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Monday, June 30, 2014

Despicable Me Birthday ... Minion Cake

Next on my list was a Minion Cake, I found this easy design on my bestie's site Betty Crocker ... What I swear I know her after all she's been a part of my baking idea's for years .. LOL.  I of course made this cake my own with a few tweaks, I'm all about what I have on hand instead of buying something.  I would have done fondant but I was running a bit behind this year but I think it turned out great even with just frosting.

What You Need:
Baked Cake
Frosting (Yellow, Blue and White)
Black Twizzlers's
Black licorice String (I use Wilton)
Mint Patty
Tootsie Roll
Large Chocolate chips (I used Wilton Melts)
Large Candy Eye
Silver Dust

I made my favorite Homemade Yellow Cake mix, always use Cake release it helps so much to get the cake out of the pan.  Once the cake has cooled you're going to trim it into your minion shape.  I then took a twizzler to map out where I was going to make my overalls.  I took my yellow frosting to make the top part of my minion.  Then added the blue for the overalls.  I added 2 Wilton Melts to make the buttons on the overalls.  I added a little licorice strong to make an outline of the overalls.  For the glasses I used black twizzlers and filled in with licorice string.  For the eye I took a Large tootsie roll and shaped it into a circle.  I like mine better then using small and piecing together.  The large had the marks to make it look like a real eye glass.  For the eye itself I took a mint patty and then I realized I didn't save any WHITE frosting.  So I didn't panic I just opened up some oreo cookies and stole the cream frosting and molded it .. lol YUP I so did that!  I then added a LARGE candy eyeball. I added a little licorice string for the mouth and hair.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Despicable Me Birthday ... Minion Cupcakes (2 Versions)

Well the party has come and past.  Since we live in Washington I'm use to rain.  NOW late June almost July I'm usually pretty safe or just a brief sprinkling.  But it was like the sky had open up and I was waiting for Noah to come by and pick me up in his ark.  YES no lie it poured for like 20 min then we would have 30 min of sun and so it went for 4 hours like this!  Then EVERYONE left and sunshine from 7p on!  Thank God for a pop up tent and kids who could careless about rain since they would get wet anyways swimming in the lake.  

So I made 2 cupcake versions for the party!  Both very simple.  I made 2 dozen cupcakes using my favorite homemade yellow cake recipe along with my FAVORITE go to Sturdy Buttercream Frosting.  I tinted my frosting with Americolor Soft Gel Paste in Lemon Yellow I picked up at Hobby Lobby.

Frost you Cupcakes (Here is a pic of me frosting with the Lemon Yellow color):

First Cupcake's were minion faces. I found a picture of these minion cupcakes on Pinterest, but ONLY a picture no website or person to give credit too.  So if you are the owner of this original idea please send me a message.

What you Need:
Yellow Frosted Cupcakes
Mini Marshmallows
Black Food Gel

Frosted your cupcakes with your favorite shade of yellow.  I cut my marshmallows in half so they didn't stick up too far.  I made some with one eye and some with two eye's.  Use your black gel to decorate a mouth, eye glasses and hair.  Have fun and make all the faces you can.

Second off was a twinkie minion cupcake.  They used a food writer pen to make theirs.  I used my frosting gel, which went on great but when assembling I did get a few black finger prints on my cupcakes ... lol.  I found SEVERAL versions of this on Pinterest so I'll give credit to Erica's Sweet Tooth one of the sites I found them on.

What you Need:
Yellow Frosted Cupcakes
Black Food Gel (Or Black Food Writer)
Candy Eyeballs

NOW I tried to use my food writer to do these but the Twinkies were too moist and the writer didn't look great so I went with the gel instead.  BE-CAREFUL when assembling not to get your finger in the gel or you'll get finger prints on your minion's.  I didn't assemble the cupcakes until we got to the party so the Twinkies would stay nice and not get knocked around on the drive to my parents house.

Take your frosted yellow cupcakes.  Take your Twinkies cut them in half.  I took candy eyeballs and added a little gel to hold them on.  I then took the black gel to make the hair, glasses and mouth.  Have fun make as many funny faces you want.

Here are minions ready to travel. 
I kept them like this until we got to the party

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Party coming together!

Well the party is almost here!  I'm ahead of the game this time around and hopefully if all works out have everything done Friday so Saturday I won't be running around crazy before the party.

Here is what I have done:

Anti-Gravity Serum

Cookie Robots

 Squid Launcher's

Vector's Coconutties

Minion Napkin Ring

Welcome Sign

Still to do:

Despicable Me Minion Sheet Cake


Minion Cupcake #2 found just a picture on Pinterest no link to person

Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Excuse me while ...

Most of you know I'm in the planning party mode for my youngest.  I get a little crazy with my themed parties.  But I know soon they will no longer let me throw parties let alone be in the same room as them with out being very embarrassed.  LOL so I do it up (ok probably over do it) for these special days.  I'm almost done with the party things, just need to make the food tonight and tomorrow so Saturday I won't be running around crazy.  Yes tomorrow will be my recap of what has been made and what is to come!

So a funny about my craziness!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Despicable Me Birthday ... Minion Paper Cups

Next on Despicable Me Party to do was the cups!  Oh yes we even decorated the paper cups. This was so simple and so cute, I was going to made only the 1 eyeball one's but Rick suggested I do a 2 eyeball version also.  I found this great idea on Moms Saves Money

What you Need:
Yellow Cups (12 Pack Dollar Tree $1)
Google Eyeballs (Dollar Tree $1)
Sharpie (Dollar Tree $1)
Black Card Stock
Craft Glue

I used my cricut to cut out the eyeball strips, I use George & Basic Shapes Cartridge. You could always cut them out.  I used the "I" on the size 4 to make mine and black cardstock I had on hand.  I used a little craft glue to glue the strap down and add one or two of the eyeballs.  I then took my sharpie to make hair and a mouth. YUP that easy and I think it was the cheapest thing I've made! 

My Despicable Me Printables I put together click HERE.

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Monday, June 23, 2014

Despicable Me Birthday ... Minion Gift Bags

Next on my list was the gift bags for the treats, most of you know me and I hate giving tons of candy or cheap toys that parents hate and throw away.  I rather just make cool themed items and add them to the bag.  I'll show the things I made soon!

What you need:
Yellow Gift Bags (I bought off Amazon - They were small not what I expected but worked out perfect - 2 Dozen for $5.88)
Ball Mouth Lids (found on Amazon 12 for $5.34)
Black Card Stock
Blue Card Stock
White Card Stock
Google Eye (Large)
Black Sharpie (Draw on the mouth)

What you need to cut on Cricut:
White Circle - Size 1 1/2 (Eye)
Black Circle - Size 1 (Eye)
Black "I" - Size 4 (Eye Strap)
Black "I" - Size 1 1/2 (Hair)
Blue Square - Size 2 1/2 (overalls)
Blue Rectangle 3 - 1 1/2 (overall straps)
Black 7 - 1 1/4 (for age on overalls)

Find a good glue you like, after the one I didn't like I went back to Hobby Lobby and found a craft glue that worked perfect.  I then added the blue square at the bottom for the overalls and added the straps.  Since it will be Caden's 7th Birthday I cut out a seven and added to the overalls.  I added the strap for the eye on top.  I then added a Ball Mouth lid (I meant to buy the Ball Mouth Ring but this actually worked better).  I hot glued the lid down, then used the craft glue to glue down the white and then add black and top with a eye.  I added 3 strips for the hair.  Then I drew on a mouth!  Done, and actually pretty easy!

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Despicable Me Birthday ... Minion Invites

Caden's party is this weekend so I'm in overdrive trying to do all the little things I've found on Pinterest.  I saw so many cool designs for an invite, most were one's you paid and they shipped them to you.  Well you know me I want to do it myself, plus it saves me money ... NOW not TIME but it saves money.

I used my Cricut to cut out everything which saved me TONS of time!  I used my George and Basic Shapes Cartridge that came with my Cricut when I bought it.  It was the best it had all the shapes I needed.

Here is what you Need:
Yellow Card Stock
Black Card Stock
Blue Card Stock
Grey Card Stock
White Card Stock (5x7 cards if you have them)
Google Eye (Large)
Black Sharpie (Draw on the G)

What you need to do:
Yellow Rectangle 1 - Size 5 1/2 (Body)
Grey Circle - Size 1 1/2 (Eye)
Black Circle - Size 1 (Eye)
Black "I" - Size 4 (Eye Strap)
Black "I" - Size 1 1/2 (Hair)
Black Moon - Size 1 1/2 (mouth)
Black Button - Size 1 (buttons)
Blue Square - Size 2 1/2 (overalls)
Blue Rectangle 3 - 1 1/2 (overall straps)

Find a good glue you like, I bought one at Hobby Lobby I wasn't impressed with.  I went back to my craft glue and it worked out perfect!  I printed on the back a 5x7 cardstock card the invite wording (I downloaded Las Vegas Font - aka Despicable Me Font - go to DOWNLOAD do NOT download the zip opener):

I took my corner cutter and cut the corners to be rounded. I glued the white invite on to the back of my minion.  To make the minion:  Take your yellow body, add the blue square on the bottom to look like overalls, add the straps and buttons.  Take a black sharpie to add a G.  The black strap is added to the top.  Make your eye grey, black on top and then googly eye.  After you add that eye on top of the black strip.  Add your moon for the mouth and the little I's for the hair on top.  See the picture below to show you step by step.

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

My Crazy To Do List ...

It has been a VERY busy week last and this week, I'm tying to take a breath and get through it.  As usual I have taken on too much! LOL  Caden's party is NEXT Saturday and I'm in panic mode right now!  So a quick post of what I have done!

Last week:
Olaf Cake for the Homeless Bday Charity:
(If you live in Washington and looking for a GREAT Charity
Check out Birthday Dreams)

Flourless Graduation Caps

Gamers Gift

Invites Made and delivered!:

This week:

Perler Beads in Minion Shapes Started!!
Need a total of 40 (2 per gift bag)

On the to do list:

Gift Bags Idea found on Somewhere in the Middle
(Ordered Supplies and will do Friday)
Minion party bags

With probably the overalls on this one:
Minion Goody Bags

Squid Launcher found on Precious Moments with the Morrow Family
(ordered guns off Ebay just need to make the sign)

Party Cups found on Fabulously Smitten

Have a GREAT weekend I hope I get down time.

2 Birthday Parties and all this to do!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Summer Time Gift

Well I had plans to make a gift for Caden's teacher to feature today but I didn't get around to a gift for her.  So instead I'm featuring a summer themed gift I made for my boss.  She goes to Florida a lot for work and for pleasure.  I wanted to give her a fun in the sun gift.  I saw several examples on Pinterest so I just took a little from all and made my own.

What you need:
Beach Bag
Beach Towel
Flip Flops
Sun Screen
Trail Mix

I took all the items and stack them together.  I tied them up with a ribbon and added to the beach bag.  Fun in the sun all in one bag :).

Any Summer Plans?

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Monday, June 16, 2014

End of Year ... Graduation Cap Cupcakes

Next on our graduation list to make was for another grad, sadly I did not make it to the party in time so my bestie got a ton of cupcakes to eat with her family ... lol.

What you need:
Mini Rolo's
Mini Ghirardelli squares
Red Hots
Frosted Cupcake

Frost a cupcake (I use my sturdy buttercream frosting) then I top with the little graduation hat.  I took a mini rolo added a little frosting and attached the Ghirardelli square.  I found these mini Ghirardelli square's at Walmart, they were the perfect size!  For the top I added a little more frosting to attach some Twizzlers I cut and topped with a red hot.

Super Easy and they look so cute!

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Sunday, June 15, 2014

End of School Year ... Flourless Chocolate Cake Graduation Caps

We had a graduation party to attend this weekend for my friends son who I've known since he was a baby!  Let's just say I was the noisy neighbor that use to throw crazy parties late at night.  And here I am married with kids of my own, going to bed early instead of having cocktails.  I wanted to bring something fun to the party I found flourless chocolate cake graduation caps on Hungry Happenings.  They are delicious!!  MOST people probably could ONLY eat a bite or two since they are so rich. ME on the other hand with my addiction to all things sugar probably could eat everyone and stuff myself full!!

What you need:
Flourless Chocolate Cake (See Recipe Below)
18 ounces semi-sweet chocolate, finely chopped* (I used Chocolate Chips)
2 sticks of butter (1/2 lb.), cut into small cubes (I just threw it in)
8 large eggs
a small amount of butter to coat the molds
ALEXIS NOTES: I used Cake Release but found that butter worked better! I bought my mold on Amazon (Freshware 15-Cavity Mini Half Sphere Silicone Mold and Baking Pan).

Cake Directions:
Preheat oven and a roasting pan filled with enough water to go halfway up the sides of the silicone mold, at 325 degrees Fahrenheit. NOTE: You will want to bake your cakes in a water bath so that they will bake evenly and be creamy and smooth. ( I used the roasting pan like she suggested, let the pan with the water get warm in the oven then add the silicone pan). I also did 6 cakes at a time.

Place chopped chocolate and butter in a microwave safe bowl. (I did mine for 2 minutes she did her's in 30 second intervals). I whisk eggs in a mixing bowl with a hand held mixer on medium high until the eggs double in volume. You'll want the chocolate to be warm at this point, so make sure it is warm to the touch. Stir one third of the eggs into the melted chocolate to loosen the chocolate. Fold in the remaining eggs.

Butter your silicone molds. Equally divide batter among 18 half sphere silicone mold cavities, (I found one batch made only 12 cakes for me). Bake for 10-14 minutes until the cakes still looks moist but are set. Insert a digital thermometer into a cake, (my oven must have been off I found mine became a gooey mess if I didn't bake for 35 minutes). Once the cakes reach 140 degrees Fahrenheit, remove them from the oven and set on a cooling rack. Using a thermometer is the best way to tell if your cakes are done (I didn't have one this could have been my problem). Don't overcook them, or they will become dry. 

Bake these in batches, just be sure the water doesn't evaporate too much. If it does, just add more water to the roasting pan and allow it to heat up for a few minutes. Allow cakes to cool completely. Un-mold by turning silicone mold upside down and pressing the cakes out while turning the mold inside out. Keep refrigerated until ready to decorate. 

Chocolate Directions:

Turn a rimmed baking sheet upside down and set a piece of parchment paper on top. Spread half of the chocolate into a thin layer on the parchment paper. Set it in the refrigerator for about 3 minutes, just until it looses it's shine but isn't completely set. It needs to be soft enough to cut through. Cut into 3" squares using a straight edge and a pizza wheel or knife. She used a 3" wide piece of Plexiglas that to cut her chocolate barks into squares, I eyeballed it, her's turned out better (next time).  Refrigerate the chocolate until set about 10 minutes.  

Reserve a small amount of melted chocolate to attach the tassels to the caps, and repeat with remaining chocolate.  (I just made a huge batch with my chocolate and used frosting to attach the cake and cap).  

Decorating Directions:

She used a clay extruder to make the edible tassels, I used red Twizzlers (I was in a hurry and Rick would have KILLED me if I bought another tool for baking). I used a red hot for the button and some red frosting to attach the Twizzlers and Red Hot on top of the chocolate.

ALEXIS NOTES: This took a little time but I think they turned out great.  I've NEVER made a flourless cake before so it took a little time to get it right.  My oven took 35 minutes to cook, I then put in the freezer for a few minutes before letting sit on the counter and popping out of the silicone mold. I found the chocolate melts worked best to make the capes using my NEW 13 Inch Angled Spatula and pizza cutter.  I wish I had 2" plastic that she used to make them perfect but I know for next time.  I used Twizzlers instead of the extruder she used, Rick is already on me with buying new stuff for my baking so I went with what was easy and I had on hand.

A little work but as Cole said they were a hit!

Don't forget to see the parties I link up to HERE.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Busy Weekend Ahead of me ...

I did it again over extended myself ... ugh!  We have 2 birthday parties to attend, 1 graduation party. PLUS I have to get all of Caden's invites out for his party and oh yeah I volunteered to make ANOTHER cake for the homeless kids party and I volunteered to help at field day!

My Plans:

I got the invites done
(WELL enough for the class at least
I gave up at midnight last night)

The Cake I'm doing for the homeless charity

Olaf - Well I'm going to attempt one like this

The Gamer Gift I'm putting together
Idea found on Bubbly Nature Creations
Snacks and Video Games Gift Basket!   #shop

The Summer Gift I'm putting together
Idea found on Living Practically

The graduation mini cakes I'm making 

Have a great weekend!
Wish me luck!!

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