Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I survived ... A comb over can hide the bald spot right?

Well I survived most my hair is intact (well the bald spot is an easy comb over) ... :). Rick is home but of course got home late last night and guess what had to work his 2 jobs today! UGH ... He took Cole to school and off to job #1 and then straight to job #2, I won't see him until the next day ... that is so my life! I'm about to bounce my head off the wall! I so need a break, I may just have to do it. I'm hoping Sunday I can meet up with a friend I haven't seen in 3 years! LOL I was pregnant last time I saw her (well body shape about the same, just a little balder ... lol)
So here it is our weekend was pretty busy I tried to keep us out and about so the level of volume wasn't locked up in my house :).
Friday of course was the last day to bring donation items to Cole's school. Of course you had a $50 MIN required donation per family!!! So I threw together two baskets and some random fish items for Cole's Classroom basket was an Aquarium Theme.
Two baskets I put together was one a tea theme and a cookbook/food theme (yeah like you didn't see that one coming!) Don't you just love that tea pot with cup? It had the cutest drangon flies on it.
After picking Cole up and dropping off my donations, my parents invited us to dinner. My boys love their Bapa! Caden being 2 was not on his best behavior and my mom decided she was going to reprimand him. Proud mama cub here was not HAPPY! Let's just say our evening ended quickly! Check out Caden and his binoculars ... LOL Diego cartoon has created him "looking" for things! LOL
Saturday after I finished up work and a few things a friend I haven't seen in forever gave me a call out of the blue. She read my blog about being alone and invited us to go on a little trip! I was so excited one because I haven't seen her in forever and two because we need to get out!
The boys were so excited especially Cole since he could take his scooter with us! We headed up to pick up my friends and then to Seattle. Anyone that knows me know I'm not a city driver, I drive a stick and Seattle is all hills!!! After a LOT of traffic we made our first stop at the famous Wing Dome! Me not so much a chicken on bone fan, but they did have a lovely chopped salad I got! My friend Tarra and my other friends husband Maurice did the wings and said they were great!!
Second stop by Green Lake in Seattle, now the walk way we thought would be great for the kids to ride their bikes but let's just say the lovely "grown-ups" not so happy about the kids! So we went on a dock to check out some ducks and watch the airplanes. Then a fisherman came along and after almost being snaggled a few times by him casting we decided to move. We let the kids run on the hill so not to bug anyone. It was a fun day!

The kids had fun running around! Caden loved the pink bike ... :) so my boy! Poor little guy his little noise started to run and I just knew it would bite me in the end. Yup we get home and he was an unhappy camper. So I lay down with him and guess what I did? I slept threw getting up to work my 2nd job! That is so NOT like me at all I felt horrible, I'm so not a flaky person!
Sunday kids still not feeling up to par, Caden up at 6 AM!! So we didn't go to Church I felt so bad but I knew it would be good to take it easy for them. Me on the other hand went cleaning! I cleaned the fridge, holy moly it took me an hour and half to clean that sucker! Cleaned and stocked! Then I hit the guest room, I promised myself I wouldn't let it go like that again, but yup it happened again and yup again I cleaned it up!

The kids got a little stir crazy and I didn't want to make lunch so I did something I don't usually do we hit the 3rd Level of H*LL and went to McD's playland. The boys ate a double cheese burger each (don't worry this is a VERY RARE thing as you can see I usually do all the cooking). They played for a while and we hit the grocery store. We're I was using coupons making the person behind me huff and puff because she didn't like how slow it was going! I smiled said sorry but was wanting to flip her the bird (I know so not a good thing but it was a BAD week). Then of course I grabbed the wrong size cheese, I told the guy don't worry I just won't get it. But he was no it's ok, I wanted to crawl under the cart. That lady I swear was contemplating hitting me with her cart. We made it home but both boys were in melt down mode and didn't want to take naps! Oh how I wished the magic fairy would come rescue me but no luck ... :)


  1. I'm glad your friend got in touch with you. You really need to take a little time out for yourself.

  2. OH BOY! I am so glad u survived darl! I was thining of u this wkend...while we were still in the ER...thats how we spent most of our wkend..Loche ended up in the ER on friday morning we were there ALL day...thank goodness sat was totally different tho my mother in law rescued me and we went to the farmers market and spent a few hours out shopping i needed it! Sunday was filled with cleaning and grocery shopping and helping Kevin with his business! Then Monday was spent travelling an hour and a hlf away to my sons new doc where they took more blood poor lil fella...i cant wait till they figure out whats wrong with him....he shouldnt have had to go threw this and suffer this long as is...6 months of him being sick on and off is just ridiculous.....ANYWAY! so glad u made it! Now when do u get a day away from the kids??? to just relax and be YOU not mum not wife :) just fun loving U!

  3. I hope the boys are feeling better.
    Glad you had a visit with your friend.
    Don't let the people in line bother you. You are doing nothing wrong.

  4. Screw the people in line....because you know last week they had their kids that were little devils.
    I miss you girl, when did we get so busy

  5. LOVE the teapot-I have a little thing for dragonflies-I did my bathroom in them in college :-)

    I can't believe how nice the weather must have been there! We've been in the 40's here-not warm enough to go outside without a coat! It must have felt good to get out :-)

    You sure cleaned! We don't have a guest room, so our bedroom ends up with the clutter and it really needs a cleaning....it's on my list! LOL!

  6. A comb over? Oh no!!

    It looks like you all had fun.. well.. minus the cleaning!

  7. The basket looks great!

    Love all the photos in this post, too. Hope your boys are feeling better, and your hair grows back soon. :)

  8. sounds crazy busy as usual.. i'm afraid that if i were you- i might would just run away some days..

    lol.. those baskets are sooo cute by the way!

  9. Great basket. Man, you are one busy woman. How do you do it all?????

  10. You are too nice sometimes...I would have glared right back at lady in line or said - 'you know giving me that look isn't going to make it go any faster.'
    Love that little teapot/cup - where did you find it?
    Hope the boys are feeling better. Feel free to swing on by for a cup of coffee and whatnot.

  11. Yeah you made it.. You did a great job and they even got outside.. Great food and cleaning too.

    Sorry I did not make it by yesterday thing are wild.. Oh well.

    Hope you have a great day and week.

  12. I have a question. How do you get your pictures like that? I love it!

  13. Man alive if you and I haven't had the days from HELL I don't know WHO has?! :) LOL...

    That sucks about your hubs coming home and then just --bam-- gone again.

    I think that's preposterous that they'd set a MINIMUM donation. I'd be like... DONATE THIS... (and flip the bird) ha ha ha! :) I hate, too, how the schools (around here anyway) MANDATE what kind of WATER or LEMONADE you can bring into the classroom! I"m sorry, but if you're ASKING for a DONATION then don't TELL me what to bring! Kapeesh?! Corporate sell-out crap drives me to drink!

    I do like your baskets though!

    Your evening out w/the g-folk looks quite typical! :) You know, they just laugh when they leave b/c YOU have to take the monkeys home, right? ha ha!

    AND....yet another commonality we share -- meat on bones... just oogies me out! :) I like the boneless... ANYTHING. Which is why I typically buy the bone-out wings. :) I'm a wimp. I know.

    And momma... do NOT feel guilty for not going to church. The nurseries and Sunday School workers do not WANT sick/sickening babies there anyway! :)

    ROFL... and you MUSTA been desperate to go to the McDonald's playland! BUT... who HASN'T at some point!?! The thing I hate about the TWO that are within 2 miles of one another in my neighborhood... the moms NEVER seem to pay attention at one of them (bullies)... and EVERY time I've EVER been to the other one, some kid winds up peeing all over him/herself at the end of the slide or at the end of the little crawl space. I'm not sure you could pay me to go back to that one. EWWWW!!!!

    AND...as far as the lady at the grocery store... I hope you paid with a CHECK TOO! HA HA HA HA HA HAH !

  14. You did allot over the weekend.
    Sorry your dinner was quick with our parents. Glad you meet with your friend, looks like it was a fun day. You got some productive things done around the house, good for you! Nothing wrong with McDonald's every so often. Heck your kids eat great meals all the time. (Homemade) Sorry about sleeping into your job time.

  15. Girlie your weekends are always busy!

  16. I need some of that energy! I have family coming in town tomorrow and have had no desire to clean house at all today (and here I am, online for a bit! LOL!).

  17. Sounds like you've been keeping busy! What were the gift baskets for? Seems like a minimum $50 donation is a little high. You did a great job on the fridge and room.

  18. I think you did such a wonderful job on the baskets, but I'm with a couple of these lady's - $50 is quite a lot of money for a family minimum. I know there are only 2 of us and Nano, but that is our food budget for the whold week! (And it's even more than 1/2 when there are 5 weeks in a month.) In this economy, that is really asking a lot of some people. I hope it wasn't too hard on you guys.
    I hope you stood up to your mom, she is always so tough on Caden, but I'm glad he has such a great relationship with his Bapa. I adore that photo of him with his head on Bapa's shoulder!
    Looks like everyone had a great time on the visit with your friend. I'm so glad you got together with her... I so wish we lived closer - I mean could we live any farther? Unless you lived in Alaska!! :-) BTW, I LOVE Caden's backpack... SO cute!!
    Hope everyone is feeling well and you & Rick have gotten to spend some time together, I know you need it.
    Big hugs from me to all of you!


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