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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Manic Monday Meals ~ Valentines Ideas

Today is Valentines day did you know that ... lol. I guess if we're like that Geico commercial and living under a rock you wouldn't know what day it was. We usually don't do much between me & Rick but I do for Cole's school. We do actually have a babysitter for tonight but now that I think of it trying to do a late dinner out probably not my best thought. We'll see how that goes.

Here are a few fun things I made :) hope you enjoy!

I made these hearts for Cole's classmates, they turned out so cute!
Thank you to Felicia @ Go Graham Go for this awesome recipe.
Click recipe tab to see the recipe.

Baked Valentine Paper Hearts

Valentine Gift, Valentine, paper craft, hearts

See Baked Valentine Paper Hearts on Key Ingredient.

Next was some cookie-pops for Cole's Class Room.
Make sure to click the recipe tab to get the recipe or you can click print to print.

Cookie Pops

Cookies, Cookie Pops, Lollipop, Heart, Valentine

See Cookie Pops on Key Ingredient.

My friend loves Tiramisu so I just had to try this one out! AND yummy is the word of the day. This I brought to the Grammy party last night and it was a HUGE HIT!!!!!
Thank you to Mrs. Homemaker for the recipe
Click on Recipe tab to see the recipe.

Twinkie Tiramisu

dessert, tiramisu, Twinkie,

See Twinkie Tiramisu on Key Ingredient.

Happy Valentines Day everyone, hope you and your loved one's enjoy today and every day. Remember to cherish each other and be thankful for every day we have together!

I'm also linking up at my Friend Amy's Round Robin (Click Link Below):


  1. I saw Felicia's post on the baked hearts very cool. And we won't even talk about the Twinkie Tiramisu...I'm drooling!

  2. Happy Valentine's Day. Enjoy your date tonight.

  3. You rock! Your one of the cool moms. I have to try that Twinkie Tiramisu. Thank you.

  4. More great recipes. Thanks!

    Enjoy your date night tonite.

    Happy Valentine's!!

  5. Great ideas. Thanks for linking up. Have a great Valentine's Day!!!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Good luck on the late dinner!! I hope all the restaurants are too backed up!

    What awesome treats to make!

  8. Unbelievable yumminess! The paper hearts are really cute too!

  9. Oh boy! And here I am on a new diet. I love tiramisu.

    Hope you're having a great day. :}

  10. I made some of the baked valentines too, but they're not nearly as cute as yours! We didn't have anything to decorate them with and they burnt in the toaster oven after only an hour! LOL! They were fun to make though! :-)

  11. Those all look wonderful!
    I don't usually like Twinkies, but I bet I would like them that way because Tirimisu is yummy no matter how you make it.... but you have to add Kalhua in with the coffee!! :)


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