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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thursday’s Child (Ahhh that David Bowie is an idol that I still love)

Can I be Thursday's Child??? I'm not sure if I'm anyone's child except maybe the slave to the piles on my desk today. Holly molly I knew today would be busy, but what the heck happened. I walked in and was slammed with a proposal that was due, after tweaking it and running around getting everything together I get that done. I have exactly one minute to breathe before the next hot one is thrown at me. Finally after eating my lunch at the desk and praying to the printer gods, I finish the printing and then help proof read. Ok stop laughing you who know me and know I'm the worst speller in the world, I looked for formatting changes.

Then I look at the clock and think to myself I better go pay the sewer bill today before they do something nasty. Thankfully I look in the purse for the bill and found I didn't have my checkbook on me. Oh crap so I run home and then back to down town Tacoma, Grrr! This day must end soon is all that kept me going, since once I was back in my office it was invaded by not 1, not 2 but 3 HUGE 3 ring binders that needed to be numbered and then run thru the copier. Oh yeah late night yet again, which is going to be nice on the paycheck tomorrow.

I couldn't wait to get home and take my shoes off, hoping that tonight's movie will be better, but not much hope there it's a Rick guy flick. Maybe a few glasses of wine will make it more interesting, do you think Rick could put the boys to bed by the time my lightweight butt to bed. I may even pass out on the couch, wait I have to work tomorrow!

We got home again Cole already had his dinner on the counter top. Thankfully I was able to grab the can before he tried the can opener on the pop top. I know what you're thinking what a great mom can food two nights in a row. You don't know it but Cole might gnaw off my arm if I don't food in front of him right as soon as we walk in the door. He's starving to death, don't you know … LOL.

My usual craziness is all I can explain what happened next. I remembered a $2 off coupon in my purse, I grab it and find out it is good thru today. Of course I have to use it because you know we may need another tube of A&D ointment. So of course that means I bathed the boys real quick and put them in PJ's because I'm white trashy like that … LOL just playing, if I get dirty looks from people I'll just give them back! So I load us in the car along with two black bags of garbage since my stupid brain fart on the trash bill. I drop the bags off with Rick and head to Target. While I'm there I'll use my other coupon for the garbage bags … I seem to need a lot of those lately.

Back home I go to get the boys into bed and finish up dinner for Rick and myself. Since Caden slept so well last night with the bowl of rice cereal last night I thought let's do it again, well Caden wasn't on the same page and wasn't have it. He got about ½ a bowl down and then a bottle and he was out. Rick watched his movie I was right a guy flick so I went into the bedroom to watch a few programs I have DVR'd. Maybe Caden will sleep the whole night thru. Hey it's a hope; I guess I better sleep before I fall over. Maybe tomorrow night I'll open that bottle of wine!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wednesday Morning 3AM (Simon & Garfunkel Day)

Only if it started at 3am, I knew it was going to be a rough night. Caden was up at midnight, 1am, 3am, 5am and getting him to go back to sleep after that was a hard one. Finally I rolled out of bed at 6am praying the coffee gods had blessed me with a good cup. Oh yeah a couple more cups and I might be able to move my legs and arms. It won't remove the bags under my eyes, but hey the hair do I'm sporting kind of goes with that look. Maybe I can convince everyone that I'm on a punk rock faze of my life. These days curling my hair is the farthest from my mind; you get make up and tousled style with hairspray. It's the new look right?

Looks like another yucky day out, guess I better dress warm. The boys will be inside all day so they don't need to be bundled up so much. My office on the other hand has the AC on year round and feel like Mr. Freeze lives there. So it's sweater day again, yup I know its July.

Yet another busy day at work but tomorrow is going to be even busier. I sent an email to Lauren to see if we could reschedule our farmer market excursion to next Thursday. She had a sick little one and may need to stay home anyways, so I don't feel too guilty. You know how I hate the no-shows or cancel at the last minute people, drives me nuts! So I'm in the clear until next week. Now to get thru tomorrow, it's going to be a non-stop day!

A late night at work again tonight, did get to daycare until after 6pm. We raced home to make dinner and get our nightly routine back on schedule. Cole ran in before I could get Caden out of his chair. When I made it thru the door I found him on a chair getting a can of Dora Spaghetti O's. Guess that is what he'll be having for dinner, because by the time I put Caden down he already had the can in the can opener and pushing the button. Darn kids too smart for their own good, guess I don't have to worry about his teen years he's already mastered the can opener, the microwave and the TV … ha-ha.

Caden took 5 steps all by himself, soon he will be walking on his own. It's so great to watch his little face light up as he learns to do things on his own. Since Rick had insisted he have Taco Del Mar for dinner, I had a bowl of cereal. I didn't mind much I had my movie to watch "Lost Boys – The Tribe". I was so excited; I can't believe it's been 20 years since the first one. I curled up the couch will the boys played in Cole's bedroom. I must say it started out with a bang, or should I say blood bath. Ok not starting out the best, but hey it could get better. So after a ½ hour it was horrible, but I just couldn't give up on my movie. Even Corey Fieldman in his perfect Frog Brother voice wasn't going to save this movie. I gave it the full 92 minutes and was disappointed that Corey Haim wasn't anywhere to be found, I could have sworn his name was in the bio when I read about it. But then again his name wasn't on the name credits in the beginning. He really must have peeved them off when he couldn't remember his lines and looked like he was high as a kite (they showed it on The Two Corey's reality show I watch). I was about to turn off this movie and forget I just wasted an hour and ½ of my life when the screen blinked back on. Could it be … could my Corey Haim actually be on my screen. Yup it's true he's there. You would have missed it if you didn't sit thru a few of the credits. But even this didn't redeem my movie; they gave him not more than a 2 minute screen time. They turned him into a vampire and Fieldman was waiting for him and they said it was on. Rick said looks like they're setting it up for a 3rd movie. Really this one was a start to Video would they do another one start to Video? I guess as Rick said they did like 3 to Video of that stupid Bring it on (one of his favorite movies).

Well on that sour note I'm going to head to bed. Hopefully with a bowl food of cereal before his bottle, Caden will fall asleep for the whole night. Keep your fingers crossed, not sure I can pass off this style another day!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tuesday’s Gone (Singing Lynyrd Skynyrd now aren’t you?)

I figure this week is music week no real reason, just because it sounded like fun! I wish Tuesday was gone but it's slowly hanging in there. Not much to complain about I guess, the morning was a little shaky Caden wasn't sleeping very well. I think he didn't get enough food, tonight I'll give him a little more. Work was work, worked on getting a project together which is always crazy. Especially when other companies don't show up on time to give you there stuff. One guy showed up 1 minute before 5pm and another guy showed up at 5:15pm and made a comment why our door was locked. Hello we close at 5pm, which is why I'm standing her in the dark to wait for you. Not because I enjoy hanging out in the dark. It was a nasty day today, no walking but on the bright side I don't need to water the lawn!

Got the boys home and fed, while I took a moment to call a friend about a job for Friday and Saturday nights. It's only a few hours a week and maybe a few hundred dollars, but that will help. Fingers crossed this one turns out to be a good one. I gave the boys a quick bath, while they gave my floor a bath at the same time. After soaking up the floor and the walls, I dry everyone off before Rick comes home. I have enough time to get the boys dressed and start our dinner before he walks in the door. It was another peaceful night of watching TV and just hanging out. Well besides the constant knocking coming from Cole's room. That boy is so like his father and is a night owl and can stay up all night long. He was either kicking the walls, knocking on the door and scream "I want a kiss" or "I have to go potty". Yup it's going to be a fun night I can just tell!

Today we did have a few milestones and cute things happen! Caden stood up all by himself and took 3 steps before going face down into the floor (thankfully it was on the carpet in the kitchen). And Cole in his rare cute moment told me that "I love you and brother" and then pulled us into a big bear hug. That is when you want to forget that you were just screaming your head off for them to listen. Those are the moments us moms live for.

So I leave you with "Tuesday's Gone" by Lynyrd Skynyrd. (Hint movie: Dazed & Confused)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Just Another Manic Monday ... (Now you have that Go-Go song in your head)

Just another crazy Monday, Rick was exhausted from coming home late last night. So he decided to come home early to get some sleep. Monday was my usual crazy day so I got out of work late. I picked the boys up and did a little shopping around town to keep the screaming away from the house.

Our first stop was the post office to drop off a movie that Rick has been "meaning" to watch for a week. He won't even notice I sent it back, a girl needs to protect her queue. Especially when the new Lost Boys movie will be out on Tuesday. I'm a huge 80 movies fan and Lost Boys was one of my favs. After that we headed to the grocery store for more milk. Now that Caden is on milk we go thru it like gang busters! I'm not a fan of milk so I barely ever by it, but now I think I may need to buy a milk cow in my backyard. Hmmm ... it could eat the grass, so I don't need to mow which mean less gas and milk in the backyard would save gas for me driving to the store also. Now only if I would get up in the morning to then milk it, nope I think I'll pass. Good thought though .

One last stop at Target for diapers and then home. Oh wait I need to mail Rick's car payment, stop at the post office to find they don't have a machine to buy just one stamp. I don't want a whole book, GRRRR ... guess I'll go during work tomorrow.

Home we go, where I can get everyone dinner and hopefully gave Rick enough time to sleep. It was a nice laid back night, Caden went to bed early and the boys watch a Blue Angel Rick had DVR'd. I was able to curl up on the bed and watch "Saving Grace". A perfect night! Plus I may even fall asleep before 11pm! Yippee here I go.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ahhh Sunday ... Time to relax right??

Time to relax right? Yup Caden didn't get that memo, he was up at 6:30am and nothing was working he was just a grumpy butt. Nothing worked and he was refusing to go back to bed even though he was rubbing his eyes like no tomorrow. Then the terror Cole gets up to, it doesn't look like we'll be going to take a nap anytime soon today. I was so exhausted it was a cereal morning for everyone, no waffles today.

I finally got Rick to move around 1:30pm and then he slowly moved towards the door to take the tuxes back. Cole and he went to the mall while grumpy butt and I hung out around the house. Rick was working yet another event tonight, thankfully at the T-Dome so he didn't have to leave until 5:30, but this event was going until 2:30am! Great I get grumpy butt and crazy one all by myself. Outside we went to enjoy the fresh air and play a while. It got a little chilly so I wrapped myself in a blanket and was able to read for awhile. Then grumpy couldn't take it any longer so inside we went for dinner and then everyone crashed around 7:30pm. Yeah for momma, I was able to watch TV in peace. It was a good TV night, Army Wives and the finally of the next food network star. Oh yeah I'm so going to bed on time tonight, to start yet another great week!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Can you say parties?? Has it been 5 years??

Well of course the one day Caden sleeps in I'm wide awake at 7:30am and ready to roll. Well it gave me time to clean the house before my mom showed up to go to the picnic with me (dad ended up going to Bainbridge, so she was the fill in). Got a few loads of laundry, the dishes and the table cleaned off before the boys got up. I then had to get Rick up so he could go help set the wedding up. Yup that was fun, after running around like crazy getting Rick in the shower and then the boys in the bath; thankfully I showered earlier in the morning. Mom was supposed to be there at 11am so we could get there at 11:30 and leave by 1:30 to get home in time to get ready for the wedding. I was running behind getting dressed and made up and mom was running late she got to the house around 11:30 which was great. We got to the picnic around 12:15 and Cole immediately took Cole over to the swings. Caden wanted to crawl under the picnic benches and I wanted to just have some lunch before I passed out. When it was time to eat I went to find mom and Cole. I should have guessed he was waist deep in the water, Oh crap I should have brought a second set of clothes for him. Mom couldn't get him out of the water, so Caden and I had a bite while they played. Caden was hilarious and instead of sucking on the corn cob he stuck it almost 1/3 of the way in his mouth and waved his hands to get everyone's attention. Oh yeah I have another ham on my hands.

Around 2:30pm I was able to round up everyone to go home. Took the soaking wet shorts off Cole and he had to ride home in wet undies. Thankfully both fell asleep on the way home; unfortunately it was only a ½ hour drive home. Get home around 3pm and I was thinking ok the wedding is at 5pm I can take a cat-nap myself before we have to leave at 4pm. Grabbed the invite to put by my purse and just happened to look down and see it started at 4PM!!! Yup you know it …. No time to give the boys a "real" bath so it was a baby wipes bath and running around getting everyone in new clothes. Then I look in the mirror, not half bad run a curling iron in my hair and change my clothes. Dig out the Jo-Lo jewelry that I bought a few years back, a quick squirt of perfume and off we go. Hey it's only 3:52pm sure I'll make it to black diamond in 8 minutes! Weddings are always a ½ hour late right? I look down at the Google map directions and see they say it takes 45 minutes to an hour depending on traffic … Oh Crap! Usually I try not to speed but today I was flowing with traffic very nicely. Since I usually don't race around ¼ of a tank of gas can last a good amount. But today I take the Black Diamond Exit and start down the creepy woods area and the gas light comes on. Double Oh Crap!! I'm out in BFE, no gas station to see of and Rick doesn't have his cell, plus the wedding surely has started! Then like a light from god, well at least a part in the clouds I see a gas station. Not caring what the cost is I put $15 in just to be able to make it home after the wedding.

Well after rounding around a residential area you come up to the "Lodge", which is a stretch of the name it was a big house with a nice average back yard with a pond and a gazebo. I decide to try to see what I find in the circle driveway. I found 2 cars parked and if I go in at a angle and go up against a bush I can get a spot and not block anyone because that would be rude. We walk into the backyard and everyone is just mingling. Cole find the kids table with Mega Blocks and Caden just wants to crawl, of course too many people to do that. Try to make small talk and get snubbed I decide to go in the house where thankfully they have a couch and a nice carpet area, enough room for Caden to crawl around and feel independent. Finally time for dinner and Rick has to do the line with the bridal party. I have Cole go in with him and Caden rolls around with me. Rick came back to switch with me, of course by this time everyone is done eating so I get to eat by myself. Then Cole and Caden were done with party mode so it was time to leave, even before cake! Head up to the car and you know how I edged myself in so I wouldn't park behind someone, yup you guessed it some jerk parked behind that car not only blocking them but me too! Rick went back down and had them announce that the car needed to move. I had the boys strapped in and finally 10 minutes later the guy walked up the 15 feet to us! Then he proceeded to stand there and look at my car and his, like magically my car was going morph into the Jetson's car and fit sideways out of there! Finally I start my car and put the reverse lights on; I think he got the point. He hoped in his car and then proceeded to sit there again! Then he backed out slowly as Rick walked up to our car and gave me the run down of what was happening tonight, clean up etc. The jerk had the nerve to honk his horn at me! I had to take a deep breath and count to 10 on that one. Along with not shooting him the bird for not even saying sorry or waving; some people really don't get it do they?

Finally get home to relax a little while before getting both boys in bed and then myself. Called Rick and he finally was leaving around 11:30pm, doubt he'll be home anytime soon I'm off to bed!

Oh yeah by the way ... Happy 5th Anniversary Rick! Love ya, maybe next year we can celebrate ... LOL

Friday, July 25, 2008

Yet Another Crazy Friday ... Hold on boys!

Today was the day for the phone interview for the after-hours on call answering service. Sounded like a great way to bring in a little cash. The phone interview went awesome I of course was on my game, said all the right things and answered all the questions like I was a pro. Then the start of the fall of the wall … the well we would like you to come in for training, ok I figured I'd have to do some. Well training was in Seattle, ok we can work this and then the hammer came and it would be a week long! Hold on not sure I can swing that, then like a dummy I asked the question I should have started with … How much time are you on the phone? About 45 minutes of every hour. Ok hold up, I was looking for a answering service for one doctor where you were on the phone a few times an hour just to cover. Oh crap this isn't going to work, guess I should have not been paying off bills in my head all week! Total let down. A guy at work did give me a lead for an "On-line Operator" that is only on Friday and Saturday nights from 11:30pm to 1am! Guess I could do that for extra money. Grrr … only if it was easy to find a little side job working from home!

So I decide after work I need to find an outfit for the wedding. Usually I would do this the day of because putting it off until the day helps the self-esteem when you try to squeeze into an outfit and avoid eye contact with the mirror, since it's not showing me how I really look. Yup I love to torture myself the day of an event, so by the time I give up by an outfit and show up a half late I'm always in a GREAT mood! But tomorrow I have the company picnic in the AM and Rick will be leaving early to go to the wedding, so I must shop the day before. I know what a concept.

You know me and coupons … well I got one for Chino's for $10 hey I'm there. So I head over to Avenue found a very nice pair of black pants (Chino's) and a nice teal top for $9.97. Right on out the door around $21 and saved over $45, my kind of deal! Get to daycare around 5:45pm right as Grandma Pat needs to leave for her cleaning job. We pile into the car and off we go. Cole of course loved the park from yesterday and is asking over and over to go there. Not today we need to go to Wal-Mart return the universal charger for the camcorder that of course didn't fit. We did a little shopping, of course first stopping to get something for the boys to eat. I even found myself a $9 pair of black Capri's for the office picnic tomorrow. I was on a roll today, after the return all I ended up paying for was the Capri's.

Another cereal night, after the rehearsal dinner Rick worked yet another event. At least his part-time 2nd job is working out, just keeps him away from home a little too much. It's going to be a long night; Cole does not want to sleep. Joy to me, I may get a little sleep before a crazy day tomorrow.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I’m back on the walking wagon!

You must be proud of me I made it to walking today! Susan told me about a different park to check out. Wow is all I can say it has a water feature, huge toys, swings and a basketball court. Let me tell you the walking trail was a killer, with a capital K! It had hills and had to be 1/3 of a mile. After 6 times around my feet and legs felt like Jell-O so it had to be 1/3 of a mile, even though a lady said it was ¼ of a mile I don't think she was right. I did the 6 times around even after my book on tape died only ¼ of the way around the track, now that is dedication or just trying to make it up for self sabotaging this week.

Cole of course made friends and the lady I mentioned had 2 boys and girl playing. The boys took turns push her and Cole. They were so sweet put him in the seat and even helped him out. They boy makes friends so easy! He of course didn't want to go home, but I told him I'm sure we'll be back soon! It was a great place to walk and I could see him the whole time.

Rick was running around getting fitted for his tux so an easy dinner and a little time to relax, before I crashed. That walk really killed me. I must go to bed now!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A New Word and Yet another Let down for me!

Well the plan was to leave early and go walking, but of course I didn't get out of work until let and then my evil side took over and out went the plans of walking. Yup you know it self sabotage yet again. Ok tomorrow no matter what I must go. I know Friday will be crazy, I have that phone interview for that after hour's doctor's office and then after work I must go find a pair of pants and a top for the wedding on Saturday. Shopping oh my favorite thing in the world to do … NOT. At least give me good lighting because I swear that florescent stuff makes my rear look even bigger, oh shut-up I know the truth it's just easier to fake myself out!

The cutest thing happened when I picked the boys up. Caden had learned a new word "ball" he was so cute trying to say it. Look at him grow up so fast, now if only he would walk with out holding onto my clothing or hand. I might get more done around the house. Yeah I know it's a dream!

Since I wasn't going walking I decided I better hit Safeway, you know since I would get so much walking there! I did do well an only had maybe one or two ok three Jo-Jo's that I bought for the boys to munch on while we shopped. I find found is the perfect bribe to keep everyone in there seats for 10 minutes, maybe 15 tops! We of course had to get the cart with the car attached. Because it's not like I run into things with just the regular chart, knock on wood I've never run over anything that was to big to put back together. So I put Cole in front and Caden in the seat by me, oh boy was the wrong move. Finally after several minutes of trying to calm him I figured out he wanted to sit with Cole. I put him in the front and off we went, picking up finger food for them to eat. And let me tell you chunky monkey Caden was letting the gal know she was being too slow, geez I thought I would have only one demanding child. Ok, I need spaghetti noodles, bread and black trash bags for Rick. Zoom thru and in the car we go, 2 out of 3 items on the list isn't bad right? Rick will just have to get his own trash bags; I'm not going back in.

We get home, I got the boys feed; took the meat that I cooked up last night (yup trying to be a head of the game); put it in the pan, went to grab the spaghetti sauce. "Oh Crap" no sauce, really??? I have everything in that shelf except the one thing I need. It looks like we're going back out. Clean the boys up from dinner and hop back in the car. This time we'll go to Target, no use in going to the same store twice, right? Guess I can pick up Rick's bags now also. Walk in to Target and Cole is starving, really? I don't think so dude, you had a corn dog and Jo-Jo's at Safeway and a whole can of spaghetti Oh's at home (because he couldn't wait for me to get the real stuff going). I put on the mom voice that we're just running in and no hotdogs today, thankfully the popcorn was empty or I may never had heard the end of it.

Grab my two items and of course have to check the other isles also. Rick's water is on sale; my water snob will only drink Dasani. It was on sale for $3.99 a case, right on grab two of those and we're off to the check out. Grab my wallet for the coupon I saw today while I cleaned out my purse, no where to be found (darn it was a $1 off garbage bags). Since we were next door to Rick's work, I dropped off a case of water to him. Glad I did he took Cole off my hands, so I could go home and do dinner with just one kid at my feet! Woo Hoo!

Homeward bound for spaghetti and a movie, I don't recommend 21 both Rick and I thought it was boring. Our fun entertainment was a balloon and Caden chasing it, saying over and over "Ball"! LOL it was way too cute, if I could figure out video on here I'd put it up.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More Excuses ...

Well excuse day it is! It's too cold to go for a walk. Well it was cold and I did end up working late, which will be OT time which is going to be really helpful this month. But I still need to get my butt in gear and keep up with the walking.

I had to ask daycare lady if she wouldn't mind me paying her a week late, so then it hit's Rick check and not mine. She didn't take it the best, but did say ok. I love my daycare lady and she's so reasonable for price, but some days! Thankfully I'm usually always on time, pay in cash and the correct amount. She has some that don't, so I guess me asking for a one time favor shouldn't make me feel like a schmuck. Plus, I always give a Christmas bonus which I know the others don't. Ok enough of that, we'll get it taken care of.

Rick had an event to do tonight so it's just me and the boys. I got everyone fed and bathed and ready for bed. Cole has only gotten up 6 times so far, if only I could put a dead bolt on his door … LOL. It was a great relaxing night for me; I think I may even make it to bed early today! Ok I'm saying it now I'm going to make it to walking today!

On a side note I didn't receive an email from that guy about the after hours answer service position. He said he'd be back in town on Monday (7/21) and would email around (7/22). I'm sure he's slammed I'm going to send him an email in the morning.


Monday, July 21, 2008

Stretched and Out of Control ... Thank you Little Birdie!

I know I've been stretched a little thin and try to keep up with everything bills, kids , life etc … oh yeah work! So today when a little bird with connections let me know I better drop off a check for the trash bill or my cans will disappear and not reappear, really set my butt in motion. Of course by the time I got out of work picked the boys up it was too late to get a live person. So I ran home hoping the checks I finally ordered (mind you going with out for 3 weeks!) arrived. Talked to Rick to give him a heads up! Geez wrong move of course this sent him into overdrive especially since they were closed and we need to move the cans in back! Oh boy I thought his head might explode and candy would spew out. Know as fun as that sounds for the boys, it's not too fun on my end! I quickly grabbed the checks and mind you I was a dork and left the bill at work in my August bills that I was planning on paying when I get paid on the 1st. So I had to find an envelope and pray I could guess close to the bill.

Rick was in a fine fit so I decided this would be a good time to drop off the bill, go grocery shopping and stop by the library. Now I understand why he is so upset in a way! I do about 95% of the bills all online (paperless), this way I'm not consumed with paper. See the down fall is those paper bills that I bring to work and put on the desk to pay! Well most of them I'm really good about it's just a few I space on, lead way to the trash dilemma. Then you forget to pay them other bills go thru and you're stuck with no money to pay them, it's a great cycle. It kills me when I look at our monthly income and then when I try to do simple things we have no money. Where does it all go? August I'm turning over a new leaf and I'm actually going to stick to it this time, I'm going to do a monthly calendar with money coming and money coming out. I love Rick to death but he spends like water! Then when we have no money it was something I did. Don't you just love men, sometimes it's always your fault because you should have told them! Really? Grrr … so the monthly white board is going to make it's way out and I'm going to stick to it this time, no ifs and or butts!

Now to figure out what I'm going to do for the rest of the month. If I only could get a few extra hundred bucks a month and stash it away … LOL.

Well after the boys and I stalled as long as we could we came home to find Rick in the back room. That's fine by me I'll get dinner ready and take care of the boys. Got everyone taken care of, even brought dinner into grumpy boy! Who was being very sweet earlier in the day and got me an anniversary present early. He bought me my Clinique make-up along some really cool bonus gifts. Thanked him for the gift, he grunted … we're on our way to a brighter day!

Now to get the boys to bed!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Air Shows and Slip & Slide Birthday Parties!

Well Caden let me sleep in a little; 6:50am is sleeping in right? I so need Rick to put those curtains in Caden's room before I hang Rick up J. I'm so exhausted from yesterday all I want to do is sleep, but it looks like coffee and watching my DVR'd shows is my future.

Today is the air show at McChord Airforce Base and since we're directly behind it, it was a perfect day for Cole and Rick to go over there and watch the show. Tried to get Rick up at 9:30 so they could head over, but today was not a good morning for Rick. So I came back and tried again at 10:30, I finally got him up and moving around 11am. Again thankfully it was so close to the house that they just cruised right over and Rick knew of a side gate that was real easy to get in. I was pumped it was time to relax, Caden and I relaxed and thankfully I set a reminder for my phone to let remind me of Kyle's party today. Unfortunately getting a hold of Rick was not as easy. Finally at 2pm I get Caden and myself ready and head to the party. But of course I need to swing by and pick a gift up, since my Friday blew by and I totally spaced on that detail. Geez we're already an hour late what a few more minutes, hey I'm showing up and I'm not being one of the people I complain about that say they will come and then never show. A little late, ok little maybe pushing it but late I am. Run and pick up a gift of course no gift bags and tissue paper that would be too easy! Stop over at the dollar store, pick up that and wrap it quickly in the back of the car, because I'm cool like that.

We get to the party and Casey has the coolest contraption set up. When she said slip and slide party I had no idea it was a HUGE black trap thing that went down the hill, 2 sprinklers and soap to help slide down faster! Wow is all I can say and the hamburgers with cheese and BACON (oh yeah you heard me right) were to die for. Thank you Bill I completed the mission and oinked my way thru the whole burger, because that was so hard … NOT! What an awesome party girl, thank you for inviting us. Hopefully next year I'll plan better and have both boys.

Finally got a hold of Rick around 5ish and told him I'd meet him up at my parents so he could go Jet Skiing and I could take the boys to his cousins' kid's party. I gave him a call when I got out of the driveway; thankfully I did this he was thinking I was coming home. They weren't even home yet and by the time they got home it was after 6pm, the other party started at 4pm. So I called and left a message why we didn't show, you know I can't stand on my soap box and complain about no showers if I don't at least call.

Since they boys ate late it left me to a cereal night, which was fine by me no cooking this weekend … Yippee!

Of course everyone was wound up and it looks like another long night, the bad thing is tomorrow is Monday and lack of sleep doesn't always work when you have to actually work. Geez, sweet dreams!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Family Reunion Day

Well this day started with a bang. Last night I couldn't get Cole to go to bed for the life of me. Finally the boy pooped out, I'm literally passed out face down on the carpet around midnight. Then of course it took me like an hour to wind down, I was hoping Rick would be home before I fell asleep, but no dice. He had a bachelor party to go to, now it's one that I wasn't too upset about, beside the fact that he was spending money and was out late with people who didn't even go to his (side note most are family). Ok back to the point this was no regular bachelor party, this was the party for the little boy in each of them that was screaming to get out, like that new commercial for VW were the guys inner child was screaming for pop rocks and orange soda. Yup that is exactly what this night was for them. It started at go karts for 1 hour, then they went over to a laser tag place for a 1 ½ hours, then off to a karaoke bar and of course they had to end the night at Denny's. All they had to do was add the pop rocks and orange soda and they would be on a sugar high coma … LOL. So of course he didn't get home until 4:45am! Which wouldn't be so bad except today is full day.

Here we go 6am and Caden is up and go no bottle nothing would get this boy back to bed, hey 5 hours of sleep isn't bad right? Get Rick up at 8:30am to go take the keg up to dad, I was so proud of him as you know he's so not a morning person and he actually go up on the 2nd warning by me. He loaded the car with the keg and the tents to go over the food and drinks. He headed up to their house to help get set up and then he had to go to work after that for a few hours.

I had good intentions to be up to my parent's house at 10:30am to get a good parking spot ½ hour before the party started. Well after baths for both boys, shower for me, getting the boys dressed along with myself, then of course I needed to do my hair. Geez after running around like crazy, got the boys into the car started the car and put it into reverse. Thankfully a light bulb went off in my head telling me that I was going to be gone almost all day, I better pack a few more things for Caden. Geez pull forward, run back into the house grab the walker, a jar of puffs, baby food and of course a bottle! Back in the car we go and head up to Bonney Lake. I was running so fast I forgot my coffee so I stop at my favorite little coffee shop to find out it was closed L. It looks like the bikini coffee shop that went up next to mine actually forced mine out of business, darn! Now I could go to the "other" stand but I refuse to have anyone nennie's anywhere close to my coffee, so back on the road we go.

The reunion was fun, we wore name tags this year so 80% of people said my name right, I was only called Alexia and some other form a few times. Better then last year I was called Elizabeth and Alexandra more time then I could count. Being a step child brought in when I was 9 was rough at first, but now that I'm older I can just laugh at the people who still treat me a little like an outsider. Over all it was a good time, a little hard trying to keep both boys happy. Caden was in his no one but my mom mood and Cole was running around and chasing kids. We did have a little problem sharing our toys, plus one little guy kept telling Cole he needed to go in the corner or he was in trouble. So after smoothing some feathers all was ok. Thankfully Rick got there around 3pm to help with Cole and Dad was done with his social time and was able to help with Cole. Rick got the job of taking everyone Jet Skiing, which everyone loved.

Everyone finally left around 8pm and the clean up began. Rick was making bonus points with mom he swept and put away everything. I did dishes and had a cup of two J with some yummy coffee with a little coffee liquor in it! Caden had fallen asleep and Cole was actually slowing down himself. About a ½ hour later I found him on the kitchen floor with a blanket over him. I thought he was just playing, but nope he was out cold. Had myself another cup of coffee, just a little nip of special stuff J and packed up the boys. Home Sweet Home!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Give probs another day walking ...

Another good walking day! Got off picked the boys up and off the school we went. Poor Cole it was empty again, but he was a good sport and said he'd play by himself. Which he did, giving me enough time for 10 laps around. Hey at least we went, that is a feather in my hat!

After that we hoped in the car and went to the grocery store to pick up dinner, since I of course forgot to defrost anything. Also grabbed some milk since Caden is on milk now and sucking it down. Then of course I can't find my Thyroid pills, I'm sure I put them some where when people came over for the party. I know I'll find them later, but since I have to take them every day I needed to order another bottle. So I quick trip to Target and yet another hotdog for Cole, since the one he had at the supermarket didn't fill him up and he was dying of hunger.

We finally got home a little after 7pm and Caden was having a fit of hunger himself. Got him in his highchair and food in front of him, but I wasn't quick enough. He was in all out tantrum and nothing was calming him down. Turn off dinner poor some milk in a bottle and sit down on the couch with him. Cole was thankfully occupied in his room, so I was able to feed Caden and take a moment for myself. After the bottle was done Cole came into the living room to inform me it was bath time for him and his brother! Perfect timing dude! Bath time done check; back yard watered check; hmmm I think I'm forgetting something! Oh yeah dinner for Rick! I stood up and turned on the stove just in time! Rick walked in and I smiled like I had been slaving over dinner for hours!

Rick was so sweet and watched two of my programs with me; Dinner impossible and Shear Genius. Put Cole to bed with out to much yelling and Caden conked right out. Rick's car got bird bombed today so he of course had to go to the carwash. That guy is crazy about his car and his clothes, you wouldn't believe he had kids and threw that all out the window like me. Maybe that is why everyone always rides in my car and not his … hmmm thought.

Well I'm exhausted, my legs feel like Jell-O and my stomach is started to hurt. I'm going to bed. More to come!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sometimes learning something new isn’t always a breath of fresh air ...

I had plans to get out on time and go walking again, but that didn't happen! I learned something new today; unfortunately it had to be pointed out by my boss which is not the way you want to learn something especially when you had a task that looks like you didn't complete right! Grrr … Thankfully for next time I now know that we have more old jobs stashed in a room that I don't go in often. You know how you can walk by stuff, but it doesn't have to with the project you're working on so you never really look at them. Yup that's what happened to me, I've been in this room several times but to actually turn my butt around and look at the boxes was beyond me!

I ended up staying late for a client that was suppose to be here 5 after 5pm and turned up around 5:40. So I kept myself busy trying to win my way back into good graces. It never really use to be this hard to be liked. LOL

I finally get the boys picked up and back home for dinner and bath time. I then started on the taco's fixings I had for yesterday. Rick was running late so I was going to do dinner by myself and let him eat when he got home. That gave me time to watch Project Runway in between cries from Cole and Caden. All I have to say is that guy got robbed! I at least like this season better then the Big Brother that just started. You have to love the summer and all these reality T.V. shows. Rick finally got home almost 9pm, got his dinner and sat down to watch Penelope. Rick wasn't impressed so Cole and him went into the bedroom to watch Cops or some other totally boy show. I almost got Caden down for the night when I heard knocking on the door. Open the door to my neighbor asking what day the yard waste gets picked up. Really?? It's 9:30 at night and you're asking me about yard waste. Then she just stood in the door wanting to talk, and wasn't getting my oh so subtle hits that I'm trying to get the baby down. Finally get her to leave and try to get Cole to go back to the bedroom with Rick and Caden back drinking his bottle for the night.

Finish up my movie, put Caden to bed and go to the bedroom to tackle Cole and his bedtime. After 30 minutes of "I have to go pee" and "I want a drink" and "No, Cole GOT TO BED!!" and oh yeah "The movies over" … AHHH GO TO BED COLE!!

Yup that was my day, I can't wait for tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Back to Walking ...

Happy to say even though I go off late tonight I went walking! I tried that new place Susan showed me, it was nice the trail is right along the play ground equipment. We pull up I see all these kids and think to myself this is going to be perfect. I should have known not to say that. As soon as we walked up the kids and mom left, do we smell? Then I quickly look at Cole to make sure he's not doing some obscene gesture (of course learned that from his dad) or saying one of "Daddy's Words". But to my pleasure he was just running around asking the kids if they could stay. I thought well there goes my walking day I at least got two times around, but Cole told me no we wanted to stay and play. Cool with me dude I got around 5 more times when I see Susan and her grandson pull up. Yeah, someone to play with Cole and someone to walk with me. Yup, that was short lived too. Susan's grandson wasn't into playing with Cole, even though Cole kept begging him (can't wait for Caden to get old enough to play with him). So we walked 3 times around and it was time to go.

This place is right behind Safeway so I loaded us up and went to pick up some dinner. Do a quick run threw even if it wasn't quick enough for Cole who was asking oh so nicely for water! We get home and get the boys fed and about to start on dinner when Rick calls and asked about dinner. I told him it was Taco Night, and I hear a Hummm on the other end. What is it dear? I really like what we had last night, can you do that again? Sure hamburgers and corn it is, easy for me!

Nice night put the sprinkler on for the back, while Rick watered the front. Had a quick and easy meal and watched College Road Trip. I usually am not a Martin Lawrence fan, but it actually was really funny. Now to get the boys to go down for bed! It's like I fed everyone sugar for dinner, they are all binging off the walls.

Going to be a late night!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday Again??? Excuses to share!

Yet another Monday and not much to show for it. I had it to start walking today, but of course got crazy busy and didn't get out of work until after 6pm and then I forgot about my prescription to pick up and then of course the library books that they had on hold for me. Does anyone else see a pattern here?

At least I got to cook up some of the corn I bought for the party, it was very yummy! And Rick even sat down and watched Saving Grace with me, which he usually hates my shows. It was a very quiet and peaceful night.

No excuses I'm going to go walking tomorrow. I'm going to go try out that new park Susan and I saw when I took her home last week.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Not so relaxing Sunday

Finally a laid back day, well at least the first part was. The 7am wake up call from Caden was just what I needed … NOT. I rolled my butt out of bed and started the coffee maker, you know since I put the coffee and water in yesterday but forgot to turn it on! Yeah it's ready to go for today!

Get Caden all taken care of and when 9am rolled around he was ready to go back to bed! Yeah maybe I can get an hour nap before Cole gets up, nice thought mom! Put Caden down and almost make it to my room, when I heard Cole. Geez … can't wait for the day for both of them to sleep in, I'd even take 8am … I don't see this in my future anytime soon. Turn back around, thankfully the coffee pot is still on it looks like I'm going to need it.

Get Rick up around 9:45 to call my parents, and you all know how good he is about getting up. So around 10:15 he calls Dad, who is having breakfast with mom and said he will call back after breakfast. So of course that means go back to sleep while Alexis stays up with the boys! Sometimes guys can be real butts J. When I don't hear from Dad I give mom a call an hour later no answer, try again at 12:15 and she's wondering where we are? Geez … and she asked if the boys and I would like to come too, which makes Rick oh so happy!

Round everyone up and off we go to the parent's house. I love that Cole is getting bigger so he can go hang out with the boys while I hang in side with mom. Of course since we got there "late" Dad didn't really want to do the entire projects. Grrr …. Mom and Cole went shopping and to pick up her car. While Caden and I hung out in what shade we could find in the front yard. It was perfect he ate puffs and I read my book, I was breezing thru it and easy read 2nd book in the series and I'm excited to read the others.

Hung out read and then Mom came back with Cole; I should have known he would be sporting a new haircut. Dad then took Cole out on the paddle boat while Rick rode the Jet Ski, I read and mom put dinner together. I was a great way to end the night, except for Rick going on and on about his ice-cream that Cole I ate over the last few weeks. Rick is notorious for buying something then he eats a little and then leaves the other to sit and 90% of the time I throw it out. Well he bought some vanilla ice-cream a few weeks ago, he ate it one night and then it just sat there so over the course of 3 weeks Cole and I would share a bowl. So of course it was gone, and then he wanted a bowl! You would have thought I took away his best friend. The last week this is all I heard and of course he had to complain in front of my parents about it. And for those who know my mom she's always helpful in pointing out when I need to loose weight and telling her I ate ice-cream is just adding fuel to the fire. Geez … one day I may just stand up and smack him!

Made for a sour way to end the day and a very pleasant ride home! LOL oh well he'll get over it.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The BIG day has come ... Caden’s 1st Birthday Party!!!

Wow I woke up at 5 am when I heard Rick crawling into bed! He cleaned the rest of the carpets and mopped the floors along with watch Stop Loss so I could send it back today. He knows how crazy I am about getting movies back so we can get the next one on my queue. Poor guy is going to get just a few hours of sleep. I fall back asleep since the alarm is going to go off in 2 hours and I'm going to need all the rest I can get! Really was that 2 hours? It felt like I just rolled back over to go to sleep. I get my butt out of bed and was running and didn't stop until late tonight.

I got up and looked in the mirror, boy was that a shock! Reminder for next time after I take a shower before bed, don't put products in your hair and then go to bed. You must dry your hair first if not you'll wake up and look in the mirror to find medusa staring back at you. First things first I must wet and dry my hair; this of course woke Caden up. Well so much for hopping out of bed and just going, get Caden dressed and we're off. Quick stop to get coffee and to Wal-Mart we go! Run around to grab a few things … yeah right … and pick up the Monkey Cupcake Cake along with the free one for Caden. It was so cute except for the face which was a little scary looking (I'll attach a pic on Monday). While I was there I ran into a lady in her nighty and with her was her friend who was actually wearing a robe! I'm hoping it was her nighty sticking out, but these days you never know. Hey just the other day I was shopping with the boys when we went down an isle to find a lady breast feeding her child her tank top was pulled up and she was just walking around. Ok I'm all for breast feeding, but I guess I'm a prude about walking down the grocery isle with no blanket and you just pulling your top up around your neck. Wow … so I can deal with nighties and bath robes today!

Run home and Caden fell back to sleep, yeah now I can get busy and let him sleep. Unload the car … Oh crap forgot ice! Wake Rick up and as you know he's not a morning person, add 4 hours of sleep and you take a guess at what was awaiting for me. Get him out of bed and head down to the local store to get ice and some corn on the cob (thought that would be good on grill, great idea to bad I forgot about it). Come back home run around like my heads cut off. Rick's outside mowing the front lawn and then he start to edge! I know really right now? Thank the heaven for Anngie she showed up to help me; I really don't know what I had done with out her! She's amazing, she helped with the PB & J sandwiches (she cut them into awesome shapes); she set up my table outside and even started to hang the banners. I was running around crazy doing last minute things.

Thankfully most of the guest where 30 minutes late which gave us enough time to blow up the bouncy house and get the pool ready! It turned out to be a way hot day so we lost some people early, and my helper had to run too (thankfully she was able to come early we may not have had a fun functioning party if left to just me). The turn out was ok, I know everyone keeps saying don't worry he won't remember, but it's his 1st birthday party it should be this grand thing with lot's of people. Oh well must let it go, things happen and this momma just needs to move on and follow Rick's advice. Thank you to everyone that showed you made this day very special and it meant a lot to me!

Since it was so hot we had to run threw presents and cake. Got some great pictures (I'll add on Monday), Caden loved his little cake thanks to Casey who helped him. Caden was so lazy he just wanted Casey to bring the cake to his open bird like mouth … LOL. He got some wonderful presents that Cole has already tried to take to his room J. Everyone cleared out about 1:30 – 2pm, I was able to clean up a little bit before Tarra & Khari showed up. It was perfect timing, we got to put our feet in the kiddie pool have a few wine coolers and let Cole and Khari play, Caden was out cold! It was all and all a perfect day! It's funny you run around like crazy planning for 2 weeks, then a few days before you run around and then day comes you go crazy running around and it's over within a few hours. It reminds me of my wedding day, all the planning and money for a few hours it's all over, but then there is the clean up! After everyone went home I ran around picking up the yard and all the toys. I'm finally done and I feel like I did at 9 months pregnant. Your feet hurt; my legs and hips feel like they are going to explode, if only I could pull my legs off and hook them up to a rejuvenator like charging my cell … LOL.

It's now almost 11pm and I just got both boys to finally settle down and get in bed, I'm sure I'll hear Cole playing in his room until the wee hours, that is if I don't fall asleep before my head hits the pillow. I'm warn out and I'm sure tomorrow we'll end up going somewhere so I better go to bed now!

Oh on a side note I've been looking at a job that I can do at home after I get home from my real job J. Just a part-time gig that will bring in a few extra dollars for the month, just to give that extra cushion we've been missing. I got an email back from an answering service that has virtual employees, he's on vacation next week but was really interested in my resume since I had 7 years of medical experience (they answer all types of calls but I think doctors offices may be a main client). So he's going to email me on the 22nd to set up a time to talk since he's in another state. Fingers crossed! Hugs!

Friday, July 11, 2008

ng Ready for the Party!!

Wow what a busy day today! It's the day before Caden's 1st party … wow I can't believe I just wrote that. It's so cheesy the saying time flies but it's so true, I swear it was just a few months ago that I had him. At least that is what I keep telling myself why I still have this baby weight. If only I could convince him that he can't get any older so I can say look I lost the baby weight. Ok I guess I started with a point here right? Ok back to where I began! I worked until noon with the plan to get all the party stuff done! Well I started out good, I was going to do a quick stop then go home clean and then come back to pick the boys up. Well here's how it went:

Drive over to Ross to exchange a pair of pants that I bought (of course not trying on) a size bigger then usual just to make up for not trying them on. Well let's just say laying on the bed taking a deep breath in barely helped, I probably could have taken a clue from Grease and used a pair of pliers! Needless to say they were going back, of course at the beginning of the week I had the receipt and the tag. Of course I took the receipt off before I tried them on, because that is what ever smart person does. This is the same person that hates dressing rooms because it's the "lights" that makes my butt look fat in all pants! So when I go to take them back I can only find the receipt and put them in the pocket of the pants. By the time I got up to the register the receipt had magically jumped into my purse (even though I just put it in the pocket when I got out of the car)! The tag which has been on my passenger side floor (perfect spot I know) is no longer there. Thankfully the thrifty shopper I am bought them on sale for $9.99, now you understand the buy them even a size bigger! So the receipt, that I found after a few frenzy moments empting my purse, was good enough to give me money. The I walked (don't get too excited it was only like 3 stores down, to Avenue to pick up a shorts that I saw on a email for sale. Get in there and found a cute top on sale and a pair of pants, happy to say both were a size smaller then usual! Again don't get too excited since I tried on several different styles that ranged in size, but hey I'll take it.

Get in the car to head home and Rick calls back to work I go. Almost walk out but my invisibility coat fell off and someone saw me J so I had to help out. Get back in the car and run over to the dollar store to pick up some last minute items and start to head home. Oh crap back to work I go forgot the bubbles under my desk, thankfully Jill ran out and gave them to me. By this time it would be a joke to go home and then turn back around to pick the boys up. Well that was a good plan at first! So I go pick them up and then thought I'll just cruise down Pacific and pick up so lunch. Just my luck a huge accident at 82nd so I go around that gets back on Pacific another accident at 74th … REALLY?? Finally get back on Pacific we go pick up some lunch and homeward we go!

After a quick bite to eat and I get to vacuuming and picking up the rooms so Rick can shampoo them when he gets home. Then watered the front and back yard get done just in time to get dinner going. Geez this day has flown by, it looks like an early morning for me. Rick was so sweet he said he would stay up shampoo the carpets and then mopped the floors for me. Yeah one less thing for me to do in the morning. Good thing since I need to get up at 7am and head to Wal-Mart for the cake and other items! Good night!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Caden!

Wow my little man I can't believe you're 1! I loved watching you grow over this last year, learning all these new foreign things. I watched as you learned to roll over, as your first tooth came in, as you learned to crawl, your first words Dadda, Mamma and then byby and now as your learning to walk. Time is flying by and I'm soaking up every moment of your wonderful life. I wish the best life for you and that you can do anything you put your mind to. Love ya little man, now I must go act crazy cleaning the house getting ready for your party.
Love Mom

I found this poem and just had to share by Jill Eisnaugle © 2007:
Teddy bears and seas of blue
Smiling in honor of you
An infant, not long ago
Now, one candle is aglow
You are growing up so fast
How quickly a year has passed
You are special, sweet, and wise
A present before our eyes

For a year, I've watched you shine
An angel I can call mine
Sent from Heaven, just for me
Filled with hope and dignity
A blessing, now and always
You brighten all of my days
Precious child, I love you so
More than anyone could know.

Baby's breath and sun-filled skies
Ladybugs and lullabies
Starry nights and bright moonbeams
Tender hearts and lasting dreams
Each, a gift within your view
During this time, made for you
May only good thigs come your way
On this, your very first birthday.
© 2007 – Jill Eisnaugle's Poetry Collection

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Clean Carpets to Baking Cakes close to Midnight

I woke up around 2am to find Rick sitting in my new arranged front room. Now I'm not talking about a little move, I'm talking about the couch now in front of the window and my table and coffee table is moved to the opposite wall. Now it looks great but the mirror I have on this opposite wall looks wrong because it was centered with the couch under it. Since we have the new couch it fits perfect under the window, our previous couch was a little bigger (and oh so much uglier) so it didn't fit perfect under the window. So when we set up the living room we centered the mirror for that couch on that wall. Oh well it looks very nice in there and the topper is Rick cleaned the carpets! They look beautiful, now to keep them looking like that for 5 days (keep fingers crossed).

After giving him praise on working so hard, only if I could get that when I do my daily clean-up (you know the one he never notices but say how dirty it always is)! I head back to bed, the alarm clock is going to go off soon and I'm over my praise quota for the day already!

Alarm went off I swear as soon as my head hit the pillow, popped up and back to the daily grind. Work was a little crazy towards the end as usual, and Ms. Susan ride wasn't there. I dropped her off at home on my way to daycare, picked the boys up and did a quick run to the grocery store. I really think that something happens as soon as we get the grocery store, Cole turns into crazy little boy. He of course wants everything and gets very loud. Then add in my mom calling me on my cell and the antics go thru the roof. It's like competing for my attention, but anywhere else we play and could careless about mom. Something about phones and supermarkets … hmmm yeah that's a dream going by myself. Hello 18 + more years of fun shopping trips.

I haul the boys in and I'm not sure what is wrong with Caden, because he's crying nonstop. And my angle child is telling me "I didn't do anything", yeah right just wait buddy until he's big enough to hit back. Payback is going to be sweet revenge. So here I am with one crying kid, one screaming that he is "Starving" and a load of groceries. And the neighbors wonder why I always have a scowl on my face; this might be why they only talk to Rick. I unload everyone plus the groceries, help Cole make his little pizza's he had to have and get Caden's food ready. The whole time he is screaming, so I finally make a cool bottle of milk and we sit down. That seemed to finally do the trick, maybe too much time out in the sun today. I then pour myself a bowl of cereal (Rick is working an event) and bird mouth Caden is standing right there.

After a quick bowl I grab some shredding I'm needing to do for my grandfathers estate, with the help of Cole and Caden the shredder makes a horrible noise and I figure it's time to go back to sorting the boxes and boxes I have of granddad's paperwork. No joke my grandparents were savers I have found actual checks that were cashed from the 1950's and it's not just every other year or so it's every month up to the time he passed in 2006. We won't even go there about the house it took us almost a year to clean out. I should have been doing this for a while now since it's been in my garage like 4 months, but nothing like the presence to start it. So with the great help of the boys I went threw another box, sorted into shred and recycle piles. Then I put both boys to bed and cleaned up a little.

I started to get ready for bed and "oh crap" I forgot to bake the Caden's 1st Birthday cake to take to daycare tomorrow. So her I am 11pm and baking a cake, thankfully I'm not all Martha Stewart like my mom and make everything from scratch, I'm a box kind of girl! Hey at least I made a cake, right? I can frost it in the morning, along with turn on the sprinkler I forgot to turn on for the back yard. Yes, the one I promised Rick I would run every night for at least an hour so it will be ready for Saturday. Welcome to my life of backing cakes at midnight or close enough and watering at 6am! I'm sure I'll have more fun stories tomorrow! I'm finally hitting the bed before it hits me!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Rick on Crack ... LOL just playing be he has the energy of a kid!

What a busy day, we are in full party mode. Rick was up late last night mowing the lawn and cleaning up the flower beds in front. When I left for working this morning it was so nice to walk out and see the pretty front lawn. I found the trick I need to hold more parties; it puts Rick into a frenzy to get the house cleaned up. It does put him in a rather cranky mood but he does get a lot done.

So today I was sent on a mission to pick up more flowers? Really do we need more flowers, it's just a birthday party and the way it looks a lot of people aren't going to show . Poor Caden his 1st birthday party will be lots of fun, just not as big as Cole's parties, the luck of having a July Birthday vs. an April Birthday. Back to the task at hand, I pick the boys up and stop by Lowe's. You know this penny pincher went right to the clearance rack I grabbed 5 of the 6-pack flowers, think this will be more then enough, right? Get up to the check out and find out that it is an additional 75% off, right on! $4 and I are done! Drop off some books at the library and home we go.

I unload the car and start some dinner before Rick gets home. He walks in and the first words out of his mouth are "That is all the flowers you bought?" Really are we starting a botanical garden? Then he bust out with 5 hanging baskets? Where the heck did those come from and where does my husband … who is this man want to plant hanging baskets? I guess he is right I buy things and then put them some where and forget all about them. I have a condition of "It's on sale, so I must have it" no matter if it is something that will sit in a bin in the "man garage". Ok another thing to add to the list to work on … "self-improve".

Rick some how tapped into Cole's energy and went back outside to work in the yard. Thankfully it stays late until 9:30 or 10 these days, so he had a good 1 ½ hours of daylight to water and plant his beautiful baskets. He even ventured out to the backyard to soak the lawn back there, keep your fingers crossed it starts to look nicer by Saturday. If not Rick may have a freak out and making us all stay in the front yard. He then came in and of course was all worked up, he cracks me up, and started to move furniture. I finally left him and went so I can get some sleep I'm sure my house will be transformed in the morning.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Pictures to Play Date at Children’s Museum

What a busy day it was today! It was so much fun and excited wrapped up in one day that I am totally exhausted. Today started with an early riser Caden who I was able to get back down for a few hours. I was so excited to sleep into almost 9 I almost wet the bed myself! Now there is sight you don't see everyday so just enjoy that moment.

Today is our 11 month picture day for Caden because hey you know he's only turning 1 on Thursday! Can you say procrastinator? So I get the boys dressed in their matching "Surf's Up" outfits because I'm crazy like that! It wouldn't be a perfect day with out running around trying to find shoes and the matching sunglasses. Oh yeah the appointment is in like 10 minutes … oh crap! Throw the boys in the car, well not literally but it did have a good toss … just playing. We get the usually very busy studio to find just my mom sitting there waiting for us. You know you're behind when my mom beats you there. She's already filled out my paperwork, so we just walked right in and got the boys ready. I still was feeling like a dream that the place was empty usually I'm waiting at least 20 to 30 minutes. I put Caden down thinking this is going to be a cake walk. Yup that was my mistake thinking that single thought. As soon as his cheeks hit the floor he started to cry, I tried to keep him happy but nothing was working. Mom bought all these awesome props which made Cole go into a frenzy running and screaming which only made Caden scream more. Then you add in my mom and me trying to get the kids to sit and both look forward and oh yeah to smile. Finally we got a few descent shots of the boys and put them in their matching dino outfits. Thinking ok this will be better I brought dino's for the boys to play with, this will be better. Wrong thought again, I did get a great picture of Caden looking down at the dino with a huge crocodile tear running down his face. Let's just say out of the 30+ pictures I was shown I pick 7! I was warn out along with the boys and my mom. She quickly departed us after our adventure, at least this time we only had to wait 10 minutes for the pictures to be ready for us to view. If only every month had a holiday where people left to camp or whatever it would make picture day so much better. Well at least for my family, I 'm sure the photographers at the studio cringe every time they see the Peloquin Family on the schedule. Got to love us, right?....

Got the boys home to take a quick hour nap and to unload all the yummy food loaded me up with. Then it was back in the car to meet Anng and KJ for our play date! Got on the freeway with perfect time and then dead stop! Oh crap … yup again not a perfect day with out some excitement. I finally inched my way to an exit I could hope off on and go down the back way. Thankfully we weren't too late when we meet the girls at Tacoma Transit Station. We hoped on the Tacoma Light Link that is awesome and hey it's free along with free parking there. The kids loved it; Anng took super cute pics of them. The link let us off on 9th that is right below the museum, so all we had to do was walk up a block and over. ....

Of course both looking at the camera was not an option.

We got their and the place was completely empty, I mean only the two employees! So we let the kids go and run and scream … well ok most of the screaming was Cole. After dumping everything in the little kitchen on the floor it got real quiet. I look around the corner and find that Cole has gotten the worker to sit down and play with play-doo, his a real charmer like that. Kailey had the other worker sitting with her playing cashier. This was so worth the $6 to just sit and have a little mommy time while Cole had fun. At first I thought it was going to be a disaster with the way he was running and screaming, thought this may be another place where they put a picture of us saying no entry no matter the fee. See it isn't that bad when you have 20 other kids running and screaming, Cole will just blend in. But when you have only 2 kids there and the blonde tornado is throwing down they just have to give the look and I know its Cole...

Here are a few of my favorite pics from our play date.

When we first got there they had to put change in the fun tunnel.

Play-Doo with our friendly worker!

Cole and the play-doo fun, the best part is I didn't have to clean it up!!

Caden had to join the play-doo fun, thankfully also he couldn't reach it.

2 hours passed so fast, I think next time we may need to make it longer! We got back on link to get back to our cars (this time we got to ride the purple "Click" link). Got back to our cars and headed home to find dear old hubby just hanging out, no luck on my carpets getting cleaned. I did get him to water the plants and he put down everything known to man on my backyard. I'm now the proud owner of a backyard that is fertilized, new seed and oh yeah a little manure for good measure. Ok, Now to pray to the lawn gods that it is all soaked up and looking beautiful by Saturday. I know it's worth a shot right?....

Thanks to mom we had an awesome meal of pork lion, salad and cheesy broccoli. Oh yeah I'm stuffed, time to sit down and watch Next food network star. And I'm totally addicted to Army Wives! I just happen to see Catherine Bell was on it and Lifetime was having a marathon a few weeks back, so I thought what the heck I'll tape them. I had some free time over the last few days and I'm totally hooked, what an awesome show I'm sorry I didn't catch it the first time. Plus I got in late on the marathon so I missed the first 7 shows, added it to my blockbuster queue … yeah right VERY LONG WAIT is what it tells me. I got to give it to you wives that have husbands that serve. I'm not sure I that strong to handle it, I sure the show only shows half of what happens in real life but it sure is an eye opener! Love you all!!

To the tube I go!....

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Is it Sunday?

It feels like a lazy Sunday, but joyfully it's only Saturday. I got up and it was so quiet around the house I started on my book again, if I'm lucky I may even finish it by Sunday I'm alreay ⅔ of the way thru it and can't put it down. It's the first in a series and if the others are as good as this one I'm going to be in heaven for a while reading them.

The boys finally got up, so I made some eggs and turkey sausage that was very yummy. I even got 2 loads of laundry done, before I went to the couch. It is so nice to have a lazy day and then to know that you still have another day to do things tomorrow.
I schedule pictures for Caden's 11 month pictures for tomorrow, asked mom if she would meet us and it looks like we have it all scheduled. I even have a playdate at 3pm scheduled for Cole at the Children's museum. Tomorrow is going to be very busy so I'm going to relax as much as I can.

Cole of course isn't having much of the sitting around. So I did get us in the car to drop off the movie at the post office. We even went over to my office to grab the print out of the monkey cupcake cake I need for Caden's birthday party next weekend. Came back home and it's going to be a relaxing night (if I say that enough it will come true right?).

Rick's working late so it's movie time at our house, I think I need to go to the mailbox to get the chick flick that came.


Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July. It was such a great day, not too hot or rainy. I let the boys sleep in and I was on a mission to clean. I did laundry, swept the floor, and did dishes and even a little dusting. I was pooped by the time mom called to ask what time we would be coming up. I sent Rick up to help with the yards and got myself and the boys ready.

Pulled up to mom and dads and was pre warned by Rick that dad was busy and not in the mood for us yet. Thankfully Tarra was down at her property so I took the boys over their. It was so nice they have been working non stop to clean it up, put down bricks and grass and the whole nine yards. Cole got on the paddle boat twice and even got to ride on the big boat once. Caden was just hanging out with me, he even cuddled up to Chantel since she was eating … LOL he is so unfed. Rick came over on the jet ski and took Heather out on it.

The boys and I headed up to see my parents and perfect timing because mom was brining out the food. Yummy … cheesy hotdogs, cheesy broccoli (my favorite) and potato salad. It was great food and even had some coffee with a little yummy baileys . Rick took Cole down and I fed Caden and he fell asleep. I took my new book down to the waterfront and read until it got too dark to read anymore. The fireworks where great and the Gai's put one their annual show. It was a little short but still a nice show. Rick packed me all up and I grabbed Cole and headed up to the house. I found mom and Caden snuggled in a blanket sitting in a chair on the front lawn watching the fireworks. I actually think she needed a little time just Caden and her it was perfect.

Home not too late and a little more time to read my book before my eyes get too heavy.

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