Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bring on the paries .... 3 parites one day, one me!

Wow oh wow is all I can say! Saturday was one busy day, hold on drink some coffee and I'll run you threw it!

Insert racing music here ... LOL

Up at 4:55 to work at 5am ... I know 5 minutes before I have to start it's a long walk from the bed to my computer ;). Oh yeah and a HUGE cup of steaming coffee to please! It was a busy day but another good day I scheduled 8 people which is really good! I finished up like 40 some calls did a few emails for them. Put the kids in the tub let them splash around while I finished up and then got them out and dressed. Totally spaced on getting myself ready! Of course couldn't find anything that fit or looked good. Well I still need a birthday present for today!!!

Off to Ross (my favorite place for party gifts) and found everything I needed. I picked me up a snazy new shirt (for $6) for today. Yup one shirt 3 parties ... hello I'm on a budget! Got the birthday present and off we go!

Drop the kids off, the bride's mom was so nice and paid for a babysitter for the DAY!!! Yup the whole day, so I dropped the boys off. Ok this is the first time Caden didn't cry when I left!!! know I was so excited I think it was because there was 3 teen girls there, he was flirting! I ran down the street to the Bridal shower, only 1/2 hour late not bad! It was a wonderful garden shower. LOT'S of yummy food, yup gorged myself since all I had was coffee that day. I sat with a friend I hadn't hung out with in years. It as GREAT to catch up and just chat! We even won the purse game. Yup 4 moms at one table what are the odds of us winning ... LOL :). We each won a bottle of wine. Quick pictures with the girls since it was like a high school reunion! yup the quickest 2 1/2 hours!!! Check it out I finally figured out Picasa Collage! Yup I know hello I'm blonde!!!
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I quick good bye go back pick up the boys and off to the birthday party for my friends two girls! Yes I walked in with the present not wrapped, I ran out of time! LOL I told me friend and she said she was going to offer me paper but thought it would be rude. I just had to giggle she kills me, well at least I made it there and hopefully the girls will love the gift even though I was geddo and didn't wrap it ... LOL. They rented a HUGE jumpy house. Cole loved it and Caden didn't want to go in, he did pull up a chair to watch. It cracked me up he just sat there and watched the whole time. We stayed an 1 1/2 hours and off we go. Check out those photos!
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Ran home real quick to grab PJ's for the boys. Plus black pants and a necklace oh yeah new shoes yup same shirt. I told you on a budget! Did I mention I live in Tacoma, drove to Bonney Lake (35 min) for the Bridal shower then back to Tacoma for the birthday party (35 min) then back to Bonney Lake for the Bachelorette Party (35 min) oh yeah plus back to Tacoma to go home!!! LOL

Cole was so excited to go back to hang out with the girls (oh lord be with me when he gets older) they let him play guitar hero ... LOL :). Drop them off with the girls again, once again Caden didn't cry! YEAH!!! Then ran back over to start with the girls for the last party of the day! Heather the bride to be did my makeup and hair, yup I was feeling really sassy! They even had a limo pick us up! Thankfully only 8 of us got in since our rumps are a little larger then they were in high school! We headed to Seattle for a Piano Bar. Ok let me tell you 88 keys in Seattle was horrible! Ok they did give us free to get in (was a $10 fee) but they advertised a comic, nope a piano player got up there and said stupid things. The battling pianos was the weakest one I've seen ever! Now I'm not much of a drinker so I order nachos that were horrible I told the waiter and he just shrugged at me!!! I ordered a bloody mary thinking ok I'll sip this all night. Well a bit into the night one of the girls grabbed the table and spilled my whole drink!!! UGH I guess I gave a look because she bought me a new one and when I said Thank You it wasn't greeted with the warmest response.

Half way thru the night one of my besties for childhood (the one I haven't talked to in a long time) wanted to hitch hike home ... LOL. Thankfully the other got so toasted they called the limo early. On our ride home the poo hit the fan. Well my plan was Rick would pick the boys up after he got done working hopefully around 11:30, well that is the time we headed back home! Well the one of the girls called was a little upset my sleeping boys weren't picked up yet. I got on the phone said we were on our way home, she wanted to party with the others! So I was a little taken back. My friend said something about the girl being upset the mom was in the car had a little too much to drink and it started a war. She started screaming at me! I was like hello I didn't say anything, well that was fun we still had 40 minutes until we got home. Let's just say you could cut the tension with a knife! I was happy to go pick up the boys and go home! Yeah a night out too bad it had to be drama! But it was fun hanging out with the girls!!

Sunday I stayed home worked while Rick took Cole to his work party at a waterpark 2 hours from home! Yup it was a nice day, except the fact I got home around 1am, Caden got up at 7am and Rick slept in until 1pm!!! Boys!!! LOL there it is :) Pictures and all check me out!
Here is me and my BFF for 20 years! We've fall away for a while but I'm glad we're back together!
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The party girls!
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  1. It's always so nice to spend some QT with good friends, especially friendships that have lasted all of these years, right?

    BTW, I am your 200th follower! WOO HOO! Just found your blog and look forward to reading more! :)

  2. Hey Girl,

    You know how to have a great time. I love to see you having fun....

  3. Girl your posts always make me want to go back to bed, you are such a busy body!
    I'm glad you had fun, even if there was drama!
    I don't see how you can get anywhere in Tacoma, everytime I have been through there it is stop and go traffic no matter what time of day it is!
    I use to live in Portland and my best friend lives in Auburn, so I would make the trip often. Just about Tacoma I would hit the stop and go, drove me bonkers!

  4. glad you having fun... though if it were me.. i'm afraid i might pull my hair out.. lol.. i like to live very relaxing, haha!!

  5. You are the Queen of doing so much in one day! No pictures :( on my screen.

  6. Why do I feel like I just ran a marathon after reading your post!?

  7. :( couldn't see any pictures :( me sad LOL
    Glad you had fun girlie, but 4:55 OMG LOL

  8. How do you do it all??
    Ross is the best!
    No pics for me either :(

  9. I couldn't see the pics either but I'm sure they were great!

    And you make me extremely tired just reading about all of the stuff you manage to pack into a weekend...I couldn't do it! Glad you had fun with your girls!

  10. I'm with Misadventurous Mommy, I don't know how you do it all.... I'm exhausted just READING your post. Glad you had such a good time, and in a BARGAIN blouse to boot... way to go mom!!

  11. Up to your usual antics, I see. =) Looks like you had fun and you're still kicking... Time for a break girlfriend!


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