Sunday, May 9, 2010

Momover: The New Mom’s Guide to Getting It Back Together (Book Review)

Happy Mother's Day everyone for this special day I just had to share some fun books that can really help our mind body and soul (mines the one that keeps screaming for frosting off the cupcakes in the other room). Instead of eating the frosting I'm reading a new book :) Momover: The New Mom's Guide to Getting It Back Together (even if you never had it in the first place!).

A blend of Mom and Makeover comes this new book by Dana Wood. We all need a little boost now and then and you know my rule and a little laughter and we all can make it threw the day. Each chapter brings you to real life things we deal with after becoming a mom. At the end of each chapter Dana has a worked for me page. A usual book full of great tips and a great twist of humor thrown in.

Some of the suggestion I wish I could have like the help, as she calls it a Mary Poppins kind of feeling. I know the help can really help we may all not be able to have nannies but the theory that we need help is something we need to take to heart!

What Dana has to say:

Because there’s no one on Planet Earth more time-starved than a weary new mom, the book is divided into three easy-to-wrap-your-mind-around chunks: Getting It Together Mentally, Getting It Together Physically and Getting It Together Emotionally & Spiritually. (Essentially, mind, body and spirit.) So you can just dive in and out, cherry-picking the precise info you need at any given moment.

Let’s say you want to know why your boobs have decided to head south for the winter. Flip to the Getting It Together Physically section and check out Chapter 11: Breast Intentions. Or maybe your stress levels have shot through the roof lately. Crack it open to Part 3: Getting It Together Emotionally & Spiritually and zip right to Chapter 17: The Om Stretch, which provides the oh-so-gentle kick in the pants necessary for embracing yoga and meditation. And for those moments when you’re wondering how this tiny, innocent-looking creature can completely abscond with your “you-time,” head back to Chapter 3 in Getting Together Mentally and read “Baby Step Into Your Brand New Life,” which shows you how to reclaim your social self sans guilt.

Trust me, there’s major empowerment packed into Momover. You’ll have so much mama-confidence you won’t know what to do with it.

Enjoy moms I always say bring on any advice we need and laughter is so needed!

Thank you FSB Associates for another great read that was close to my heart!

I was not paid for this review these are my opinions and experiences, I received a product to try and to tell how I liked them. No monetary or any other form of compensation was given to me. I review products free of charge to give my experience and opinion.


  1. Got a little something for you on my blog!

  2. What a neat book..

    Happy Mother's Day to an amazing Mom..


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