Friday, August 21, 2009

CoverGirl Outlast Lipstain Review (Plus Coupons for you)

It's beauty day hold on! Once again I hear my moms voice in my head "Never leave the house with out your lipstick on". Well let's just say I'm not the best at this rule. I've never been a big fan of lipstick. It doesn't last and I always forget to reapply or I don't outline right and I look crazy! Well finally someone has made a dummy proof lipst ick! Yup one this blond can figure out! CoverGirl Outlast Lipstain has given me this new thing for my bag of tricks. Or well you know the bag full of crap I call a makeup bag ... LOL.

So check it out my before (my usual look) of no lipstick, I know you should see my mom's face every time she sees I left the house like this! Really she's always buying me lipstick and leaving them everywhere like I won't forget to use them! Really it doesn't matter I

totally run out and forget all abo ut it! Now don't get me wrong I have tried Lipstains before and haven't been a big fan, just more things that have been added to that lovely bag of makeup! So check it out a lipstain that doesn't feel like goop on your lips. And it's easy, believe me when I say it's easy. I'm the 5 minute makeup queen and won't change it no matter what. Oh come on I'm chasing 2 boys to get in the car every morning, makeup not one of my high points of the day!
Check it out me with lipstick! I know my mom is going to freak when she sees me with this on. I may even get a hug ... LOL just playing. Really this is such a lovely color and it went on so smooth and I moved on a didn't think of it again because well that's me. I need something that will last, put it on first thing in the morning and then I'm off!

You know you want to try it and guess what you can and I have a coupon to share. I have 10 coupons for $1 off! Comment that you want one and I'll mail it out. I'm always sharing the love!
Thank you to BzzAgent for my new lipstick, yup I will actually be wearing this each day! Ok mom you win, I'll wear lipstick ... LOL.


  1. Wow poser you know how to work your lips.

  2. OMG!!!!!! I love that stuff!!! I just bought one a few weeks ago and a LOVE IT!!!!!

  3. I think you good with or without it:)

  4. yep, yep... done a review on these babies a while back and I LOVE THEM!!! i think that by now i have all the colors... have a great wkend!

  5. I have done a review for bzz agent on this same item I didn't love my color but liked it.

    Glad yours yu love, and you look good.

  6. Look at the cutie pie cuteness of you!

  7. Thanks for the review... I'm always looking for a lipstick that will stay on and not feel like crap. I'd love to have a coupon if you still have any - if with all the stuff going on in your life, you have the time.
    Thanks :-)


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