Thursday, August 27, 2009

Prepared? Who needs to be prepared?

So guess what Cole starts Kindergarten next Tuesday, yes less than a week away! Where the heck did the summer go? Really didn't it just begin? I'm it had to because I'm not ready for the school year to start. Yup I know Mother of the Year I'm not, have you read my blog ... that award so passed by me a LONG time ago ... LOL :).

Guess what you need to have shots and a birth certificate for your kid to start kindergarten, I know shocker! Thankfully I thought of this ... ahhhhumm ... last week and made appointments for the boys. Heck I better get both of the boys done while I'm at it, too bad they don't charge you just ONE co-pay, I mean come on we're in there anyways!!! So today was the day we had shots scheduled. Rick had a meeting so I asked my dad if he could meet me, I mean come on 2 boys, one me and shots! Yeah right it's not a pleasant thought!

We thankfully got right in and the nurse was very sweet and talked to Cole. He was having a HUGE freak out about getting shots. Cole is in the 95 percentile for his height and Caden is in the 90, Lord be with me when they get older! Overall the doctors office wasn't bad I only had to tell the boys to sit down around 50+ times. Cole only had to get one shot and Caden needed 5!!! Thankfully they said he could do 3 today and 2 in 6 months! Yup Mother of the year behind on shots, crap! While we there we had a talking to about Cole's sucking his fingers. This is something he has done since birth and I'm having a HARD time to break him of this habit. Along with this lovely habit has become warts on his 2 fingers. I know gross huh? So today he had to get them burned off, I'm hoping this experience will help him stop this habit. All in all not too bad, lot's of tears with the shots.

After that dad too us to dinner at my favorite restaurant when I was little. The Old Spaghetti Factory, we went to the Tacoma one not as fun as the Seattle one but it was still fun! We got there around 5pm so we walked in sat down and had dinner very quickly! It was great but it cracked me up how we were taken into a "banquet" style room, you know the "kids" room. Yup whenever you got a nicer restaurant when you have kids you always find yourself in a side room or in a far corner. The way you know this is the "kids" room because as you take a look around the room you don't find one person with out kids. Yup you've entered the world of being shoved aside because you have kids. With the food coming so quick we were in and out in no time and no major melt downs, sad to say my neighbor in the booth next to me was not so lucky. Thankfully we were hidden in the kids room ... LOL ;).

Oh yeah I still haven't gotten the birth certificate! HOLY crap, did I not order one when he was born? Crap ok Monday, yup the day before school starts I'll do that ... LOL!

Ok I'm a dork and having problems with my pictures, so here it goes I think I figured it out!!!! Check it out!

Bridal shower (1st Party)
Top 3 pictures and the bottom Left are my friends from High School.
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Birthday Party (2nd Party)
Caden chillin in front of bouncy house and Cole enjoying it :)
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My Besties for almost 20 years! I love these gals and so glad we have caught back up with each other.
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The Bachelorette Party (3rd Party)
Getting Ready, Me with my new do and makeup and the limo ride!
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  1. Just crying? No kicking or screaming? Wow. Lucky.

    Okay, I'm going to confess this...I have no kids and am thankful for the separate kids area in restaurants. I love children, but when I'm out for dinner with other adults, I like avoiding meltdowns in the booth next to me.

    Besides, meltdowns get in the way of eavesdropping - Wait, did I say that with my out loud voice?

  2. OMG tha spaghetti factory sounds so good! We use to go to the one in Portland YUMMY!Oh there are some things I miss about Portland!

    My oldest daughter sucked her fingers and their was nothing we did that would stop her. She even had warts on her finers too from always being wet. With her the more we tried to get her to stop the worse it got, finally we gave up! Well sad to say she sucked her finers until she had children of her own. As she got older it was only when she was really tired and in bed.

  3. I have a thumb sucker, let me know if you find a way to make them stop. And really, at least they could give us a discount on the second (or third) co-pay. We're already in the room and lined up.

  4. at least all the shots are over with.. & heck, for a dinner at "Old Spaghetti factory" - I'd take a few needles too... YUMMYYYY

  5. 5 SHOTS!!! at least it's over now though! great pics of all you guys!

  6. Enjoyed all the pictures. How can you not have his birth certificate?
    Hope you get it soon. How nice of your dad to join you. I have never heard of a kids room, are you kidding me!

  7. the dr. office sounds traumatic glad it was you and not me. :(

    I love the spagehhetti factory can't wait to eat that stuff again!


  8. Wow you sure look like a sexy woman. Wow oh Wow....

  9. Hate going to the doctors with my daughter. Yea I didn't order her BC when she was borne LOL well than I did two years later ugh...
    Love the pictures, looks like so much fun!
    And about thumb sucking LOL let me know if there is a way to stop it LOL my daughter does this from day one and still at 4 and a half.

  10. Little Miss Blogger you crack me up, I must say I was like that before too, the kids sections were a nice repre but now it's like you feel like you're wearing the dunce hat. Yup Debby they have kids rooms or at least the back of the restaurant where they can put you ... LOL

    No clue about the BC, I really have no good excuse to this. I've never needed it so I never thought of it. UGH

    LOL thanks Amy you're too sweet!

    Oh the finger sucking kills me, he sucks the middle and pointer finger, it was cute when he was younger not so cute now!

    Well Caden at least got 3 of the 5. 2 more to go and then I think we're done for a while. When they cry I want to cry too!

  11. I ordered Logan and Brooke's right away, but 2 years later, I still havent gotten Erik's! Ooops!
    Glad they did ok and you guys enjoyed a yummy dinner! Only been there once and cant remember it. They closed the one that was here (I think).

  12. I have to tell ya. The best thing I got out of that post was your cute hair do!! I think I might copy.

  13. I have to tell ya. The best thing I got out of that post was your cute hair do!! I think I might copy.

  14. Kindergarten already? Oh man....but trust me, you are not the only mom who forgets important things like birth certificate and shots.

    I haven't been to a Spaghetti Factory in years! Sounds like fun!

    All the pictures with your girls are great. You've been having a ball!

  15. I have one word for two words...Party Girl!

    I cannot remember what I had to turn in for the kids? Gosh does that mean I am getting old finally?

    Love the pics of you and your friends...I am hoping to hook up with one of my pals in the old neighborhood who lives in Va next month...I heard she talks as much as I do, so you know that will be a fun trip, LOL!

  16. OMG, I have forgotten about The Spaghetti Factory, haven't been there in years!!
    Poor little babies with all those shots ~~ you MEAN mommy!! :-)
    You know, if you didn't party so much, you might have time to take care of your kids and do things like take them to the doctor and get birth certificates and prepare for school (TeeHee). Party on, mom!
    (BTW, I think you were the hottest looking chick at ALL those parties, even in your cheap blouse!)

  17. Finally trying to catch up with blogs!........You're still going nonstop, eh?......
    Shots are definitely not fun......but that Spaghetti Factory sounds pretty cool!
    After TigerBoy was born, and I went to pick up his birth certificate, I just got 3 of them right away....let's see if I can remember to do that with the next one!


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