Friday, February 5, 2010

The Gym like a bad first date

Day 1 at the gym, yup I'm comparing it to a bad first date ... LOL.
The time gets close you know it's time to get ready you work a little over but it still doable you can make it to the date. You have butterflies in your stomach, your heart is racing a little. You then go on the mission what to wear! You hit the closet nothing fits, oh but wait can these pants fit? Oh yeah they have elastic waist they fit ... oh wait there are a few stains do you think anyone will mind? Then you find the shoes ... but wait those are both right foot? Yup two different shoes, so mad dash looking under bed, throwing clothes you find a match too bad it's for the pair the is a 1/2 size too small! Put them on you're ready to go, right?
Then of course the rubberband breaks need a back up plan for the hair. Find a clip, bobby pins and oh yeah the headband from Daffy (thanks girl for the sparkles). It may look like a mess but darn it I am going to work it! Yup the butterflies the crazy wardrobe choices and of course the getting ready! Only to go to a place that you end up paying for .. LOL!

So I made it I signed up paid my $25 and filled out all the paperwork to become a member again! They changed it a little bit new owners and it was nice. They have a room called the "Hour Glass Room", it has all the equipment (2 of each) in this room that once was the class room for WOMEN ONLY!!! Yup no having to work out with meatheads! Now to get there and have one of the machines open each time. I got on the Elipical put in my weight (my guess weight I hide that scale good this time ... still looking) and put in 40 minutes. No problem I use to do over an hour 40 minutes will be a breeze right? NOT like a bad date two minutes into I'm wondering if it is over? I hang in for 20 minutes and I'm thinking I'm dying wondering if a cookie really can be so bad right now! LOL but I do it 39 minutes I'm thinking yeah I made it. 40 yeah my legs may fall off but I'm done, yeah right 5 minute cool down begins! REALLY why must you tease me with an end! I hung in there and did it 3.07 miles and 569 calories down! And like a bad date I'm going back again, what I don't get out much! Yup tomorrow after work I will be heading back! So here I am red face and sweaty, ok people not in my 20 anymore this is so not how the date would end but this is what I look like after the gym! Oh yes and a quick run to Ross for a new sports bra and new pants, yes I'm cheap :).

Day 2 and more to come!!
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  1. You rock girlfriend!! And no, Ross isn't so cheap... Its the only place to go, especially since you dont want to spend so much money knowing you'll be too thin to wear those in NO TIME!! =)

  2. so proud of you.. im totally cheering you on..

    have a lovely wkend!!!!!!!

  3. Poser, I am so proud of you. You are such an amazing woman. Looks like you got some new work out clothes..

    Here is some sunshine for you.. Stop on by and pick it up..

  4. Awesome job! And you're going back today? Yay!

  5. Your so funny. It is so wonderful that you are going to the gym. I wish you great success, keep it up girl!

  6. You know...the headband makes ALL the difference in the world! THAT is motivation girl!

    See? I knew you could!

  8. YAY girlie! Awesome job!

  9. Well done! Keep up the good work.

    Kitty x

  10. Awesome, awesome, awesome!!!! I need new workout clothes desperately!!!! I gotta cheap it out too though!

  11. Woot! Woot!

    You make me laugh! First day at the gym=first date.

    Hopefully the gym will start puttin out soon!

  12. I can't do more than 5 minutes on the elliptical. You rock!

  13. You GO girl! I can't even make it into the dang living room for the wii active, much less to a gym! I love the picture looking down. Your feet look funny!

  14. [url=][/url]


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