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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Your words will come back to haunt you!

You remember your mom always telling you this, when you said something around your child. You gave her the same look that you use to give her when you when in high school and she told you that you looked silly in that Hyper T-Shirt, Bleach Stand Jeans and Keds. Yup oh the days! So today on our way home I'm listening to the radio, since I just finished my last book on CD (special stop today to get a new one). So this amazing John Lennon song came on and I had a moment cranked it and started to sing along. Ok I wasn't alone so I wasn't singing like I normally would it was just low key! All of a sudden Cole in the back ground "Mom please stop". Me being like he usually is to me, "Nope". That's when my own words came out of his mouth, "I can't handle much more of this". Then classic Alexis he grabs his temples and shakes his head, oh yeah that is me to a T. It was so hard not to laugh and tell him to knock it off!
On a side note that pumpkin I just had to go get last night, yup it was so worth the $1 and all the hassle to get out the door. Cole woke up sick this morning (I think he was wanting some daddy time), so he stayed home this morning. No show -n-tell for him today, guess we can keep it for next week since they are continuing one more week for the V or Harvest item! Oh the joys of my life, it would be boring and I won't have anything to blog about! Here's to the crazy thing I call life.
I leave you with classic pictures of me! (well not me, but the "person")

So they have to take it in a bag to school.
Why not the bag I bought it in
(even though I'm a dork and brought my cloth bag in and forgot to hand it to her!)

The Fuggly Pumpkin I bought.

This is my living room tonight. The boys are playing Trains.
I think I should install a camcorder, since every night it's something different.
Roy pushing the train up to Cole.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What counts as a good mom?

A good mom remembers that EVERY Thursday is show-n-tell day, she has the calendar on the refrigerator and looks at it every week to see what the theme is. Yup that would be what you would call a good. Now in my case I do know every Thursday is show-n-tell, since I even reminded Cole that we need to bring his item. I even have the calendar on my fridge and I even looked at it yesterday going ok V or Harvest item. No problem we have to have something in the toy chest that would qualify for either of those. Now most moms would look the Tuesday so if God forbid you need to pick something up you wont be having to run out Wednesday PM. Yup that would be a good plan, not my plan but yes a good plan. So after dinner and after bath time, I start looking threw the toy box. To my dismay no V items and no Harvest items. Crap ok everyone let's get dressed and run to the dollar store (yes I'm cheap like that).

So of course Cole is only in underwear and Caden is in his PJ's minus socks of course! I tell Cole go get PJ's and we'll hope in the car, hey it's not like we're going to Wal-Mart and have to dress up. LOL that is my all time favorite White Trash Email that was sent around a year or so ago, a lady in the newspaper said the she liked going to the dollar store so she didn't have to dress up like she does when she goes to Wal-Mart. Oh yeah I was so being a subject of that email and under that line would be a picture of my children going to the Dollar Store! Yup I leave you with these great pictures!

Here is Cole in the outfit he picked out for to go shopping.
Yup a stripped T-Shirt, Camo pants and no one leaves the house with out Thomas slippers!
I'm ready mom, I got in the car seat! Oh it has to be in the car?
Minus socks of course (in my purse I at least put those on him)

Look mom I'm ready to go! Wink Wink!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Time for mom ...

Ok I don't always paint my dear husband in the best light, he truly is a good guy but still deep down he's a guy. And heck it's funnier to point out the pouting and screaming then it is the loving things. I must give him props last night, he could tell I was totally stressed by the time I got home. I forgot we were out of fish food and remembered of course right when I was a block away from home. Which left me very few options to find fish food, I ended up going to the Lakewood Mall to the pet store. This made us getting home even later since oh yeah I worked an hour over on a proposal that is due Thursday. This made us get home close to 7pm which made dinner a late one. Rick ended up coming home around the same time and with out hesitation loaded up the two older ones and took them to Wal-Mart. Yeah an hour to myself to finish dinner and hey check my email. It was a glorious time for me. Rick on the other hand had to hear someone complain over and over again that their dinner was late! So being the nice guy he is he stopped at Taco Bell and got some Cinnamon twist to tide them over. Well someone didn't like them and then promptly requested french fries. Yup Rick is not as diplomatic as me and set this certain somebody in their place about being gratefully and that he'll just have to wait for dinner. Bless my hubby some days he really comes thru for me.

On another note since I'm just the maid/cook I'm not told about things going on in school. Like a boy in his school had lice! Yup not something I need to know! Or he's out of money, plus $50 is missing, which he joking said we took it (which Rick set him straight that it wasn't funny and we've NEVER have seen or touched his money). Oh yeah that next week is PJ day and he 1 doesn't have PJ's and 2 doesn't have any money for them. Well dude I can take you to the Goodwill and pick some up and you can pay me back, but HELLO you need to talk to me! So Rick is my line of communication these days! Oh well that's fine I'm done going over and beyond, hang out in your room come out only when Rick is here or when your food is served. It's easier for me and it's your lose if you don't want to learn and be part of the family, you can't say I haven't tried or gone over and beyond. I think sometimes you just have to let life takes it course, you can't force things that aren't willing to be forced. You know like those jeans I once wore in College, yup forcing them up and over my thighs is not going to make them zip up (ok getting them up to my thighs wouldn't even happen). Ok enough about that, my new outlook is to just go with it and make the most of what I've been given. Just enjoy the moments with my kids. Speaking of moments with my kids, I leave you with a few pictures that should make you laugh (if they don't then your really on the wrong blog).

Hugs, Alexis ;) (I really need to add one of my cool name signatures)

Ok so here's the story! Cole was taking a bath, I turned to do laundry and heard a little splashing and didn't think a thing about it. Until I saw this when I came in and saw this. You know we've been working with Cole to go poop, well when he was taking a bath he had to poop. So he jumped out (literally check out all the water) and went poop. Well his hands were all wet and that made the toilet paper clump and then he got it stuck everywhere. So the tears and screaming got my attention to come help clean up the mess! At least he made it to the bathroom in time and no floaters in the tub.

I'm ready for school. We tried to get this

backpack off and he only did it when I bribe with food!
Auntie Tarra has been teaching me to wink.

Here's looking at you kid!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Yet another busy Sunday ...

Except this time I spent most of the day at home, not sitting down and relax oh no cleaning! I think Rick spiked my coffee, because I was on a mission. I did get to sleep until 9 which gave me 7 hours of sleep since I went to bed around 2pm after I got done with my 2nd job. Amazingly all the boys slept until shortly after I got up, which is great only if they would do that for me on Saturdays when I work the mornings from 5am to 9ish. Nope that is the day they always decide to wake up around 6:30 or 7am! Go figure, it's just the way my life works.

So Sunday I decided to make pancakes and then why not start cleaning out the fridge. Really I have no clue where this energy came from, maybe it's from reading Rachael's Space, she's ready to have the baby and I'm taking on her nesting habit. Not sure what it was but I cleaned out the fridge and really should have taken a picture of my sink with all the plastic containers that I had to wash. I gave up after I counted 15 of them. Isn't funny how we have gone from a Tupperware society to this cheap gladewear people. I remember growing up with the real Tupperware, you know the kind that your mom threaten your life to bring back home. Now days I could careless if I throw out one, ok I guess I would since I WASHED THEM ALL. Yup I'm crazy thrifty like that, or is an attachment issue?

After cleaning the fridge I tackled the boys room, washed all their bedding which took me 3 loads. Those boys sure do have a crap load of blankets, thanks grandma's for making them 4 each times 2 grandma's makes for a lot of laundry for mom! I then weeded out clothes in Cole's closet. Then came my bedroom, the room that I have been putting off for days weeks months since Rick's closet has literally exploded out and thrown up and is about to consume my side of the bed. Knowing he's going to be grumpy when he knows I hung up his clothes, he has a problem getting them hung up but also has an issue if you help him (yet again just my life). I get to working on his side first since he'll be home in a few hours from helping my parents. Yes I said a few hours because that is precisely the amount of time it took me to hang up 74 t-shirts. No your reading that correct t-shirts Rick hates t-shirts in a drawer, yet again just my life! I'm getting the vacuum when I notice for the umpteenth time a 10 year old pace by my room. I can only guess that he 1 is bored because you know we didn't do anything fun today and he might be hungry. Top Roman it is, oh the memories of college! After I get the boys dished up I lay Caden down with a bottle and start vacuuming. Yup Caden rocks and falls right to sleep even though I'm vacuuming in the same room!

6 1/2 hours later and I have completed 9 loads of laundry, I even folded and put them all away, cleaned 3 bedrooms, cleaned the fridge and vacuumed the cobwebs and the cracks between the floorboards and the carpet. I don't even want to go there again, that was just wrong. I finish just in time for Rick to come strolling in and guess what he's first words are .... "I was going to hang up my clothes today". Really? Not oh hun the house looks beautiful, you did an amazing job ... Nope I get a hairy eyeball. For that I get the table set up for pumpkin carving and make him the carver! So this is where fight #1 started, I took the pages and started cutting where it says remove! According to Rick I ruined the picture and made it hard for him, my reply deal with it. Yup if any of you know Rick you know dealing with a pressure not his thing, the pumpkin not working was making for one happy hubby! 2 hours later and I've carved my pirate and he gave up on the spider and added something else. Oh glorious days! So I baked some pumpkin seeds and went about my business ;).

Just to make my guest oh so happy I made a run for diapers and then noticed we needed some groceries, which wasn't his idea of fun. After much sulking and grumpy looks and asking "what is the menu" I finish my shopping and pick up a quick dinner. Once we get home before anyone can eat they must help me unload the car and then I have my new helper unload groceries with me. Yup that's me the mean one!

A few pictures of our adventures in pumpkin carving

This is what happens when you to young to carve
You dance! Mr. Grumpy and his 2nd template since I ruined the 1st one
Watching Rick, seems like the only thing the kids did
That is when they weren't trying to leave the room & let us do the carving

Friday, October 24, 2008

I think they're all against me ...

And you thought yesterday couldn't get anymore hair pulling, well then you would be wrong. After work I picked up the 4 kids, met a lady at Freddie's to sell her the Skunk costume (I love Craigslist only one costume left) and then I had the bright idea to stop by the grocery store. Really I think I have a relapse every time of what the last time was like, it's like having a baby you only think of the cute little bundle of joy not the pain that went with that! Yup I did just compare grocery shopping with 4 kids to child birth, deal with it!

So our short ride to the grocery store should have been a warning to turn back and go home, but no I really need bananas and half and half. During our drive Khari keeps pulling the babies hand which makes him cry and Cole yell at Khair to knock it off and Roy just sits there looking annoyed. I want to turn to him and go you're annoyed, really try being me for a day! We get to the grocery store where I put the two little ones in the cart and let the older 2 walk. Which of course lead to Cole running around like a madman, me raising my voice and using his full name several times. Really moms why do we use the full name, I know it's something our parents did but is it the magic words or just the tone of our voice or maybe it just makes us feel better ... I'll go with that! By this time I'm speed walking thru the grocery store just wanting to get out of there. I'm on the last isle when I look down at Khari in the cart. This is when I see that she has taken the bag of cocktail wieners and biten the WHOLE bag, she's done this to me before with a block of cheese. At this point I almost lost my cookies and of course I was one of those bad people that switched out the bag for a new one since that one was ruined. Ok stop sighing at me I know it really wasn't the right thing to do but I really might have screamed at the top of my lungs or started crying. Next shopping trip (I know I'm crazy like that) with all the kids I'm going to center Khari with can goods nothing she can bite threw.

I finally check out and get to the car where Roy opens the door and hops right in, sure no problem a little help is not needed. I load the 3 kids in the car and then put the bags in the car and walk the cart back. We head home and by this time I'm ready to put everyone in the corner for their behavior. We pull in the driveway and Roy bolts for the door. Not so fast young man your part of my family and you're going to help! So I ask him to help me with the bags, I turn around to grab one. I turn back around to pass a bag and to my surprise he's gone, I look up and he's at the door. Ugh ... please for once give me a break! I call him back over to the car to help, I pass him the one bag and ask him to wait and I'll give him another. Yup that was pushing it, by the time I turn around the 2nd time he's gone. I call for him to come back and help but no luck he literally dropped the bag on the kitchen table and went into his room and shut the door! Fine no worries I'll just load the kids in, the groceries, prepare YOUR dinner and then oh yeah clean YOUR dishes also! Yup I so got this handled!

I get in the cupboard to find I only have 1 CAN of sloppy joe mix (nice to know since I was JUST AT THE GROCERY STORE), ok I'm about to loose it. About this time the speed race called Cole and Khari start after threatening to throw them both in the corner they slow down for a total of 2 minutes. Cole must have ate a TON of sugar since he was bouncing off the walls and keeps getting sent to the corner, if I could enforce it Khari and Caden would be there too. By this time Tarra shows up with hamburger and get this Banana's (yup could have skipped the store since they were out of half and half and the banana's looked horrible). I quick switch of plans and it's hamburgers tonight which made Roy happy since he let me know that he really didn't like the menu I had planned earlier. He asks everyday what is on the menu, to be honest kid I don't know until I get there and open the cupboard sorry I'm not the school and have a schedule printed up!

During our time in the kitchen we tired to enforce the no kids in the kitchen which was fine with the 2 older ones, now the younger ones where the challenge. I kept chasing Caden back out, while Tarra tired to keep Khari on the chair (I think we're both trying to get the ringing from the screams out of our ears) ... oh house rules how dare us parents be so mean! I know we'll be the topic of therapy years to come! Thankfully dinner was quiet for the most part and Rick showed up and took the two older ones to the mall for Roy to get some new "Non-Skull" hoodies that he can wear at school. Finally peace and quiet, well as much as you can get with two toddlers cranky and needing sleep. I so know you want to Wife Swap with me, don't deny it!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Finally I can sleep in ... Right?

So today is testig at Cole's school to make sure he's learning, part of the no child left behind act. I took the morning off since the testing is from 10 to 11, finally a quiet morning. Well that was what I thought would happen, instead Mario Andretti decided that the hall between his room and the bathroom was the Daytona 500. Start at 6am he would open his door go into the bathroom with a hard slam then not even a minute later go to his room close his door with a slam, and then do it all over again 5 minutes later. After 8 times of doing this the baby of course woke up and started to cry, I grab a bottle and get him to fall back to sleep. His sleep was short lived since the race started up again 10 minutes later! Finally I give up on sleep and stumble out to the front since this constent movement has to be for some purpose right? Like maybe he's hungry and today of all days he doesn't remember where he hid his stash? GRRR .... I get up find him in the front room with his jacket, did he forget we were not leaving for another hour!! No he remembered he wanted the TV on and of course I'm the only one that can grab the remote and do that! Oh geez I really am the maid/buttler everything around here! So I turn on the TV find the program that is to ones liking and offer for breakfast. No I'm full from dinner is what I get but when I throw something in the trash (no I wasn't digging this time) I see cookie wrappers, of course I do what was I thinking?

Since I'm up why not go get the baby ready and get started on myself. So I run into the bathroom to find yet another pool of water around the sink, my make up mirror out and the towel in a ball. Lord give me strength I may just snap since when I walk over to the toilet to find yet again the lid up, which I ask to be put down since Caden thinks toilets are his splashing pool. Not only that but pee everywhere!!! Ok most days I would just assume it was Cole grumble under my breath and clean it up. But this morning I had to close the door and breath so I didn't go on a rampage. Since I know Cole is sleeping and so is Rick and only one Mario has been in the bathroom SEVERAL times I know who did this. And to make me even more pissy my house cleaner just cleaned the toilet last night, can I please just have 1 DAY of a clean toilet? Really is that too much to ask? I guess so since here I am writing about pee, geez if only 10 years ago I would think hmmm when I grow up (ok when I turn 30ish) I want to be a famous blogger writing about pee and poop. Ok maybe I'm not famous and I would never have known what a blogg or blogger was but still NOT the point!

Ok so there is my recap for the morning and can you believe it's just 9AM and I've already had this much drama. Ok really stop rolling your eyes @@ I know this is probably tame to most of my mornings, so I'm leaving you know to go curl my hair and put on some make-up before I take Cole to his test. Now they say a hot breakfast is good before a test right? Does an Eggo count? And for his clothes I chose a dark courdoray pant with a really nice beige and black stripped shirt. Is this saying I wanted him to look dressy or is this a funeral look and will be bad luck for a test? Or am I totally being a crazy mom and over thinking this? Guess by the time I get any comments (which mind you I hardly ever do, and there are about 25 of you who read this really one comment) would be too late and I would have already formed his school career. So here is to Eggo's and dark clothes, please don't let my child turn out to be goth. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but having my child's hair and clothes match my car is really not my idea of color coordinating.

See Not bad right?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Starting off as a better day ...

Well at least I can say today I used the hairspray for its correct use. That also could be because I didn't have to wash my hair this morning leaving me dry hair that just needed to styled and sprayed with hairspray, so I guess it's not really that much of accomplishment but I'll take what I can get.

Recap of last night was actually really fast and fun for the kids and our part wasn't that painful either! We got there and they were running about 20 minutes behind, the kids ran around and had a bunch of fun. With a bribe of hamburgers Roy and Cole stayed up stairs to play. Khari came down with us to the "NEW" party room which is pretty cool, I can't wait to have Cole's party there! Our part took less than 10 minutes and we walked away with a box of goodies, I can't wait for Caden to explore it. I only wish I could talk Rick into going tonight for the Pre-School box. So for 45 minutes we got a little rest and the kids got to play in a safe place. I'm sad to say no drinks were served, darn I really could have used a glass of wine or maybe something fruity with an paper umbrella. We ended our night with food from Wendy's, not feeling as guilty as before since we didn't get back home until after 7pm and that would have been cruel to make everyone wait for me to cook. So really I feel ok about the fast food, ok yes I'm trying to convince myself!

Today I'm on a crunch at work to get yet another proposal out the door! I gave out rough rough drafts earlier in the week. I ended up butting my way into a conversation about it to remind it was just a rough draft to get some feedback on my direction. I think I may have gotten put on a bad list for putting myself out there, but hey sometimes you need to take a stand and be behind what you do! Hopefully this won't be my demise :).

More later got to run! ... No really I think I do I did leave my desk for almost 6 hours and now my legs aren't working ... UGH

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Did I really just do that?

I really need more sleep, this morning was a great indication of this. Since last night I stayed up way past my bedtime uploading new pictures to myspace. I know what am I 30-something and updating my myspace page like I'm a teenager! But to my surprise not everyone reads my blog (I know I was shocked too!) so since those people don't read my blog they miss out on all the pictures of the kids. I know can't let that happen, so here I am sitting in front of my computer on that hard seat uploading pictures and making notes of who is in the picture and tagging any one's elses child in the photo (because I'm cool like that). So this leads me back to this morning having to take a shower in the morning instead of at night like usual. Once out of the shower I put products in my hair. So I grab the bottle shake it and spray it into my hand, hmmm that's weird why is the mouse coming out in a liquid? So I try one more (ok 3 more times) before I realize I'm squirting black bottle and not the purple mouse bottle. That would explain why my palm is all sticky I was spraying hairspray in my hands!

Yup that is how I started my morning, that and the trying to catch a certain person who was sneaking cookies into his bedroom again. Let alone going into the bathroom to find yet another puddle around my sink that I call out like I do every morning "Hun please make sure you wipe up the water please, hang up your towel and put my make up mirror back". What does a 10 year old need my make up mirror for? You got me I've been trying to figure that out for 2 months now! Then I wake Caden up get him dressed and head towards the door, where I open it and almost get pushed out of the way so someone else can make it to the car. Every morning this is what we do, if only I could have someone see my hands are full and shut the door for me not push me out of the way so they can make it to the freezing car first! Oh boys I so can't wait for Cole to get to this stage, hopefully his manor will be 10x better since I'm going to start to beat them into him. Manor and eating with your mouth shut, how do you tell someone elses child that they need to eat with their mouth closed. How much longer can I take dinner with smacking and slurping and just a gross view. Sorry of track yet again!

Today was the usual at work, the highlight is Tarra and I have a class at the children's museum. Now I usually don't care for these parenting classes I think I've done pretty well on my own, but this one is different. They offered 1 1/2 hours of childcare, the things I will do and sit thru just to have a little adult time! Now if I could get them to go to the bar next door and get us a couple cocktails! Hmmm ... I'll let you know if I can get that one to work! I'll try to post later tonight to let you know how the class and the cocktails went :).

Sunday, October 19, 2008

What happened to lazy Sundays?

Today was so much fun we went to the Maris Farm and even though it was $10 per kid for the activities it was SUPER fun we were there for almot 4 hours! Unlike yesterday that was a little on the duller side, today was worth the money! We met my parents and I felt a little like we were doing the Puyallup Fair with the crouds, you could at least walk around with out someone being in your bubble. The food was crazy over priced just like the fair I actually think it might have been a little more, but the package deal for the kids play was great. The kids got to do so many fun things, instead of listing them I'll just bore you with all the pictures :). And as a great side note Rick made it out of bed and on time, yup it was a good day! I would type more but after today I'm beat!

One departing thing that became apart today, well two I guess. One one bathroom and 4 people who rush home to use it are not good odds, dad always wins and momma always goes last. And last thing Dad does not like it when a certain 10 year old let's call him Prince R knocks repeatively on the door saying I have to go the bathroom. This is like poking the bear not a good thing! Now that is my wise words of the day, enjoy the pics.
This is the line for tickets (well after 10 minutes and I remembered to take a picture.

I don't mind the line I have a perfect seat!Of course a spider for our face painting!

Now this is face painting done right & it was free (well included in the $5) take that Zoo Boo

Catch me if you can Bapa
Push me daddy this is too fun, I'll make vroom vroom noises
Take me away "Annie" Cole Riding the Cow Train
Mom says I should have rode in Bossy instead Annie
Bapa Being Funny! Monnie being Funny (Like her birds Nest, thanks Cole that is going to stick forever)
Caden wanted to be the ghostCheck out the "Corn Room" really it was a room of corn to play in.
(Wow my hair is really dark isn't it?) "Cow" Roping!

You drive brother, I'll hang on!Corn Maze Adventure
Monnie & Cole Picking a pumpkin

Monnie, Me, Caden & Cole posing with Pumpkins

Daddy, Roy, Me, Caden & Cole (boys just wouldn't look forward) That's all folks, time to go home!

Not bad for $10 for the older boys! Now we must rest for real! Night All!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

In the dog house

that is my husband is in the dog house. Ok ladies this is for all you moms that are worked to the bone, being supermom and trying to hold on to just a little bit of yourself. How is that we can go to bed with only 5 hours of sleep and get up work a 4 1/2 hour shift. Then get dressed, while feeding the kids, then get them in their costumes and oh yeah put a little curl in your hair and a touch of make-up. Then with 10 minutes before you have to leave you go wake up your husband who informs you they are tired!! You want to know tired why don't you try getting up at 6am all week and then on Saturday get up at 5am to work your second job, finish up at 9ish just to get everyone going. Of course your tired BECAUSE you stayed up all night watching TV, now wouldn't that be a life. Now don't get me wrong Rick also works 2 jobs, but technically I have 3 jobs when you count I take care of the kids and the house make that 4 jobs! I'm tired but I'm mom and I just power forward how come you DAD can't do that? This is something I've always wondered I've met some amazing Dad's like mine but it seems most of them are or once were Single Dads and had to figure out what the deal was, I think I maybe the one who needs to run away to give him a little dose of reality. Ok back to my point so grumpy butt wasn't getting out of bed which really wasn't a big surprise since he is by no means a morning person. Me on the other hand rather get there get the kids in and out instead of going at 1pm like he wanted, I'm not a big fan of crowds and people in my bubble.

Fine you stay home I rather not have the dead weight or the attitude so off I went with 3 kids in tow in costume to the zoo. Of course my debate with Rick made me leave the house late which for once with all the kids I was actually going to be on time! So we get to the zoo and thank the lord for Anngie she met me there she is a godsend I so need another adult to do the zoo. We get there with big dreams and hopes and for us adults it wasn't anything big the kids were like whatever it's another day at the zoo. We did do a few fun things, there was face painting (which we had to pay a buck for), pumpkin bowling, and a scavenger hunt (which we didn't get anything for) and the treats along the way were hard candy mints. Yup it wasn't all it was cracked up to be, I think the kids had more fun running around at McDonald's in the play-zone. At least I got some girlie time with Anng so we could gossip and heck just another adult to walk around the zoo with is always something needed.

Here we are starting out fun adventure (or at least our adventure)
Here is Batman and Scooby posing:
Our $1 Face Painting you get what you pay for:
Roy bowling with pumpkins thankfully free and you got a lovely pencil!
Of course had to do a trip down the slide.
Don't you love Scooby's head looks like he's hanging on for dear life.
What you can't see is the other goat thing is licking this guys bottom and the monkey is pulling it's tail. See it's just like at my home someone is always picking on each other.
Just because I know you don't get to the zoo that often. Here is a sloth:
And for you that love spiders (Anng). Here is a tarantula (Yup I stayed back and zoomed in)
And of course a picture in the sharks mouth each time!
Here is Caden stuck in the wagon, but isn't he cute in his Elephant Costume.
The Scooby Doo mini one is still not here, better be here by Halloween!!!
And here is Elephant and Caden passed out (cuts looking better finally):

I get home with only 1 get your butt ready your taking the boys phone call to my lovely hubby, who gets right on it (I'm so keeping this tone). I decided to take a little time for myself, well plus the baby but one is SOOO better then 3. I pick up 2 more dress pants from The Avenue anyone need pants awesome $18 deal going on, I got 4 pairs of $45 pants for $18 each (Thank you 2nd job so paid for it with my money). No all I need is dress shirts and I'm set for the new building and new image of our office. Then I took us over to Target to pick up diapers which of course they were out of the boxes in all sizes (really people it's called ordering), got almost all the way thru before my phone rings. Rick wanted us to meet them at the fish store, he knew better then to say come pick up the boys! So we walked around and let the kids see all the fish and then we headed home. With a little protest I got everyone down for a nap and took advantage of it and took a nap instead of reading like I was planning on doing. Oh sleep oh how I miss you (again got to love being the mom).

Over all not a bad day and the 2nd job was rather slow tonight not many prank callers so hey it was a good day (minus the morning). I better go get some sleep since it's yet another early morning we're meeting my parents at the Pumpkin Patch. Rick knows that his belongs will be thrown on the front lawn if he tries to sleep thru another one this weekend ... LOL. One day ... too the moon Alice (hmmm ... shouldn't that have been Alice saying that to him?)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

It has offically happened ...

My most embarrassing day at work, well maybe not the most but darn it it's in the top 5! Today was one of those days were I was snacking like crazy even though I've been doing so well for so long and have been complaining to Rick that I need to loose weight. So this may just be payback from the karma god. So as I said I've been bad and stopped at the candy bowl today. About 15 minutes before I am to leave I get a stomach pain and get the feeling I better run to the bathroom. Thinking no worries my room is only maybe 15 steps from the bathroom, well 5 steps was more then my stomach could handle. Let's just say when I left the bathroom my unmentionables where in a paper towel wet since I had to do a little washing in the bathroom sink. No washing your undergarments in the bathroom sink is a way to take extra care of them, but NOT when your at work. And I am so not a person that wears pants with out this item either, no worries about visible pantie line here I say bring it on. I want to make sure I have coverage I could careless if someone see the line of them that just shows that I care about these items. So just a quick note to make you laugh because I know if it didn't just happen to me I would laugh until I cried. Just to add to the image you have in your mind right now, I still have to run to JcPenny's to return things before its too late and pick the boys up where I must go into two different places! Try to walk slow and not let things creep up is my mission today!

Happy Thursday!

I have entered Mom Nirvana ...

Well if you don't count the screaming kids, shredding my finger with the cheese grater and yelling every 5 minutes go play in your room and get out of my kitchen. Beside that what a perfect day I leave work on time, well at least I try to when all of a sudden I can't find my keys. I spend the next 10 minutes tearing apart my purse and trying to carry on a conversation with Brian about invoices with out having the panic I'm going to cry voice. After I found them of course sitting on the filing cabinet since that is the most logical place for them to be! I run pick up the 3 kids, oh boy I can't wait for Cole to be back in School Daycare so we can have a little peace since he'll be the last stop. Then we run and pick up Roy since I wasted so much time looking for my keys we could have made it to the grocery store. Instead of doing that we head home get unloaded and just in time for Tarra to show up.

Tarra and I got busy making the casserole and had a great system down if it weren't for the kids. They of course were not on the same page and my heated warnings to NO KIDS IN THE KITCHEN went over their heads (literally). After almost shredding my finger instead of the cheese did anyone kind of listen that was for maybe 2 minutes. At that time they returned and we had the heated debated of "how come she can sit in here", "I want to see too", "No I sit here", "No I help", oh the joys of being a mom. Next house must have a bigger kitchen, too many little ones under feet! Finally after much pledging and then throwing in the white towel we get the casserole done and ready to go in the oven.

At which time I take my clue to run out the door while Caden is busy eating and Cole is who knows where to get the grocery shopping done. Let me tell you I never have enjoyed the grocery store as much as I did last night. I got to grab what I needed with out anyone asking can have this or I never get anything. I even forgot my bags and was able to Leave (yes you read that right) my cart and run out to the car to grab my bags! That trip was worth every blissful minute! Thank you Tarra.

This is where my nirvana went into overdrive! I come home to have helpers (I know I was shocked too) help carry in the bars. My house cleaner Leah was just finishing up the bathroom and the kids had already had dinner! I had to stop and blink and then open the door to make sure I really did enter the right house. And it just kept on going, while I did up the dishes Leah dusted my whole front room and Tarra gave the kids baths! By the time I was done with dishes I even had time to eat dinner myself and get this watch a little Project Runway! Yup I was having a momgasium! Get your minds out of the gutter it's pleasure for moms!

Now let's see how long the house will stay clean, until next week when she comes ... oh sorry I'm still in my nirvana state I must have cloudy vision!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Drums Oh My ...

The drums have invaded my house and I now know I've lost my mind is it just my hearing? Right now the ringing hasn't stopped so I'm head, so I'll have to let you know on that one! Yesterday was my first day back to work since the back incident and well let's just say it was crazy. The project that I've been working on for weeks was given to another person to make a few corrections, which then turned into helpful changes. So when I got in this morning to find a bunch of work to have to get it back to the new way it is suppose to look, which didn't go over well with the person who made the changes. So let's just say the morning wasn't my favorite, which then made me late picking Cole up and getting the hairy eyeball yet again! One day I'll be that put together mom, just don't let the world crash down around me waiting for that day!

My night at home started with Roy who is taking band and guess what instrument he chose you got it the drums! Not wanting to be outdone Cole decided to break out his drum set and to make it even LOUDER he found Rick's drum sticks! So after 20 minutes of this I decided I needed to get out of the house before my ear drums really did explode!

The boys "Playing" Drums in the living room:

Caden dancing to the lovely drum beats:

Why not let's go get Roy a Halloween Costume, since of course he has now decided he wants to be Harry Potter which I now is one of the hardest costumes to find. We run over to Spirit store and grab the last one! It does not come with the white shirt or Tie, so we run over to Goodwill pick up a shirt and while I'm there why not buy mine and Rick's costumes. Since the kids will be Scooby and Scrappy, Rick will be Shaggy and I'll be Velma. So I only find parts of my outfit and then remember we need wigs, so back over to Spirit thankfully it's right next door.

We get home in time for bedtime, and Rick to come home. I tell him about the costume when he reminds me that earlier that day he asked me if he could take a security job Halloween night for a killer pay. Oh crap yes I did say take, no don't cancel I'll just take the clothes and wig back. Well that would be a GREAT idea if both of them were non-cash returnable just in store credit! Yup I have a sign on me to just let it pour down.

One quick funny note while in Goodwill Caden kept throwing items out of my purse. After like the twenty time I smack his hand, oh stop it wasn't hard or anything. The funny part was the lady working there that looked over at me and gave me the worst look. Now I just thought silly lady, until I was putting Caden in his seat and looked at his head. Oh crap I forgot about his bruise from the door crash and it looks like he must have rubbed it and blood finally came out. I'm surprised the lady didn't call CPS on me, the slap paired with the bruise must have looked very bad! This is one heck of a day, I really should have called it a day earlier!

Look the head looks so great, no wonder she looked at me crazy!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Field Trip Day (Watch out ... Crazy Camera Mom)

Yeah it's our first field trip day since the official first one we weren't able to attend. Today was field trip day to the Berry Field. So Friday I called to see if I was one of the drivers, nope they didn't need me, so I called this morning to see if I could go. The teacher is like oh you're not going to drive now? So it looks like I was on drive list, of course it is now 8am and I need to be ready and there by 8:45am. I grab the registration and my license, get dressed in record time and grab Cole. Crap forgot about the other boys, Rick can you take them to Grandma Pat's? Grumpy was oh so happy to do that, do you detect the touch of sarcasm there? We hope in the car and it's super dirty so I try to clean as much as I can. We get going and I realize I'm needing the $6 for the farm, oh man what the heck is wrong with me I had the whole weekend to get cash. I stop at the first 7-11 I see have Cole pick out a drink grab 2 bananas (because I'm a healthy mom like that) and go to check out and see the sign no cash back. Ok no worries where is your ATM, behind that latter with the guy on it? Ok back in the car, sorry dude yes you can get a drink at the next place. Stop at the next gas station I've never realized before that there are like 6 gas stations before school. Thankfully this next one lets us get cash back for the small fee. So I'm 5 minutes late not too bad considering everything. We get in the office and they need my license and my insurance card. Insurance card oh crap I so have a expired one, ok I'll just call the insurance guy and have him fax one over. Who doesn't answer there phones after 8am?? Thankfully a few kids didn't show so it was just me and Cole in the car, yup I'm so a great helper!

To the farm we go and boy was it super fun we got to feed the chickens, pick apples, dig up potatoes, ride in a hay ride and pick out a pumpkin. Cole and his partner Bella were super cute holding hands trying to avoid the big mud holes. They only got talked to a few times, I finally found another child that doesn't listen like Cole. We had so much fun minus the mud it was a very cool first field trip.
Starting our field trip, Cole's PreK Class

Cole and his buddy Bella

Stop Squeezing my hand Cole ;)

Ready to feed the chickens, here is some bread.

Feeding the chickens

Digging up Potatoes

Come on buddy

Get on the hey ride

Mom it's too heavy you carry it! Don't you love the face!

After the farm we head to the chiro since I'm starting to walk with a limp again and my back is hurting really bad. We did a pretty good job playing since they have a cool playroom for kids, we didn't have to wait that long to be seen. After being adjusted and told to go lie down with some ice I call into work yet again ... GRRR I'm so dead! Not feeling like taking Cole to daycare I take him home with the treat to be good! It actually worked he ate lunch and went took a nap! After icing and needing to stand I figure I need to take out Roy's garbage. Guess all the fun stuff I found in there, a open can of Spam (that was just opened not eaten just opened), a can of Pepsi have drank, bags of food yet again! So on a hunch I open the draw and guess what I find string cheese, a yogurt drink, bags of beef jerky and a box of cookies. Kids, and when it's not your kid what can you do? I call to the host people and find that I should take it out of his room and talk to him about it and tell him that if it happens again I'm going to have to take something away. Oh boy tonight is going to be fun, he's going to nod and say yes and then continue to keep doing it. I don't want this to be a long 7 more months! Any advice?

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