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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween! Look it's my Zombie Costume!

Oh wait that's just what I look like today after yesterdays trauma. If you didn't read click here to read about it.

So yesterday afternoon I came back home to finish up a little more got a call from my doctors office that another office could see me. So I ran over to the other office drove around for 15 minutes trying to find a parking spot, I even went up 8 floors of the parking garage to find nada! Back down I went and parked in another doctors office parking lot, thanks! Run in to be comforted by a receptionist that immediately put on a mask. Really I'm not sick! To find that I need to go up 3 floors. Run in there and taken back immediately! They were so nice the LNP that saw me was nice put man she talked a LOT! She numbed the arm and put the implant in. Ok I know my arm was numbed but part of me wanted to RUN when I saw the scalpel. Something about cutting my skin while I'm awake really freaked me out! I'm left with a large bruise and a plastic toothpick in my arm, that freaks me out to touch!

My day at the doctors!
That is the IUD they tried 2 different ones to put in.
Bottom right is not my arm(too skinny) but what they put in me.

I finished up got a quick sandwich, picked up the items from the children's resale shop that gave me a whopping $13 and 2 full bags of stuff they didn't take (I give up with them). Then off to the dentist. I arrived at 2pm I left after 4:30pm!!! Yup my tooth was a pain in the rear to remove! He yanked and yanked, leaving my lip all tore up, a sore jaw and bloody mess in my mouth!

They called in my prescription and I went to pick up the boys, thinking ok plenty of time to come back and get my prescription before my mouth numbed and hurt like heck!!! Picked up both boys and headed back thinking it's been over an hour! I sit in the drive threw mind you no one in front of me for another 15 minutes! Finally she comes over and says she doesn't see my prescription, to hold on the pharmacist is going to listen to the voice-mails! REALLY wouldn't that be something you do a lot, not when someone comes in to pick up? I call the dentist who says they called it in almost a hour and half ago! The girl comes back on (because I pushed the help button) and tell her this and that I have the dentist office on the phone and they are calling right now. I hang up and another 5 minutes the lady comes back on and so nicely (NOT) tells me "YOU DIDN'T NEED TO HAVE THEM CALL AGAIN. I TOLD YOU THE PHARMACIST WAS LISTENING TO THE MESSAGES. AND WE FOUND THE MESSAGE". That will be an hour!

Ok my tooth is hurting so I'm not so nice now, They called in my prescription over an hour ago.

Rude Lady: Well our wait time is usually 1 1/2 hours.
Me: That's good because my prescription was called in around that time.
RL: Well Mama you're just going to have to wait
Me: I'm sorry but why I am having to suffer because you can't check your messages (told you I was in a lot of pain by this time).
RL: Well if you come in you might have better luck!
Me: The reason I choose your pharmacy (which I hate and haven't gone to in over a year, because you suck ... case in point) Is because I have two kids and didn't want to get out of the car.
RL: Not sure what to tell you, you'll have to come in.
Me: Isn't that why you have a drive up??? Fine I'm coming in, but I'm calling your corporate office. (Which I've done before and this is still the way)

So Walgreen's not the best place to go when you're in pain!

I went to McD's and grabbed the boys sandwiches, and yes I took them and the food in with me! Yes I was being white trash like that!!! I stood in line for another 15 minutes about to cry! While a guy behind me grumbled about the wait and yelled at every employee that just happened to walk by! Finally got up there of course it wasn't in the bin, the pharmacist walked over with gave him "the look" and nodded to me! Whatever yes I'm that grumpy crazy woman! Deal with it!!!

Rick got the impression I was frazzled by my tone and oh yeah maybe a little screaming from me. He was scheduled until midnight and made the comment I should have told him so he could have taken the day off. Well let's just say I politely reminded him I did maybe he should listen!!

An hour later his friend came by and picked Cole up for a few hours. Oh thank the Lord, I put Caden to bed and bed for me too! I went to bed at 8pm and thought I would be fine at 4:55am, plenty of time. Well that was great until I tried to get out of bed, must have been thrashing all night long and oh yeah threw my back out! REALLY am I not in enough pain? My boss was very nice let me take a break to try to take a hot shower and then ice my back. I tried to finish up but not having the best morning. I was have the BEST boss ever let me take off a little early to try and get sleep. And that lasted about a 1/2 before the boys started to scream but overall not too bad ... LOL

So here is my Zombie look!
Top two are today bottom right yesterday.
Check out my lip, it's all lovely beat up.
You even get a shot of my face and the arm!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Oh My A Day I'm having

Sorry not going to be around much today, it's a day of appointments!

I started work @ 5am, finished up around 7:30am to head to my 8:15 apt. You know after I got dressed, got Caden changed and Dressed too. Don't want to put to much on daddy! Try to walk out the door. Oh crap forgot to make Cole's lunch! Crap, run back in throw that together and oh yeah need to lay out Cole's clothes to because again too much for hubs in the am to deal with! LOL

Got to my appointment 5 minutes to spare! Then I sit and wait for 35 minutes!!!! Ok people I've worked in a doctors office for 7 years I know the drill people before you run late and everyone else is late, it's not always the docs fault. Well I've learned that you sch the 1st appointment. So when 2 people after me walk in and get taken right back, yup a little perturbed!

So as most you know I was laid off but now work from home for a different (WONDERFUL) company! So my dual insurance runs out tomorrow. So I scheduled an IUD for today, because I'm not planning any more kids and hello $25 a month for B/C is a lot! So I go in we talk we choose the 5 year one. Well after 2 failed attempts and 2 of the IUD's wasted (I'm sure my insurance will be calling me). She very sweetly tells me that my anatomy is not loving the IUD. Yup (TMI Moment) my uterus is is not positioned right. All I heard was after two kids is not right! Thankfully she is the sweetest doc ever! She called around and found another office that can do an implant in my arm that last 3 years! So not exactly what I need but it will do!

Then I run to the bank being the blonde I am I think ok transfer to checking and then pull out money. So what happens she pulls out all the savings and then gives me money from checking too. Thankfully I notice when I started to leave the parking lot. Go back redeposit the money that wasn't suppose to come out. Lord my account is going to be flagged I just know it!

Then go pay the past due property taxes before the end of the day and another amount will be added on! CRAP never trust a mortgage company that tells you at the signing oh yeah you do know your property taxes and insurance aren't included! WTF??? Try pulling together a grand every 6 months, yes I know I could save each month but really who's life is that perfect?

So after I go to the doctor this afternoon guess where I get to go! Oh yeah you know it the dentist, because that I won't have covered after tomorrow until Rick's work dental kicks in. And guess what I busted out a temporary fillng! So Monday I went there for an apt waited in the lobby 45 minutes before they came over to appologize, they take me back and wait another 20 minutes to talk to the doctor who gives me options of filling it and a LOT's of money or pull it. Oh crap it's the back tooth pull it. Well it's going to be another 1 to 2 hours!!!! REALLY crap, ok sch me for Friday! So today is the day for the tooth to be pulled.

Yeah 2 doctor visits, giving my blood to the property tax people and oh yeah add in the dentist! Are you kidding me???? So there it is girls my day! Be back hopefully tonight since I won't be able to talk maybe I can type?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Winners! Check them out and Congrats the winners!

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House Happenings! Hold On House I'm calling a mexican stand off!

As you know this weekend I did a little dent on the laundry. So here is the list of done and to do!
Check out Value Village Finds - Yup I'm so loving thrift stores
Made a dent in the laundry
Got hair done and then tried to pull it out
Made Banana Pumpkin Bread and took a loaf over to the neighbor
(The neighbor said I love you, then got the look like I didn't say that out loud ... LOL darn we're both married ... haha just playing)
And the to do - The Box yup my office in a box
(wonder if I'm avoiding because then it will be for real ... ok Fraud step back)
Monday I made asked Rick to take Caden with him to Home Depot
It's Cold so we bundled (rick didn't like he didn't match)
And oh yeah the lunch of champions a banana, fruit snacks and a fudge brownie ...
don't worry he had a PB&J earlier ;)
And as promised our first project is done! Yeah For our Christmas gift last year my parents gave us Gift Cards for a new deck. Now my parents are funny they kept them until about a month ago to make sure we had the old one tore down and ready for the new one. They crack me up and drive me nuts but at least we finally got them. So Rick picked up the wood and actually completed all this on Wednesday! We kept the concrete pad and just built on top! Caden loved watching out the french doors.

And check it out yup it's time to share what is under the bed again!
If you're new you'll have to go back and search this, it's always fun!
You got to be kidding me!
  • Trains
  • Train track parts
  • A sock
  • Gum Wrappers!
  • Dirty Undies
  • Rice Crispy Treat
No they are not allowed to chew gum so that is from my private stash.

Undies we're still having problems with poor Cole, doc says it's a sleep disorder, he sleeps so hard that he doesn't get up to go potty. He then is embarrassed and hides his underwear!

And oh yeah you're wondering what the brown is! That would be rice crispy treat with chocolate topping! Not just One but TWO. Really dude you get that hungry at night! Crap my midnight snacking is rubbing off on him! Hey I don't hide the evidence, well at least not under the bed just in a pocket of my robe ;).
And for those wondering about my QFC Gift card and coupons! Ok the Top Right is the FREE itmes I got with some of the coupons (still more to use) and Bottom Right is what I bought after using my $25 gift card my total was $29. Yup I saved with my QFC Card, Free Coupons and the Gift Card $107!!! YIPPEE!!!! (yes that is 2 things of beef and 1 thing of chicken also!). And yes they had Wow Wow Wubbzy on Sale for $4.99 so I let Cole talk me into that one!
Well there is a bunch of randomness going on in my world of course in pictures because I know how hard it is to read all the words! I love to skim and view pictures :). Muah

But wait I can't leave you with out what came to for this title. Yup the mexican stand off is over ....
Yup it's over TP!!! For 8 years I somehow became the keeper and the guard of the TP. But NO MORE do you hear me I'm done and this is where it will sit. Of course you know I'm weak and will finally cave but for now I'm standing strong! There are 2 other of you that are currently capable of taking the old one off, yes it's even spring loaded!!!! All you have to do is with one hand gentle pull back, take the old throw in the trash (located directly below) and with that other hand that is jealous because it has nothing to do, grab a FRESH roll and put it on. Then that snazy spring load comes in handy again when you squeeze it back into place! And guess what it's done maybe 30 seconds, 60 TOPS!!!!

Now all say it with me! "If I'm the last to use the roll. Even if there is 2 SHEETS left it still needs to be replaced (really even Cole's rear needs more than 2 sheets)! I will open the cupboard to my right (yes this can be done while you're sitting on the toilet) and do these simple steps!"

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

(CLOSED) $25 Gift Certificate for Giveaway

You lucky people get the chance to win a $25 gift certificate to A wonderful store where you can find anything for baby and of course mom too!

So I'm so jealous I want one of my very own Gift Cards to go shopping! But for us of that don't win we can use the code: SBBL043 for 15% off!!! So in your face ... Just playing, got a little competitive there. I just couldn't choose they had so many amazing things, but hey a discount code always makes it easier to check out! As you know I love items that are earth friendly and of course baby friendly.

I love to share with you a company that I find to be good to the us and the earth. has so many choices and prices that won't hurt your budget either. We need to get our money's worth along with things that we love. They not only carry just one item they have tons of places to choose from. Here are a few of my favorites ares to shop in Food, Baby Care, Bottles, Food Carriers (these rocked, I'm so in love with the ToGo-Ware 2 Tier Stainless Steel Tiffin Set) and the most important one Mom Care!

A little about them: is the brainchild of parents and professionals that saw an unexplored area of parenting and shopping and wanted to bridge the gap between making healthy choices and making easy choices. We created because we care and are concerned for babies and their moms, their families and communities, and the planet in which we all share. As we grow to include more options to fit more needs, we will provide comprehensive, eco-conscious, e-commerce and social shopping which is centered around making it easy to make mindful decisions about the products parents choose to put on, in and around their children and families.

Currently they have an amazing first birthday party you could win $2500 CASH, you know you want to head over now!

BUY IT: Right now use the code SBBL043 for 15% off!!

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Weekend Wrap Wednesday ~ Hair, Laundry, Party and just a little Screaming

I had a GREAT week at work and super busy, which is wonderful and I'm loving it! I love this because I have a little me time on Fridays. Which means time to get my hair done. I so missed my apt the week I got laid off, and my gal who usually is at least a month out was able to get me in! It was great to read a book, and I'm loving the new highlights!
Saturday it was back to work, put in a few hours and then time to get ready for a birthday party for a girl in Cole's class. So I decide oh I have plenty of time to tackle some of that laundry! Really what was I thinking! I think I made a dent, doesn't it look like it (see picture below). And for Daffy @ BATCRAP CRAZY here is my purse, I told you it was bigger than my head! Who needs a diaper bag when you have this baby. Guess what Rick actually picked it out all by himself for my Christmas gift last year! Then I realized what time it was, yes I was still in my PJ's oh crud I need to get the boys dressed and oh yeah me too!
We head over to the bowling alley for the party that had a really cute miniature golf course attached. I thought wow what a great idea for a party, so I asked! $20 per kid, heck we had like 20 kids last party ... quick math holy crap that would be like $400, no way! So of course my lovely husband wasn't feeling well so I had to take Caden with me. Oh so fun, well that was until he had a melt down towards the end. I even took him over to McD's while they had lunch with the party.

Ok some fun things I just have to say about the party. First off why is it woman must give other woman dirty looks! Crap I here with my kids so are you can we be friends for like an hour? Tried talking to the one dad (usually I totally can talk with them) nope he didn't want to have to deal with me. I swear I took a bath! Then I see this poor child and her hair was all ratted thinking oh lord I'm not the only one that forget to brush the hair. Then I see the mom, holly molly ratting overload! Well I guess it's a look right? sorry couldn't get a picture.

So at least Cole had fun loved the bowling and the miniature golf. Caden did ok at McD's and sadly I didn't make any new mom friends. But man I had some great comebacks for the last looks, only they stayed inside my head I was trying on the new no saying it out loud!
Then Saturday night the boys were so wound up and I was going nuts so why not go to the play-center at McD's. Cole was so excited he kept saying we're going to Old McDonalds? LOL didn't have the heart to correct him. The boys played for like 2 1/2 hours and read a book. Oh did I shamelessly say it's one of my current giveaways. Oh yeah I so would! You know you want to check it out, it's Tori Spellings Husband Dean's Ex Wife. Good and funny book!
Divorce Sucks Book Giveaway by 11/8/09
Sunday we had a great morning at Church, met up with my parents at Costco and picked up a few essential things! Even ran into an engineer from my old job, boy it's only been 3 weeks and I miss everyone! I did some cleaning of the boys room, yup it was one of those days again! But Rick and I did get the plans for what we're doing to the house. Just wait for some home improvement post! Now only if I could get Home Depot or Lowe's to let me do a review for them :).

I signed up for what? Oh yeah you know it! I told Cole's teacher I would put together there little workbook sheets. Holly molly you mean I have to tear out each page and group them! Oh boy well I made a dent I did 15 pages ... LOL And oh yeah check out what happens when you leave things were Caden can get them!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tempt My Tummy Tuesday ~ A Cowboys Pot Pie Recipe

Blessed with Grace

OK So I know I promised Chili but I couldn't resist making this recipe first. Chili tomorrow, I'll post next week! I know Cole was totally bummed, until he saw this come out with his initials and I was back on top as Mom of the year (oh stop laughing). So here I go recipe #2 using French's Foods and a can of Manischewtiz Beef broth. Now I've made a version of this before but I switched it up, hope you enjoy!

My Gift Basket, Thank you again Michaelene for the amazing opportunity!
Here's what I started with!
What the recipe called for Red Wine!
Good way to use up wine that you don't drink, not a big drinker or a red fan.
Perfect for recipes!
Throw it all together and then put a together like a pie!
I love putting the boys initials as the vents.
Cole & Caden loved it!

  • 1/4 cup flour
  • 1/2 tsp paprika
  • 1/2 tsp pepper
  • 1- 1/2# Ground Beef
  • 1/3 cup onion, chopped
  • 1/3 cup celery, chopped
  • 1 Red Bell Pepper
  • 3 Carrots
  • 3 Potatoes
  • 1 cup Manischewtiz beef broth
  • 1/2 cup beer or red wine (can use 1/2 cup beef broth as substitute)
  • 1/2 tsp French's hot sauce
  • 1 tsp French's Worcestershire sauce
  1. Mix together the flour, salt, paprika, and pepper until well combined
  2. Add meat with the flour mixture
  3. Lightly brown meat
  4. Add onions and celery, cook until tender
  5. Add beer (wine), broth, hot sauce and Worcestershire sauce
  6. Stir until it comes to a boil
  7. Stir in veggies cover, and set aside
  8. Preheat oven to 450 degrees
  9. Roll out dough to fit bottom and sides of baking dish leaving about a 1/2 inch overhang
  10. Place in baking dish
  11. Pour meat mixture into pastry-lined pan
  12. Roll the reaming dough to fit top of baking dish
  13. Place dough on top of meat mixture
  14. Pinching together to seal
  15. Cut several steam vents in top crust (this is where you can do initials or a short word)
  16. Bake at 450 degrees for 10 minutes
  17. Reduce heat to 350 degrees and bake for an additional 30 minutes or until crust is brown and filling is hot
And a REMINDER for you amazing cooks that can rock at making your own items I want to share with you some fun things that are going on right now.
  • French’s Foods announces the launch of its first-ever LIVE National Cook-Off -celebrating home chefs who bring smiles to their families with time-saving, great tasting recipes. Revive the ritual of the family meal this autumn and submit your favorite family recipe featuring at least one-French’s product. 5 finalists will receive a trip to NYC to compete in the live cook-off for the chance to win $25,000!
  • Just in time for the holiday season, The Manischewitz Company announces the launch of the 4th Annual Man-O-Manischewitz Cook-Off, a cooking contest designed to encourage home cooks to challenge themselves in preparing a meal that is kosher, simple and delicious. The contest encourages people to experiment with ethnic cooking similarly to the way people enjoy preparing Chinese, Mexican and Italian cuisine. Entrants will compete for a chance to win the $25,000 grand prize package including GE Profile kitchen appliances. Featured celebrity guest judge and MC-legendary acclaimed chef, Jacques Pépin.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Make Something Monday ... French's Quick and Crispy Mac & Cheese

Make Something Monday

As most of you know I love to cook, now to people that know me or have followed me from the beginning are laughing. Yup I use to be the BOX QUEEN! Everything was a made or actually prepared from a box and that is the way life was for us! So last September we had an exchange student come live with us for a school year. Something just happened and I started to make meals that were yummy! And get this they are actually really easy and quick!

Now I'm by far one of those amazing home chef's that make a recipe from scratch. I do love to tweak and make each dish my own. I was contacted by Michaelene offering to send me some wonderful French's Food, which is one of my favorite brands. I actually looked in my fridge and cupboards and was surprised how many items I have! So today and tomorrow I have two dishes to share with you.

And for you amazing cooks that can rock at making your own items I want to share with you some fun things that are going on right now.
  • French’s Foods announces the launch of its first-ever LIVE National Cook-Off -celebrating home chefs who bring smiles to their families with time-saving, great tasting recipes. Revive the ritual of the family meal this autumn and submit your favorite family recipe featuring at least one-French’s product. 5 finalists will receive a trip to NYC to compete in the live cook-off for the chance to win $25,000!
  • Just in time for the holiday season, The Manischewitz Company announces the launch of the 4th Annual Man-O-Manischewitz Cook-Off, a cooking contest designed to encourage home cooks to challenge themselves in preparing a meal that is kosher, simple and delicious. The contest encourages people to experiment with ethnic cooking similarly to the way people enjoy preparing Chinese, Mexican and Italian cuisine. Entrants will compete for a chance to win the $25,000 grand prize package including GE Profile kitchen appliances. Featured celebrity guest judge and MC- legendary acclaimed chef, Jacques Pépin.

Now for my first recipe I made a version of French's Quick and Crispy Mac & Cheese


1 1/3 cups (2.8 oz.) FRENCH'S® Cheddar or Original French Fried Onions

1 (10 3/4 oz.) can CAMPBELL'S® Condensed Cream of Celery Soup (I substituted Cream of Chicken Soup)

1 1/4 cups milk

3 cups cooked elbow pasta (1 1/2 cups uncooked)

2 cups shredded Cheddar or cubed American cheese

1 cup diced cooked ham

1/2 cup frozen peas

Now I left out the ham and peas. As many of you know I was on a ham kick for a few months and I'm still banned from making it. No matter what anyone says I will be using ham these holidays! And not a fan of peas so I skipped those also. I did however add in some of the spicy mustard to give the dish a kick! I feel like it gives the dish a different dimension (I know I've been watching the Food Network too long)


HEAT oven to 350°F. Crush French Fried Onions in plastic bag using hands or rolling pin.

MIX soup and milk in 2-qt. baking dish. Stir in pasta, cheese, ham and peas. Top with crushed onions.

BAKE 30 min. or until heated through.

Stay tune tomorrow I'm going to be making a chili (yes the one I promised Cole a few weeks back) and you never know I may throw in something else!

Ever want to send me a gift.
Yup a food basket is the way to my heart!
Oh yeah I love those yummy fried onions!
Here is my super yummy
Quick and Crispy Mac and Cheese!

Created by MyFitnessPal - Nutrition Facts For Foods

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