Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Weekend Wrap Wednesday ~ Projects & Dad's Birthday

It was a fun weekend with projects galore. Monday was a holiday and my daycare lady was on vacation. My amazing friend Amy actually came over and took the boys to the McD's playland for 2 hours! I will be forever grateful to her for helping me out. Always fun around here :)
Handyman Rick ripped up carpet & put new floor down
Even had to pull up again to level our floor!
Puppy Jake found mom's church shoes :(
Cole & Caden made gifts for my dad's birthday
I whipped up the dough & the boys did the rest
(Recipe Below)
Remember to click on recipe to see how to do it!

Hand & Feet Keepsake

keepsake, dough

See Hand & Feet Keepsake on Key Ingredient.

A little play time down at my parents water front.
They drain the lake in the winter
Great for projects for Rick & My dad to do then.
Except see this dock, my dad fell off it this week.
I just found it he BROKE his leg :( Please pray for a speedy recovery!


  1. Oh! I hope your Dad is right as rain very soon.

    Happy Birthday to your hubby.

  2. These pictures make me tired just looking at them. Awesome.

  3. You know we often do the foot and handprint in paint or plaster but this is a fab idea to put them in biscuits etc. I need to get on the making scene a bit more. We didnt do our 'Make it Monday' this week, but it's Younglings 2nd bday soon so have to make cakes, biscuits, decorations galore. Want to help ;-) lol xx

  4. Oh I love the handprint project, how fun. Your shoes eek. This is why I can't have a puppy lol. Praying for a speedy recovery for your dad.

  5. I'm sure your Dad appreciated the childrens gift to him. I'm sending your recipe on to my daughters. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  6. Wow busy as always. Nice floor. Oh Jake my puppy Belle ate a pair of my shoes also. I was not happy but I still love my Belle. I hope your Dad feels better soon!

  7. Goodness! I hope your dad is recovering okay!

    You are always SO deng busy! LOL makes me tired every time I visit and all I do is sit here and read about it!

  8. Your hand and feet keepsake is awesome.
    I really like it.

  9. omg, your dad! I'm so sorry! I'll be praying!

    Sorry for your shoe too. Ouch.

  10. Wow! Well it all looked fun til the broken leg part. geez! Hope he feels better soon!

  11. Kudos to Rick for laying down the new floor. Hope your dad has a speedy recovery. Handmade gifts are always the best.

  12. I hope your dad's leg heals quickly.

  13. The flooring looks nice. You guys have been busy. My daughter use to call me and say Charlie chewed this or that! I would always tell her that they can't get things unless you leave them available to them!!! Love the Keepsakes and looks like they had fun with Grandpa.

  14. OH poo on the shoe!!! I wish you were my size (7 1/2)...I'd mail you all my nice shoes! I don't ever wear them EVER!

    We're in the market for a puppy... I fear for our furniture (and shoes) LOL

    Hope your dad heals FAST!


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