Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Gym Sticky Notes Are Back!!!

It's Gym Sticky Note Time!!

I promise really I am a nice person ... LOL
Just Gym Venting :)


  1. Cant I add these to my long list of reason why I dont go to a gym any more? I mean besides the fact that there isnt one within a 45 mile radius and I dont work in the city any more and there is no way Im driving that far every day?!

  2. hehe oh girl u crack me up! Gym venting or not u r just to funny!

  3. Oh my gosh Poser.. Is that you? You are looking so wonderful.. I love your gym notes. I wish we could do this together. We would so rock that gym and those wild ladies.. Guess what the other Poser is out and about to day. Stop on by.. Love ya.. I know you will be alone starting to day. Call me..

  4. You should see my rear getting into the pool when I go, this is too funny, I am laughing out loud and hubby is looking over at me!

    He thinks I am laughing at him, oh well our secret!

    Lovin the post it notes!

  5. HAHAHA Backpack girl is just showing off!

  6. 5am??? That's insane. You ROCK!

    LOL @ the tramp stamp pants.

  7. i am laughing so hard.. i suppose i get why the lady was walking with a backpack.. but i'm the type of person that would have JUST COMPLETELY LOST IT... i would have had to cancel gym for the day b/c i would have been laughing hysterically... you should so take ur phone in, and if its got a camera on it.. take funny gym shots of ppl!!!

  8. ROFL...... that is good 5lbs... and the makeup thing I totally understand that.. I don't know why but ever since I turned 35 i dont leave the house no matter what without makeup!


  9. OMG those are hilarious! LOVE LOVE LOVE you sister! LOL.

    THe only one I could possibly have insight to is the one with the backpack. I've read that people that are training to go on a hike or expedition of some sort (like... freakin EVEREST) DO train with a backpack b/c their loads typically are 40-60 pounds.

  10. I don't care how great looking and fit and perky people are - NO BUTT CRACK! Euwww.

    Once I squatted down and mine did show and my 10 yr old tipped me off - I just fell down and quick covered up - I was so humiliated!!!

  11. That's why I work out at home! 5 pounds is still 5 pounds!!!!

  12. It really perturbs me when the idiot on the treadmill beside me is talking on the cell phone! Seriously. People are crazy!

    Love you girl!

  13. 5-6 days a week is frikkin' awesome, babe. You rock.

    Yeah, I cheap out on the sports bras too, always have. That's silly. If there's any part of my body that's earned a little TLC it's my darling boobs!

  14. Those are so funny. Chatty Cathy would drive me crazy but not as much as radio girl! But crack doesn't look good at any size.

  15. I'm not into chatty people at the gym either!

  16. I love the butt crack one! I don't care who you are, a butt crack showing out of the top of your pants IS nasty! I just wonder what these people wear when they get all dolled up to go out. Can you imagine?

  17. Love the notes. You made me laugh so hard. Look at it this way atleast you are getting some entertainment!! HA HA!! ALl reasons I can't make myself go to the gym. Good job on the weight loss!!

  18. LOL! Don't you hate it when you're clothes stick to you when you're working out! :-)

  19. guess who is starting the gym soon? me! too bad you don't live near me we can be a hot mess together lol! butt picking at 5 a.m. is allowed!

  20. LOL now you know why I hate going there LOL YAY for 5 lbs gone!!!

  21. 5 lbs is better than no lbs!! I think 5 lbs sounds amazing!!! Good job!

  22. there is a whole demographic of peeps who need the pull up yo pants reminder!

    Kudos for you! You're really sticking with this. I'm jealous

  23. ~ First off... LOVE the photo of you!
    ~ I think that your face looks thinner, I noticed it in your last post.
    ~ I hate those women who feel the need to glam it up for the gym or to go hang out at the pool... WTF??
    ~ I really think you need an iPod to keep Perky away from you... or just give her the "Stink-Eye!"
    ~ Love the tramp stamp/butt crack comments!! You make me laugh!
    ~ Panty hose at a gym, you are sh**ing me?? Really???
    ~ Radio station girl just needs a smack, don't be polite anymore!
    I am still so proud of you for going 5 days a week... it will pay off! You are so funny!


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