Wednesday, February 16, 2011


It's late I just got home from cleaning the school and I'm pooped (which I used this expression with Cole who thought I had an accident in my pants ... lol). So today's Thursday Must Watch is put on hold, this mama is hit the sac early!

I wanted to just share a blessing that happened to me last week. You know when things happen and you just have to thank your God (or some thank their lucky stars - whatever we believe in). Last week I had one of those moments I just knew that I was sent a poke and better just know that I was blessed.

You all know Rick was out of work for 3 months which meant some bills were higher priority (you know the mortgage ... lol). Well Rick's car was one I sent some money on but not the whole Bill. Well 3 months of doing this made the car company upset, I called and had the MOST disgusting woman I've ever had the non pleasure to talk to! Only told me to figure it out there is nothing they can do for me. So I did what I could pay a little each month. So they then placed phone war on me and would call my house and cell with sometimes 15 calls a day! Trying to talk to them again with working with me still was getting me to bang my head against a wall! Finally I got to the point of turning the ringer off and then DISH has a great function that the caller ID will pop up on the screen of your TV.

So fast forward to this week, I saw the Caller ID pop up on the TV and it said my name & home #, the oddest thing thinking ok it may be Rick I picked up the call. I must admit when she identified herself from the car company I almost hung up but something told me to stay on the line. And like the Grace of God I found the most amazing lady on the other end who was willing to work with me. She let me pay a little and put the extra at the end of my account. Now of course the money I had to pay did put us in a bind (and the my account sadly is in the red until Friday payday) but it was handled. Then the blessing she told me that night they actually had us up for repo ... YUP even though I had been making payments and trying to catch back up they were going to take the car! So my blessing came in the form of a Caller ID mix up and a Sweet lady who I will always be grateful for being nice and working with me!

I've learned that blessings happen and I must stop be thankful and acknowledge them! Now the bank may be a little angry at me but thankfully that is just for a few days, and being down a car would be even worse. Yup seeing the good & bad I must do!


  1. It sucks when companies won't work with you and are just rude. I'm glad everything worked out for you. Big hugs.

  2. That's awesome that she was able to work things out for you!

  3. Yay!
    When 6 was going through the "transitional phase" of his new job we couldn't make our payments. We called Wells Fargo and told them to come get our truck and they WOULDN'T.
    They said so many people were having financial trouble they couldn't be taking all the cars back, so they refi'd our loan and dropped our interest which cut our payment in HALF. We were three months behind but they got us back on track with one payment in the new amount.
    As my Grampy would say, "sometimes farmers get lucky."
    I'm SO happy everything worked out for you :)

  4. That was a blessing from God for sure. Great news! Blessings, Joanne

  5. I am so glad that you got to talk to someone with a heart. I hate those people who just don't give a damn... you know the ones who just hate their jobs, their lives and think everyone is just a bunch of loosers trying to get something for nothing. I know just how you feel, we finally got on a budget that is working for us (after our bankruptcy in 2009), but now they changed our health insurance and my being in the hospital is going to screw things up.

  6. That is so awesome. I love the Godincences! That is wonderful news.

  7. That is quite a blessing.
    What a God moment!


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