Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Weekend Wrap Wednesday ... Hot Weather and Party time!

Well I'm starting our weekend wrap a little early since last week we had crazy temperatures over 100, sometimes reaching 104! Did I mention I live in Washington? Yup we're known for rain not for super hot weather. So when I left my air conditioned office and stepped outside where my shoes melted to the ground I knew it was time to head up to my parents house on the lake.

Now a little back story why Cole on a jetski is such a HUGE deal. Last year my parents bought their first jetski and Cole was super excited to ride. My parents decided to both get on with Cole. Lot's of fun until they took a corner too sharp and off they went! Cole popped right up thanks to a life vest. They fell in front of my Best Friends property (2 over from my parents) and they all stood up and clapped big. Cole got back on and no big deal, that was until the following weekend. Yup he wouldn't get on no matter what you did. So after our trip to Great Wolf and all those slides he was ready to get back on the jet Ski and even drive it! I was so proud of him, I even took pictures on my phone and sent them to Rick who was working. It took him less then 2 minutes to call to see if it was true! Yup Cole is jet skiing and wanting to do it again very soon! Oh and when I came home I found this little (ok little is a joke the dude was HUGE) on my door jam. Guess he was trying to beat the heat too! I tried to zoom in to show how big he really was but he jumped I screamed and let's just say it wasn't a graceful move on my part!

So Saturday I got a little before 5am to do my call center job. I was so nervous we had a new script and you know how you're the worest critic, yup it made me go totally OCD on the thing. Thankfully it was shorter and it actually was smooth! I scheduled a good amount and felt really good about it. Usually I work a little over to help out but not today it's party day.

Ok people I'm throwing it out there! I get paid once a month (yes I know it sucks) but that means if the 1st lands on Saturday or Sunday I'm not getting paid until MONDAY. So PLEASE don't schedule parties on these days! I have no money for gas ... LOL

Ok I'm done with my soap box! So after finishing up I get the boys in the tub, mom calls and says that she wants to meet me at 9:45 instead of 10:30am. Geez Louise So drain the tub and throw clothes on the kids. Throw an outfit on me and oh crap I'm so white, so I put a little self tanning on my legs and arms. Now the smart thing to do is to WASH your hands really really good! If not see exhibit A above, yes that would be one dark face because when I smoothed my make up in I added a little extra tint. Somedays I'm so blond!

So only 10 minutes late, come on 45 minutes to get 2 boys dressed, me dressed and drive 15 minutes and only be 10 minutes late is pretty darn good. We got on the freeway to head over the bridge to the Family Reunion. My mom along with a few other gals planned this amazing get together this year marked the 35th year of it. My mom's cousin gave up her house and hello it had a pool! It was wonderful day, not too hot and a perfect day to run around after my crazy kids. We only had one time that mom and the other gals where giving a speech that Cole was in the pool and so badly wanted to show Monnie (my mom) how he was swimming. So yes not the right time but he was so excited, did I mention the Jet Ski thing caused him to hate water too for that same time frame. So swimming was a HUGE deal! So of course his talking not good but someone close to us (yes a close relative, I won't mention who) said jeez he's like a fly you just want to slap. Yes I said something back not too nice, but at least under my breath. My dad of course heard it and told me to keep it to myself, but yes he was thinking the same thing ... LOL. I'm not a big game person but they did do fun where they put a famous person on your back, you're only allowed to ask questions and then guess who it is. I of course got Maria Osmond ... LOL We had some yummy food my dad won the bake off for his brisket. Which he stayed up all night smoking, then didn't eat anything except some beer and got sick. So now my poor dad is very under the weather! After that we were off to take a nap before party #2! Yes I said party #2, I've been known to go to 3 in one day! Yes I'm that person, but I have a thing if you come to mine I'll come to yours. But if you don't show and don't call, don't expect me to come to yours and darn it I'm the theme girl with my presents. Yes that's a bribe ... LOL ;)

Luau Party here we come! It was so nice to end this crazy day just hanging with some friends the kids ran around in her HUGE backyard plus a pool there too! I love going to Amy's she has yummy drinks (watch it if she pours you one) and Lumpa (sp) which is my all time fav, I think it's why I friends with her ... LOL just playing! We stayed until like 11pm, let's just say momma and boys were pooped by then! Thank you Amy I so needed some down time and laughs!

Sunday was another hot day, My parents weren't up for company. LOL my parents are so nice and do a lot for me, they just aren't those type of people that love to have company all the time. So we promised not to go up and visit them, just go down to the lake. It was so nice down there and we got a special treat my friend Deb came down with 2 of her girls. I'm so happy to have them visit. Deb is a dear friend I lost touch with for a while and was super excited that we met back up! The rest of the day the boys and I just hung out at home and enjoyed our day.

Monday is was back to work from home. Now Rick is suppose to get up with the boys but you know it didn't ... LOL thankfully I was doing data entry so it worked out ok with the running and screaming ... LOL. Well I should say almost all went well, while on the phone with my boss the boys decided to call out a full on war! That and a poppy diaper that Caden had that Cole and Caden reminded me of the whole time. Come on dudes go wake up your sleeping father, I'm working. Yup didn't work and my boss and I had so much to cover so Mother of the year award didn't go to me I had to deal with so much! LOL finally he got up and had to go get a haircut ... LOL. Thankfully he did take Cole with him, and Cole got a haircut too! Yeah one less thing for me to do! He then got to cleaning my car. Ok I admit it now I haven't vacuumed my car forever! Yes I've given the boys crackers and juice and yes they were everywhere! So 2 1/2 hours later my car is clean, new floor mats and all. Well all clean except the one red juice spot ... LOL Phew I'm pooped I'll have to write more about what happened in my closet today, I'll save that for later! Love ya all and if you only just skim this, that means the world to me! Hugs!


  1. I am never quite sure how you manage to do it ALL and by yourself (at least that's how I see it because you know no matter how much our SO's do, and lets face it that's not much, it's never enough compared to what we do). Looks like y'all had a great weekend though!

  2. Pictures look great and show wonderful fun that was going on I am so happy that you all had such a great time but girl you must truly be a superwoman

  3. Girl you amaze me with that super Woman thing you got going on!!!

  4. Holy cow... that's a busy time - lots of info!!!

    I love the little mohawk!

    And how do you live getting paid once a month???? That would be hard for me...

  5. My head is spinning! a weekend!

  6. looks like you've been having some crazy fun!

  7. Phew, you wear me out! I'm tired just reading it all! You def needed something to cool down, so the lake was perfect!
    And our van is full of junk with the kids all of the time.... I clean it as often as I can, but lately with this summer heat (110-115 degrees!), I can't stand the thought of being in the hot garage or outside to clean it out! Even Logan keeps saying, "Mom, when can we clean out the van?" and I keep saying, "Well, if you'd quit throwing your papers and junk all over the floor, it wouldn't be such a mess!!". =) Kids... Gotta love em.

  8. OK we seriously need to talk about your weekend off LOL How do you do it :)

  9. I swear, you are the busiest person i know!!!

    Looks like you had alot of fun things happening lately!! Good for you:) I can't believe it has been so hot there! Usually we have pretty hot weather in August and it has been 70's and rain here.

  10. Wow what a weekend. I love the hair and the poser I see... Have a great night.

  11. Can we say busy! Sounds like how I jam pack our weekends! I have wanted to go to GW lodge but we are childless at this moment and we would like kind of creepy in a kids place with no kids!!! Also how do you post your pictures the way you do in your posts!


  12. I also have been curious about these lodges in PA and upstate NY...maybe I need to rent a kid so I can have an excuse to get busy like you! :O)

    I know you have fun in spite of the need for sleep and a glass of wine...


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