Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Weekend Wrap Wednesday ~ Little Surprises and Gifts

What a week and a weekend it was! So here is my quick recap, well as quick as I can make it, come on you know me by now!

So I had this brilliant idea that I was going to take some clothes in the closet that were pre-baby #2 out of there. They have been in a basket for over 2 years! Well I move the basket to find a lovely surprise. MOLD what the heck! Ok I know we have an older house and the window in our bedroom sucks but I was so not expecting this! UGH!

So anyone who knows my husband knows he goes OCD when it comes to cleaning. God help me to get him to pick up after himself but all of a sudden he doesn't like the look of something and watch out and get out of his path. So it began with a simple bin of clothes and I ended up having to emptying my whole closet. How the heck did I collect so many items of clothes and what is up with all those purses! Yup 2 garbage bags to donate and 4 bins to be put up for storage (one day my rear will be small again). I'm ready for my birthday present the closet organizer! Yes remember that lovely gift!

So Wednesday I was having a puny day and had to come home to add to my great day Rick decided that was the day to redo my closet. Yes new drywall and paint and all. Which is great but it doesn't smell to good especially when you don't feel well! So instead of trying to die I decided to leave and go where I could relax. Yup I went and got a pedicure and fell asleep in the chair! Loved it.

Thursday still feeling nasty stayed home was relaxing on the couch until I remembered crap I have a hair appointment! Yup I ran down got my hair done, and again fell asleep while my hair was processing! LOL do you think I was a little run down! Check out the new do. A guy at work called it punk? I guess since I have the dark underneath to show of the step up in the back. Not as crazy as Posh or Kate but a slight one. Don't get me wrong I love theirs but I can't pull that one off!

Friday Cole called my mom (monnie) and invited himself and of course us over! I could have killed him. I love my parents but they aren't the pop in kind of people. They work early and go to bed early and really enjoy their empty nest. Don't get me wrong they love their grandchildren they just aren't those grandparent's. I'm just happy I have my parents and they are lovely people, be happy with what you have and not wish for more because some don't even have what you have! Ok so on to my story of what my mother gave me! Yup that is a Swear Words Jar! LOL I guess my potty mouth has gotten a little bad. She told me to put a penny in each time. I thought that is nothing ... LOL then I caught my sailor mouth ... crap I could fill that up in no time. Ok I'm on a lower my bad word campaign. Crap!

Sunday my lovely husband didn't feel well and stayed in bed until 5pm! Wouldn't that be nice? Yup I dealt with the kids so I took them to the park and met up with a friend and her daughter. Lot's of fun minus the Posh want to be mom and her 2 little boys that she was afraid they would get dirt on! She did the Helicopter and hung out the whole time hoover over the kids. She cracked me up in her designer jeans and high heels. Girl we're in a playground it's dirty you're going to have to deal with it. She kept looking at us and then she would look at our kids and then back at us. I so wanted to go hello it's a playground if they hit or do something like that we'll deal but come on I so need a break and they are just running and screaming and we're outside!

To my surprise my girlfriend even brought gifts for me and the boys! Isn't that sweet! They missed Caden's party and she even brought one for my birthday! Muah

We ended Sunday with a dinner at Applebees, got to love the 2 for $20 it's perfect for a family on a budget! My husband got up just for the dinner, yup came back home and back to bed! Over all not a bad time and the boys did ok. Well for the first 10 minutes the last 50 was a whole different story ... LOL.

And to leave you with my peeved off Monday! Monday is my day to work from home and Rick is suppose to help with the kids. But he was still not feeling well stayed in bed until 3pm got up took the kids for a drive and came back and asked if he could go to a baseball game. I looked at him like the kids look at me (the third eye must have moved to him). So you know it big boy tantrum and off he went to the game! Yup it's grand being mom ... LOL. I still love him but some days I want to hurt him.


  1. Nice hair cut darling!.......
    Another crazy weekend, eh? For sure there's a reason 'play clothes' were invented!.......
    What's up with guys and sleeping all day? Even if I had the opportunity to stay in bed all day, I couldn't make it......

  2. Love the hair... VERY chic!!!

    Love seeing your closet coming together too!

    YUCK on the Mold... I've heard that's a battle to get rid of!

    Love the little swear jar...

  3. "I still love him but some days I want to hurt him."

    Oh, can I relate!!!

  4. I wish I could pull off that hair cut!

    check out my WW

  5. falling asleep in all these chairs... honey you better take care of yourself!! but i loooove that new hair cute... very rockin'!!!

  6. Love your hair :) Can relate on the clothing thing LOL too much of the stuff I can't even wear!Hope you get rid of the mold it's not pretty I know! Applebees dinner sounds like fun and you know hubbies are like big babies ;)
    BTW thank you for the comment on my site :) you're the best as always!!!

  7. Sounds like a fun productive weekend!
    Your new do looks great!

  8. I love your haircut! Very very cute:)

    Does your husband read your blog? He needs to to see what a poopy butt he is sometimes!

  9. Dude ol' ricko needs a kick to the head. Stay in bed all day does not mean you get to go out unless you take the kids. Period.


  10. Way cute hair!! How you like your new closet?? =)
    Yes, you do need to ditch the potty mouth... Good for your mom to help you out with that!!!
    And in a less harsh way, I've got to agree with Laura above... That is SO wrong that he did that! You give too much to be treated that way.

  11. Looks like you did a great job with the closet. (The mold sucks)
    Love your hair, it's so cute.


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