Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Overnight Socialite Book Review

Now that I go to the gym around 5 days a week, I'm speeding threw books. One thing I've learned with the gym and trying to ignore the crazy people around me is to have a good book that will keep my mind on the book.

My newest book love (yes I don't have much of a life these days) yes book love is The Overnight Socialite by Bridie Clark. Ok now don't laugh but I'm a lover of the teen movies, I know I'm 33 but deal with it! Remember the movie "She's all that"? Ok it's a cute movie about a deal that two guys made that he can make a nerdy ordinary girl into the prom queen! Ok now think of that in an adult world of socialites and very rich people!

The Overnight Socialite starts with a girl close to my heart, she's a little frumpy and a thriving clothing designer to be (I know I so relate, ok the frumpy part at least). Lucy Jo is a girl that has come to the big city to learn from the best designers and become one herself. Sadly a mis-step at a huge fashion show she is kicked to the curb with very little to call her own. Fate takes a turn and introduces her to Wyatt Hayes IV a bored PH.D. anthropologist who is looking for something to take his mind off his current brake up with Cornelia Rockman.

Can Wyatt turn Lucy Jo into Lucy Ellis in 3 months for the Fashion Forum? Follow along while Lucy goes threw a transformation of mind, body and class (or did she loose some of that?). I thought it was a great story and read, I finished it up in 3 times to the gym and when there was only 20 pages after that last gym trip I sat down on the couch just so I could finish it! I just loved the whole book, the only thing I could ask for is that the endng would give you a look into the future. I know always wanting more. I love when books have a last chapter that gives you a peak into how the future turns out.

A wonderful book that I suggest to you all to read! Thank you to FSB Media Book for another wonderful book I can't wait to read her next book.


The Overnight Socialite by Bridie Clark

Published by Weinstein Books

Currently you can pick up The Overnight Socialite for $23.95 or on sale for $16.29 at Amazon.


  1. Sounds like a great book and a great distraction for annoying music girl!

  2. sounds cool dear, enjoy and tell us what u thought about it when u are done, thanks xx

  3. That sounds like a terrific book and I'm like you, I like when there is an epilogue in a book that gives a glimpse into the future so you can really "see" that they lived happily ever after with 2 kids, a house, and the dog in the yard. :-)
    Please stop by my blog to see what I have for you:

  4. sounds awesome, I need some new books to read :)

  5. I can't read at the gym. I can't go fast enough!


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