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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Some Life Ramblings

Well I’m still having picture upload issues with blogger Sad smile.  My amazing friend Might M sent me a note about using Window Writer, so let’s try it and hopefully you will see what I post!  I’m going to try sticky notes and see how it goes, I didn’t want to spend an hour doing my DVD review and then the pictures not show Smile. HERE we go!


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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Weekend Wrap Wednesday ~ Run Run Run

*****UPDATED****** I went and reloaded the photos again I hope you can see them!!!
FIRST off the delay on this post is that Blogger is still giving me issues posting pictures! Since MOST of my post include pictures it becomes a bit of a pain in the rear. Fingers crossed after I spend the time to type this up you too can see the pictures ... UGH
This weekend was VERY busy and fun, we filled every minute with an activity! I've come to the conclusion that I'm not going to wait for an invite or be turned down to come visit I'm just going to load the kids up and go. McD's with yes is like the seventh level of H**L is ok AS LONG AS we come straight home and bath the boys. So there you have it! lol
Cole's school was on Spring Break last week!
Time to spend with our buddy Jake
Saturday after I got down with work we hit the Lowe's Kid Clinic
YUP FREE every other week!
Then we hit McD's to play!
OK all was fine until this dad came in with 2 kids! They just sat down to eat and then abruptly rushed out! Then Cole comes up to me, a kid pee's ALL over the steps to get into the playcenter! YUP you got it, it was dad that left. Ok I get being embarrassed but leaving NOT telling ONE employee what happened is unacceptable! Kids were walking threw the freaking PEE. So one parent went over talked to a employee to come clean up after like 5 min of me trying to keep the kids from the pee area I went over to talk to a employee. Who then said they were busy, I said well give me a bucket I'll clean it up (heck I wk McD's in H.S. I can handle this!). She then went a manager who then said oh yeah I forgot ... REALLY health Code lady come on! So they send a kid out with 2 towels to clean up this mess ... UGH.
And for the BAD haircut. This is after my mom trimmed the bangs so they were as straight as possible!! YUP Rick let Cole pick his own hair cut ... THE BOWL and then the lady didn't even cut straight or in even spots!
Sunday after Church and a Carnival Meeting ... Did I say that? Yes I promised the new girl that took over the carnival I would help but I WOULD not do anything with the ladies from last year. She swore they would have NOTHING to do with it! There was of course a new lady who was pushy that is helping on other things. She WAS rude Every time someone talked she would interrupt and answer the question. At one point I turned to her and said I will answer my own question thank you :). Then off to Rachael's to play and have a quick cup of coffee.
Then to the 2nd McD's that was all about Dino's on the walls, a T-Rex Skeleton, and a Dino to climb on. The boys loved the wall Murial and Skeleton but the play town was more for little kids and not very big so we didn't stay long. I came home and made dinner then sat down to watch Army Wives ... oh lord yes that is what I look like after I've cried for a full hour of a show. Yup of for my critic who gets on me about being so emotional I do cry at TV :)
So there we have it fun times :). Hope you all have an amazing week! HUGS

P.S. I'm still heading strong at the gym I've gone everyday for the last week and a half! I weigh in tomorrow, prayers are appreciated :).

Monday, March 28, 2011

It's a Cheese thing!

We had a yummy dinner the other night and of course my helper Caden was right next to me the whole time. As he drags the stool into the kitchen "I promise mama I won't run over your toe again". YUP he had a little toe issue before ... lol
I'm not sure why blogger hates me but if I try to add in my recipe card widgets so sorry you have to leave my site to see the recipes! Hopefully this will be fixed soon :(.
My Gal Alex @ Ma What's for dinner gave us this recipe.
Until I get the Widgets to work here is the my recipe card HERE.
I made a yummy version of "Olive Garden Alfredo Sauce"
My recipe card is HERE
And for the boys I made Pepperoni Bread!
Recipe card found HERE

Blogger hates me no pictures so a bad interview :)

So I had my whole recipe planned for this weekend but then blogger is hating on me and won't allow any pictures or even allow me to add my recipe card widgets! WHAT the heck blogger, usually you are my friend!!

Everyone have a GREAT day! We had a busy weekend :)

Rick took Cole to get a haircut, Cole picked out a BOWL haircut and Rick allowed him to do it! The lady cut his bangs at a angle like he needed some punk look. But sadly she didn't do it on purpose, she really messed up the haircut. My mom tried to correct the bangs but they are so short. OH boy!!!

I went to the Gym Fri, Sat & Sun. Thank God the Silent Farter didn't get next to me again, I may have to carry a bottle of Gas X next time!

I leave you with the Worest Job Interview:

A head hunter found me a interview as a receptionist (almost 7 years ago). I just had Cole so I was still wearing my maternity dressy work clothes. Yes I was let go from my job of 7 years when I returned from maternity leave to find my job had been reorganized and given to some punk kid out of college!

I walked into the place I recognized the girl behind the desk as a girl that went to high school with my friend a class behind me. I said hi I think you went to school with such and such. She was kind of pleasant and said hi and walked away.

I then went into what I will refer to as the WAR ROOM. Two gentle tag teamed interviewed me. They grilled me on answering phones how to order supplies. Which then yelled at me that I would order from the order book and not HAGGLE with the sales people. Then he commented on my clothes asking me if I thought this was professional look. I let him know I just had a baby and this was what I had at the time. He then told me it wasn't professional, MIND you he was dressed in semi casual as long as everyone in his office.

He then told me he didn't like the head hunters choice that he would even hire the last person she sent him. That she was even qualified to "Carry out his garbage". Oh yes he was a prince plus I just had a baby and was not feeling good about my weight or emotions. He made a few more comments about my clothes and my way I handled myself. He pretty much told me I was usless. I think he wanted me to fight back with him to show him fire, that is what my dad said to me after I told him. Yup got no sympathy there either. I ended up holding in my tears. That was until I got to the car. I called the head hunter in tears and told her all about it, your right she never called me back ... lol. She probably thought I was a loon and yes I called her several times like a dork.

There is a little more to it but that is the jest of it ... lol. Mind you every boss I've worked for has loved me and I talk to almost all my old bosses. Who knows about this crazy GUY.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Thursday Must Watch - Volume 31

We missed last week so there is a BUNCH to go threw :). I added in some shows that are new and some that came back that I enjoy. Hope your all having a wonderful day!!!

Of course one for Cole, as you know he is ALL about anything dino and I added this one on a while ago and it finally made it's way up my list. He actually sat there and watched it non stop ... lol it was great!

Based on the books by James Gurney, this miniseries follows two young brothers who survive a plane crash and wash up on the island of Dinotopia, a secret world where dinosaurs and humans coexist in harmony. But when their sources of power, the sunstones, begin to fail, the boys must journey to a dangerous forbidden territory in the one remaining hope to save their new home. The series stars David Thewlis and Alice Krige.
I know this won lot's of awards but it just wasn't for me, it felt more like a guy flick. If Rick would have been home this past weekend he would probably have given this a higher rating. It was a little hard for me to actually sit down and give it my full attention.

After a string of defeats, Mickey Ward rediscovers his fighting will with help from trainer and half-brother Dicky (Oscar winner Christian Bale) -- a once-talented pugilist and small-town hero now battling drug addiction.
Now Jennifer Aniston movies really haven't been hitting the mark with me. This movie really did have funny moments. I must admit I'm a Jason Bateman fan so that may have swayed my vote higher then it should be. Overall a good movie to RENT I would say Red box or Netflix since they are cheaper :)
I love Liev Schreiber on Brothers & Sisters, so when I saw this movie I added it on to my DVD list! BUT I was VERY disappointed. Half way threw it was going off, Helen Hunt couldn't even save this movie for me and usually all her movies rock :(.

Ned (Liev Schreiber) is fed up with his unfulfilling work as a writer on a flawed television show and his stagnant marriage to wife Jeannie (Helen Hunt). Just when he thinks life can't get worse, his teenage son announces he's gay and his ailing father-in-law (Brian Dennehy) moves in. Ned's relationship with an amorous co-worker (Carla Gugino) adds even more tension, but despite the setbacks, the rewards of everyday family life overcome.
Holy moly is this season of the Celebrity Apprentice, talk about DRAMA. Then you have Nene and Star on every talk show about what has been going on. I think the shock was Dionne, my mother loved her and she I know is a Diva but wow I think at times it needs to be checked. BUT she is like my grandma's age and she always will say and do things that are over the top ... lol.

All 16 celebrities will be competing in business related tasks in and around New York City, using their fame, contacts and business acumen to win weekly tasks, while ultimately raising money and awareness for their respective causes. As per usual, Trump and his advisors, who also happen to be his children and colleagues, will stand in judgment of the celebrities in the Boardroom. Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr. are back and will welcome their younger brother, Eric Trump, who will be filling in as an advisor, as will longtime Trump Organization employee George Ross.

As with the previous seasons, the winning celebrity team will have the privilege of watching the losing team squirm under the scrutiny of Donald Trump and his advisors from the comfort of their own war room. After each task, the wining project manager will get to present their charity with a check. Last season, “The Celebrity Apprentice” raised over $1,250,000 for charity. The money raised this season promises to squash previous numbers and bring record-breaking donations to many worthy charities. It will truly be a “must-watch” season.
Ruby is close to my heart we both have struggled with weight, now I've never been to 700lbs like her but I feel her on loosing it . This season is a hard one she is looking deep into her past to find out what got her on this path. I see a lot her in me.

Ruby Gettinger is one of a kind! The epitome of sweet Southern charm, she truly is the life of every party, the confidante to all and an inspiration to everyone who comes into her life. Her hometown, Savannah, Georgia, is as beautiful and magnetic as her glowing personality.

Though Ruby has battled her weight since childhood, she has never allowed her physical appearance to take a toll on her social life. After being told she'd have to lose weight or risk death, she decided to change her life and her health forever...with the whole world sharing in her challenging journey!

Ruby enjoys music and movies and loves spending time with her friends, who are just like family.

She hopes her journey inspires people to "get out there, not care about what others think, and live life!

A great show that is real life and the kind of reality show that I love to watch and love to have the kids watch. These amazing people do and sacrifice so much, it is so awesome to see great things happen for them!

Lifetime Television is set to premiere the all-new reality series “Coming Home,” featuring U.S. soldiers’ surprise family reunions across the country after serving long tours of duty on behalf of the country, at 9 p.m. March 6.

Paying tribute to American armed forces personnel and their families, “Coming Home” will follow the surprise reunions of soldiers from all five branches of the military with their spouses, children, parents and other loved ones as they return home from active duty throughout the world, according to a news release,

Former “American Idol” finalist Matt Rogers will serve as host of the series’ 13 hour-long episodes, with each show featuring five reunions.

The new season on Army Wives is here and wow is it off to a bang, their are lines being drawn and maybe some friendships being tested. And next week a soldier is killed, so of course were all on the edge of our seats. Now on a side note this is just a TV show and so many military people give their lives for us to have the freedom make sure you always thank them!

"Army Wives” returned for a fifth season, premiering Sunday, March 6 at 9 pm et/pt, with 13 all-new episodes. The show follows the struggles, dreams and friendships of a diverse group of women — and one man — living with their spouses and families on an active Army post. The series films in Charleston, South Carolina, and stars Kim Delaney (Claudia Joy Holden), Sally Pressman (Roxy LeBlanc), Brigid Brannagh (Pamela Moran), Brian McNamara (Michael Holden), Sterling K. Brown (Roland Burton), Wendy Davis (Joan Burton), Drew Fuller (Trevor LeBlanc), Terry Serpico (Frank Sherwood) and Catherine Bell (Denise Sherwood). The series is based on the book “Army Wives” by Tanya Biank, who serves as a show consultant.
Now I usually don't watch DWTS but as many of you know I'm a HUGE Kristie Alley Fan and was so excited I had to set the DVR for it. I must say I was so excited that she did so well, I actually was so worried for her. Fluffy girls can rock it, and come on haters she was LOOKING awesome! I bet she really slims down with it! Love ya girl!

The cast looks sharp, confident, and ready to take to the ballroom floor Monday night. Forget the dancing for a minute, this cast is simply gorgeous to look at. All of them - young and old, stars and pros - look amazing in their costumes. Note the cute exchange between Kirstie Alley and partner Maks, they are going to be one fun couple to watch. The way Kendra Wilkinson shakes it in her fringe dress, she leaves no doubt that she is in it to win it.

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