Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Weekend Wrap ~ Movie Night, Fair & Me TIME!!!!

Wowzer one heck of a weekend here we go, hold on tight!
Friday Night: Cole's School hosted a Movie Night
Boys couldn't sit still thankfully not the only ones. It was still fun.
Saturday Day!!
My parents called while I was finishing up work to surprise me & the boys to the fair again!
First some Animals: Yes a Zebra/Donkey!!!
Dog, Sheep & a Camel
Next More Games!!
Cole did the HUGE trampoline thing
And oh yes that would be Cole trying to Ride a Sheep in the Mutton Races!
Next Gaming in the Game Tent
Tattoos ... Yes Caden got Dora (his girlfriend)
Mom & Dad characteristic ... Mom hated her nose
Home to a VERY sick Caden ... Oh that was a FUN night ... NOT

Sunday: Cleaning my bathroom & Church
A 2 1/2 hr Parent Class at Cole's School
Box Tops from my BFF Amy
Then Tuesday: Rick took the boys for 4 HOURS
I got a pedicure, picked up some herbal meds for Cole, shopped & picked up dinner I didn't have to make for myself!!
(More on the Meds to come)


  1. Once again, just reading about your weekend makes me tired! LOL!

  2. Wow a lot going on. I love the fair day.. Did Caden eat way too much at the fair and get sick? Poor little guy.. I was happy to see you got in some me time. That is wonderful.. Do you have tatto's on your ankle? I love the toes..

    Have a wonderful day.. Glad you got the Box tops.. Smiles to you...

  3. Movie night AND fair for the boys-they must have had a blast!! Glad you got some time for yourself too-always a good thing! :-)

  4. You and your weekends! Sounds like a fun time though. We attending movie night at school once never again lol. My toes are so done with pedicures until the Spring.

  5. great fair pics! i love fairs..
    and pretty pretty pedi.. you so deserved that one!!!!!!!

  6. I hope he's feeling better now.

    No goats?!

  7. I have given you an award! Find it here:

  8. Sounds like one of your typical weekends! Busy, busy, busy.....
    I have a few Box Tops for you but enough to send yet.

  9. I love how you're always doing fun stuff!!

  10. Congrats on getting some Me Time! I know how much you deserve and need it.

  11. I'm SO HAPPY FOR YOU -- MORE ME TIME!!! Woo hoo. I can't imagine what I'd do with some. :) Sleep probably. ROFL. Pedi looks good. Nice color. I am oogied out at the thought of my feet being in a place someone else's feet were... LOL


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