Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Weekend Wrap Wednesday ~ Gym, Sick Kid & Cupids Blogger Swap

Sorry everyone it's been yet another crazy busy week around here and not much time to read emails or blogs ;(. Now I add in the gym and it's even harder, but darn it I have a goal and if you haven't noticed yet I have an addictive personality and go gung ho when I have something new!

I'm happy to Say Friday was my first day of the gym. I thought Saturday Rick was going to work early, leaving me with no childcare. I only had Caden, my parents had Cole spend the night Thankfully it worked out and I was able to go to the gym. I was able to do my 45 minutes + some weight training! I even hit the gym Sunday before Church!

I made cookies and guess what I ate one ok two and then sealed them up yup so I didn't open it up even placed the extra cookies from the triple batch I made for Church. You know the cookies the gave me after my first visit well yes I signed up to help make cookies for these ... lol

Poor little Caden is still sick and spent time with daddy in bed.

Cole I'm so proud of he's READING a book! They have these little practice books and he's doing so good! When had a pretty good week, but 2 yellow keys. They have a key system at school, purple best, then green, yellow, orange and red (go see principal). Now Cole on green is a good day so yellow not so bad but still not the best day. Thursday was yellow and when I picked him up he had a complete melt down, tears everything! That is why he got to spend the night Friday with my parents. Happy to say we've had two Purple keys this week so far!!
And I'm so excited I received my first package from one of the Cupid Bloggers Swaps I participated! I was so behind and got my packages out Monday, sorry friends this mommy is behind!

My partner Destiny was my partner (I'm sorry I'm a dork I was thinking she was the she was the same person as the host) Ok yes I know I'm a dork so here's my apology to her, as soon as I find her blog I'll add it! She sent me the most amazing package! Check out all these goodies she's the best bloggy swapper! She sent me two amazing books, a massager, candles, chocolates (my favorite white chocolate ones), some amazing vanilla lotion, Hersey's cookies and cream, awesome tin and some great magnetic pad!!

Thank you so much I'm so nervous I hope you like what I sent!


  1. Oh how cute, we had pen pals when I was growing up...wish they had sent me cupid treats!

    Oh poor baby, no not you, your cute little baby does not feel well...you had cookies which substitute as a flu shot for me :)

  2. I hope Caden feels better soon. He looks so sweet sleeping.

  3. Hope Caden gets well soon. Congrats on your motivation to go to the gym. It will definitely be worth it.
    You received a great package from the swap.

  4. What a cool box of goodies you got! I'm sure whomever gets yours will be just as thrilled!

    And great job on avoiding the cookies for church--I'd have to have had a few first myself!!!

    Hope the little one is on the mend!

  5. I hope he feels better soon. Poor thing.

    Congrats on the gym!

  6. Awesome job on the gym AND the cookies! I'm not sure I could have held off on just 2-they look delicious! ;-)

    Poor Caden-hope he is feeling better!

    What a fun exchange! I may have to look into doing one sometime...when I can make it out shopping ;-)

  7. Sorry little man in sick!! Great package!! Happy WW!!

  8. That Blogger Swap sounds like so much fun!!!! I will get in on it the next time!

  9. aww the pics of daddy and Caden are darling!

  10. I'm so proud of you! And jealous! I'd love to be able to hit the gym more often than I do. (right now its only once a week...booo)

    Your Cupid loot is awesome! That's a fab idea!!!

    So sorry about the sick cooites. We have them too. I was hoping my face would just explode and then maybe there wouldn't be so much pressure...didn't happen and I don't think its going to. Finally went to the doc (along with Girlie) and we got some meds. I'm praying they work quickly. I can't stand to see my little gal sick!!

  11. Wow what a week. I am so proud of you that you are sticking with it.. It is okay to have a treat... Poor baby boy I hope he gets better.. What a great Swap gift. Just letting you know that Round Robin is this week. Two more days.. Have a great day. Poser..

  12. oh, those red little cheeks! Poor thing!

  13. Your doing so good, I can't believe you even went before church. Caden's little cheeks are so red, poor little guy. Two purple keys is awesome! Way to go Cole! You got some great items.
    You can eat the chocolate, just let one little square melt in your mouth. You can take a whole week eating one bar. I know you can do it.

  14. Hope your little one is feeling better....

    Wow - look at all your great stuff you got!! Awesome.

  15. I hope your little one is feeling better. Whst sweet pictures of him and dad though! What a fun swap! I love those things. I am so proud of you with the cookies and keeping me motivated.
    You go girl!!

  16. Score for you on your swap!! (I can't wait to see what you sent her too) I love swaps, they're so much fun!

    You are a better person than I, those cookies would have been gone in two seconds!

    way to go girl!

  17. poor little caden.. he looks so sad.. hope he gets to feeling better..

    and all your goodies look amazing by the way!

  18. Keep rockin with the gym, you're doing great!
    Poor Caden... Hope he's feeling better today!

  19. Looks like you made out with some awesome stuff!
    Thank you so much for participating!!

  20. I used to love having pen pals. Poor little baby, although is your hubby happy that there is a pic of him lounging in bed for all the world to see? Get those kids reading early! I can't wait to start having the kids read all the old books I used to love.

  21. Hope your little one is better :) I loved having pen pals when I was! So cool! My kiddo loves reading, well me reading LOL

  22. I'm so proud of you sticking to your commitment to go to the gym and stick to your diet plan.
    Poor Caden looks so feverish in those photos, I sure hope he feels better soon.
    I'm also proud of Cole for doing so well in school and for progressing in his reading... what a great thing he is doing.
    What a great Valentine package you got, all the best things you love: books, chocolate...mmmmm!
    Hope your V-Day was terrific!


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