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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Weekend we had nothing Planned! ***GASP***

We had no parties planned for this weekend so what is this crazy mom to do?  Well of course shove it full of other things!

After I worked I made some lunch and got the kids in the car and headed off to the zoo (got to love being a member).

Now our day started out fine, but oh just wait!  I let the kids play and explore a while.

Blogger Pics

Cole played on the water lilly pads, we said hi to the goats (mom forgot the change to buy the food for the goats, sorry dudes) and hit the other side of the playground.

Blogger Pics1

The boys were hungry so we found a spot on the grass and pulled out the sandwiches I made.  If you like these containers (they rock by the way) go to Easy I did a review/giveaway a while back and I love these containers (yes a quick plug because hello love them).  We then hit the touch and feel part of the zoo and did a little drawing.

Blogger Pics2

The baby leopard cubs were out and visiting so it was a special day at the zoo.  We first made our own tails, did an obstacle course and even dressed up like zoo keepers!

Blogger Pics3

Then to visit the cubs, try out our tails and head over to feed the budgies.

Blogger Pics4

NOW YOU MAY BE WONDERING WHY THE ZOO PICTURES STOP HERE.  We made it next to the Polar Bears .. this is where I became momzilla, the granola MOM’s decided that they were better parents then me and needed to comment.  We went into the polar bear exhibit both kids and shoes … YES I SAID SHOES!!!  This is the when we were walking out to find me turn around and see Cole with (get this) ONE SHOE!!!  At first I calmly ask “What happen to your shoe, go get it”. Thinking it just fell off, after searching and searching AND NO SHOE! Finally I lost my cool and my voice went to the annoying Fran Drescher level and screaming “WHAT HAPPEN TO YOUR SHOE”.  Cole finally said well I kicked and the shoe went into the Polar Bear Exhibit!!  Yes in the exhibit which means I could NOT get the shoe.  This is the point I start dragging both boys behind me (MIND YOU COLE WITH ONE SHOE … Thank GOD he was wearing socks).  Watch out PISSY overweight mom dragging kids may get some nasty looks and comments.  That is when my grumbling went from under my breath to outwards warning people “REALLY … HOW WOULD YOU ACT IN MY SHOES (OR in Cole’s case in his SHOE)”.  Hehe Yes now I can laugh but at that moment no laughing.  And YES I broke down and let him wear his NEW SCHOOL shoe to the zoo.  SO if you head to the Point Defiance Zoo and see the Polar Bears playing with a White DC shoe just smile and think of me!

Because I need more punishment I decided to take the boys and the our neighbor’s son to my parents house to play.  But this time it was good everyone played rather nice and we enjoyed a lovely BBQ time also.

Blogger Pics5

Then Sunday after church they had a baby shower for the youth pastor’s wife.  They had a jungle theme so I ran out and whipped up this Jungle themed diaper cake real quick.  Thankfully it was kid friendly so the kids came along.  They did well that was except when everyone was doing blessings but kids in quiet room for 20 min can be a long time. Smile And no I didn’t make those cupcakes but you bet it I will be making them for Cole’s class this year!

Blogger Pics6

And there you have it a fun some tears (mostly from me) but it was fun and now I can laugh over it Smile.

Pork & Potatoes on the lighter side.

Rick told me no more chicken this week, lol.  So I found a pork recipe and then he’s been asking (whining, just joking) for Au Gratin Potatoes.  I went on the hunt for weight watcher versions.  I love Google.

I found this Potato Au Gratin recipe that turned out so yummy full of flavor you wouldn’t know it was low calorie.


Au Gratin Potatoes (WW 3 Pts)

<p>Another recipe that we love to have but now we have a low calorie version. </p>

See Au Gratin Potatoes (WW 3 Pts) on Key Ingredient.

Next on the list was pork that was easy to marinate and then on my grill in the house (well I tried to bake first but it didn’t work so well).  This Garlic Lime Marinate for pork chops was easy and yummy.


Garlic Lime Marinated Pork (WW 5 pts)

<p>An easy Marinate that you can throw together and let it go.</p>

See Garlic Lime Marinated Pork (WW 5 pts) on Key Ingredient.

Happy Tuesday everyone!  What are your dinner plans for tonight?

Monday, August 29, 2011

It’s a salad Kind of Day …

Last Tuesday when our guest came over we did a BBQ themed dinner.  I wanted to make some salads but trying to get back on eating on the lighter side I found two weight watcher recipes that were a hit.

First off when I was young my mom always made Broccoli Salad.  I wanted to make the lighter version and found this recipe that was so tasty!


Broccoli Salad (WW 1pt -1/2 Cup)

<p>I love broccoli salad and to find a recipe that cuts down the calories I&#8217;m in love :)</p>

See Broccoli Salad (WW 1pt -1/2 Cup) on Key Ingredient.

Next on the list was a potato salad but again in the lighter side.  This recipe was another delish one, even Rick ate it (and didn’t grumble too much … lol).


Potato Salad (WW 5 pts)

<p>Want to have your favorite picnic meal but low on the calories and points if you do Weight Watchers. Here is the recipe for you!</p>

See Potato Salad (WW 5 pts) on Key Ingredient.

Happy Monday everyone!  So what is on the menu for tonight?

Friday, August 26, 2011

Summer Time Stir Crazy


This has been one heck of a summer here in the PNW.  We’ve had a lot of rain and now we’re getting some hot days.  The boys were going stir crazy on rainy days and now it’s fun in the sun.  I’m thankful our neighborhood this summer has kids to play with.  But now you get to were the problem comes in.  Little Caden is my early riser (like his mama) he has now gotten in the habit of dressing himself (see pic to the left on one of the hottest days this is what he put on). Now this is of course after I have to send him back to him room that he has to wait until 9am to knock on someone’s door. 6am to 8am is NOT ok to bug people. He will walk across the street to play with the neighbor’s little boy (I of course watch him walk across).  Caden and the neighbor boy (who is around the same age) play great together.  That is until Cole my late sleeper (like his daddy) get’s up.  Then this is when the screaming and fights start.  Oh boy I’m telling you 3 play together is not a good thing, 2 is great but when you have 3 there is always an odd man out. 

Cole sadly is the only one in his age group so he doesn’t really fit in with the big boys and he doesn’t fit so well with the young boys.  So this causes a lovely day for me and my friend Kristen (the other mom).  We end up playing referee along with Judge and Jury.   And yes it is mostly Cole who is the troublemaker … boy wants to fit in and can be such a turd.  Next summer I may just have to pay for him to go somewhere the whole summer … UGH.  The hurt in my wallet may be worth the pain of the daily drama here.

For now I think I’ll sit back at night with a glass of wine (or two if it is a really bad day) and next week will go fast so we can go back to school and the routine of the little one playing during the day!

Cheers to you!


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Was it only a One Day Stand?

superstickies (31)superstickies (32)superstickies (33)superstickies (34)superstickies (35)superstickies (36)superstickies (37)superstickies (38)superstickies (39)superstickies (40)superstickies (41)superstickies (42)superstickies (43)superstickies (44)superstickies (45)superstickies (46)superstickies (47)superstickies (48)superstickies (49)superstickies (50)

I hope you laughed I did a focus group a while back that I can’t say much about since I signed a confidentially statement and even though I find men in suits sexy I don’t need any of them knocking on my door to sue me.  I loved doing this focus group and I think I talked more then any other person on the panel.  There was a lady beside me that we were laughing together the whole time.  Thought we were friends but no … hehe.  Overall a great time and if your interested in focus groups Field Works is a great company.  You can do one like every 6 months but it’s hard to get on the panel, you have to answer like 40 questions etc and if you answer right your on.  Check it out you may find one around you.  And no I wasn’t paid anything to recommend them, just thought I’d be a good friend/Blogger.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Weekend of Mileage on the car!

Saturday after I finished work I put Caden on the car and ran to pick up presents and of course a new outfit (that when I got home didn’t fit and made me want to cry but that is a whole nother blog post). 

Then home I went my neighbor was outside and we got to talking and he asked if I ever cooked Salmon said I hadn’t so he brought me over 4 fillet’s to cook up.  I was going to a fish themed party so it was perfect. I bought a octopus floater (as the gift), fish paper to wrap it and baked salmon as my food to bring (recipe to come next week).

Here is the boys at the birthday party.  My friend had her son’s party at Bill’s Fishing Hole. We got to touch fish yeah … lol.  The boys had fun and caught a few fish which we left for my friend to cook.

Blogger Pics

We left party #1 to head to party #2 we pulled up and no cars and a car I didn’t recognize in the driveway along with 2 little girls sitting on the porch I didn’t know. OK I’m blonde so I did go out to the street to make sure I went to right street Smile. Yes I know but I really thought I went to the wrong house.  Come to find out I knocked on the door and my friends husb came out to let me know the party was cancelled.  His mother had fallen and cracked her head open and had been air lifted to Harbor View.  Prayers for her please.

So since we drove back up to Tacoma I stopped by the house and picked up Jake and head to my parents house (drove past the place we went to earlier that day … lol).  Saturday was Bonney Lake Days held at the park down from my parents house.  My dad (who’s back is messed up and will be needing surgery again, please pray for him too) and I took the boys and Jake down to the park.  Ok I should say my dad (bless him) took hold of Jake and walked him down.  The boys enjoyed the jumpy houses while dad hung out with Jake.

Blogger Pics1

Then we went back to my parents house to enjoy the lake.  Mom even got Jake to go in the water.  She bought him a life vest which he wasn’t too please with … hehe.  The boys did some floating and enjoying the lake.  We did have one accident that Jake got a little excited and ran on the dock and accidently hit Caden who fell in the lake.  He went under that large floaty you see in the picture and we got a little panicked but he did very well and dog paddled up and mom and I pulled him up.  Thank GOD for the swimming lessons.

Blogger Pics2

Sunday Rick had the day off from all 3 jobs so we spent the day with the family after church we hoped in the car and went to Bellevue Mall to go to Lego Land.  Which was a DREAM for all 3 boys (yes that includes Rick).  We won’t mention the train lego that Rick wanted $150. hehe I know what he will be getting for Christmas Winking smile.

Blogger Pics3

Happy Wednesday everyone!  So anything fun planned this weekend?  I think we’ll be party free! YEAH

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I think it’s a Cobbler Day!

A quick post today, due to Hurricane Rick was home yesterday.  Love the man but when he’s home he goes crazy and when he goes crazy that means he wants everything clean.  He doesn’t understand why the house can’t stay clean and why I can’t get it all done.  So he went on a clean spree of the boys room.  Yes the nightmare I would call their room, was tore apart and cleaned top to bottom.  I’m now thinking 2 boys one room may not be the best idea I’ve ever had.  So let’s just say I got sucked into having to clean and do all the laundry.  Don’t get Rick started on why I can’t pull the laundry out of the drying and just put it away (you know in between work, kids and cooking … darn need to put that Super mom cape back on).  Yup all my job … lol.

Well enough about that, how about something sweet to lighten the mood. Well at least it’s something yummy to eat.  I whipped up this Easy Peach Cobbler with some peaches my friend canned.


Easy Peach Cobbler

<p>A quick and easy dessert that is sure to please</p>

See Easy Peach Cobbler on Key Ingredient.

Happy Tuesday everyone, enjoy your good eats!  What’s on the meal plan for tonight?

Make sure to stop by Thursdays Recipe Swap.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Dinner with Friends (Chicken w/ Mac & Cheese)

My Tuesday dinner friend came over and I was running a little behind so I threw this together.  The kids of course just loved anything with cheese and chicken!  So when in a pinch I bet you have most of this in your house!

I found a recipe for Classic Baked Macaroni and Cheese and tweaked it a bit for what I had in the house.  I of course had whole wheat macaroni, used fat free evaporated milk, whole wheat flour and mozzarella cheese.


Classic Baked Macaroni and Cheese

<p>A quick and easy baked Macaroni &#38; Cheese that is made with mozzarella cheese. </p>

See Classic Baked Macaroni and Cheese on Key Ingredient.

And for chicken I thought I would mix it up a bit and find a way to use some crackers I had on hand.  I also switched out the butter for an egg substitute. For a new twist on Chicken Parm I found this recipe.


Chicken Parmesan (cracker crumbs crust)

<p>A yummy way to have chicken and use up some crackers!</p>

See Chicken Parmesan (cracker crumbs crust) on Key Ingredient.

Happy Monday, hope you’re having a fab day with good eats for the day!

Make sure to stop by Thursdays Recipe Swap.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Were the Customer Service Broke down ….

So most of you read about my rant here and on FB about my experience buying Groupon’s for Native Remedies.  Now I’ve bought from Groupon before and have had nothing but high praises. I’ve bought Native Remedies products previously (threw Amazon) this last time I used their site I had horrible customer service and a pain using my gift certificates.  So to make this fun or for you how like to “skim read” yes I know all of you don’t read every word I type I’m putting it in the form of sticky notes!

superstickies (35) superstickies (32)superstickies (33)superstickies (34)superstickies (36)superstickies (31)

superstickies (37)superstickies (38)superstickies (39)superstickies (40)superstickies (41)superstickies (42)superstickies (43)superstickies (44)superstickies (45)superstickies (46)superstickies (47)superstickies (48)superstickies (49)superstickies (50)superstickies (51)superstickies (52)superstickies (53)superstickies (54)superstickies (55)superstickies (56)superstickies (57)superstickies (58)superstickies (59)superstickies (60)superstickies (62)superstickies (63)superstickies (64)superstickies (65)superstickies (66)superstickies (67)superstickies (68)superstickies (69)superstickies (70)superstickies (76)superstickies (72)superstickies (75)superstickies (73)superstickies (74)

So there is my long and crazy story!  I spent a good TWO hours on the phone along with time emailing etc.  I’ve disappointed in their customer service and way of doing business. The pointing the finger at the other really peeves me off and saying that I can buy from Amazon but there prices vary and etc and I need to be careful.  Which I know since I’ve been buying that way for over a year.  I’m sticking to what I’ve done in the past and continue to buy threw Amazon. I NEVER want to go threw that hassle or that RUDE customer service people ever again with their own site.

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