Thursday, March 4, 2010

All alone, we'll see If I'm talking to the voices by Monday!

Here we go Ricks is on the way to Sunny San Diego (which I'm hearing might rain ... lol Karma baby) and I'm here with the boys. He still thinks there is nothing wrong with leaving me with the boys while he goes and helps them move and oh yeah hang out with his buddies! I may just have to scream before I go nuts this weekend! So I must find a way to run away for a few days? Hmmmm crap I work Monday threw Saturday, when the heck when I will find a few days to run away? Ok must do a day trip sometime soon, anyone live in Washington that has something fun for us to do? LOL

So this weekend my plans are to get out of the house! I'm hoping my dad would like to meet up for dinner or something, I know but really I don't have many adult friends these days. I can't go to the gym since I'm loosing my daycare (don't you know when you're a dad you're babysitting if you have to watch the kids) person. So Saturday and Sunday I'm going to find something to do! I think I may hit my friend Racheal's house for some coffee and Project Runway Chat! I may have to go to the seven level of hell (AKA McDonalds playland) to let the boys play and then rush home to give them baths! If it was warmer we would go to park so it's going to be an inside play area this weekend!

I need to stay out of the kitchen I think the neighbors are stocked on goodies and I don't need to eat anymore! And since my sticky note comment about undies yesterday at the gym (you know mine sticking to me and the lack of them on butt crack girl) I just had to share this hilarious you tube video my favorite bloggy buddy **** April **** @ THIS is what it's all about! It's a little long (4 min) but oh my is it worth it!!! I was dying laughing, don't worry I'm wearing my big girl panties worthy of church ... LOL.

Have a great weekend, I'm so behind on a few reviews and giveaways so I'll have those up this weekend too!


  1. Have a fun weekend! Sounds as though you have a lot of ideas for ways to keep busy. :)

  2. *hugs* keeping busy is going to be the key!

  3. I wish I could think of something fun to run away to do!! Sounds like you have a great plan! Smile. It will be better than you think. Sending you lots of good wishes.

  4. Hey Poser,

    I am in the same boat as of today until Monday..
    I wish we lived closer we would have such a great weekend. I will be thinking of you.. Have a great day.. and weekend..


  5. I think you and the boys should have packed your bags and got on the plane with him. I would have picked you up in San Diego and you could party with us and watch the Oscars. Where is the video, I didn't see it. The weekend will fly by. You are the queen of keeping busy.

  6. Men make me sick! They have it made, and they rarely even realize it! Have fun, whatever you decide to do!

  7. Make sure you send your hubby plenty of text message photos of the kids hanging from the ceiling fan. Even if he doesn't freak out, you'll annoy the hell out of him and keep him from his good time.

  8. men are so mean sometimes.. seriously, and its so funny how they can manage to turn it over on you...

    hope you can find at least a little fun in it all!

    try and have a good wkend!

  9. LB's comment sounds good to me. Hope everything works out...make that, I'm sure it will.

  10. I hope you find some fun stuff to keep your boys occupied! Good luck :o)

  11. I don't know about you, but I get a lot more done when Rich isn't around. (He's on a fire call tonight and I feel like I can conquer all sorts of stuff tonight! LOL!) It feels good to have some completely quiet time sometimes too (even though Rich typically would be passed out in a chair right now anyway, but there is still snoring.) Anyway! I hope you're able to make the best of this weekend and have a wonderful one! ;-)

  12. Pumpkin had to travel to Houston for the past 2 weeks. The first week he bragged on how gorgeous it was - 65/70 degrees when it was in the 30s here. The second week - snow for only the 10th time in over 35 years.


  13. Oh girlie I wish we lived close to each other :) hope the weekend goes well and quick LOL

  14. You know what's even more funny -- that's a MAN!!!! :)

  15. You need to go help someone move for a weekend.

  16. well...its Tuesday. I hope you survived!


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