Friday, August 21, 2009

Life Update ...

Well it's been kind of crazy around here, sorry again I haven't been around to comment much! I really do promise this weekend it's on and I'll be around to say hi. I've been coming home and hitting the job search. In the last 4 days I think I've applied over 50 jobs, and nothing yet so I'm hanging in there trying not to loose it! Yes that is a hard thing I'm a nutcase right now and of course I'm still freaking out. Thank you SO MUCH for everyone who sent me so many warm wishes and prayers. I've been trying to email everyone back thanking them but I wanted to make sure you all know how much I appreciate you all and the wonderful friends you are that keep me going!

On a kid note, since when it rains it pours here little Caden is sick and not a happy camper. I think he has teeth coming in so we've had the fever, the non eating and just plain grouchy boy. Poor little guy got a fever blister and now I looked in his mouth and found a white something? I'm not sure what that is, I have a call into the nurse and hopefully it's nothing since I can't leave work and Rick is working. Yup I tell you it never seems to go my way! So needless to say we've had sleepless nights around here for almost a week now. 1st it's stress over the thought of loosing my job and now the up and down and a little one that is up every hour! Oh boy do I need so sleep and good news here soon!

Thanks again EVERYONE I really do appreciate you and promise the funny post will be back soon, just need to try to figure out some stuff first! Muah, Lex!!


  1. Hang in there and remember to trust in God fully and He'll take care of you!

  2. Hugs to you, and I will keep you in my thoughts! Email anytime!

  3. I pray that a job will come soon.
    I am so sorry for the stress you are going through. Hope Caden feels better soon, poor little one.
    We are always here for you, if I can help in anyway let me know.

  4. My Poser friend,

    I am hoping for a fun weekend for you. You so need it. If I lived closer I would be right over playing with those boys so you could nap. Teething is a pain every time for us also. I can't wait until we are done. I think we are almost there. Have a great day sending hugs, drinks, junk food, and helping hands..

  5. Hugs Sweetie.
    "In the end it will all be ok, if it's not ok, it's not the end."
    Don't know where that came from but it helps me out when I am in a tough spot. Really if you and your family have food and shelter - the basics, you will be ok. You might borrow some of those things for a while, but you'll pull yourselves back up. Hugs are always free here.

  6. AH, sorry for your stress. Hope things can get back to normal. Just remember things happen for a reason so just sit back relax. :)


  7. AH, sorry for your stress. Hope things can get back to normal. That your little one feels better soon. And that you find a job that you are looking for. Remember to take a few minutes to yourself everyday, even if it's locked on the closet enjoying a cup of tea..LOL

  8. Hope your little one fells better :) you know we're here for you, hope everything will be ok.

  9. I am sending out job thoughts for you. Hugs, Lisa

  10. 50 jobs? That takes so much energy. I just know you will find something great soon. Let us know.
    And I hope everyone is feeling well soon.

  11. Hey poser. I have something on my blog for you..

  12. Hang in there... all good vibes coming your way from our house!! Hope the little one feels better soon so you can get a good nights sleep, that in itself will help a great deal!! {{{HUGS}}}


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