Wednesday, September 15, 2010

DVD Thursday ~ All About Mom's Picks

With the holiday my movies so I was all about the movies on TV so technically a DVD but most you can purchase on DVD so I'm going with that! Hope you find one or more you would like to see. Yes it was all about the mom this week, we saw others for the kids but I thought I'd focus on the mom ones :)

Sorry couldn't get a bigger picture on this one. All I have to say is this girl is nuts and I know some teachers have had a student like this that could make problems for them. She was more than just obsessed. What a crazy movie that will keep you on the edge also.

The latest in Lifetime Movie Network’s popular “Perfect”-themed thrillers follows spoiled and beautiful high-school student Devon Cory (Megan Park), who always gets what she wants. This time, she wants her handsome math teacher, Jim Wilkes (David Charvet), and when Devon sets her sights on the recent divorcĂ©, she makes every effort to insinuate herself into all aspects of his life, including coming between him and his girlfriend Rachel (Boti Bliss). As Devon’s obsession with Jim grows, it becomes clear she won’t take no for an answer and will stop at nothing to secure his affections. Unfortunately for Jim, it might be too late before he realizes that Devon is hardly the perfect student he thought she was.

You know I love my Lifetime and a good thriller! This one will keep you on the edge of your seat and throw you for a loop at the end you may even scream at the TV a little.

After an abusive, dangerous relationship, a wealthy pampered new bride who has been under psychiatric care for mental issues is either sabotaging herself and her husband or her new husband is rapidly making her unstable.

A movie that all about the high school mean girls, but don't worry they may get it in the end or do they see the way and help the underdog? A cute movie :).

Massie Block is the leader of a small group of privileged schoolgirls who arrogantly call themselves 'The Pretty Committee'. These so-called pre-teen 'mean girls' (cynical, egotistical, selfish and narcissistic females) and their clique are respected and feared in their middle school as well as their upper class Rhode Island suburban neighborhood. But Massie's life takes an unexpected turn when her parents friends, a lower-middle class family with a self-assured daughter named Claire move into the Block's guest house and Claire threatens to undermine the superficial Massie's position of the clique.

Our first in the Hallmark collection of movies :). I love weddings, hello I watch all those bridal reality shows so this of course caught my eye. And my first feature of Designing Women is Delta Burke have to love her and this show. It will keep you laughing and of course have a great story behind it!

An unlucky-in-love editor is assigned to work with top romance novelist, who looks to set her up with the "perfect guy"

As many of you know I'M a HUGE 90210 fan (original cast) and Jason Priestly is one of my heart throbs. Saw his name in the description and had to check it out. Slow at times but overall you'll love the story and heartfelt meaning behind it. God works in mysterious ways and this is what this is all about.

Pete (Jason Priestley) and Donna (Teri Polo) Stanhope are a young married couple living in L.A. who are trying to conceive a child. When they discover they are unable to have children due to medical issues, their marriage begins to crumble. They decide to go on vacation and wind up stranded in a small village in Mexico (the fictional town of Dommatina) due to car troubles. They meet the charming young boy Pepillo, who was crippled in an accident years before that also killed his parents; Pepillo's adult brother Juan, the village mechanic; Magdalena, Juan's fiance, who also takes care of the village children; and Father Arturo, the village priest who is helping prepare the "flying machine" for the upcoming fiesta.

As you know I'm a sucker for a true story then you add in a single dad and I'm all over it. Told you all about the Hallmark Channel. Then I saw Annie Potts (so a designing woman fan) and I was HOOKED. You just wanted to route for him to finish up at Harvard!

When high school sweethearts John (Seeley) and Kathy (Irvin) find out Kathy is pregnant, they decide to get married and move to Cambridge so John can fulfill his scholarship to Harvard. But faced with the harsh reality of their situation, Kathy leaves John behind, compelling him to rent a room from Dorothy (Potts), a psychic who encourages him as he struggles to balance school and fatherhood

What is not to love about David James Elliott! Yes I was stuck on the Hallmark channel. I actually gave my DVR a work out this past weekend. Now catching up on them all was the hard part :). As you know single dads have a sweet spot in my heart. Economy bad dad is home what can go wrong .. lol. Modern day Mr. Mom :).

Widower Ben Westman (Elliott) barely knows his two kids, 12-year-old Lindsay (Madison Davenport, “Kitt Kittridge: An American Girl”) and eight-year-old Dylan (Will Shadley, “Dirty Sexy Money”). As a busy advertising executive, Ben hires housekeepers to keep things running smoothly at home. But suddenly, that all changes when he loses his job and must fire his help, take over the household chores and become a full-time father. Completely unprepared, Ben makes a mess of the cooking and cleaning in the house, and discovers his children have been growing up without him. When he finds out that Dylan has quit little league without telling him and Lindsay is becoming more consumed with fashion magazines and boys, Ben faces the challenge of reconnecting with his children while mourning the loss of both his wife and his career.

I was on a Hallmark channel kick this past weekend, I was flipping channels and didn't leave as you can see :). I love Catherine Bell and couldn't pass up watching this, I then saw they had another one, yup so excited! You laugh and just love the characters.

Jake Russell, the friendly police chief in town so small initially worries about outsider heiress Cassandra 'Cassie' Nightingale, who moved into the house held to be haunted by the 'grey lady', and opens a weird shop full with attributes of occultism, soon causing the rumor she's a wicked witch. After Cassie kindly helps his brave son Brandon (and his sissy sister Lori) with a dog, bully Kyle -abused by his own poor dad- and their own fears, Jake soon makes friends with her, even romantically interested. Yet the 'chief' is professionally obliged to handle a flood of complaints and harassment started by the mayor's mean wife, her busy bodies-bunch and teenage brats. Finally Derek Sanders, Jakes's only deputy, hits on Cassie's hidden background.

On my Hallmark Channel marathon was part II of this series, now to find part III the Wedding. What a cute movie you'll just LOVE the characters and want to keep watching. I promise you'll be wanting to watch the third one too.

Middleton prepares for its bicentennial, and Grey House is to be the party venue. Good witch Cassie is remodeling it as B&B. her first and only guest, Nick Chasen, claims to be a distant relative. He produces papers to prove he's the heir of the builder, colonial era captain Hamblin, while the Grey lady was his mistress and stole it. Police chief and lover Jake Russell goes all the way to motivate her to fight and disprove the claim before she's effectively disowned. Brandon is dared to pass a rascals-initiation by local brat Steve and Duke. George's gardening skills lead to romance.


  1. Wow I have lots of movies to watch lol. They look really good. I have been watching TV series as of late I love them. You can just let them run and run! Do you like The Gilmore Girls? That has been my boxset of choice for this week. Do you watch any boxsets?

    Thanks for sharing, KC xx - always welcoming new followers, guests, and comments xx

  2. I haven't watched Hallmark in a while...looks like some good ones this week!

  3. I need to get into Hallmark it looks like. I always enjoy Lifetime's stuff but have never really delved into the Hallmark world. Thanks for the reviews and keep 'em coming!

  4. wooosh..
    thnx for sharing.. i always love reading your reviews.. good choices it sounds like!!!

  5. I think I would enjoy most of these. I need to watch more Lifetime. I use to watch it all the time years ago. Thanks for the awesome reviews.

  6. OH poser I love the chick flick kind of theme you have going. Have a great day.. Hugs.

  7. Hey!! Thanks for stopping by & following. I am your newest follower!Enjoy your week!!

  8. How long did it take you to watch all these movies??? Wow!

  9. That'a a lot of movies! My family would never give me control of the tv that long. I've been watching The Hallmark channel during the day. (cooking shows, etc.) Maybe I should dvr some shows.

  10. stop by my blog when you can. Have a great Friday.. Thanks..

  11. I haven't seen any of these movies but they all look like good ones to watch.

  12. You are just like me, having Lifetime (or LMN) and Hallmark on the TV all weekend long. I love those movies.
    A little bit of laughter and a whole lot of love and family. :-)


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