Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fine I'll Show you ... yup that back fired!!!

So my oh so lovely husband said to me the other day that the house wasn't clean enough and I'm not keeping my end of the bargain. Ok let me back up and tell you how we got here, he's not a total pig a bit on the butthead side ... but I digress. So when we talked about me working from home, I painted this pretty picture of how I'd have more time to do stuff around the house. So I had this plan I'll work from home I'll be done early and life will be so easy. I know really what was I thinking! Now I know Rick works a weird schedules and lately he's training which means he has to drive an hour to an hour half each way and a 9 sometimes 12 hour day on top of that. So when he starts at 12 or 1pm he sometimes doesn't return home until 1am. So yes I get he's tired and cranky but I also know I'm being mom and dad sometimes too and busting my butt a lot of time, which I'm sorry means I may not vacuum or mop/sweep everyday (ok once a week if I'm lucky).

So here's the day that is usually what I call my own, which he doesn't see since he's away from the house.

5am - Wake up to go the Gym (I added this in less time to do things like sleep)
Throw a load in the washer, and a the load into the dryer
6:30am - Start work
8:00am - Clock out to get Cole ready for school, dress, fed, lunch packed, teeth etc.
Throw load in washer to dryer and yet another load goes in!
8:30am - Get Rick out the door to take Cole to School, Get Caden set up
8:35am - Back to work
3:05pm - Go Pick Cole up
3:45pm - Log back on if needed to do any extra data entry
5:00ish - Get Dinner Going, finish up laundry, fold the laundry that pile up that day, dishes get the dishwasher going (which Rick told me is easy)
6:00ish - Dinner time (that is the kids can sit and eat)
6:30 or 7pm - try to catch up on Blog and my relax time
7:30pm - Bath, Book and Bed time
8:30pm - finish up dinner dishes, clean up the boys mess
9:00pm - Type up Blog and go threw pictures if needed
10:00pm - Better be in Bed so I can get maybe 7 hours of sleep!

Now as Rick pointed out my job is not running around and physical like his. Mine is a lot of phone calls, it has a lot of stopping and starting new projects, r/s apts, adding apts, looking up people, data entry. Really it's the best job I've ever had it's not very stressful it's a full day that keeps me busy and I love it. I'm mobile so I can walk around if needed and grab Caden lunch while still doing everything. It's really my dream job it's just the concept of working from home that leads him to think I'm free to do it all, and why is it not all done. HELLO I'm working no I'm not playing around on the internet and reading blog, I use to be able to do this but not anymore! Really life is not exactly what I thought it would be but it's all about moving and changing with what you have!

So after a lovely round of comments I thought I'll show you, so when he took Cole and Caden to their places (that day was a daycare day for Caden so it gave me more time). I took an hour, did the laundry, swept the floors, clean the bathroom, did the dishes and mopped the floor. He walked in and said how come you only do this when we argue! He currently is living outside, I haven't decided if I will let him back in! LOL oh boy so yes look this is what I do turned into him actually seeing what I do and why can't I knock this out everyday! Insert Head Slap here!

Thank you Google for this picture!


  1. That cartoon is priceless!

    I don't think I'd let him in the house.

  2. OMG'd I am LMAO right now, and sending this link to my hubby!

    Well he is nice really, lets me get away with almost murder, as long as I have hot fresh food for him when he gets home, and even takes me out if I bat my eyelashes the right angle!

    Girl you go!!! go go go go go!!! They do not realize they contribute to the mess do they?

  3. I thank GOD my husband doesn't try that with me. Then again, he's a school teacher and sometimes gets home hours before I do and STILL calls to ask me what *I'M* making for dinner that night :) Men.

  4. I just had this discussion...when we were both working full time I still had to do all the housework and cooking. And my hubby said yeah...
    And I was oh because you were working 80 hours a week and I was only working 60 or 70.

  5. Oi... You are a saint mama! A saint I tell you! He's so lucky to have you... Remind him of that. Tell him if he had someone else for a wife, he'd be doing at LEAST half of the work if he ever complained about it... Tell him to thank his lucky stars he's got you!

  6. LMAO - I can totally relate! The rare (3-5 times a year) that DH gets home before I do from work and is expected to make dinner - he wants tons of praise - like he's done some noble deed.

    Where is my praise for doing that 4-5 nights a week on top of working full-time? When he goes it - it's a favor to me, when I do it, I'm doing what I'm supposed to....
    Where did you get that cute dog house? I might be needing one!

  7. I only clean my house once a week. Like the bedrooms, bathrooms, and other rooms. Dust, vac. I do clean the kitchen daily and pick up when I can. I think you are doing a great job. If he does not like it then he should help out. You are doing your part by working and taking care of the boys. I think you are amazing. I know he does too. Have a great day.. Poser.

  8. Isn't that the way it goes...if you're working at home you couldn't possibly BE WORKING.


    I'd lock him out too! Good for you :O)

  9. yuh oh... maybe you should post the schedule you typed for us on your fridge and he can see it too!

    oh my!! i mighta lost it had i been you.. good thing you better than me!!!

    don't take too much of it though.. and have a great wkend!!!

  10. Good for you! I hope you really did let him know he's in the doghouse. Let us know when you decide to let him back in (and what flowers he had to buy you for access back into the house).

  11. I'm fortunate that my husband has been home enough with the kids that he knows how hard it is to keep it up. I admit I didn't even try the week and a half they were out of school. I'd just frustrate myself and everyone else when the kids messed up on one while I was cleaning another and vice versa.

  12. Hubs thinks food magically appears from the market, instantly turns into any meal he desires, Lil Bits does her own laundry, puts away her toys, arranges and drives to play dates and activities...geesh, what do I do all day???

    When it's HIS turn to watch Lil Bits (not often, not long) I've prepared fourteen snacks, choices of activites and books, and even a change of clothes...for an hour, two...On returning, he's watching his favorite show with her beside him...Yeh, What do I do all day???

  13. Just have him call me, I'll back you up. You work harder then anyone I know! Sometimes the house can be messy, who cares.

  14. OOOOH men have no clue do they?! Ha ha ha! I remember seeing this one cartoon that was a scenario very much like this. The husband came home day after day and it wasn't to HIS liking (but instead of doing anything about it, he just complained) so the wife though -- I'll show you! And so she didn't do ANY of the stuff she normally did. And when the hubs came home that evening, he looked around and was like... what have you done all day? She said, everything that you normally assume I haven't. ha ha.. that way he KNEW that she really HAD been busting her butt.

    I have never been a big fan of reality tv shows but I saw a couple of episodes of Wife Swap and sometimes it's really a rude awakening for men to realize what all we DO do without having to be asked/told or rewarded with a cookie or some kind of admiration. If my husband empties the dishwasher, he feels the need to tell me like he deserves accolades. LOL... it's so ridiculous!

    Men... can't live with 'em... can't smack 'em with a frying pan.

  15. OUCH! I bet that comment did land him in the doghouse. Men just don't think. LOL I love the picture too. PRICELESS

  16. My husband used to give me a look when the house was a mess, but he's used to it now...I rarely get that look anymore-LOL!

    Hopefully Rick will come to understand how busy you are and that the house is going to get messy at times. (If it's our house-it's just messy all the time! LOL!)

  17. My first husband tried that with me. But he also only worked 7 hours a day at a really easy, fun job with no stress. Plus we lived upstairs from HIS mother. And, oh, she was such a PERFECT specimen of a wife... NOT!!! She did all the cooking, cleaning, laundry, yada, yada, yada (of course, her husband was an alcoholic!!). It was the worst marriage in the history of marriages - he was also an abuser.
    Thank GOD I met Bill, he is SO totally different.
    You'll work things out, I don't know when you find the time to do all your volunteering activities.
    You are amazing.

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