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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Another fun Weekend but lot's of time for mom too!

This was a fun weekend and I actually had some great adult time while the boys played. It was a very busy but fun for mom weekend.
After I finished work I ran the boys to the Lowe's kid clinic to make music boxes!
Off to a playdate with Rachael. It was a nice chat day with some YUMMY coffee and checking out all of her amazing and beautiful hand spun wool. She is just amazing and so talented, maybe when my life slows down I'll take on some of her hobbies, right now I may bust if I take on another thing. (Sorry Rachael it's late and I just noticed I spelled your name wrong on my photo below).
Sunday I invited myself and the family over to my besties house (we've known each other over 25 years I can do that ... lol). I'm so not a BIG new music person which anyone in this room could tell you as we watched the Grammies and I kept saying who is that? But I do love to see the fashion. Now for the Oscars (I promised I'd bring more food ... see if you invite yourself over you must bring food ... hehe). Rick actually was next door at my parents house and came over to hang out ... it was so nice to have him with us. He never gets to come to any party, the kids loved to beat up on him.
Valentine's day! Rick had Cole bring me these beautiful roses and then we even were able to get a babysitter!! We headed to Outback for dinner, it was so good and I'm not use to greesy food but it was so yummy. THEN we went to Cole's school to clean. NOTE to self next year say no thank you to cleaning on any holiday week. The floors were so messy with sprinkles and candy. We finally finished after 11PM!! Yup I had to clean toilets after having a romantic dinner. It's one thing cleaning pee of your own kids ... yup not something I look forward to! Then Rick watched the boys so I could go get my toes done!!
And Cole wanted to show off his art work from this weekend. I'm very proud how he has become so focused and takes his time making the pictures.
Yeah it's Wednesday almost time for the weekend and we'll be back to the work week before we know it!


  1. Wow busy as usual then I see ;-) Don't you just love it when you can almost leave the children to play whilst you enjoy an adult conversation and have a hot cup of coffee (mine is usually cold by the time I get to drink it). We have been making bits and bobs for Valentines Day (though only wrote about it today). We are off to a play centre later today am shattered already. Time for another coffee methinks ;-) xx

  2. Love the toes girl! I need your time management skills!

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma, What's For Dinner

  3. Your toes are rocking! Love them. The roses are beautiful and girl you are just too busy for me lol.

  4. i am so jealous.. i have seriously ugly feet and your toes are SO CUTE!!!

    LOVE EM'!!!

  5. I adore people who bring food:)

    Looks like a great weekend!

  6. Thanks for the visit on saturday! I enjoy just sitting with coffee and chatting about nothing in particular with's nice to have unfocused adult time.
    Love the toes!

  7. aww what a nice weekend (all except the cleaning toilets part) such beautiful flowers! I wish we had done Outback. Maybe I wouldn't have had such a belly ache when I got home! UGH Never again evil china buffet never again! Blessings, Joanne

  8. What a great weekend! I wanted to get the kiddos to that Lowe's workshop-must have been full, because it wouldn't let me sign up :-/

    What a fun time to do playdates and parties! You sound like me-no clue who all those new music groups were! LOL!

    Sounds like Valentine's Day was a memorable one! LOL! Your flowers are beautiful and dinner looks delicious! Definitely couldn't imagine having to go scrub toilets after that!

    Cole's artwork is great! Looks like he is very into basket ball! :-)

  9. sounds like a wonderful weekend. i have a post up but not sure if you commented.. i have been sort of out of it again. i was suppose to work tonight but they ordered the wrong material.. so no work for the wicked again.

  10. What a fun weekend. No fun with the cleaning though. I love the toes. Have a great evening..

  11. I love the nail polish job, it looks amazing!

  12. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Your toes look great BTW!

  13. Glad to see you had a great weekend. The flowers you received are beautiful.

  14. I'm glad Rick treated you on Valentine's Day. The roses are beautiful.

  15. How absolutely wonderful everything seems. The roses are beautiful as are your toes - love the hearts!!
    I adore the artwork by Cole, he will be famous some day, will he remmemge me, then???
    Glad you got some time out together, you are blessed!

  16. Sounds like some fun times. Tell Cole his artwork is awesome. Your toes look great. I have palm trees on my toes now but didn't get a good picture. I can't wait for the Academy Awards. I feel bad that I won't be home, we always have a party with our children with ballots and money!!!


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