Sunday, May 30, 2010

Queen of Your Own Life Book Review

Awhile back I caught a Kathy Kinney & Cindy Ratzlaff on a talk show talking about their new book Queen of Your Own life. I just had to read it. First off I just LOVE Kathy Kinney, who played Mimi for years on "The Drew Carey Show". She has the best sense of humor in all the interviews I've seen her in and of course who could not laugh at Mimi and her troll dolls?

Currently I am not at the middle point in my life but as we know time flies and who doesn't want to read up and humor to what I need to look forward to. The book is written with the perfect spice of humor and life lessons.

How the book started, this is what made me laugh because my mom has said this same thing! Kathy couldn't sleep one night because her feet where hot, so of course what does one do when we can't sleep we hope on the internet. Yup I've never done that (as I write post at midnight ... lol). As she searched about hot feet she found that sites said she was in the "Crone Stage" get ready sit back and just except your in the ugly part of your life. Nothing like being told you're a Crone Aged women to set out to write the book to let others know you're just at a new and exciting part of your life!

Kathy & Cindy met up for a Girls Getaway (I so need one of these) for travel and dinning and the thoughts came together became the hilarious book Queen of Your Own Life: Welcome to the Rest of Your Life!.

A taste of what you will find in this book:

Seven gifts
Here are the seven gifts you’ll give yourself by reading our book:

1. Claim your beauty and feel your power

2. Clean your mental closet and find your Queen voice

3. Admire yourself for who you’ve become

4. Build deep, fulfilling friendships with other women

5. Establish firm boundaries that will strengthen all of your relationships

6. Discover the simple trick to finally being happy

7. Proclaim yourself Queen of Your Own Life

Enjoy I promise this is a perfect book for yourself or a GREAT idea for a Mother's Day Gift!

BUY IT: Queen of Your Own Life for $18.95 currently at Amazon on sale for $11.07 or Kindle for $9.99.

Thank you again to FSB for another funny book to my collection!

Mimi (Funny Lady) Of course Kathy in real life with Cindy!

I was not paid for this review these are my opinions and experiences, I received products to try and to tell how I liked them. No monetary or any other form of compensation was given to me. I review products free of charge to give my experience and opinion.


  1. How come I didn't know before that if my feet were hot I should get on the computer? I rely on you!

  2. Sounds like a good read. Thank you for the review.

  3. How DO you find time to read so much?! This looks like another fun book!

  4. Great review as always!


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