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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wordless Wednesday (I'm biting my nails with no words ...)

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

It's been so busy around with all that baking I haven't been able to post about me winning some amazing prizes. After entering about 500 different contest I finally won and I even won from two different sites! These giveaways are amazing, plus I've meet some REALLY amazing moms along the way. You have to Check out my girls over to the right side under Mom's the Rock ~ Giveaways and Reviews.

Before I let you know about my awesome wins, here are a few you should check out. Just remember if you win there is a finders fee ... LOL just playing, well maybe just a little serious!

Felicia at Go Graham Go - Her current giveaways are:
1. KABOOST portable booster Ends January 9th &

2. Parking Pal Magnet Ends January 9th &

3. Alphabet Soup (personalized goodies) Ends January 9th &

4. Loopa Bowl (sanity saving snack bowl) Ends January 2nd &

5. SafetyTat 5 Winners Ends WEDNESDAY!

I told you she rocks! is also another wonderful blogger/giveaway one stop shopping
1. Boogie Wipes Gift Basket Giveaway
Visit Boogie Wipes

2. Rakkiddo Giveaway
Visit Rakku Designs

3. Color Me House: Playhouse Giveaway-2 Winners!
Visit Color Me House

One other amazing giveaway is from Linda Short Pump Preppy Reviews
1. Reusable Bags Depot Folding Bag Giveaway

Phew ok girls now that you've entered everything you little heart could desire check out my loot!

Scribbit is another one of my favorite mom blogger that does reviews and giveaways. Now get this I WON (in your face, opps sorry the competor gets to me) a pair of Keen Shoes. Yes you read that correct a very nice pair of CHARLESTON MARY JANE. They shipped them and everything for FREE. I picked the economy (save the earth) shipping and you would never guess it took only 2 days to get to me! I'm so excited Check it out:

I got a package! Wow that was Super Quick!

Ignore the crazy hair (my fluffing did more damage then good)A package for me? Check it out girls!

I was so the envy of the office!

Aren't they super cute? I was wearing dress socks before picture, so don't mind the sock creases, it's so not my ankle!

And the other prize I won on Little Mummy which is going to be so cool for the boys was Cookin'Kids ebook . They are so cool you download the PDF's and print them out! I can't wait to try it out with the boys!

One of those days ...

You ever just have one of those days, it just kind of takes you down. Well it was one of those days for me, now I know I'm a lucky girl and have been blessed with many things but some days you just want to eat that bag of chocolate. So instead of giving into my urge to ripe open that bag of Hersey kisses with the cherry center. Which if you know me know I hate anything cherry flavor reminds me of cough syrup when I was young, but when you're have a chocolate attack almost anything will do.

But isn't of letting it get to me I started to bake yet again, not sure what has gotten into me lately. Maybe it the idea of using every dish in the house to make Rick crazy, it drives him nuts when I've used every dish to make an item. Hey I actually washed while I went along and had all the dishes done before he even got home from work. First I started with some rice in the rice cooker, really what did I do with out these nifty things that cut my work in half? You know I don't usually get home until after 6pm from work and picking up the kids so these little gadgets are Godsend's! After the rice I decide that I couldn't have made enough cookies why not make the box (yes I said box) of gingerbread cookies my girlfriend brought over. The funny thing is I had these out yesterday forgot, washed up all the dishes and turned off the oven. This is the point that Rick then feels the need to say something about the cookies that didn't get made. No he couldn't have said something when I was in mid process of the other million batches, nope after everything is put away and the oven is cool! I have to love him right? A little mean thoughts doesn't hurt anyone does it, I only think of throwing that wood spoon at his head I never actually do it!

I then move on to a new batch of bread, the french bread I made Sunday smelled great but the loaf was too small for lunches. Plus it's a little dense, which is good for the PB&J sandwiches but not so good for the ham sandwiches I usually do. So throw all the ingredients in the bread maker and let it do it's magic. See I never could have gotten threw half of these things with out help from handy dandy gadgets. Then it's time for dinner brown up some onions and then throw in some meat. Ok some of you might want to turn your head at this point, some people think this is the worse meat ever. Yes I'm talking about Spam, the boys love it and actually eat really well with it so hey it's a keeper. Don't ever tell my mom I cook with it, she will disclaim me and let you know she would NEVER let this ever come in her house. She saw it in my cupboard the other day and I thought I was going to have to call 911 from her having a heart attack. She was in shock and let me know this isn't how she raised me. LOL ... like I'm sticking the kids in bed with no desert (wait I do that) ... hmmm well you get the idea. Back on track throw the rice, onion, spam (sorry had to say the word), cream of mushroom, milk and top it off with Cheddar cheese. Hey at least it's real cheese and not Velveeta I really love my mom and want her to stay around, that would surely throw her over the deep edge :).

So there you have it my baking night, here it is after 9pm and the dishes are done, Cole's lunch is made and the house is in good shape. Not bad for a days work, and I'm not in such a mood either! I do have to let you in on why so many Betty Crocker items, not because it's the easiest (which it is) but because of Box Tops. Cole's school is collecting box tops and the classroom that brings in the most gets a party. And you know me and competition, I'm all over it! I've already filled up one sheet and on to my 2nd one. Do you think that sounds a little aggressive? I didn't think so either. What I didn't let you answer? Sorry, I'm glad you agree with me :).

Back to my regular bread recipe (its the best I've tried)

My rice cooker! Thank you Black & Decker I love it!

Yummy Gingerbread Cookies! Yup don't get excited it's from a box, but still yummy!

Thank you Betty Crocker (see the missing box top)

Cookies are done, look it made exactly one sheet! Yup that had nothing to do with a certain person with sticky fingers typing that had "some" of the dough! Nope I know nothing!

The Casserole (See I saved you from the word)

And yummy the bread just finished too! Talk about a night well spent!

Words to live by ...

I was sent this in an email the other day and was moved by it, to all my blogger friends how I cherish you all! You ladies keep me sane and on track in my life. Hope this touches you as much as it did for me.

Love your friend, Lex

Monday, December 29, 2008

That Monday just flew by ...

Just a quick one tonight I just finished up the Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies and I'm beat. I got the kids to bed and just had to share these pictures with you. Cole got a new Transformer jacket for Christmas. He has told me that he loves it and since he can't sleep with his other favorite Christmas present (the DS) he wants to sleep with his jacket. Sure no problem just get in bed, then I walk into his room find that ugh I forgot to make the bed and what do you have two pillows on the bed for at each end?

Yup that is the jacket over his pillow ;). Don't mind I didn't get the sheets on before he crawled in. Sorry buddy I promise I'll put it back like that AFTER I make the bed.Yup that's the planes and trains.

Don't you know they need their own pillow!

And the last of the cookies (I hope!)

Here are the Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies (Please don't mind the plate Rick was complaining about giving away all the nice Christmas plates. So being the funny person I am I busted out the Santa plate from the dollar store! Do you think he'll complain next year? Probably but it's a wish that something I do effects him ... LOL

Sunday, December 28, 2008

I think I'm going to need the big mug for today ...

Not going to be the first Cup of Coffee today :)
Today started out ok, that is I got to sleep in until 9:30am which is a true miracle. Now I worked the 2nd job for the call center until 1:30am and then of course my SITS blogged so I of course had to check out the roll call and comment on a few blogs before me. So I think I finally got into bed around 2:30 so 7 hours is most hours then most days.

I got up to find Ricky our Wal-Mart fish that has outlasted 2 other fish was floating upside down, and I promise you I didn't put any rum in for the holidays, we was a dry fish (oh geez that was cheesy wasn't it?). So we had to do the fish funeral today, we said good-bye and gave him a Nemo farewell. Cole told me that we flushed him and he went straight to heaven, makes me what else I have sent to Heaven. I'm sorry God please only take the fishy, if you find Lego's or little plastic mean return to sender :).

Mom showed up with some yummies, I didn't have the heart to tell her I had a mini Christmas dinner planned. My lovely 4 year old talked (guilted) her into going to the fish store. A half hour later we left the pet store with 2 new gold fish, a snail and a plant (oh yeah and new jewels, cause you know a tank has to have some bling). Meet our new fish Ricky and Lucy (mom's a big Lucy Ball Fan) and Patrick the snail (Spongebob fan, I guess we should have called it Gary).
Meet our new fish, snail and plant

After coming back from the fish store and getting the fish and the tank ready I start on my next project. You know making 10 batches of cookies last weekend wasn't enough why not do it all over again. Rick wasn't going to do anything for his coworkers so I didn't bake extra. Well they gave him gifts so that meant I needed to return to the Betty Crocker way of life. This time I'm only going to make three types and just do double batches. The Eggnog, Snickerdoodles and Mexican Hot Chocolate ones went over the best so those will be my three. While I'm at it I better make some bread for Cole's lunches. I thought I would try out a new recipe, since I used French bread for my casserole the other morning it was sounding very yummy. It made the house smell delicious, but when I opened the lid I had a small little loaf that wasn't that pretty. I'm going back to the white bread, that one is so fluffy and yummy!

And if the night wasn't busy enough why not make a "Mini" Christmas dinner since we didn't have one here. So in between cookies I threw in a ham, a green bean casserole and whipped up some mash potatoes. I guess I bought rolls also that I forgot about, thankfully Rick remembered them. So after making 2 of the three cookies I whipped up the Mexican Hot Chocolate batter and put it away to finish up tomorrow. I think that is enough baking for today! I'm tired now I think I'm going to head to the bed, plus I have a husband pacing behind me asking if I ever leave this seat :).

Here we go again, Eggnog Cookies since they were a HUGE hit last time.


Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies

Yummy Mexican Hot Chocolate comes in a solid form (Cool Huh)

Eggnog Cookies (I made them red this time)


The french bread (very small loaf, I won't make this again)

Yummy "Mini" Christmas Dinner (Green Bean Casserole and Ham)

The Boys having dinner (love the smile, yup that's the norm)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

It's a Christmas Miracle ...

The snow has stopped and who knew I would be so excited to see rain again! The roads are looking a lot nicer and for the first time in almost 2 weeks I took my car out of 4 wheel drive. Yup it was a glorious day, except since it rain that meant no ZooLights. Rain + Kids is usually a cause for me to have a nervous breakdown. Public and me having a nervous breakdown may send me to a padded room. Hey wait do you think they would let you take a book? What I could actually get to read in peace! So today I decided to venture to Wal-Mart, you know I could walk the isles and when I need to scream at Cole to come back no one turns a head I fit right in ... LOL. What a thing to be proud of! After our Wal-Mart trip we decided to do Gingerbread Houses. I bought 3 house for Cole, Roy and my girlfriends daughter Kailey to do. Roy got the one house that didn't want to stay up, maybe it was a cosmic payback for Christmas. Who know but his in the only one that didn't work. Cole's and mine looked like a diabetic coma waiting to happen. I never claimed to be Martha or even close to Betty Crocker (unless it's making her cookies my Semi-Homemade way). So let's just say my pipping abilities were on the thick side, hey I guess it's like the way I live my life rich and full ... LOL.

So here are some cute pictures of our decorating skills along with a few of my presents from Rick. He picked them out all on his own, yes gasp and be impressed! Plus a fun one of Cole playing bowling with the set that my MIL crocheted for him and Caden. I love it they are super soft, since you know they have already hit a lamp and bounced off with out breaking it. She so knows my world! Hope you all had a wonderful Saturday!

Me and my new hat and scarf (gloves on bed, I forgot)!
(Yup it's perfect for the cold time of year)
Check out my new Fossil purse
(Wait that doesn't look right, it's too big)
That's better (don't look at the messy bed)
Don't you love the deep thought looks!
Me and the boys decorating our house.
Cole and the Gingerbread House
How it looks on the box (I'm sticking with that was a professional with a real pipping bag, not this cruddy one I cut the corner on. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!)

Our diabetic Coma waiting to happen.
Cole and the bowling set.
Isn't she amazing, this is the coolest set ever.
Cole in bowling action!

Friday, December 26, 2008

I'm dreaming of a White Christmas ... Oh wait I got one (I'm really starting to not like that song)

You know the song I'm dreaming of a white Christmas? Well I've been dreaming for a "GREEN" Christmas you know one that I can see the grass and road instead of all this snow. Well no such luck! The boys of course loved to be able to see all the snow and I guess it was a nice way to have Christmas, that is if your staying home!

So far , I don't know for like the last 7 years we've had Christmas at my house, especially since having the boys it's just easier. Well the weekend before while some pleasantries my mom drops the bomb that they are having Christmas elsewhere. My mom's uncle isn't doing so well and the family really wanted to have Christmas together. Well in a calm state of mind and a normal person would be that's very nice. Since it was like a drive by on me I got really upset, not the part about spending time with family just not having Christmas here. After a nervous break down call to Rick, who called mom they worked out a deal. Presents here in AM and dinner there, which worked out great in theory. That is until the snow storm started and hasn't let up.

Yesterday started with a wake up call around 6am when our exchange student did his early morning stomp down the hall to the bathroom. Slamming of the door and then loud banging in there. This usually starts if he gets up before we do and wants or I guess needs something. 6am is just a little to early so I try to catch a few more z's with no such luck, finally just give up at 7am. To only have the banging and drawers start slamming, before I can rush in there with a very stern look and waring the boys wake up. GREAT I was hoping they would sleep for a bit longer, but no such luck. I keep the house quiet until 8:30am when I go wake up cranky Rick to watch present wrapping.

A quick hour of unwrapping all those hours of wrapping the gifts and everyone is happy. Well that is almost everyone, our exchange student was not happy not sure if it was he didn't get a lot of presents or what. But the straw that broke my back was well two things. First thing my MIL crocheted a very nice zipper jacket for him, which he threw over to the side with out even unfolding it. When I asked him if he liked it he huffed at me, which I said wasn't very nice and he should appreciate that people thought of him. I asked him to try it on and was ignored, after 3 attempts he finally got it on and wouldn't smile, oh geez! Second thing was Rick went and picked up gifts for the boys. He got the two older ones and my dad VERY nice and expensive wallets. Our exchange student's wallet was a special one that would fit his passport. He did the same thing opened it and threw it to the side. When I asked him if he liked it he said "No", I was completely shocked that he could be so unappreciative of a gift. I guess I shouldn't be surprised with all the problems with respect we've had with him, but that was really a shocker. Again I told him that he should appreciate getting gifts. He didn't even say thank you for the DVD's I bought him and the stocking stuffers. I got him so cool math work books, since he loves math. He actually looked at me said "these are for me?" like I gave him a bag of poop, maybe I should have ... LOL

What a wonderful way to start the holiday! After that wonderful experience we hopped in the car to head to our destination. Our 45 min maybe 1hr 15min (with snow) drive took us 2 and 1/2 hours. Now the snow had maybe a little to do with that but I'd say for a good hour we were lost going up and down streets. You know stopping for directions or I have a clue calling the people to find out where they live would help. So Rick and I followed my dad like lost puppies, now I know when Mom says that Dad could get lost in a paper bag is so the case. The funny thing is Dad has a GPS in his car, this time he took Mom's. Yup we're a regular traveling comic act! Just get this mental picture of us doing U-turns in 7 - 10 inches of snow and oh yeah ice under there! It's ok you can shake your head and laugh!

Some pictures to make you smile :)
Caden showing off the hood! Cole and Caden in their new sweaters.
Thank you Grandma, we appreciate them.
The Sausage Breakfast Casserole is done! Yummy!
And when it started to look bad. Yes before this it was good ... Ha-Ha
Now it's snowing a little harder! Big flakes and they're sticking!!
It's beautiful, for a post card.
Again another pretty picture for a painting. Not for my drive!
I think this is around the 6 turn around attempt. We're getting loopy!
Yup we're gone to the loony bin. Turn around # 11 (I gave up count after that)
Doesn't my hair look cute in this one ... LOL I couldn't help it.
Look we made it! And now it's time for mom to test out the Wii Fit!
P.S. She rocked the Hula Hoop!

And for your viewing pleasure, I saw this video and died laughing. This so feels like my last few mornings. Thankfully Rick scrapes my car, but just how things have been going!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Oh no I forgot Santa Cookies

So around 9ish last night my oldest son ask me where Santa's cookies are. You would think with all those cookies I've been making I would have a few extras, but no I do not! Since you know I didn't want the chance of eating them myself I gave them all away. So the two of us bundled up the two of us and left the house. You should have seen the look Rick gave us. One because of the time I was venturing out with all the snow and ice on the roads, and two because of the pink of washed lounge pants that I had paired with my light brown want to be UG's and the sweatshirt I topped it of with. Hey at least my hair was brushed and um .... um ... yup I got nothing else here to redeem that.

So we trek out and guess what Safeway is closed, who would have guessed they want to be closed for the holiday? Not me, I figured everyone needs to be open right? Thankfully across the street was Market Place, not one of the cleanest stores but it will do in a pinch. We walk in find the materials for the breakfast casserole, Oh did I forget to mention I forgot to pick those ingredient up too? So we roamed the isles got my stuff and found the cookie mix. I love Betty Crocker and these mixes they make my life so easy, plus they have box tops which Cole's school is collecting. And the class with the most wins a party, nothing like a little competition to make me start collect (oh I know I'm crazy, how many times do I need to admit this?). I've been told Santa loves Peanut Butter Cookies, fine by me if we would have made the sugar cookies I don't think I would have been able to hold back.

We got home I told Cole to get in bed and go to sleep quick or Santa won't come. Wow that worked maybe I should try that every night, darn he would figure it out. So I went off to make the cookies, when I remembered my hand mixer blew up at Thanksgiving. While I was pondering if I should try to hand mix with my wimpy arms or I should I break out the big mixer for one batch, Rick walks into the kitchen with a present. Oh my Christmas Eve gift and guess what it was yup a new mixer! Now when I was younger I would have thought of that as the rudest gift, now I think that is the coolest thing ever that he actually listened to what I needed! Santa cookies made (check), last present wrapped (check) and stocking stuffers (check).

Well today is going to be crazy, I think I will have to finish up this post late tonight. I may just set this for later today just in case I don't get around to it. Today is going to be one non stop kidfest of craziness! Lord be with me :).

My new mixer, looks already been used.

My Sausage Casserole that needs to sit over night.
Look Santa's Been HERE!

Oh Shhs Roy I don't want to you telling the younger ones it was me or Rick!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

And the award goes to ...

Today was the Office Christmas Party where the award for the Bake Off would be awarded. The coveted "Shengie" is on the 3rd year of being awarded. After a quick meal, I pass over the rolling pin that has been engraved on and sealed in a Manila envelope. As I pass the envelope I practice in my head the Oscar winning face that you give when you didn't win. The principal announcing the name and it takes a moment for it to click:
Yup you guessed it's me:
Wait that picture doesn't look right!

Now that is better! Really I'm smiling behind the award!

(Smiling with my eyes, TY Tyra Banks)

My gift only got stolen 4 times at the party and a guy with a cool workshop light got stolen 5 times, darn I just missed it (guess you can win them all, ok that sounds nice but doesn't make it any easier). The stolen price was a VERY cool Nano, dang! So the party was a hit, it was super fun being the MC for the gift exchange.

I picked the boys up and got to work cleaning the house. Mom and Dad are stopping by tomorrow before we leave for dinner. House must be super clean before then, thankfully Leah came over and cleaned and I did the laundry etc. I only have Rick's stocking stuffers to wrap and we'll be ready for Santa! Hope you all have a wonder holiday, tomorrow may be a late blog but it will be up after all the festivities.

A few pictures to make you laugh ;)

Yup the snow is still here, the boys attempt at a snowman!

Cole decided it needed more snow!

And the "Snowman" is complete. They did it all by themselves, pretty cool I must say :).

Jill at work sent gifts for the boys! I love this picture of Caden's face!

Cole and his now favorite toy: Firetruck!

Thanks Jill, this toy was a sand block that you had to chip away to find the dino bones. Very cool idea, not so cool when you have clean up.

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