning meeting so poor dad got kicked out by all the women. He came and hung out with me and the kids. He even took us out to lunch! It was so nice hanging out with him, we don't get to very often. The boys actually ate all their meals and behaved rather nicely, thank we were only at Shari's but we don't go out often so I was biting my nails!
If you would say a prayer or thought for my dad, after 28 years with his company and the day before his 60th Birthday he got a pink slip :(. They did give him 60 days but they have decided that their IT department be outsourced to Dell who outsourced to India. NOTHING wrong with India (no hate mail please) just sad that so many have lost their jobs. Mom works at the same company for almost 32 years now and looks like she'll be able to retire. But sadly this large airplane company has decided that my dad and his whole department is no longer useful :(. I'm just so sad since he' so close to retirement and as well all know how hard it is to get a job at 30 let alone someone so close to retirement. Thanks for your amazing thoughts and prayers!
So There it is our weekend in a wrap add in working out both days, grocery shopping, working and yes a good nap and going to bed early ... LOL


  1. :) love the hair darl! I got mine done just b4 hubbys bday party wkend! :) i am feeling so much better thankgoodness! dont u love when the kids enjoy drawing on the floors n walls?!

  2. Looks like fun :) well you know drawing and all ;) cute pictures as always, love the hair!!!

  3. Love your hair!

    The skates are adorable!

  4. Rock the nap times...no matter how the come about!

    Those skates are just so cute! I would've been laughin so hard if my Girlie came clonking down the hall in them :O)

  5. Love your hair!! Sounds like you had a great weekend, I love it when my dad comes to visit.

  6. GREAT hair. I am always zonked after working out! LOVE the roller skating pictures!

  7. Your hair looks great! I know what you mean about having time to yourself. Sometimes I don't mind going to the doctor, since it means I get a few minutes to be alone and maybe read a magazine!

    Love the roller-skating photos, too!

  8. Cute hair! I so love the back! Love the roller skate story. How cute!! Sorry to hear about your dad. SO not fair and too crazy!!

  9. Very sorry for your Dad.
    It is a tough time to be let go.
    My thoughts are with him.
    The hair looks great!

  10. Oh my gosh, your hair is so long! (Funny I notice this after you get it cut lol)

    I love the style and the highlights, very cute!

    Oh man, I dread the day my dad turns 60. That just means I'm getting THAT old!

  11. Woe, woe, I totally didn't mean that in the way it sounded.

    I am definitely saying you are old because your dad is 60. I was talking only about my situation.

    You are young.

    Very very young

  12. Hair totally cute! That is funny your mom kicked him out.. you know official business LOL..

    Awww I am so sad about your dad. That sucks!

    Much love to you all.

  13. Love the hair!
    Love the roller skates too...where did you get them? I think Jake would totally dig a pair.
    So...60 is no longer retirement age? How long do they expect us to work now? If early retirement is not an option for your Dad I hope he is able to find something suitable soon.

  14. Absolutely love the hair! Anytime I get a quiet moment to read, I feel myself drifting off to sleep - now why can't I do that when it's time for bed - I'll never know...

    I'll keep your parents in my prayers - I know so many who've lost jobs in this crappy economy - the list would fill a book.

  15. I'll give you hate mail -- I HATE talking to IT people from India. I HATE that they read scripts and have the personality of a wet mop! :) Seriously girl, I HATE IT!

    Love the new 'do! One of these days I may get back in to get my hair done too! ha ha... (yeah... I'll just keep laughing at that thought, too!)

    :) Glad you had a good weekend!
    Happy Birthday Dad!!!

  16. Happy Birthday to your dad and many prayers for him! Such a bummer!

  17. Happy Birthday to your DaD. That is not cool about his job. I hope it all works out. I love the new hair style it is getting long. You look great by the way.. I hope you have a great week. Glad the boys are doing great..

    Sending lots of hugs...

  18. Great hair (and yes, I giggled on the snoring). I love that mirror, too!

    Bummer on your dad's job (happy birthday to him!). We've outsourced all ours, too. Not just the stuff that can be handled and managed via the phone, but we actually have vendors in the building now - including a guy who helped me with a dead powercord last week who had to be 70 if he was a day. Fingers crossed for him!

  19. Great hair (and yes, I giggled on the snoring). I love that mirror, too!

    Bummer on your dad's job (happy birthday to him!). We've outsourced all ours, too. Not just the stuff that can be handled and managed via the phone, but we actually have vendors in the building now - including a guy who helped me with a dead powercord last week who had to be 70 if he was a day. Fingers crossed for him!

  20. You look so pretty, the haircut is beautiful!
    I think it is horrible what your dad's company did to your dad. You are right about how hard it is to try and find a job in this economy for anyone, let alone at his age. I will be praying for him. Please wish him a happy birthday and give him a big hug, too.
    Glad to see that Caden is feeling better, he looks adorable in those photos.

  21. Your poor dad! That's terrible. He'll be in my thoughts and prayers.

  22. Those roller skates are the cutest! I so wanted them for Blake when I saw Caden with them on! LOL!

    I'm sorry to hear about your Dad's job. He'll be in my prayers. :-)

  23. I like the new 'do. I've said a prayer for your dad. I know all too much about how that goes. I worked for a telephone company once that got outsourced to India.


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