Wednesday, May 19, 2010

DVD Thursday & of course a few other shows!

I rented this one for the boys they thought it was cute. It was kind of weird seeing Jackie Chan as the boyfriend. It didn't feel like a good pair but it really wasn't a movie for me it was more for the boys. Cole thought it was funny and took it over for his buddy to watch with him. It's a cute rental not one I would buy but good for the night of laughs.

While babysitting for his neighbor, Gillian (Amber Valletta), Bob (Jackie Chan) is thrust into a world of top-secret adventure after one of the kids inadvertently downloads a secret code in this action-packed comedy. Now Bob must guard the children when secret agents descend upon them. Billy Ray Cyrus, Lucas Till and George Lopez co-star, with Lopez playing CIA agent Glaze, who might not be on the up-and-up.

What an amazing story and you know how I'm a sucker for any true stories. This was a powerful story of what a dad will do for his children. Harrison Ford was great as always he does good these days picking the right role and this was just perfect for him. Keri Russell (McSteamy's wife) played a great mom figure not as prominent role of the dad but still a great job. Great ready to cry and laugh but I promise it's worth the rental.

After their two young children are diagnosed with a rare genetic disease for which conventional medicine has no cure, John (Brendan Fraser) and Aileen (Keri Russell) pin their hopes on the work of unconventional scientist Dr. Robert Stonehill (Harrison Ford). Director Tom Vaughan's heartfelt drama is based on the true story of the Crowley family, as chronicled by journalist Geeta Anand in her book The Cure.

My girl Randi @ Beauty Be Good posted TrueBlood being about one of my favorite series of books. Yes I live under a rock and don't have pay channels. I love Sookie Stackhouse's character and the books I haven't read in a few years but LOVED them and was very excited to watch this show. Netflix sent me CD 1 which was episode 1 and 2. Now of course it was different then the books and I will have to go back and read because I think I'm missing something.

The show was great it did have a good amount of adult content that I could have lived with out but it is a pay channel and they always add in that extra crap that really doesn't do anything but whatever. Sookie comes right of the page to life. Enjoy I can't wait to for CD 2 to come.

Mind-reading waitress Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin, in a Golden Globe-winning role) dives into a complicated relationship when she falls for vampire Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) in a world where the undead live openly and drink synthetic blood. Trying to improve their image and legitimize their finances, the out-of-the-coffin bloodsuckers hire PR firms and contribute to influential Republican politicians, among other tactics.

Oh how the boys love Wow Wow Wubbzy on Nick we watch it a lot and anytime I see it out on DVD I have to rent it for the boys. Another great one that teaches kids about going green. LOVE IT!

This collection of tales from the hit animated show for kids includes Earth-conscious episodes such as "All Bottled Up," in which Wubbzy and his pals learn how to recycle their used juice containers. The program also includes "Too Much of a Doodle Thing," "Zoo Hullabaloo," "The Flight of the Flutterfly" and "Save the Wuzzly," in which Wubbzy helps a clan of bears find a new place to live when the trees in their forest home are chopped down.

Anyone else so happy to see my pink Girl Ashley kicked those boys butt! Way to go girl you can win it all I'm screaming for you!! I also voted for my man Daris to be the final 3. What an amazing group of people and what hard work that shows us we all can do it!

Anyone else sad the "Plus-size" Alexandra didn't win. Ok first off she's plus come on she doesn't even need to suck in her gut to wear a swimming suit! Not everyone needs to be a size 2. Ok stepping my fluffy self down of my soap box. But I was said that they wouldn't let her win. Yet again the same look wins. UGH another one I may have to stop watching.

I'm such a teen at heart and love One Tree Hill it's like a good modern day 90210 (we won't talk about the one that they redid). I loved they brought it back 4 years ahead in time helped keep the show interesting but then there was rumors it may be canceled this year. But then they end with two key people being shot. Ok please don't be like all those other shows and leave us hanging forever. Why can't shows take a note from Mash and end a show right?

Ok come on you were like me and thought Trump wanted Cyndi Lauper vs Sharon Osbourne. I just knew it with all the times he kept them on. Then he fired Cyndi and I was shocked. Then he fired Sharon and I was totally in awe!

Really Holly Robinson-Peete vs Bret Micheals. Yup I was a little shocked and almost didn't want to go on ... but of course I'm nuts and can't quit a show so there it is.


  1. I remember seeing commercials for Extraordinary Measures, but we haven't seen the movie. Maybe we'll put it on the list for grown-up movie night.

    We don't always follow the Apprentice, but we've been watching this season. I'm happy with the final two. It's not that I dislike Sharon, but watching her just wears me out.

  2. WOOT-WOOT!!!

    gooo sookie!

    love that chic and am so glad you are enjoying the show!!!

  3. I haven't seen that Jackie Chan movie yet. I can't wait to see the new Karate Kid! I love Harrison Ford and Brendan Fraser, I hope to see this one soon. I won't watch TrueBlood, I don't do vampires.
    (except Twilight/New Moon ones)

  4. a lot of good movies here dear, thanx for the heads up I love these reviews xx

  5. i am po'd.. i cant get any more movies till i put more money on my credit card. i was doing so well.. lol.. yikes.. but some where i spent more than i should have. will put more later.. need to talk to hubby about how much and which ones besides mine. we have three credit cards. one for me and two for him..

  6. I've been wanting to see Extraordinary Measures-maybe I'll see about picking it up tonight! :-)

    I would have voted for Daris too, but I didn't get around to it. Is it too late?

  7. What great timing! We'll be looking for some movies for the weekend.

  8. I so love to watch Jackie Chan Movies.
    I also love that you live under a rock. Made me laugh so hard. Got ya beat gal......for 5 years I had NO reception whatsoever. I think I know all the VHS Movies word for word. You are not alone.

  9. great reviews.. I want to see true blood. I say go Bret. I just love him..

  10. I love when you do these write ups. You have the same taste in movies that I do, but I don't watch ANY reality TV - I cannot stand it.
    I'm also not a vampire fan since "Moonlight" so True Blood is not at all something I'd watch. I cannot wait to see Extraordinary Measures, however, I really love Harrison Ford and Brendan Frasier.
    Thanks for the reviews. :-)

  11. I've watched America's Next Top Model from season 1 on. It's my favorite TV show. Wasn't thrilled with this season's winner.

    Also watched Celebrity Apprentice since it's a show that both my husband and I like. I think Bret Michaels did a great job.


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