Sunday, May 30, 2010

EyeGlasses My Future is Looking Clearer

Oh how eyeglasses have changed since my younger days. I remember when I was in Junior high and volunteered to be the person who checked off that everyone in the class got their eye check. Yup I marked myself as having one when I didn't I couldn't take a chance I would have to wear one of these to school. No four eye comments wanted for this girl!

Sadly I got older and could not avoid it any longer I dreaded going to the doctor to get prescription glasses. I had images of those glasses from my youth or worst my poor dad wearing the glasses referred to as "Coke Bottom Glasses". I was so worried my vision would bring those glasses to my future.

Since driving or walking with out little blurry items in my way, I couldn't put glasses off any more. Thankfully I walked in and saw all the beautiful glasses and was told that I too could wear those glasses. Who knew I could be hip and fashionable, with the other ladies and another crutial part I could drive with out those darn blurry spots. Oh yes I found out those blurry spots were other cars, yup that's a helpful thing to be able see!

Now with a busy life, 2 kids and a husband in tow my time is rather limited and going to shop for things on my own is not always something that happens. Thankfully we have the internet these days, what would I do with out it? All I know is I can contact my eye doctor have my prescription faxed over and order my glasses online! Oh yes the small things that can make my life so easy! Order online and shipped to my house, I don't even have to get out of my PJ's for that, well maybe to walk to the mailbox but even then I could go out in my PJ's!

And since you all want to be rocking like me with glasses I have a coupon code so you can order yours online also! I know it's because I love you like that! Head over to order your glasses online at the check out enter the code MOMMY10 to receive 10% off the already discounted glasses!

Thank you to GlassesUSA for the coupon code to share with my readers! And hang in there gang I will be sporting a new pair of glasses soon to show off! Oh yes a girl can never have too many pairs of glasses. Isn't funny the girl who avoided them at all cost loves them and can't wait to accessories with them!

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of GlassesUSA. All opinions are 100% mine.


  1. They really are so much better than they used to be!!!!

  2. Oh poser I can't wait to see them..


  3. it makes a huge difference, as I found out, happy viewing :)

  4. can't wait to see the new look. i just got a pair from them too and i. love. them.

  5. I love my new glasses! Although I lost them in the ocean last month, bought some to get by on in FL, and then when I got home, got my old new pair back from the glass store!

  6. Love their glasses :) I don't wear them, but do recommend them ;)


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