Sunday, May 9, 2010

Just Let Me Lie Down Book Giveaway

Wow look at me go today ... For our Fourth installment of books to honor this Mother's Day is one of my favorites!

Just Let Me Lie Down had me die laughing when I was at the gym reading this, yes I was getting strange looks but I couldn't help it.

Her nanny stories were fabulous, one because I wish I could have one and two because the people she described our usually the people that come in contact in my life ... I love it! Motherhood is such a journey and we come up with little sayings and things to do.

As a working mom, when I was out of the house I had to deal with stressful times and the emails, this had me cracking up!

This was one of my favorites:

Accounting Error: The irrevocable mistake you make when you decide to have one more child than you can actually handle, which pushes the parental sanity balance sheet from the black (a place of comfort, if occasional boredom) to red (excitement panic). sound familiar

Just a Second: That eternity between when a child says he'll do something you've asked and when he actually gets around to it. Hmmm yup know that one

Self-Cleaning Kitchen: The handy device a working mom needs in order to avoid ever having to wipe up food spills. A.k.a. the family dog. Hmmm maybe I should break down and get a dog.

Publishers Notes:

Kristin van Ogtrop knows she's lucky--fulfilling career, great husband, three healthy kids, and, depending on the hamster count, an impressive roster of pets. She also knows she is tired. Always. Using stories and insights from her own life, she provides a lexicon for the half-insane working mom. Anyone who has left a meeting to race to the Halloween parade immediately understands van Ogtrop's definition of "Kill the messenger" as "The action you must take in order to forget about the office for a time--that is, to remove your Blackberry/Treo/iPhone/whatever from your person and store it as far away as your neurotic self will allow.


Just Let Me Lie Down

Thank you to Hachette Book Group for another great book!

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Just Let Me Lie Down

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  1. great giveaway. i would love to read this.

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  4. You are a reading machine! LOL Thanks for all of the great reviews and giveaways!

    This one sounds like fun. I can relate to "Just a Second!"

  5. I follow you on Twitter as FC_Melissa (1)

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  9. I've heard so many great things about ths book! Sounds like a hoot!

  10. Want you to know that all the Mom books you have been reviewing sound awesome. If I win from this comment I will pass it on to one of my dear friends with children.

  11. Sounds like a fun book. I'm a follower!

  12. I am a new follower. Please enter me in the giveaway. What a fun blog you have enjoyed the visit.


  13. I need this book right now. Even though my girl's are grown. I need the humor in the midst of our my struggles.
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  14. Would love to read this!

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  15. I'm a follower


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