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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Jordan Book Tour Giveaway (5 Winners)

Here we go again ladies, just check out that cover! Really I want to know where they come up with these saucy covers! Doesn't his eyes just look piercing? Ok enough about that.

The newest addition to our steamy romances is a science fiction feel. You meet Vivianne Blackstone, she's a career minded woman with her love life on the back-burner. She's currently designing a spaceship to protect Earth from the Tribes.

In walks Jordan McArthur allured by the engineering of the spaceship at first but then by Vivianne herself. Can he destroy job and her love life?

Jordan McArthur is not your normal man his past go as far back as King Arthur. He's on a mission to find an ancient artifact that may just be the answer to save the galaxy. Vivianne and her ship could be his ticket! How can he get to go along with his plan? Not planning it but the friction between them burns hot making his plan go of course. Love is the last thing they need during this time.

Of course I'm going to leave you hanging with that! I know I'm so mean but you need to read to find out!

Thank you Hachette, you keep me stocked with books and my husband happy that I'm not buying out the book store :).


FIRST ENTRY - Leave a comment if you've read Susan Kearney or are you new to her books.

EXTRA ENTRIES - Do as many as you like just leave a separate comment for EACH:
Giveaway ends 3/15/10 Only residents of the U.S. or Canada are eligible to win.

I was not paid for this review these are my opinions and experiences, I received products to try and to tell how I liked them. No monetary or any other form of compensation was given to me. I review products free of charge to give my experience and opinions.

CSN Upcoming Review

I'm so excited I've been asked to do a review for CSN, I've been drooling over the other girls reviews and actually did a happy dance when I received the email. I drool over the bar stools that are just amazing, we have a bar that comes out the backside of my stove. You know so while I'm cooking, my friends can sit and drink a glass of wine. Yup I do all the work and they drink ... hmmm I may have to rethink this .. LOL. Well let's just say my bar stools are far from glam, they do their job and I thank my mom who bought them but let's just say they aren't what people comment on. Well they may because the boys left food on them! Looking to dress up your bar area, well I've attached a few of my favorites :).

Think Rick would dig this one?
Oh come on they are pink and shiny!!!
In my world that's all that matters.
This may be more along the lines.
We're switching to darker tones
Or I could just run away to the beach
Yup I think that is one for me!
So take a look and I promise you won't be sad you did every bar stools was discounted to an amazing price and get this FREE shipping!! Yup I told you, it was worth checking out. I can't wait until my new Calphalon Contemporary Stainless Steel 8 Quart Multi Pot arrives you so know I'm going to doing some serious cooking post with it! And get this they have over 200 stores to check out everything from Lighting to bar stools to Mailboxes.

Thank you so much CSN I love to cook and will have so much fun with my new Pot, don't worry pictures to come soon.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Oh No She Didn't ....

As you most know Rick has been working A LOT of hours, he's salary so don't think it's saving my shinking ship! So he does get this perk is he gets flex time so he may get a day off to you know be here with the kids and HELP me out! So it's finally time, he's got some time and has worked at the new job long enough to be able to use this time! Yeah I know You're all laughing because you know my life and how it works!

So of course in steps MIL her boyfriend (common law husbsand) dad is needing to move and needs help. Most of you are like well that's fair it's family, the catch it's TWO STATES away!!!!! Yes so of course to be cost effective and with work schedule he must leave next Thursday and return Monday!!! So you see my frustration? I love Rick is always willing to help and give the extra hand but sometimes it really puts a bigger load on me. Thankfully yes there is a weekend in there but that means I have do drop off those days with school and daycare meaning I have to take off work.

So I was talking to MIL on the phone this weekend just having a vent about how I'm a bit overwhelmed and will she please kick her son. I don't know why I even said anything it's not like she's on my side ... LOL. She then said she really needed him and hoped I wasn't upset. This time I didn't hold back I sad yes I was upset I understand they need help but the $350 they gave Rick which is not like it's helping us it barely covered the airfare, car rental and his food for those days. They could use that money on a mover! Sorry to be a little snippy but I mean come on!

So MIL who sadly has never meet her grandchildren, she's has diabetes and can't walk. Then said to me why can't you're parents just help out and take them a few days!! I almost came threw the phone I didn't want to be rude but come on you're not here to help, not cool to just think my parents would help out. Well news flash NONE of you grandparents help me out like that! She had other suggestions but didn't want to really understand this is more work and a pain in the arse for me!!!

We ended our conversation with her commented on me and Rick's argument about what I do vs what he does. Her comment was "Well I don't want you to break up but it may be best". Oh hold on Nelly WTF???? Breaking up did I all of a sudden become a teenager in a romance again? Did the kids, the house our lives equivalent to a silly romance? Yup oh wait her last advice to me a few years ago when Rick and I had a rough patch was "Boys will be boys, they just do this stuff we just have to expect it". Oh yeah sometimes I really wonder about this old school thinking, because this girl so does not play that game. Watch out my dear because I don't roll over and let things fly over me either!!

So next weekend I may just be bald in a corner and crying, needing some mommy alone time! I'm stocked up with fruit snacks, cheese sticks and duct tape if needed! LOL

Side Note: Over all my MIL and I get along she's a nice lady, she does live 2 states away so we don't have a lot of contact but by phone maybe once a month. She of course will always think her son can do no wrong. Insert head slap here!
Rick may have this to look forward too!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rocking the Punky Brewster or is it Flash Dance

LOL so I look in the mirror before going to the gym and yup rocking this look!
Oh yes she did and didn't say anything to any of us!
YES I gave her the stink eye!!!

HELLO I'm trying to read
between you and the radio I may go postal!
I do recipes Tuesday so I can't do the Post-it Note Tuesday, but I love the concept so I thought I'd use it for this post. Make sure to check out on Tuesday.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Weekend Wrap Wednesday ~ Hair, Dad's Birthday & Caden Happenings

This actually was a low key weekend I think I was so tried that I didn't really do much. You know they say working out gives you more energy but man I'm just so beat. But I keep going (more tomorrow). Today I thought it would be fun just to show some pictures of our weekend :).
Mommy even had mommy time, and got my hair done!
It was quiet and I was able to read ok I feel asleep in the chair
She has these great rocking chairs you sit in while you process
I guess I feel asleep, you know how I know this????
I snore and WOKE myself up!
Caden was a busy boy!
He decorated the walls and of course the floors!
While working I keep hearing this click, clonk.
I look up to find Caden coming down the hall!!!
LOL he was so proud of himself
Oh yes and he took my camera and took a pic of himself.
Then we parked out skates!
Saturday was my dad's 60th Birthday!!!
My mom was having a family reunion planning meeting so poor dad got kicked out by all the women. He came and hung out with me and the kids. He even took us out to lunch! It was so nice hanging out with him, we don't get to very often. The boys actually ate all their meals and behaved rather nicely, thank we were only at Shari's but we don't go out often so I was biting my nails!
If you would say a prayer or thought for my dad, after 28 years with his company and the day before his 60th Birthday he got a pink slip :(. They did give him 60 days but they have decided that their IT department be outsourced to Dell who outsourced to India. NOTHING wrong with India (no hate mail please) just sad that so many have lost their jobs. Mom works at the same company for almost 32 years now and looks like she'll be able to retire. But sadly this large airplane company has decided that my dad and his whole department is no longer useful :(. I'm just so sad since he' so close to retirement and as well all know how hard it is to get a job at 30 let alone someone so close to retirement. Thanks for your amazing thoughts and prayers!
So There it is our weekend in a wrap add in working out both days, grocery shopping, working and yes a good nap and going to bed early ... LOL

Monday, February 22, 2010

Tempt My Tummy Tuesday ~ Beef Tamale Crockpot Pie

Blessed with Grace

I also wanted to link up with Debbie for Crockpot Wednesday! Love to share my crockpot finds! Remember to use your liners!


This is a crockpot recipe that I found of course as I was running around trying to figure out what to do with the ground beef I had already cooked up. So I did a switching and made it a casserole instead of crockpot, next time I'll be doing the crockpot version! Enjoy!

1 lb. lean ground beef
1 onion, chopped
2 cloves garlic, minced
15 oz. can kidney beans, rinsed and drained
10 oz. can enchilada sauce
6 oz. pkg. corn muffin mix
1/3 cup milk
2 Tbsp. oil
1 egg
1 cup shredded Colby cheese
4 oz. can chopped green chilies, undrained
1/2 cup sour cream
1/2 cup salsa
1/4 cup chopped fresh cilantro

In nonstick skillet, cook ground beef, onion and garlic over medium heat until meat is cooked. Drain thoroughly and stir in drained kidney beans and enchilada sauce. Pour into 4-5 quart crockpot.

In large bowl, mix together corn muffin mix, milk, butter and egg just until combined. Then add cheese and chilies, including chili liquid. Spoon over beef in crockpot.

Cover crockpot and cook on low for 6-7 hours or until a toothpick inserted in the corn bread mixture comes out clean. In small bowl combine sour cream, salsa, and cilantro; serve with pie. 4 servings

Make Something Monday ... Philly Beef Squares

Make Something Monday

I found a recipe on and did my own little twist on it. It calls for processed cheese sauce, not a big fan so I use real cheese. Also frozen veggies and I had peppers already here. Next time I'm going to cut down the Bisquick to 1 1/2 cups same milk and egg and I'll saute the veggies. Live and learn :). Another quick and easy one to try out!

What you'll need
(see ground beef I cooked up enough for two meals, makes the next night a breeze)
Add ground beef and pepper and onions
In bowl add Bisquick
Add Milk & Egg
I added a little garlic
Again would have been better if all this was sauteed.
Add some cheese
Add the Bisquick
Out of the oven all golden brown.
Here is your neat little square!
1 1/2 teaspoons dried minced onion (I diced up a real onion)
1 lb lean (at least 80%) ground beef
3/4 cup cheese dip (from 15-oz jar) (I used real cheese)
2 cups Original Bisquick® mix (I suggest 1 1/2 cups)
1 cup milk
1 egg
2 cups frozen bell pepper and onion stir-fry, thawed, drained (Again I used fresh veggies)

1. Heat oven to 375°F. Spray 8-inch square pan or 2-quart glass baking dish with cooking spray. In small bowl, cover onion with hot water.
2. In 10-inch skillet, cook beef over medium-high heat 5 to 7 minutes, stirring occasionally, until brown; drain. Stir in cheese dip. Cook 2 to 3 minutes or until hot.
3. In medium bowl, mix Bisquick mix, milk and egg until blended. Pour half of the batter into pan. Top with beef mixture and bell pepper mixture. Pour remaining batter evenly over top. Drain onion; sprinkle over batter.
4. Bake 40 to 45 minutes or until golden brown and center is set. Let stand 5 minutes before cutting into squares. If desired, heat leftover cheese dip as directed on jar and spoon over each serving.
High Altitude (3500-6500 ft): Bake 42 to 47 minutes.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Try Darkness Book Giveaway (3 Winners)

Well we did Steamy Saturday with books so why not Suspense Sunday? LOL I know I just can't help it I'm crazy with nicknames and funny things so just bare with me.

As you all know murder and thrillers are my favorite type of books, they get me wrapped in and I can't put
down until I finish and this was one of them!

You'll meet a former trial lawyer Ty buchanan who has to now turned legal aid to underprivileged. He's was falsely accused of murdering his fiancee on the St. Monica's peaceful grounds. Instead going with the glamorours job he is recovering helping others.

Of course what would a great story be with out a mystery woman and her 6 year old daughter. Here he thought he left his previous life in the past, but this case brings him right back face to face with his ex-best friend Al Bradshaw.

When times get rough and the woman is murdered Bradshaw turns out to be the savor for the little girl. He never knew he would be in this situation or what he will do to keep him and the little girl safe!

You'll have read for yourself, but warning it can be a nail bitter.

Thank you Hachette, you keep me stocked with books and my husband happy that I'm not buying out the book store :).


FIRST ENTRY - Leave a comment if you've read James Scott Bell or are you new to his books.

EXTRA ENTRIES - Do as many as you like just leave a separate comment for EACH:
Giveaway ends 3/7/10 Only residents of the U.S. or Canada are eligible to win.

I was not paid for this review these are my opinions and experiences, I received products to try and to tell how I liked them. No monetary or any other form of compensation was given to me. I review products free of charge to give my experience and opinion.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


We have some winners :)

Tatjana said...59

I subscribe to your blog via email.

shortmama said...40

That chicken sounds great!

Michelle said...106

I'm working on getting back to the gym regularly, but ohhh those children are really getting in my way :)

Daffy said...88

Squeeze the button girl! I display it proudly


The Love Revolution Audio Book Giveaway

Shell said...1

I don't listen to many audiobooks, but I've seen this book in the store and am intrigued. I follow.

Crystal P said...53

I follow

moushka said...22

I am new to her books and I like the idea of learning more about personal growth.


Golden Moon Tippy Earl Grey Tea Giveaway

Tamara B. said...86

Would love to try their Organic Green Tea


I Can See You Audio Giveaway (3 Winners)

koopermom said...96

I have not read her. She's new to me!!!

Anne-Marie T said...86

I entered the Nicholas Sparks The Last Song Audio Giveaway.

Clueless_Mama said...13

I would be new to her books. Looks good though


The Seceret Life of Marilyn Monroe Audio
News Around The Blogs said...91

I got your button

Denny, Alaska said...81

Poor Marilyn's life was tragic. Thanks for entering my name.

Tatjana said...111

I have signed up for network Blogs


BabyPop Custom Made Capes Giveaway

Kim said...1

I'd get a yellow one w/the letter A!


True Compass Audio CD Giveaway

Pricilla said...7

I am in your networked blogs

Grand Pooba said...32

I added the giveaway to my sidebar

Emma said...45

I like to read the history of the Kennedy family.Please enter me in the giveaway.


A Separate Country Audio Book Giveaway

Daffy said...17

Baby, my sidebar was created for you!

Lori @ Couponomic Stimulus Package said...1

I follow your blog!

Pricilla said...4

I subscribe


A Change in Altitude Audio Book Giveaway Winners

Erin said...2

Yes, she wrote Pilot's WIfe and a slew of others! I love Anita Shreve!!

Michelle said...5

Oh, and I entered the cook book giveaway!

Rebecca Jo said...1

Didnt she write "The Pilot's Wife"???


Phew ok that about wraps us up :) Well that is until tomorrow ... LOL!!!

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