Wednesday, March 10, 2010

His Weekend vs My Weekend

Yup he so needed to go to help move!
It so was a plot to have time to hang with his buddies!

Sorry busy day I didn't have a chance to stop by everyones blog, I'll be soon!!!!


  1. I would be so fucking pissed...
    like, not even sleeping on the couch - sleep in the fucking yard pissed.

  2. Thank God I am not alone. I could basically have done the same thing. And last night, when Baby girl had a fever of 103, I woke him up twice, once to get her a bottle when I was trying to take her temp and changer her diaper, and the second time to take care of the son in mid-nightmare while feverish baby girl cried to mommy.
    He told me that he was up as much as I was. REALLY? KMA, you have no idea what a mommy is. Want my you-know-what for one hour and switch spots? You would run away from home, not taking time to let me pack!

  3. Dude, his weekend was so much harder than yours! Poor guy.

  4. I think you should help your inlaws the next time they need help moving.
    I mean, equal time, right?

  5. Yeah, I'd be livid - like not talk to him for a week, let him make the meals/clean the house/wash his own damned underwear/sleep on the deck kind of livid.

  6. Wow - so you are married to my husband too! That is a shame. LOL

    Hope it gets better... I received my prize and blogged about it this morning.

    Thanks again!!

  7. Hahaha! Yep, sounds like they couldn't have survived without him!

  8. Hi There! Just stopping by to follow your blog! Hope you can come follow mine! Thanks! Have a great day!

    Bridgette Groschen
    The Groschen Goblins

  9. I love the way you set this post up....

    No worries on the visits! We KNOW you're busy. Good lawd that hubs needs a whop on the head.

  10. Turn about is fair play. Tell him that you'll have to drive down to Destin, Florida, to help a dear friend move. Then head down to the beach and party like a rock star!!!

  11. Preach it, sista!! ;0) I have a good hubby, but sometimes he just doesn't understand all the things I do to keep everything running smoothly. I think it's just a man thing. ;0)

  12. Sounds like fun.. My main blog is you are more than welcome to visit my crafting blog. i also have an etsy site.. Enjoy and hope to see you around sometime...

  13. Sounds like my weekend.

    Friday get up and get things ready for party.
    Friday husband: ride in car with friends, get there and go and gamble and party it up.

    Sat. Girls day of shopping
    Sat. H: sleep in party all day and night. A friend was getting married so this was his big party.

    Sunday: Leave house to hang out with in laws.
    Sunday: H: Comes home and is so sleep but he has to work..

    It has a been a busy week for me to.
    Round Robin is tomorrow.

  14. Man you really need a weekend to yourself!

  15. OMg I thought I was the only one.... I swear sometimes I want to choke him..

    He will say let's go to the store... so me I got to shower the girls, pack the diaper bag, pack snacks, sippy cups for both... get my self ready... then don't forget their blankie...oh a light sweater just in case it gets chilly.

    HIM: shower and get ready and it like what is taking so long... mther fker...... want to know what is taking so long really!

    I ought aaaaaaaaa......

  16. YIKES!!!!

    i think i need to have talk with him about a balancing act.. think he'll!

  17. You need to say, it's MY turn now... and do the same! :)

  18. So where are you going for your FREE weekend away from home? I am sure that it was good for him but you also need one.

  19. An "it's all about me" weekend is definitely in order for you. Schedule it and do it!

    Because in the end...

    "If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!"

  20. I would reward him with a weekend with the kids to himself while you went to a spa or something with your friends!

  21. Payback coming up! You have to make it right!

  22. So did his mom really need the help, or was this a way for her to get him "away" from it all? BARF!!!
    You're a saint!!

  23. Oh no! I thought he was going to be spending most of the time helping his mom move. I can see why you're definitely needed the help more!

  24. Oh, that sucks!! Don't worry, I am sure he will get his fair share soon. :-)

  25. Alexis. I swear you need to sit down for oh I don't know 10 minutes and have me time. Sounds like hubs had it rough lol....grr.

  26. Very clever post-its :-) And WooHoo I am your latest follower- yea! Hope you stop by my place when you get the chance!

  27. I know how you feel. My husband doesn't understand it either. He thinks if he feeds and bathes the kids two nights in a row, that it qualifies for an entire day of nothing for him. Sure buddy. I've told him, you wake the kids up, get them fed, dressed for school, get them there on time while getting yourself ready and feed the dogs 5 days a week and we'll talk. Then maybe he can get a day off.

  28. Oh man. His weekend sounds SO. TOUGH.

    I'm sorry. :(

  29. I'm so sorry sweetie. I'm sure it had to do with his mom and it was not intentional on his part. I'm sure she figured he needed his rest from working two jobs and he didn't mean it to hurt you.
    But you know what, we will hopefully be moving in a few months, and I'll be needed you to come on down here to take care of my little love Nano. It requires sitting by the lake with him on the leash while you read and sip lemonade. Do you think you can help me? I would be lost without you!!


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