Thursday, August 6, 2009

Finally day 2 of our Great Wolf Lodge Water Park Resorts. Sorry it took me so long to get this up, been so crazy around here!

Day two was a super exciting day, the alarm went off at 7am and I was up like a flash of lighting hit my butt. Well it also may have something to do with my 2 year old sleeping next to me kicking me the whole time! To those of you who were wondering yes they had an iron and ironing board! Yes I actually got up ironed my shirt, pants and outfits for the boys! Ok let me just tell you the water in the iron of course kept squirting out all over the clothes. After some frustrating and a few mommy words I was done. Got the boys up and started rounding everyone up. My lovely husband as always was the non morning person who did not want to get going. This time I'm blaming the being 10 minutes late to him. All I have to say is thank the lord that the breakfast was there in the resort.

Let me just say when I walked into the Northwest Territory Ballroom I was blown away! They had this amazing table set up with cloth bags and Starbucks coupon. Then I look over and see all these balloons, yup they had kids tables set up, with color books, special drink cups, a coupon for scoops (the ice cream bar) and let's not forget the big jars of cotton candy. Now this was what I saw before walking into the room, I walk in and see 2 chef's standing in front of loads of food. And a omelet bar, yes omelets made to order! Ok let me let you in on what was running thru my mind before we left the room. I was thinking on NO maybe they didn't mean for the kids to come with us, what if it's a sit down in the dinning room where my kids will run around and drive me and the other dinner nuts. You don't even know the HUGE sigh of relief I let out when I walked into the room. They really are so family orientated, I was so relieved and happy to be welcomed into what felt like a family!

Our breakfast was amazing, I even got in a few bites between talking with Jon our wonderful host at Great Wolf Lodge Water Park Resorts. Rick was actually very helpful and sat at the kids table with the boys, I know shut your mouth I had the same reaction! Of course half way thru the meal Caden fell off his chair and started to cry. Leave it to my boys! Jon was so sweet he had one of the helper get Caden a special bear that has a wrap on his arm, it's their boo boo bear they give any kid that gets hurt! I was so impressed with these amazing people who really make you feel like part of the family. Jon let us pick his brain on any questions we had to share with you! In my last post I told you about the waterpark and all the amazing things, today I'll let you know more about the lodge :).

  • They have a new program "Ask a Mom" yup on their site you can ask an actual mom about coming to the lodge and family vacation planning. Look finally a manual we've always asked for!
  • They have some amazing sponsors they have teamed up with: Pampers Splashers, Little Tikes (you can even purchase them) and Pepsi cans soon! (Look on your Pepsi can for special deals to come.
  • The Washington Lodge has 398 rooms including Theme rooms and suites (suites good for a bunch of you to pull your resources!)
  • Cub Club for "Edutainment" - Now I thought this was super cool, on day 3 we checked this out. The Cub Club is a cool place to take your kids to play and do different activities. They try to make fun to have Education and Entertainment for kids all wrapped up into one!
  • GR8 is a cool place for Preteens and Teens and night time it turns into a dance club! They had the coolest kids there had dances to each song. It reminded me of the movies I've seen around the 50's time frame. Very fun!
  • Scoops Spa is a fun spa for kids! Let me tell you if I was a little girl I would be in heaven! All the things in there are named after yummy ice cream dishes!
  • They have a convention Center you can do 2 groups 30,000 sf! Let me tell you when we were leaving a Chearleading Camp was doing stunts in these rooms, door shut you couldn't even hear them!
  • Discount for Group 10 or 12 Rooms
  • Quality food by Chefs in a MILLION dollar kitchen! Did I also mention the head chef was an IRON CHEF! That was super exciting to me.
After our amazing breakfast we said our good byes and head back to the water park! Another day of fun of playing in the water, well the boys did I know I went to a waterpark and didn't bring a swimsuit! I know I own a few but let's just say not in a size I'm at currently. But I did finish my book finally and that my girls is the best day I could have. Rick took Cole around the whole place and came back every so often to take Caden in the pool too!

For dinner we hooked up with Shannon of the The Mommy-Files and her family to have dinner at a local Mexican restaurant. Let me just say this having time with her family was wonderful but the waitress we had was so rude and did not appreciate us having kids. Let's just say we ate quick and her tip wasn't large! Thank you Shannon it was so nice to have dinner with you and your family I hope to do it again soon!

Of course our night did end there the waterpark was open for an hour and half longer so Cole and Rick got in there suits and went off to the park. I put Caden into his PJ's and went down for story time! Yup they have story time isn't that too cool! They had the coolest little show with statues that move around and talk, then out came Wolfy and a Story Time Lady who read a very sweet book. It was wonderful, now only if you could get the adults NOT to sit in front so the kids can sit there! Sometimes you want to slap some of these people ... LOL.

After that we headed into the park to see the boys just finishing up and then time for ice cream! The perfect way to end a day! Caden and I hit the arcade where I didn't have to spend a dime just put Caden in front of music and he's the hit of the party! After some dancing we went to bed while Rick and Cole hit the dance club ... LOL. Talk about a fabulous and fun day! One more day to come, wait for next weeks final cap of our trip. :)


  1. looks like you guys had a wonderful time!

  2. What a blast! And ice cream is often a great way to wrap up.

  3. Love the video and pictures, looks like so much fun :) glad you enjoyed it!

  4. That place sounds fantastic. Sounds like you all had a great time. Thank you for sharing.
    Love the dancing!

  5. Well now I want an omelet.

    PS Thank you for visiting my guest post at Amy's!


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