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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Really need to check first ...

So today I had a plan to go to the farmers market. I get everyone up make breakfast one to make Julia jealous yet again .... wait for it ... Pop tarts! Oh yeah I know it, I got it going on! So after our healthy meal of pop tarts and toast for Roy (I think the pop tarts were too sweet). We get all dressed and in the car. Rick didn't get home until 3am so I figured us out of the house would give him some down time! We drive down to Puyallup to find that the market is closed? Well there goes that idea, thankfully my friend that lives up the street is home. We stop by, sorry about that Ang she was still in her PJ's. We get a chance to talk and the boys play, well Cole and her son does. Caden is perm stuck to mom and Roy watched Spiderman II. It was nice to talk to a grown up and have most of the kids occupied.

After I visit we hit the Fred Meyer clearance sale, can't beat school clothes that are marked down and then another 60% off! I'm so on top of this school thing, I got clothes and supplies within days of the start of school! Pretty proud of myself its days before and not the day before, I'm sure I'll miss something and do a run the night before but hey let me smile now! Thinking I gave Rick plenty of time to sleep, hey it's 2pm now that should be enough sleep! We head back home. Quick naps for the boys while I do my favorite thing laundry, I think the neighbor slipped in his loads again. How come I keep doing laundry and the pile never goes down? When I figure out the answer I'll let you all know because I'm sure you're dying to know also!

When ever one gets up it's time to go again, you know I don't let grass grow under my feet or the price of gas to let me down. Hey why not money grows on trees right? What it doesn't? Well anyways we head up to my parents house, so Cole can throw rocks, Rick can jet ski and I can sit around having a cocktail right? Well at least the boys get to have fun. Roy actually went Jet Skiing with Rick, I'm sad to say I wasn't down there to get a picture. Mom made an awesome stew that we had for dinner, that was the first time I've seen Roy eat everything! Guess I need to take some cooking lessons from mom.

On our way home we stopped by Fred Meyers because you know I'm a dork and didn't get the Pink eraser when we were there in the morning! Yup just another day in my life, I think I need to go back to bed!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

How much can you do in one day ...

I can tell you this because today we fit as much as we could in one day! This morning started with an early rise from Caden, nothing new here! I got the boys up a little later so they could at least sleep since I no longer get that pleasure. I made a nice breakfast, you know pulling out all the stops with toast and scrambled eggs. I know hold on to your apron Julia Child's I'm moving in! Then I put on my apron once more for a wonderful lunch of Tuna fish sandwiches. I thought I'd take the kids to the zoo today and being the thrifty (penny pincher) that I am thought I'd pack lunch instead of paying the $6 for a little chicken sandwich or whatever else they try to sell you. So I pack my cloth bag (look at me being all earth wise, really you need to stop rolling your eyes @@ they may stick that way) with the sandwiches, juice boxes and water. I pack everyone up and try to usher 3 boys in the car. Ok so I'm running 1/2 hour behind what I said I would be but at least we're all in the car. Wow is all I can say 3 boys is so much fun to get out the door everyday, I can't wait until school next week!

We picked up the other exchange student and headed to the zoo. Something must be going right I pull up to the zoo and find a spot right in front. Then we unpack the car, Cole says he wants to walk so I only take the sun stroller. Cole then tries to do his independent stunt which of course make everyone look at us. Oh please we were starting off so well! I get him to calm down we walk in right behind a guy who is smoking like a chimney since you can't smoke in the zoo, after he flicks his cigarette in the bush (yup real thoughtful). We then start our tour, I think we're doing good I may ditch the trash talking guy and his loud obnoxious family but nope they follow the same path. At least this time it isn't my kids being looked, he's taking some of the glances off us. We then stop for lunch and guess who is right behind us, yup you guessed it! The kids of course don't want tuna fish, so they pick up some food and my boys get tuna. Well at least I tried to have them eat tuna, of course since the others were eating french fries tuna wasn't good enough. So my saving ways actually cost me because if I would have just skipped using the 3 CANS of tuna I could have just bought the fries I ended up buying and oh yeah the polar bear cup too! Fun Fun! But the best part was my friendly neighbor guy who decided that the "Don't Feed the Birds" sign didn't apply to him and started to chucking Cheetos (healthy) and sandwiches everywhere. Anyone for Alfred Hitchcock's "Birds", yup that was the scene we had in the eating area. Thankfully again dirty looks and comments were directed to them, so my kid screaming that he didn't want tuna just passed right over! Yeah!

Back thru the zoo we go, let's leave now before they get up and go this way they won't find us! Who am I kidding all of a sudden I hear a lot of screaming and look over at the other hill going to the spot we're trying to get to and what do I see? My friendly guy with his kid sitting in a old school metal wagon flying down the hill! Oh yeah and almost hit a girl, that was in a cast!!! Welcome to the zoo where you see all types of animals. We ended our trip after that quickly after that since now Cole is tired and wants to ride after calming telling him I didn't bring the wagon for him to ride in since he told me he wanted to walk! We ended our trip with one last stop at the merry-go-round. And oh yeah the gift shop because the exchange students want to buy stuff, I'm happy to report we didn't break anything we just got looks from people because Cole of course found the one toy that made the most noise! Now where is that guy when I need him?

Some fun pictures from our trip to the zoo:


What I don't get to go on the Merry-Go-Round?

And this is what happens when you get home from the zoo:

One doesn't even want to get out of the car.

You can't even move your legs to get all they way on the couch.

After a quick nap we get a call from my friend Casey for a dinner date, hey why not let's do that also. So we meet up at Applebee's for dinner and have oh so much fun. You know between Caden whining and Cole doing his thing. Poor Roy what an experience to come into, welcome to America. After giving our dinning experience an hour, it's time to leave! This is what happens I forget what it is like eating out with the kids so every 6 months I try it and swear to never do it again. Hey check back in 6 months I'm sure I'll have another fun story!

Since it's now what 7:30 why not go to Wal-Mart to get our school supplies, you know it's only Saturday and school starts Tuesday for Cole and Wednesday for Roy! Sure it sounds like perfect timing! So we head to Wal-Mart to find the bins are completely empty? What empty don't they stock this stuff? Well sure they do you just need to go up and down isles and look thru a war zone that looks like the toy isle after Cole is been there! Guess what the one thing they don't have PINK erasers? Really what an odd item to run out of, guess we'll pick that up tomorrow. So after that lovely day I think it's time to go home before my legs give out, the walking is finally starting to get to me.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

What a whirl Wind of a few days ...

Well it looks like we're all settled into are new roles, ok maybe not settled but coping? Are first night was a little rough. I don't know how these parents do it and can understand how hard it must be not to control the environment your child is in. It's going to be a trial and error with the language barrier but I think we're doing pretty good. We had a few items he wanted you know like an extra blanket, I know why would one want that. Plus did I mention our internet has died again?

So let's see a recap of the past few days, since I know mylife is so comical that you couldn't miss out on a minute of it right?

Well Wednesday started off with a fload of emails from the host place with some items he needed like the blanket. Poor kid is in a foreign country with a little knowledge of the language and in a strange persons house. I mean strange in the most loving way of my family, because to others strange may be a stretch of the word. Ok by stretch I may be stretching it ... LOL I just crack myself up. So I think we made it thru the request and helped everyone feel like at ease. My dad even came up to try to fix his laptop, with no luck. The host people ended up coming over and staying for a few hours. They got his internet work (I'm not even going to talk about that). And he was able to live chat with both his mom and dad. My dad took Cole for a drive and to pick me up some milk, don't I have the best dad? So I first whole day was a little rocky, but I think we'll make it out on the better end.

One thing that the host people asked is that our student go visit the other student instead of going to my daycare lady. I was trying not impose on them, but I guess they alreay cleared it with them. After I dropped the boys of at daycare I swung over and dropped him off at their house. Very busy day at work, the receptionist is gone so I'm doing her job and mine which is always fun. But hey I think I look good in several hats, just not usually at the same time. I was able to get out a 1/2 hour early to pick up Roy and run quickly to Target to pick up the chips they told us to bring. Of course we run in and get in a line, it never fails the line I choose is the problem child. The lady in front of me is buying things off her registry, well they didn't give her the 10% off and the manager gets called over. Instead of setting her aside and starting my to ring up my chips and the diapers, they continue to talk right there. Plus the lady wasn't moving an inch from her stuff and got very heated with the manager mind you still right in the lane. Even when the guy wrung up my items, she still stood there. Now I totally understand why she's upset, but just move your butt 3 inches so I can run my card. Darn where is my wagon when I need it. So after gently bumping her with my butt, hey I asked nicely to move well as nicely as I could thru gritted teeth! We hop in the car of course now I'm running tottaly behind and still need to grab the boys to go to the silly BBQ. Ok from my previous post you know my hubby is NEVER on time. So of course the day I'm running behind (not my fault this time) and he only has 1/2 before he gets back to work. So of all days for him to be on time today was not the day! So we get there 20 minutes late, get in the long hot dog line, I rush each boy to fill their plates and oh yeah drop off my chips (the ones I had to bring) to the PILE that is overflowing on the table and oh yeah under the table also! I run Rick in real quick to see the daycare and Cole's new room, he then has to rush back to work leaving me with 3 boys to finish eating and to tour the facility. It was a crazy windy so my napkins and the empty of bags of chips (the ones that I HAD to bring and made me late) kept flying over to this lady who was getting very grumpy at me. So after the 3rd dirty look I decided I better move before I hit her boiling point especially since we're at a Christian School. I take the boys to see the daycare room which of corse is full of toys and I had to pry Cole, I mean gently ask him to pick up the toys and move towards the door. When then headed to his PreK room where they give us a piece of paper with a scavenger hunt. So picture this I have Cole running around (since he of course ate a cookie full of sugar), Roy trying to hide behind the door and Caden in his sun stroller (at least it wasn't the big stroller) trying to keep everyone together and looking for these 10 items! Yup I lost Cole's attention the first 3 minutes, Roy slipped out the door and went in a corner and Caden was not happy about being put in the stroller any longer. I then have to bolt over to were Cole is dumping the scissors everywhere, leaving poor Caden in the middle of the room. I turn around to see a little boy pushing Caden in circles. And then I run back over there to grab my son and the mother says a snipe comment about me leaving him and walks away. Hello the room is as wide as a small bedroom and he was less than 4 feet away from me on the other hand your child was less then a inch for you and you proceeded to let him do that to my son. Oh yes you know it I make friends were ever I go, I can tell this mom and me are going to be great friends! After the explosion of scissors and maybe a few markers I gather everyone up for our family picture. Roy got a big smile that he got to be part of the picture. Then we head for the door, where sticky hands Cole grabbed another mini brownie. Oh yeah this is going to be a fun night.

I get us all load for the short drive home and then unload quickly. Roy heads right to his room and closes the door, poor guy I think we may scare him. After a quick bath I try the internet again, no luck it's dead and yeah now so is my computer! I call Qwest to switch services and see is there any way I can pay extra for speedy delivery, no such luck no internet for the next few days. After 1 hour on the phone I'm exhausted and def because of course everytime I get on the phone Cole decides it's time scream to get my attention. At one point the guy asked me how many kids I have, then he made the comment about how he would only want one. Oh just you wait buddy, one can make plenty of noise. Yup I use to be that believer also and I'll be the first to admit I use to say "my kid will NEVER do that" oh yeah I think God is paying me back for those comments and the looks I may have given parents before I was one!

Well the lady for the train table came, one less thing in the living room all I need now is a toy box for all the toys we had to move to put Caden in Cole's room. I keep finding ones on craigslist but they keep going so fast, I may have to break down and buy one. I told Cole it was time for bed and I think Roy thought him too because he went back into his room and shut the door for the night. Well it's finally quiet around the house I should use the time to watch my movie that came but I'm too tired to move.

I'll try to post tomorrow but with no internet, we'll see what happens.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

And one more boy to add to the mix ...

Well with about 5 hours of sleep I was an complete airhead at work. I made the birthday snacks announcement and I totally said something weird about breakfast being served? Really what the heck was that all about? That was my crazy morning, in between helping answer the phones and getting my office in order so I could leave early I couldn't even begin to tell you were I filled somethings? I guess it will be fun for the next few days finding what my warped mind was thinking.

We are now proud host family to a very sweet Korean boy who goes by Roy. I got to the airport around 1:30 and found out a little more about what we have in store. Roy is here with his friend Soo Jung (I think I spelled that right) for the school year. They were so shy at first, but as soon as we got into the car Soo Jung was talking nonstop she was so sweet even saying how much she loved my hair. I so wanted to shrink her and put her in my pocket to pull her out anytime I needed a boost. Now this would be horrible for her, not because she'd be shrunk no because I would be whipping her out like Flash Gordon all day long! We had a wonderful ride home and then in mid sentence she was quiet I looked back and she crashed, poor girl Roy had been asleep the whole time. We got to Tacoma and dropped her off with her host family which is just a few blocks from home. Perfect since they are going to be so kind and let me drop Roy off in the morning to ride with them and then let him go after school until I can pick him up. They were such a nice family and have been hosting college age kids for almost 17 years! They are going to be a huge resource for this trial period.

Roy and I then loaded up and went to register him at the school the teacher was very nice and let us do it a day early since I already had the day off. I think we got everything figured out, wow the world of homework I can't even begin to imagine what that is going to be like. I was just starting to gear up for PreK and now I'm thrown into 4th Grade! Watch out I think I may actually have to brush up on Geography etc. Yikes not sure if the brain is ready for that.

We picked the boys up and stopped by the grocery store, Roy was a HUGE help holding Cole's hand and getting him to stay by the cart. We went home and unloaded the car, got Roy settled in his room and start a lasagna. Of course I pick the most time consuming dish to make, finally around 7pm we have dinner. Geez I'm starting off with a bang. Well Rick is working late so wish me luck!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Have I lost my mind?

Really I think I have, because I'm just walking around in a dream world and just saying and doing whatever I want. Today I decided I better call the PreK that Cole starts oh you know next Tuesday! You know it would be nice to find out what school supplies he needs, because shopping this weekend won't be crazy at all. Knock Knock did I just sleep thru my experience at Old Navy this weekend. Then oh yeah when is that BBQ you have for the family before school, oh this Thursday no problem at all! Oh yeah when is my first payment due? This Thursday also, you got it not a problem at all. What happened did I all of a sudden morph into June Cleaver? No problem hunny would you like a night cap with that too? Don't mind me while I dust, make dinner, shop for the kids and oh yeah have a full time job and the rest on my plate! Let's just add on last minute shopping for school supplies and oh yeah the dress code! By the way you need to bring a box of individual packet chips for the BBQ. Hold on world I think I may just morph into Godzilla soon!

Then I get home clean up, do some laundry even though I did 2 loads yesterday and start some dinner for everyone. Then I just got settled in and got on my computer to write this blog. Well this blog did start at 8ish, but I'm telling you it's ending closer to midnight! So here I am exhausted and totally spent for the day. Around 8ish I get a call from the host people, they are in a jam and need someone to take a 11 year old boy. Sure I think that would be fine, when will he be coming? Oh tomorrow? Sure not a problem at all, oh you need me to pick him and his cousin up from the airport tomorrow at 1:30pm! That would be fine, then I hang up the phone and realize what the heck did I just do? Rick isn't even home and I just agreed to have a host student come tomorrow, the room isn't ready and either are we. I put my tail between my legs and call Rick, he took it better than I thought. He came home ate a quick dinner and we got to work on the room, we moved Caden's bed out, cleaned up Cole's toys and condense Cole's room to move Caden in. After cleaning up the now guest room, don't even ask about the closet, it looks like the closet from that movie that I can't remember the name for the life of me. We took apart Cole's bunk beds thankfully for mom and dad it's a great bed that is really like two beds stacked on top of each other. To move this new bed we had to take both doors off and then figured that didn't even work we had to take the headboard off too. Talk about a nightmare, Caden fell asleep on the couch and Cole of course bounced off the wall. He truly was bouncing, now that he didn't have a bed above his bed it became a bouncing room. Geez, I'm not even going to talk about the food items I found under Cole's bed. So here it is almost midnight and I'm putting the boys into there new room. The new guest room is clean and set up, hey he only 11 so the closet doesn't need to be open right?

Oh boy what have I gotten us into ... LOL! It should be fun, plus hey another boy! I told you all that if I had another kid it would be a boy, since even the fish is a boy I'm way out numbered now. Well off to bed I go, I'll keep you posted on our new housemate.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Back to being part of the world ...

Wow having no computer for a few days really shows you how much you are connected to the world thru electronics. I was climbing the walls, chewing off my nails ... well I guess it really wasn't that bad, just in my mind! So here's a recap of our crazy few days! I wouldn't want you to be deprived from the craziness!

Friday was crazy trying to catch up on all the work I put off so I could make the crazy dash to drop off the proposal yesterday. I was really knee deep in paperwork, and this is literal. Since I was in such a crazy rush on Thursday I got up to quick in my chair which shot back like a pinball and hit the edge of my desk. In a normal day (ok not even then) it hit a few, like 5 or so file folders. This created a wonderful sight of folders flying, paper going in every direction and other items all over my floor. It would look like an art project that Cole would make for me. And since I was so busy to get out the door I didn't have time to pick it up so here I sit with paper everywhere and a few footprints, because you know it's so hard to resist putting your foot on paper on the floor. At least this is the reason I'm coming up with for people to do this in my office. My day consist of paper sorting and a little hair pulling (my own this time, not the boys). I had to take a co worker to the airport which was oh so much fun in mid day Friday Traffic, got back to the office just in time to go pick the boys up.

Daycare is getting new furniture so it looked so bare when I walked in all the kids piled in the center of the room like the ghost of the couch wouldn't let them in the spot where it once sat. I talked the boys into go towards the car. I sent Cole around to his side when I put Caden in his side. I almost had Caden strapped down when I heard a funny, but familiar sound. I look under the car and see a stream going down the driveway. I run around the side of the car to find Cole standing there peeing! I so calmly asked him what he was thinking and I got the blank look like I was crazy. I had to pee is all I got. Really and you figured right here was the right place. Darn my dad for showing Cole that boys are special and can go potty outside. I tried to explain in my oh so nice calm voice that he was ONLY allowed to go pee outside when we were down at the my parents waterfront BEHIND the tree when we couldn't hold it to walk up to the house. This went over his blank face like everything I tell him. In the car we go, need to feed everyone and get ready for the night.

The fun is over for the night right? I put the boys in the tub and started to sort the clothes, now don't get that shocked look. My so called "Laundry Room" is the washer and dryer stuck in the hallway in front on the tub. I almost finished my first load when I heard a scream, I turned my head that's how close I was. To see Cole scrambling out of the tub screaming "He pooped in the tub!". OH boy I walk the three steps to the tub (hey it's a small house) and see a great amount of floaters. Ok that's the limit of bodily functions outside of the toilet today boys. I dry everyone off and start the task of scrubbing the tub and all the toys. I was so beat it was kind of nice to go to bed early tonight since I didn't have a computer to do the 2nd job.

Saturday we got up early for a nice breakfast. Mom called and asked if I could get a babysitter to watch the boys so I could help her in the yard. I tried everyone, can you believe people were sleeping at 8am? I mean come on we've been up and already had breakfast by this time of the morning. After much calling and no good responses I told mom sorry. She called back an hour later to ask if maybe I could try to come up and let the boys play in the yard. So I got everyone loaded up and thought we would stop by Old Navy to pick up a few pairs of $7 jeans that were on sale for the boys. Can I tell you I didn't have my thinking cap on that day. I got there to find the whole mall was packed I finally found a spot loaded up the boys and made my way to the mall. I walked into Old Navy to find a line that wrapped around to the back and back out the front door. Did I miss something is it the day after Thanksgiving? I didn't have my girls to stand in the line while one of shops and then we trade that way you make it thru the line faster. It's the only way to roll for Black Friday. But today should just be a normal day, hey it's only a week before school, ding back! Back to the car we go, while I loaded up I saw a friend of a friend. She took my spot and asked if I was going to the birthday party. Yes I'll be there tomorrow. Oh no the blank look, did I mess up again? Yes I did it is today at 3pm not tomorrow. Oh boy ok it's going to be a busy day, up to moms we go.

Well 1 hour of my yard work went perfect, Caden played by himself because you know Cole couldn't sit for the life of him. My girlfriend stopped by and played with the boys for a little while. But when she left all heck broke loose, Caden was no longer ready to sit and be nice, Cole was screaming and running around like the wild boy he is. Between me running around trying to make everyone happy and help my mom out at the same time. After 2 hours of me sweating from running around not really hard work and mom trying to keep Cole in line I figured it was time to leave.

We get home with enough time to grab the presents, thankfully this time I bought them in advance. And change my clothes, I'm looking pretty good at this time and the boys are "mostly" clean it's as good as it gets. We get to the party that was so busy, wish I had this turn out. The even rented an jumpy house, Cole was in heaven. It was a fun day, and oh so exhausting no computer again so I might get a little sleep tonight.

Finally it is Sunday and one more birthday party to go to. My day started out with a bang again speaking literally. Bra snapped in half and of course it was my back up one, since the other one died a while back and I never got around to replacing it. Guess it's time to go shopping and Rick is home so I can do this with out a huge train behind me. I got everyone feed and off I went. First I stopped by work to print the directions to the party, thankfully I did since the location had moved. Poor Jana went to check out the location to find a big pile of dirt where the playground had once been! I then went over to do my shopping, another ding bat move it's Sunday and they don't open until 11am. 15 minutes before they open, so much for a quick trip. I quick run for coffee and the stores where open by then. I pick up the birthday gift before I venture to the clothing store my least favorite task. Of course they don't have the color or size I needed so I had to go to the other store, the one Rick told me to go to last night that I said oh no worries I like the other one better and they always have what I need. Kiss of death I know. So I drive back to the other store and pick up what I needed.

I get home and thankfully with a call earlier to Rick, Cole is dressed except for shoes. I run in put on the new items I bought, squeezed into a pair of jeans that were loose a few weeks ago and loaded everyone in the car. I follow the directions and of course end up going the wrong way and need to turn back around towards the other way. Then I drive by the location and am going around in circles looking for a familiar face. Then I'm about to give it another try when I hear, Mom my stomach hurts. And look back just in time to see Cole puking, I pull the car over to the side of the road. Again sorry to whoever was behind me. Clean Cole up and my car, got to love baby wipes they always come in handy. I'm about to head home when I see the party and this same moment the sky opens up and a flood of water comes down on us. I'm running around the parking lot trying to find the entrance. Cole just loved it there was a boy around his age that became "my best friend" of the day. He was soaked and Caden was eating all the fruit. The party was fun, Cole had a nice break and didn't seem to feel bad any longer. I could only wish to have a day like that!

We get home and into dry clothes and the boys crash, and I took advantage and had a 20 minute nap before my cell started to ring. Dad calling to tell my the computer is ready! I told him we'll be up shortly to pick it up, finally I can reconnect to the world! We load everyone up and off we go. Mom was so sweet and packed us dinners for the next few days. I was all set computer working and easy meals already made. Now hopefully the boys will stay down for the night, some how I don't see that happening. One more week until school! The count down begins.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

And the hits keep coming ....

Well today is one of the busiest days at work, I was locked in my room for most of the day. How come a closed door means nothing at home or work? I mean come on the bathroom door is closed for a reason, no it doesn't mean oh mom just accidentally closed that of course she wants me in there! And then at work, no it means she would love for me to come in and ask for her help. And look she has a new hair style it's standing on end! HELLO it's from pulling on my hair from you crazy people keep coming in here asking silly questions that can wait until later! From all these lovely interruptions I was running so behind.

Well the plan (I know stop laughing soon one of you is going to really bust a gut) was to leave at 2pm, the proposal was due at 4pm in Olympia about a 40 minute drive in good traffic. At 2 o'clock I was running around grabbing all the help I could get. I think I may have set a rug burn fire from my feet running and not leaving the floor. I sent a very nice co-worker over to make laminated copies of the cover. Poor guy got there took 2 minutes to laminate and stood in line 20 minutes. Mean while I can't bind the proposal with out the cover so I'm pacing the front lobby. I think the receptionist was about to throw a stapler at me, or at least move me over before I burned a whole in front of the door! Finally she took pity on me and call him, he was at the light not even a minute away. But wait guess what today is you know it give burn the boot, it's a wonderful charity the firemen put on. The bad thing in my situation is my runner is stuck at the light where the firemen are walking door to door to get donations. So at 3:02 he pulls up and so nicely tries to help, I think I may have bounced him with my hip to move. Sorry! I was done and in the car at 3:09, oh yeah 51 minutes to make it there! I can do this I start out great moving with traffic just a little over the speed limit. Then it happened the brake lights started and we went to 10 miles an hour, oh please no only 12 more exits to go! Then light showed down on my car and the sea of cars parted, ok really this didn't happen but it did start to move again. Thank the makers of google maps I made it to my destination that I've never been to before with, now get this, 3 minutes to spare! They were only on the 2nd floor and the elevator was in my favor so I didn't have to sweat my way up the stairs, because you know sweat on the proposals may not be my best foot forward! I walk it oh so nicely into the office, oh only after I passed it twice! 1 minute to share ... oh ok maybe 40 seconds, but it was there before the deadline. I think I scared the receptionist when I handed it over and stood there, hey I wanted to see the time stamp go down. Nope no luck she just told me she would give it to them, I don't budge that easy. Yup I stood there until she got up and took it back, only then did I breath and go back to the car! And then sat in traffic to go home, what an amazing day.

I picked the boys up and homeward bound we go, sure it will be a relaxing night? Yeah right, oh I forgot my dad called on my way home and said he's on his way to the house to look at the broken computer! Oh crap ... the house is a mess like usual, but I always clean up before my clean freak parents (I mean this in the most loving way) come over. Like I've said before they are so clean I could only wish to be half as good! Well I knew I wouldn't make home before he got there, so I turned on the bat signal for Rick. HELP!! He was slammed with paperwork and so nicely (yeah right) offered to go clean. I must say I've found the answer to my cleaning prayers! Just send a bat signal to Rick, I walked in the door to a fresh smelling house. I mean literally "good" smelling he even sprayed fluffy stuff! My floors were clean and the dishes were done. For a minute I even thought he made the bed, which even I don't usually do I think it's my inner child revolting from childhood making it every day, but no worries he didn't. But he made the house sparkle, my savor! Dad worked on the computer for a while before he called it DOA, ok a bunch of computer geek terms were used that flew over my head. All I heard was I'm taking your machine and will try to fix it! Yup that's the way my life always goes, we'll see if it's back in time to do the second job Friday night. Fingers crossed everyone!

Dad did bring a little sunshine to this damp day, mom had packed a bunch of dinner foods! All homemade yummies, the kids and Rick may fall over from surprise. Homemade mac and cheese for dinner tonight, I never saw Cole shovel in the fast before! Well he usually eats fast, but this time he made sure it all made it in his mouth that's when you know it's good!

It's been a day I think I'll put everyone to bed early and take a breather and maybe a glass of wine. More to come I'm sure of it!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Burnt dinner anyone?

Sorry I didn't write anything last night. As soon as I got home I was so excited to find the episodes I hadn't seen of Army Wives. The boys did their best to sit still, well they at least kept it to a dull roar. And when I mean dull it's a sound just below Chucky Cheese on a Saturday! For once Rick's home entertainment system actually came in handy for me, I turned it on and was able to catch most words! It's better than nothing!
Rick ended up having a very busy day at work, I'm so proud of him even with his bum knee he caught 4 shop lifters! He then had to wait for the police to finish up and didn't get home until after 10pm. Here I was hoping he would be home early, so I made a special dinner. I got mom's recipe for the green beans and bacon, made up some potatoes and cube steak (Rick's Fav). Well when he called and said he would be home for awhile I had this bright idea to put it in the oven to "keep" warm. LOL ... I'm so blond I turned on low broil and shut the door, ok stop rolling your eyes @@. I was so into my shows and watching the boys that by the time I thought about looking at his dinner it was a lovely shade of black. It was cemented to the plate! Thankfully I had enough beans and potatoes to make a new plate, sorry no meat for you! Poor guy he had an amazing day at work and his reward was either a plate of black lumps or no meat!
What a way to end that day! Today was crazy busy at work and when I got home I find that computer is not working. GRRR does it ever end? I tried to call my dad the computer genius and no answer. Hopefully we can get this fixed before Friday to do my 2nd job. Does the craziness slow down at least? I don't think so! I'm sure we'll have more to come!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Mother of the year award here I come!

Sorry no post yesterday, it was so hot we lounged around the house and then went to my parents house to soak in the lake and have a wonderful dinner. Ok well everyone but me soaked in the lake since I have sworn off bathing suits. Hey putting my feet in is just perfect for me! The boys had fun swimming and Rick got to ride on the Jet Ski a perfect way to end this crazy weekend!

So today I got up and ran around like crazy as always! The last three days were so hot and poor little Caden still has the heat rash, so shorts and muscle shirts for the boys! We run outside and the car is a little damp, that's weird. Ok most people would stop look in the sky and see clouds take the boys back in switch to pants. Nope this is where the Mother of the Year comes in to play. We hop in the car and race to daycare and work. I get to work and look out the window and you know it it's pouring outside. Oh boy! I'm so glad daycare is a home so the boys will be warm and not get wet. What a day, guess I should have paid attention to the weather report since I'm also wearing capri's! Frozen legs and toes here we go!

Busy day at work, run around go to the bank, get gas, drop off clothes to the consignment shop and oh yeah drop off a delivery for work. Drive back to daycare and pick the boys up and home we go. Thankfully mom gave us a bean and ham soup she made so dinner is taken care of. We get home and I'm off like a shot gun. Rick is home with his knee in pain, 2 full days walking stairs and standing really hurt him. So of course he hurts and he's grumpy and both boys are screaming for food! I get everyone dished up and Rick mentioned the phone is still getting a busy signal (been like that for a while I don't use it, so it hasn't been my top priority). Well you know a grumpy hurting hubby then decides that everything is a high priority. Which of course means mom needs to fix it! Well at least they all got hot meals, and since I was on hold yet another 35 MINUTES with AT&T I had a few bites of my soup before it got too cold.

Finally when I get thru and I get the other person from India that is sitting in that room with the last guy I talked to. We had a horrible time trying to understand each other and to make matters worse she was getting VERY upset I wasn't getting what she was saying. Let's just say if I hadn't waited on hold all that time I would have hung up just to make a point, but then I would have to pick the phone back up listen to the stupid elevator music for yet another hideous time on "Ignore" as I like to call it! After a bunch of huffing (this time not me) we get the computer working it was a simple fix and something that I could have done if the guy last time would have told me! Then I let her know how anytime I plug the phone into the modem all the phones in the house go down! She then tells me to hang up, plug it in and call back. This is where I lost my cool! "Hun I just sat on hold for 35 minutes to talk to you, do you think I want to do that again?" This is where my southern accent comes into play. Now I'm not anywhere near the south or have I ever been there, but you get my riled up and it comes out. Maybe it's my split personality, that would explain a lot!

Back to the story I can't find a phone cord so I put her on hold! Take that girlie! Well my hold may have only been 3 minutes it still felt good to give them a taste of it. I think next time I'll put the phone up the radio station playing some stupid songs for them to hear! Well the phone seemed to work so I reluctantly let her go, only after she got snooty and told me to call the phone company. I polity reminded her I'm calling from my phone and it works just fine until I plug it into her equipment! Take that, she thought of me as a fly but I'm still buzzing and making her annoyed! Then I hang up the phone and Rick says to me so are you going to call the phone company? I'm telling you if that wasn't the only working phone in the house he might have found it in a not so sunny place! I took a deep breath and went to my room to relax before I had a Linda Blaire moment!

So recap of the day, shorts during rain not a good thing! Reminder to check the weather report each day! Try to remember to get gas BEFORE the light comes on! Unplug all electronics and phones, who needs them? Oh wait how would I blog? Hmmm .... maybe I can invent a tree Internet service and sit up there and type! No one will find me! Well good night Darlin'. Ms. Daisy May is signing out (I gave her a name, my split personality) Hugs Y'all!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Parade to a Reception to a Pool Party... Just a normal Saturday

Well as you know I didn't get to bed until after 1:30am, Rick got home shortly before that so we did the end of the day catch up. I tried so hard to keep my eyes open and into the conversation, I think my Uh Hun, yeah, oh right was totally keeping in part of the conversation. Thankfully Cole had stopped puking and Caden's fever had broke. Yeah oh so much deserved sleep. Well that would have worked except Cole decided he was going to crawl into our bed at 4am to WATCH cartoons! Really dude can't you just go back to sleep, yeah right! Then he politely told me that I promised that we could go to the parade this morning. Of course I did what was I thinking? It sure wasn't I'm going to be going to bed around 2am and then I'll need to be up the next morning at 7am to drive up to my parents house. You know since driving there yesterday after work didn't put a big enough ding in my weekly gas ration, let's do it a 2nd day in a row! So of course my sleep between 4am and 7am was far from peaceful. Well if you call a foot in your face or someone smacking your face saying HI is peaceful then there you have it!

I roll out of bed and I mean this literally I almost crashed my head on the side table, I could seem to get my feet to move down to the floor first. Cole of course was wide awake and wanting to leave right now! I barely had time to run a comb thru my hair and throw on something that I hoped didn't have baby puke or dried food on it. Got Cole in the car and then work Caden up and put him in the car. Last year they closed the roads 3 minutes early, yes I know this for a fact since I had to bat my eyelashes and ask very nicely while trying to tell them I still had 3 minutes to get to my parents house. This year I didn't want to risk this so we left early, total shocker I know! We even had time to stop and pick up some breakfast for the little one complaining that he was dying and needed to eat now. We got to my parents and waited a little bit before everyone started to gather in front and on my parents lawn for the parade. Prime real estate being a corner lot on the water, you get the best spot for fireworks and the parade. You know how great the attention span is of a 4 year old and a 1 year old, not the greatest at all. At 9:45am and mind you cars are still driving in front of my parents house, I knew I could have slept in a little longer. We were bouncing off the walls, finally at 10am the parade made it in front of the house. There were dancers, old cars and hey the city even showed off their sum pump! Hicks I guess we are! Yup that last a total of 20 minutes, well worth the morning wake up. A bag full of candy that the nice people just had to throw all over my parents front lawn (yup you got it who had to pick that all up) and 2 missing balloons. Poor Caden let go of his and then popped brothers it was a great morning, I'm so glad I got up early for this.

I talked everyone into going home for naps, yeah I can catch up on sleep! Ok well it was a great thought. Caden went right down, Cole on the other hand gave me a total of 10 minutes guess it's better than nothing. So I got up and watched a movie, why do I even try with these new movies? I tried the new Danny Devito film Just Add Water, what a weird film I guess if your into indi or whatever totally not my type of film. Took that one right back to the post office, and of course guess what's going on there? Yup a street fair with a jumpy house, guess what I'm doing tomorrow. We had a wedding to go to so I was able to convince Cole tomorrow. Got back home and Monnie called to check on the boys. Caden has a little red bumps that looks like a heat rash and she offered to pick up some stuff for it. Yeah that would be perfect! What how long until you'll be here? Oh crap I need to clean, so with in a 1/2 hour I'm sweating in streams down my face and my house looks half way decent when the pull up. Half way is a pig pen to my mom, she's awesome and always has a perfect clean house, I could only wish to have that. Monnie and Bapa stayed awhile to play with the boys it was great.

When they left I looked at the time, oh crap I need to get showered, the boys dressed along with myself. Caden of course at this time had a complete melt down, I was able to give him a bottle and get him to take a little kitty nap while I got ready. Then I ran around of course trying to find the gift, then of course the woman that saves all bags doesn't have a wedding one. Well it's polka dot's today, sorry! Then I loaded everyone in the car and off we went. I got as far as 2 blocks away before I noticed I didn't have the directions. At least it was only 2 blocks! Turn back around, run back in the house and then off we go again. I look at the clock, ok so being an hour late won't be too bad right? Oh geez one day everything will fall into place, right? Why do I keep asking this?

We got to the reception and it was just winding down, but the gang was rounding up to go to a pool party. Hey I dressed it's 90+ outside and we're already in the car, I'm so in! So we give our good-byes and head off to Heathers place that has a pool. It was the perfect way to end this day! Cole played in the pool with the other kids, Caden even stuck his feet in and test the limits of what a diaper can hold. Tarra ordered pizza and everyone sat around drinking beer, except for this "wino" as Shannon called me ... LOL love ya girl! I just had to make Heather run back into the house to break out her house warm gift! Just playing she heard me say something and was so sweet go run in and grab me a glass. What an amazing wild day and it's not even over yet, I'm about to start my 2nd day of phone calls. Fingers crossed it goes well and I don't have too many crazies or nasty prank callers.

Friday, August 15, 2008

And the bug that keeps giving and giving

Well this morning was a great one, NOT! Caden was up at 2ish burning up and screaming his little head off. I got him in our bed, gave him some meds to bring the temp and tried his favorite thing the wash cloth. Lot's of screaming and whining he finally went to sleep, only after we kicked Rick to the couch so Caden could roll around on his side. When I got him up he had a little fever but nothing like early this am. I knew it would be a short day, but I had a lot to do at work plus we needed phone coverage. Fingers crossed someone can do the phones so I can leave early to take him home.

Well my plan of leaving at noon turned into 1:30pm, I dropped off some drawings to be copied and begged oh so nicely that they could please deliver them ASAP. I ran and picked the boys up and called my mom to see if we could come up there where it would be cooler. She was taking Dad to an appointment but told us to head up. We stopped at home to get a few items and up to their house we went. It was great Cole and Bapa went to the waterfront, while Caden, Monnie and I hung out at the house under the fans. Monnie made a picnic lunch and down towards the water we went. The boys even got in the water to cool off a little, it was a great way to end this crazy day.

I got home put the boys in bed and started my training. Then at the end of it I hear Cole coughing. I go into my room to find him gagging and then oh yeah you know it puking on my bed. I get the bedding taken care of and then him on the couch with a puke bowl. Get myself back in front of the computer and hear he puking, thankfully in the puke bowl. I have just enough time to clean out the bowl and get it back in front of him before my new jobs starts. I'll let you know how it goes!

Well I thought I would log back on and quickly tell you how much fun I just had. So many crank callers that are loser and have nothing better to do then make obscene calls, but then I got some really nice people too! All the operators log on to a conference IM and talk the whole time, it was a blast! It's now 1:30am and I'm so pumped I can barely go to bed, but I so need to. I'll let you know how tomorrow goes, and if any of you need a part time gig let me know! I'm off to bed, hopefully the puke will stop. I doubt it Cole is back out here in the living room groaning and Rick just got home. LOL it was so funny when he came home and I'm taking these calls I felt like that lusty lady taking calls ... OMG it was too funny! Night Night

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Farmers Market Day

Ok everyone I started this blog yesterday and was having a GREAT day besides a little walking and smelly people. Then it all went to the poops, check out the bottom of my blog to find out the excitement. So sorry for the delay.

Today was a fun day I met my friend Lauren at the Tacoma's Farmers Market, when I finally got there it was a lot of fun. Let me back up and tell you how much fun I had when I got there! So I had this bright idea to park at the free parking at the train station and take the free tram to a block below the market. Well this started as a good idea I left work a few minutes before 11am thinking this would be perfect time to find a parking spot and take the tram and make it there by 11:15. No problem, when do you think I'll learn? I don't think I ever will. I get to the parking garage in awesome time, then the driving and looking begins. I drive up and up very slow because you know I might miss that opening that someone left. Well I finally end up on the 7th floor and not even in the cover part, out in the open. Thankfully it's a very sunny day or I really would be having fun. Then as I wait for the elevator and look down and see the tram leave, of course I did! I get down to the lower level and of course the tram is gone, 10 minutes until the next one! I stand there and wait of so patiently, you know tapping my foot looking at the clock that is telling me I'm oh so late to meet Lauren.

Finally the tram arrives and we hop on, it's going great no big deal I'll be a few minutes late. It's my life I leave a few minutes early just to be a few minutes late. My ride is great until we make the 2nd stop, these two people hop on and out of the whole empty tram guess who they sit behind ... you got it me! Which wouldn't be a big deal, unless someone had forgot to shower. Now I have a weak stomache to begin with but add in BO and a hot day and we have a receipe for dissaster. Of course my new friends ride the tram to the end, as soon as we get to the end I'm out of my seat like someone lit a fire under my rear. Well at least it was in the most lady like way I could do it. Then when those doors open I take in the a deep breath of Tacoma, which on any normal day would make you gag but after that smell it's smelling like roses to me. Up a block and over I finally make it to Lauren. Poor gal had to wait an extra 15 minutes, I'm such a smuck somedays, ok most days.

The market was great I picked up a great deal on green beans. Only after we had to check out each stand to price them for the best price. I know I'm crazy but hey the price went from $2.99 a lb to $1.49! Always the deal hunter I am. It was so nice to see my girl, I really miss seeing her. After a quick bite it was back on the tram I go, lucky this time it was fresh Tacoma air. After that I got back to my prime parking spot on the 7th floor and took off back to work, it was so nice getting out of the office I never usually leave the building. What a great day right?

I just had to think that right? I get back to work and start working on the list of to do and you know it the bomb hit. Grandma Pat called Caden is burning up and puking and she's wanting me to come pick him up. Oh crap so I rush thru the list and out the door I go. I get to Grandma Pats and their is Caden a lump on the floor. He's so hot and poor little guy is so grumpy. We get home and try the wet wash cloth and water. We're just striking out on getting anything that makes him happy. I finally got him down around 10ish and I just am bracing myself for a bad night, I'm sure I'll be coming home early tomorrow. Cross your fingers my training goes well tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's Wednesday right?

Today was just a normal day, you know Rick was sick and I had my phone interview for the part-time weekend call center! Yup nothing busy on this end, it just wouldn't be my life with out a little craziness right? How did my parents ever do it? They always made life just look so simple and easy. I guess on the outside the house and its surroundings always looked perfect, but maybe underneath there was more to the eye? I'm not sure but juggling a full time job, the boys, paying the bills (or at least figuring out who to pay and who can wait) and just trying to keep on top of the daily house things can drive you batty. Maybe this is why I am a little nutty and see the world in my nutty way. Hmmmm ... something to think of, you know in between loads of laundry, watering the yard/plants and oh yeah making sure that everyone gets everything they need in a timely matter. Or at least in a blink of an eye because you know we may just die if it doesn't happen in our time frame.

Well thankfully Rick was home sick, I'm sure he didn't think of it that way but I used it to my advantage. While I called the call center I took the boys into the bedroom with him. Peace and quiet right? NOT! Oh yeah, Cole escaped by escaped I mean opened the door and walked out while Rick watched him. He then came over to me who mind you is waving her hands like a moron trying to keep him quiet and out of the dinning room. Oh yeah all the while I'm training online with this very nice lady, who pretended oh so nicely not to hear the constant questions of "I'm hungry" "I want Spaghetti O's" "MOM ... I'm talking to you". This whole time I'm nodding (like she can see me) and saying intelligent things like "Oh yeah" "That's great" "Uhm", mind you I'm still waving my hands and snapping at Cole (I'm talented like that). I truly love the person that inventing these hands free ear buds, if I didn't have one of those I would have been a tangle of cords and whatever was on the table that I kept waving over. Oh geez if only you had a UTube video over this you could also see how my head was about to explode, steam came out and oh yeah I went from shades of Red to Violet to another shade I'm not even sure has been named yet. Idea ... I could invent a new Crayola color that all moms would know it instantly. Color ideas here!

Rick did grab the boys and gave them a bath, which last a total of 2 minutes (thank you phone timer). Then he took Caden with him (the quiet one) and let Cole run back over to ask more questions. Oh my gosh I'm so glad this job is very late at night when everyone is asleep or at least LOCKED in their rooms (oh stop with that look, his room has one of those plastic things that go over the knob). Well at least it use to have one on it, he learned if you stick a train track in it you can pop it right off! That's my boy!

My 30 minute training session went well with all the interrupts and shhings. It did feel like at least a few hours but again thank you phone timer it was only 30 minutes. And just for more fun they want me to do a 2nd training session tomorrow, phew at 8pm. Do you think I can get the boys to bed early? Stop laughing! I'm sure I'll have yet another funny adventure for you tomorrow.

After dinner Rick said he needed gas for his car. I suggested we all go, you should have seen his face it was priceless. One of those times you wish you had a camera for that one. Hey a little time when you can strap the kids down is all good for mom. I was able to close my eyes and enjoy the constant question's from Cole. Why was I so excited for him to talk? And now Caden will talk soon too. Oh boy, do you think it's bad to want to have earplugs? Oh ok I guess I'll just become a guy and learn selective hearing like Rick!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dog whisper for kids?

Where can I get a recording of this guy? If only this could work on the boys, especially Cole who again was playing in his room until late last night.

On a good note Caden had another good night and I had to wake him up when we left for daycare. And Rick thought the curtains wouldn't work, now his big complaint is the rod I picked out. I just got a cheap one, he thinks the tab style needs a wood rod, whatever dude!

Thankfully today wasn't too busy so I was able to leave a few minutes early to pick the boys up to go to the zoo. It started to sprinkle but who cares we'll be ok right? My famous words right? I always thinks it will be just dandy, haven't I learned yet? Guess not!

On our way to the zoo we passed by a bunch of trains. Cole informed me it was a train yard and then he proceeded to tell me which train was what and that it was stopped on the track waiting for another train to pass! I looked at him in amazement and thought wow reading those mind numbing books each night to him are actually teaching him and not just giving me wonderful dreams now filled with trains instead of sugarplums. Yummy food ... oh no got myself into a food frenzy ... back on track girl! I then asked him who drove the train and he looked at me like I had a 3rd eye! Maybe I should have this checked out I keep getting this look! Hmmmm He then informed me it was a engineer and he added duh mom just for effect! Oh yeah can't wait for school, he's going to come home and have to teach me the names of the plants. My plan to memorize just for the test in school is not going to help me now.

Well the zoo was much nicer today besides the sprinkle of rain and oh yeah me sweating and panting like I've just ran a marathon instead of just pulling the kids along. I'm telling you if my pants don't start fitting better soon ... well I guess eating those couple pieces of chocolate today must be stopped also? Really? See I did it again FOOD just makes my mind go wild. Ok back to the story. No pictures today I was to busy pulling my butt and the boys up a very steep hill that I looked at and thought oh this will be easy! NOT! After that I decided I couldn't walk anymore and needed to go home. After some stomping and heavy breathing (no it was Cole this time) we got in the car.

Home sweet home ... oh wait I need potatoes for dinner. So off to the grocery store, I have a plan and a list in my head (stop laughing). We run by the deli and thankfully no one is working behind the counter, sorry Cole no corn dog today. I'm running, oh ok I'm walking with a slight limp and praying that my sweat doesn't smell to bad. Back to the front we go, oh darn memory list I forgot the peanut butter. Ok back to the other side of the store, oh yeah you guessed it back by the deli. She just happened to be back from break, you want to know how I know this ... because Cole asked her where she was before! Darn one corn dog left and a Jo-Jo for little one who is freaking because Cole has something. Oh the joys of shopping with two boys! Maybe I can grow an extra set of arms and hey why not throw in some legs since these ones seem to be letting me down! Grab the peanut butter and hobble to the front. I think I lost all feeling in the left leg, just need to make it to the car. Wait use my cloth bags please, oh my gosh I've become a recycle crazed person. I'm barely making it the car and here I am wondering about plastic bags and the environment. Great super mom is now signed off to drag the limp leg behind me and a slight hunch to my back too. Now I've become the hunch back of Notre Dam ... perfect!

Rick said he was getting off early so I guess I need to get out of the car and into the house. That may also stop the boys from screaming to get out of the car too. Drag myself and the bags into the kitchen. Make up dinner for the boys and start on our dinner, and all I want to do is to take a nap. Then a faint voice calls in my subconscious ... why is it getting louder? Oh it's Cole yelling at me that it's bath time. Well at least he likes being clean. After bath time I clean the floor since there is more water on the floor then in the tub. Hey the bathroom floor is clean also! Yeah one less thing to do right? Start another load of laundry, do you ever feel like you do more laundry then clothes you own? Maybe the neighbor is sneaking his laundry in too, and then when the dryer eats those socks it eats his clothes too? Back to reality and finishing dinner, maybe Rick can help clean up. Oh I guess I slipped back into the dream world. I think it's time to go to bed before I start seeing the little elf that messes the house up at night!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Fingers Crosssed ... drum roll please

Today started out awesome I was able to get a few hours of sleep since I was up all night cleaning and making sure the house was ready for the visit! I groaned as the alarm went off and rolled out of bed, thankfully I ironed my clothes last night. Now stop laughing I gave up on fancy clothes when I started this job that is more relaxed then my last stuffy job. However today since I'm meeting the host people I thought my capris and T-shirt might not say I'm the best person to host a child. I even put a little curl in my hair, watch out world ... oh there goes that flicker, nope not going back to dressing up and wearing nylons and heels! On a great side note the curtain that I so gently urged Rick to finally put up in Cadens room might have worked. He slept until the time I was running out the door. I almost forgot about the little guy, since he was being so quiet. Oh stop that, Rick is home if that happened. Just playing Cole would never have let me leave with out his baby.

I got to work and my butt barely had time to warm the seat before I was off and running. First a trip to the airport and then back to the office, then off to pick up some prints, then back to the office and oh yeah back in the car to drop off those prints to Kent. Walking yesterday made my body a little achy and sitting in a car for the whole day wasn't giving me any hope of feeling those legs again. Before I knew it, it was time to leave to go home and meet the host people. I left hoping I could get there a few minutes before them and do any last minute checks. No luck they were sitting in the driveway when I got there. Very nice people the interview went only like 15 minutes, Rick showed up the last 2 minutes of it. So here's the fingers crossed moment, they will give us a call in a week to let us know if were going to host. I guess the kids come a week before school so if we're a go then we'll be having a host child the last week of the month. I'll keep you posted! On a funny note they stopped by Grandma Pat's before they came to our house. They said they meet the boys, oh boy what did Cole do ran thru my mind. I ask oh was he being crazy, he get's a little happy and shows off around new people. They said that he was very shy and didn't talk, REALLY? Are you sure you met my son? LOL got to love the little guy he put on his good face.

After they left I ran to pick up the boys, since I figured I would leave them there so I could actually talk with them. See this is where the truth comes about your kids always better when you're not around. I can only hope since we start school soon, and I don't want to have the kid that get's kicked out. Oh how I loved seeing the principal when I was young, don't think I'll enjoy it now that I'm older. Ok back on track I go! Ran quickly to Target, because you know anytime I go to the store it's a run in and run out situation. You know in my dream world, before kids! Of course we walk in and Cole had to have a hotdog, I've created a monster but it does help keep his hands busy and in the cart! Cole wanted Caden to sit in the basket with him. Oh great now even less room for items, that's ok this maybe the new way to curb extra spending. Hmmm idea (insert light bulb here) :). I didn't go in the back of the store so it actually wasn't too bad of a trip.

Back home we go to feed the boys and get them in the bathtub. While they were playing in Cole's room I took the queue to get off the couch and go water the front yard. You know you're getting old when you go out in a housecoat passed down from your mom, slip on shoes also from your mom and oh yeah a headbad from your mom to water the front lawn. Mind you I'm the corner house facing the street, so of course you have to be polite and wave to everyone that passes. What a sight I was, you could even see that they waved but looked at me like who is that looney lady? Yup that's me, and no pictures!

Rick had a class to go to so it's a night to curl up and watch what I want to. To bad it's the summer time and nothing is on TV and no movie have come yet. Darn, guess I'll go see what I have to eat. Geez get out of the freezer you don't need that ice cream, be strong! Glad to say it's still sealed and in the freezer, see Rick got all peeved about that ice cream and it's still sitting in the freezer with the lid sealed on it. On a side note that's good for me, I can't sneak a bite or 10 since it's open! I'm going to bed now before I bake a cake or something.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday ... Sunday ... If only it was like a song!

Today started with an early wake up again, little Caden was up at 6:11am. Darn red eyes of the alarm clock oh how you taunt me with your glaring time! Thankfully after some rocking and shhing he feel back to sleep for an extra oh so luscious hour!

After that we were up and running, or at least I was. It the usual running around cleaning the house and wondering how it can get so dirty in a week. The host placement people are coming on Monday to see if we'll be a good host family. Hopefully it sounds like a fun thing for the kids to experience and little extra money you get will be helpful also. A win win for everyone! After cleaning until my heart was content or at least until I could no longer move my hands. Time to take a break and move on to making breakfast for everyone. Rick ate a quick breakfast before running back to work for an hour and half, well at least that is what he said something always seems to come up an it's at least 3 hours.

Well Caden turns 13 months tomorrow so I guess I better get his 12 month pictures taken today, I know I'm so on it! Thankfully my mom can meet us there so I can have an extra set of hands. I'm not sure what the picture place does to my kids but as soon as we get there it's like I gave them a pound of sugar and let them go to town. Plus mom always brings really cool props that make the pictures very cute!

Pictures were an adventure, Monnie and Bapa ended up meeting us at the studio. Caden was not in the mood to sit. Every time his butt hit the floor he started to scream! Monnie helped out a bunch trying to make him laugh and he even let her sit with him. We got some really cute pictures of him and Monnie along with a picture of Monnie and the boys. While we waited to view the pictures we walked around the mall. Well we started to we only got down two store fronts to the build a bear. Bapa suggested the boys build bears, well at least have Cole build bears for the two of them. Cole picked out a Dino and called him T-Rex ... LOL I know so creative! I picked out a monkey for Caden who we named Banana's yup we are just real thinkers. Back to pick out the pictures we wanted, we got a few good ones with out tears. Even a really cute one of Caden smiling and a huge red kiss mark on his head from Monnie. I can't wait for them to arrive!

We said good bye to the grandparents and off to the zoo we went. Hey if we get dressed and leave the house I'm making it worth our while. Thinking Sunday would be a calm day at the zoo was a HUGE mistake. It was crazy, parking wasn't too bad I found a spot on the second lot. I loaded the boys in the wagon and off we went. We of course had to see the fish first after some serious urging from Cole, I mean "MOM the fish" "MOM right now!" They had awesome costumes for the kids try on. Cole was so cute and tried them all on, when I can get my camera charged I'll add them to the post. We then went over to the shark tank and Cole didn't want to leave their, but after telling him about the elephants we were allowed to leave.

We had a great time, until I knew it was time to run to the bathroom. After 2 kids bladder control is no longer my friend. So I knew it was time to run to the bathroom which of course is were we first came in. In one hand I'm pulling the wagon and in the other I'm pulling a kicking and screaming Cole. Now returning to the bathrooms was an adventure back up the steep hill that winds around the grounds. Now thinking happy thoughts so want wet my pants along with trying to smile at all the people giving me looks because of me dragging my kid. Hey he's lucky he's walking if I thought I could do it I would bend over and put him in the wagon, but knowing the bladder is weak he's just going to have to scream and dragging behind me. Now I'm sweating from trying to waddle like a 9mo pregnant lady and pulling all that extra weight up the hill. When I hear a "funny" man say "hey I think he's spilling his coffee all over him" ha-ha. What then I turn around to see my precious little one holding my ice coffee over his head. Guess he thought he needed the caffeine? Ahhh .... I really don't have the time for this any moment and it's not going to be pretty. I have waddle over to him and grab what's left of my coffee and continue my journey to the bathroom. Wouldn't you know it, it's full! So doing the dance, which you know of course helps you loosing your cool. The lady finally comes out of the stall and I try hard not to blow by her for being slow and in the way of me and my wagon. Thankfully I hear her words as I blow by there's no paper in there! Grrrr ... I waddle as quick as I can to the next stall and back to mine. I look down and guess who has the coffee again! Oh yeah, he just wants to bath in it.

After all this I know the fun is over and we need to get home. After a very loud disapproval from Cole we head back to the car. Mind you this is yet another snake like walk way all up hill, they must really hate pregnant and moms with wagons. By the time we get to the car I look at the wagon that I must load in the back of my car. I'm sweating and thinking very bad thoughts about what I would like to do to this wagon. I huff the wagon into the car and sit there for a few minutes, I'll be that person I always hates that sits in the car. I'm not sure if I can physically drive yet, my left foot is numb and the right one is half numb. I need to get home soon before the legs get the memo to go numb too.

Phew made it home and now I think I'm just going to veg on the couch. Oh crap the host people are coming I guess I better finish mopping. Cinderella signing off until tomorrow!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Do all Saturdays have to start like this?

Yet another Saturday with a bang or should I say cry. Yup you guessed it Caden is up early yet again. I should have known since he was out when we got home last night and I couldn't or should I say didn't want to wake him for a bottle. So I guess it's my fault but still doesn't make it any easier. Thanks to the alarm clock on my side of the bed the laser beaming RED numbers informed me at 6:24AM that the boy was up. Praying that a bottle will help, I ran ok bounced off a few walls and made my way to the kitchen. At 6:44AM I decided it was best to just get up, since I've been slapped in the face like a thousand times I get this funny feeling Caden is not going back to sleep.

Oh goodie I can watch some of my DVR'd programs and once I can get my mind to work I'm going to make a pot of coffee. I knew trying to do it in my current state might not make the best pot or it may just mean another mess to me to clean up later. Finally I was up and functioning I won't say anything about the cupcake, darn mom and buying those cupcakes for Cole. Doesn't she know they would just call my name not his! So let's just say all I had was a cup of coffee and I was ready for the day!

The market opened at 9am so of course I waking Cole up and leaving before 9am was an awesome plan right? Do I really live in a dream world and forget what kind of morning person he is. So around 9:45am we make our way out the door and down to Puyallup. It started out rainy so I had the boys bundled up and ready. My wonderful mind was thinking it would be slow since it rained, NOT!! I don't know what it is about a market and outdoor gathering that makes people loose all their manners, but today was no exception. Here I am with the boys in the wagon and my fabric bag because I'm so green like that (stop laugh those of you who know me, at least I'm trying). The first vendor is crammed full, you would have thought corn was like gas these days. I tried to wiggle my way in to the pack, got pushed a few times and even some nasty looks. I so badly wanted to remind them it's only produce and 7 cobs for $2 wasn't the BEST deal. I grabbed a few more veggies and then of course couldn't back my way out, so forward or bust I go. Yup that was fun thankfully a lady took pity on me and the wagon and parted the sea of the check out line. We make our way to the end and stand in line, again it was like going to the gas station the line was huge. Then my favorite thing happened a lady walked right up and stood right in front of me, didn't turn around nothing! When I said something she just started talking to the guy that was in front of me, like she was with him! Then this older gentleman did the same thing. This time my wagon became my raming rod ... LOL well he started it! Those of you who know me know I'm crazy about personal bubbles and this gentleman wasn't taking lightly that I wouldn't let him cut so he kept invading my bubble! Sorry boys .... I jerk the wagon behind me again, I think this time I might have got his foot. I mean really dude is being one person closer to the front that important, you would think so because when it was my turn to go up to the register he stepped right in front of me AGAIN. Thankfully for everyone around me I had the boys or it might not have been a very lady like moment in my life.

After I pay for my items I decide it probably wasn't my best move to get into the car! So I took the boys over to the playground for a little energy reducing for all involved. Cole ran towards the slides and was so excited. Do I always have to run into the Momzillas? You would think that kids are only to be heard and oh yeah this one slide is only for them. Really the dirty looks to my son and then to me are not needed. We all can slide and have fun. Cole may be a little hyper but it's not like he's throwing rocks at them, well at least we haven't done that in a while. Oh well give me dirty looks I could careless, we're outside in a public playard and I rather have him run it out here then singing or as some would call screaming all the way home. Caden and I chose a swing and he got to swing for the very first time, which he wasn't sure if he wanted to cry or laugh. Cole joined us and got in the kiddy swing next to Caden so I could push them both. Momzilla didn't like this and said something to her kids and then Momzilla 2 came over and had the same look. Oh geez really go take your overdressed for the playground butts somewhere else. We're not in New York. You have to love these moms, I'm ready the perfect book maybe this is why I'm more key to these moms. It of course is called Momzilla's. Check it out.

Back home to watch Nim's Island and hopefully just relax for the rest of the day. Well it's a dream you know since it's just me and the boys until Rick gets home later tonight. Warm wishes for my sanity please.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Anyone for used toner?

Finally the toner has left the building, well technically it's still here but it's no longer my biggest pain. The 2nd tech came back today to finish the job and after getting the round about answer I think it's nothing we can do to prevent it from happening. Don't you just love to hear that answer it's just one of those things, now here's your bill for a few thousand. It's like when your car breaks down you take it in and they say so and so is wrong wish we could have caught this earlier it could have saved you thousands. So you ask what you think is the intelligent question of ok how could I have prevented this? Well there should be a light that comes on and then a noise that tells you to completely shut-down the car right that second. You mean like when I'm going 70 down the freeway just completely shut it down? And they look at you like you just grew a 3rd eye for asking such a dumb question .... well duh yes! At this time your head is going to explode but hey don't do that they may add a few more hundred for the cleaning fee. So basically just before this your not going to get dinner just the unpleasant experience. At least back in the day I'd get dinner. LOL just playing.

So after that fun mind boggling morning we go into crap we haven't had a copier for 2 days! Alexis this needs to be done this minute! Of course it does! During this my mom calls to invite me and the boys over for dinner. Sure we would love to come over, no problem I'll be off at the usual time or a little earlier. Ok now from the past I should know never to say these words, it's the kiss of death of me leaving anytime soon! Yup you got it I got out of there almost an hour late!

Now since I'm having such a great week let's add a trip to the bank. Let me just give you a visual, pull up 3 cars ahead of me. Well I'm going to be here a while, it's Friday it's after 5pm! So I decide to be useful put in my law abiding hands free ear piece and call the call center I'm trying to get a part-time weekend night job thru. We get to talking all is going well the line of course speeds up and it's my time at the teller. I pass all my info thru and nod thinking ok I can do this I don't need to speak to her, just smile. Well of course she doesn't like my license, guess I forgot to get a new one it expired in June. Ok on a side note, I can see getting pulled over but taking money out of my own account I can't do. Do I as a person 8 years morph into a new person, so the person on my license is not even the same? So she asked for my debit card, I put that threw the window mind you still doing a mini interview over the phone. That of course doesn't work and now she wants to have a full fledged talk. So I so rudely have to put my semi interview on hold and talk with her. Great! All she wants to tell me is my license is aspired and since they forgot to put my picture on my debit card she can't give me money. Oh yeah but you can go over to the ATM, but that won't give you the full amount you need for daycare! Can anyone see a trend going on here? Who the heck did I piss off in a previous life?

Oh yeah while I'm walking to the ATM I forgot to take my cell with me while I'm doing the semi-interview on my stupid hands free which of course cuts off. Apparently you can only walk so far away from the cell phone! Oh joy so after putting her on hold, I'm now hanging up on her! Thankfully they're very nice people and when I call back she of course is on the phone, but the other lady was very nice and told me not to worry. Oh boy!

Off to daycare I go to pay with half cash and half check, yippee. I get there to a screaming crew and guess who's leading the pack. Yup it's Cole! So we pack up oh so quickly before Grandma Pat's head may explode and off to my parent's house. Thankfully Cole is at the great age where we can go walk around with Bapa and pick blueberries etc. Caden is starting to warm up to others besides my pant leg hugger he usually is. I was actually able to have a cup of coffee and a glass of wine! Mom made a great dinner, that I even remembered to bring Rick a plate home since he's out doing an event. Take that boy ... LOL.

Wow what a day I'm exhausted! Oh wait this new part-time job is Friday and Saturday nights from 11pm to 1am. Oh gees I better by some stronger coffee if I'm already ready for bed at 9pm. Well just to torture myself some more I think I'll take the boys to the farmers market in the morning. Let's see how that goes, fingers crossed!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

And the toner goes on ...

And the toner goes on and on …. I think every piece of my clothing has a magnetic to attract loser “waste” toner since yet again I look down and see a huge black mark across my chest. Like I need a huge neon arrow pointing to my chest! I really need to run away and have Calgon take me away. Oh wait a bath tub with bubbles is just an invitation for 2 boys to run screaming and throwing bubbles everywhere. Yup the bathroom is no longer a place of piece, it’s just another room that the door is not allowed to be shut at anytime. If you make the mistake of closing the door it will just swing up with a burst of screaming and crying. Like somehow closing the door has turned the bathroom into a space shuttle that rocket me to another plant. One can only wish.

Ok back to reality and the constant parade of people that keep coming into my office asking about the copier machine. I now know the true meaning of going postal! Next person that comes in may get something stapled to their head! It is driving some people nuts I think it may make their heads explode. This guy is the typical maintenance person that is always stereotyped being slow and not very up and up on how to fix things. His inability to get the copier fixed in the time frame he gave us is making people see red. And you got it I’m the one that keeps getting all the questions and frustration why he’s not done.

So I had this bright plan to leave early, which since I came in an hour early would be on time. I had this great plan to take the boys to the zoo. Tarra and I got a zoo membership, which is going to be GREAT I can take the boys they can look around and I can get in my walking. Win win for everyone involved! Well that plan didn’t pan out at all, the copier finally was done let me see 4:30pm!! So of course I had a plan that needed to go out and oh yeah be hand delivered also! So here’s a picture for you, me taking a 100+ page document sending it thru the fax machines document feeder! Oh yeah life is grand, plus sending my runner to the local copy shop to make copies of 11x17’s because of course my fax machine doesn’t do that.

So an hour later than I wanted I made it out of the office, to pick up the boys oh yeah and drop back off the ground package that also had to go out. Made it to the zoo with an hour before they close, good times is all I can say! Ok pulling two kids in the wagon is hard work! I took a look at myself in the review mirror after I was done and let me tell you it was a sight! Thankfully most people were gone by the time we go there, if not they have run screaming from the zoo.

What we have to ride?
That's ok mom I don't mind be strapped in.

Look at this mom! MOM!!!!

Mom why did we stop? Why do you look like that?

Time to go home and
I'll take my monkey home.
Back home for dinner and baths and if I can get my legs to move I might take a shower myself. Oh boy I hope the feeling comes back soon in my whole body, tomorrow morning is going to be interesting.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Murphy's Law at work

Today started so great with Caden waking up 15 minutes before the alarm, you know that time when you get your best sleep right before the alarm goes off! Get up with him, I will hang those curtains tonight if it kills me! I got up and decided it was time to put my clothes on and do the hair thing. Maybe today I won't look like the punk rock style that I have had the last few weeks.
Then I get to work to make a copy that turns into blur of black comes out at me. Oh yeah toner head to toe on me and then everywhere on the copier. After an hour of cleaning up toner with my can of air and roll of paper towels, I give up and make a service call to the copier people. While I wait for that call I get to work on the pile on my desk. When the next problem arises. Someone has shredded so much that the shredder won't even open. The joke answer is it takes 1 engineer and 2 office staff to get the drawer to open. With a confetti exploding like I've just won Miss America all over my room. Grab the shop vac and start to clean. I now am covered with toner and if I shake my hair shreds of paper will fall. I tell the girls I'm my own print shop all you need to do is shake me and then rub my shirt for toner! Oh yeah can't wait to go home.
Well it looks like the copy machine is done for another day which makes everyone in the office so happy acting like I personally told it to stop working! I have a pile of work to do and it looks like another late night at work. Hopefully I'll get home before it's dark out.
I'm going to go nurse this headache that I've had since last night and hope that the paper fairy visits my office and does all the work! Hmmm ....

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