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Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Key to my sanity ... Leave the house for the day ...

I've found the key to my sanity, leave the house for the day. Now this may make certain company cranky and unhappy, but it helps keep the yelling and screaming down. NO clue why leaving the house, having lunch paid for at a really cool place and going to hang out with kids is such a bad thing but hey I may never know.

Mom making up for not having thanksgiving with us took us to Jimmy Macs Roadhouse which was pretty cool you got to eat peanuts and throw them on the ground. The meal was ok, should have gotten the sausage like Mom and Dad. My halibut was not so yummy, but hey the kids had fun ... well most of them did one you couldn't get to crack a smile the whole time. We were so full but Roy was able to get in a dessert the rest of us passed, Cole did steal his cherry of the sundae. Over all a fun time, since we were having so much fun I decided to extend the day. We hit Ross after leaving the restaurant. I needed to pick up two gifts for the birthday party next weekend. I love Ross you can find the best items at a GREAT price. I found a pair of Jones of New York slacks retail for $70 for $16.99, ok I also picked up a few items for myself. Hey I did pretty good 2 birthday items (1 princess and 1 transformer), 2 pairs of slacks and a dress shirt for $40 now that's what I say was a good day shopping!

Since everyone was being so nice in the car and I didn't hear anymore about the silly DS game, which was all I heard this morning I thought lets NOT go home. I called Amy and she was so gracious to let us come to her house. She has the most amazing backyard, I swear it is the size of my whole lot! Plus she has LOTS of toys and to make it even better she was baking fresh (yup from scratch) choc chip cookies. Oh yeah Amy Rocks! Not only is she a SAHM of 2 very active girls but she is a total clean freak and cooks amazing all the time. Yup I so envy her, I wish I could do it but hey she also has the most amazing cocktails for you when you stop by too! Yup if I was a SAHM I think I would own stock in the liquor store, just playing .... well let's not test that theory.

So today was my favorite Sunday of all, not much screaming except for now over that silly DS game. Do you think it would be bad to give Cole his Christmas present now just so the screaming and fighting will stop? Ugh ... ok 25 days and counting, I can do this! I'm so needing a hair transplant by the end of the year!

Yummy Choc Chip Sundae!
Cole stole the cherry.
Yup no smile, sorry Dad.
This made moms day, he actually smiled (ok a little one)
Ok I'll take a quick walk but no more then 10 feet away from mom.
What I'm always a prince?
Cole doing his best to make a mess (thanks for the idea DAD)
Peanuts on floor = stomping right?
Mom trying to make him smile.
Check out all the peanuts on the floor!
Family pic minus dad the picture taker.
Ugh what happened to my hair?
Guess we got half a smile in this one.

Quiet Gone, Normal Life Returns?

How nice was it to have Cole at my mom and dads for a night? Let me tell you how nice I didn't hear "Cole don't touch that", "COLE", "Cole it's mine turn", "Cole did this ..."! Some days I want to scream grow up and learn to share. Within 1/2 hour of being home the peace and quiet was gone and the talla telling began. Now if this was Cole and Caden I would say your not using the game he can use it, play nice. Instead I can't tell someone else's kid to share because he just ignores me. Were did I go wrong here, I opened up my home, give you a room to yourself (mind you my 2 son now have to share a room), you have warm meals each day and clean clothes, oh wait don't let me forget about all the places we go each weekend! Why must you be an ungrateful mean spirited person? So life has returned to they way it's been for a few months, oh joy!

I did get the last bit of shopping done and picked up a box my MIL sent me. I had to run to Wal-Mart to pick up laundry soap to wash the items that my MIL sent, since she smokes and I usually have to wash them 3 times. She crocheted a wonderful assortment of items for Cole's school, they are having a boutique for the kids to buy items for their family. I asked her if she had anything lying around and she made me 8 different pot holders (4 square, 4 round); 2 bag holders (One shaped like a carrot and one like a head of corn); a toilet paper holder for the wall, one for one roll of tp; a baby blanket; 4 scarfs; a cat and mouse that can hold a can or soda or whatever and a dachshund hound cover for a box of Kleenex. The dog is my favorite and coming from a person who hates trinkets and what I consider dust collectors. My mom said she's buying it for her friend Janet and I'm not allowed to take it to the school :), that's fine I'll donate the money she'll pay for it (she'll pay more then what the kids would have, so a win for the school)!

Back to my story sorry got a little sidetracked, but I was really blown away by all she made! I even got a little treat from Wal-Mart they extended there sale on jeans for a few hours and I was able to get Cole mister string bean who is growing out of and currently looks like he's waiting for a flood which is bad since 1 it's not summer and Capri's are out and 2 he's a boy so wearing Capri's isn't cool! hey $4 jeans that are thick and durable is a huge score! I even returned a few items so the jeans were free (well not really free since I did buy the stuff in the beginning but still I didn't spend more that day).

Back home we went were you know how dull life can be or I guess boring since a certain person kept saying they were bored. So we stayed inside for the rest of the day (oh stop it I wasn't being mean, ok maybe just a little ... just playing). Rick got a hair and took down all the Christmas stuff so I could decorate the tree, yes you read that correct after doing laundry all day long, cleaning and cooking I get to decorate the tree! So I get the boys to help me see you get to do something today! (sorry I couldn't help myself)

The boys were so wound up I finally got them to bed around 9pm, took a little nap before my second job started. So this is my day in a nutshell, I now have the tree up and presents under it! Joy to the world the peace is gone and I think now I need earplugs or maybe a hair transplant for all the hair pulled out the last day!

Pot Holders.

Aren't these too cool?
A Carrot and Head of Corn Bag Holder.
TP Wall Holder.

Baby Blanket in that super soft yarn.

The very pretty scarfs.

The Cat & Mouse fit a soda can.
My Favorite one, the Doggie.
Isn't that way too cute?
A Front view.Here it is my tree complete (well minus my angel who is missing)
Yes I'm crazy and it's only blue, white and silver.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ode to Black Friday

Oh Black Friday how much do I love you and all the craziness that comes along with great deals! The manner that fly out the window, to the pushing and shoving and the long lines. What would I do with out this day each year. Sleep in that's what I would do, but no I put myself in this Olympic race for the best Christmas Gift at the best price! So to you Black Friday I dedicate this Olympic race!

Ready Set Get Your Engines Started! Go ...

Alarm set for 4am, yes it's midnight the night of Thanksgiving. You've been up since 6:30am cooking, cleaning and pleasing all, but still you have more to do. You finally fall into bed to double check that the alarm is set for 4am! If feels like the alarm goes off as soon as your head hits the pillow, you know why because it did! Look in the mirror, take a step back yup that is really you! Run a comb thru your hair, and don't forget to brush your teeth. At least your hair will be frizzy (but combed) and your breath and teeth will be clean. Hop in the car and head over to the only other person that you know that will be getting up this early. I want you to know I made it there 2 minutes before I said I would be there (see what happens when I don't have to get kids ready). Lucky for you she has coffee and a mug ready to go, now that's what friends are for. Double check purses and notice she forgot to throw in the wallet, grab that and your in your friends car. It is now almost 5am and with the help of coffee you can actually see (guess that was a smudge on my glasses and not on the road).

We make it to Wal-Mart to find that not everyone is not having the economy problems you were counting on. The parking lot is filled to the brim, drive around 2 times and just say who cares a little brisk air will help keep us awake. Walk into the store which is a crazy madhouse of pushing and screaming! Yup we've entered the zone and we're on, now if you ever need a person to go Black Friday Shopping with it's Amy. This girl rocks she bobs and weaves and gets right in there and grabs what you need. Yup I told here what I had highlighted on my ad and she was like a bullet being shot out of a gun. She came back with her hands full, plus being the AWESOME thinker she brought cloth shopping bags, so we could load up. The big deal was $2 movies, those cloth bags came in handy as I was loading up as quick as I could. There was hands all over grabbing and pulling. We make it out to the check out area within 1/2 hour! Then we get in line and think ok this should be so bad, yeah right 45 minutes later we make it up to the front of the line. Mind you we had to be behind the Psycho shopper who complained the whole time about the lines, the checkers, the people, she even yelled at different workers (I gave up counting after 5 times). Oh joy this is so giving me a look into our future of the day.

Back in the car we go and off to Target, now you walk in here and you can see the difference from the beginning. People were calm, no pushing or shoving or climbing over people to get to whatever toy is on sale. Amy and I both looked at each other and commented on how different Target was to Wal-Mart shopping. We got a lot of the items we had on the list (minus a few DS Games I was looking for). We did the whole 1 person stands in line while the other shops, I had to run around the store to see where Amy went. You would think with the line wrapped around the store and back up, it looked like a giant U. The funny thing is it went faster then the little line we were in at Wal-Mart, they had someone at the front directing you to which lane. We were out of there and head to the mall around 7:30am.

Off to Old Navy to pick up some deals, you would never believe the line there. It was so short, usually it is wrapped around like a U. Usually one of us hops in line while the other shops, this time I tried to get in line but it moved so fast that within 5 minutes I was to the front and jumped back out to do my shopping. I picked up some super cute sweaters for work and a few items for the boys. 8:30am I'm doing awesome in time, since Rick has to work and I need to be back by 9:30am.

Off to Bath & Body Works for Amy, I hop in line while she shops since the line was rather long. We finish up there and we're off to the next store.

Sears here I come, I find the saw thingy that Rick picked out and head to the check out. Not too bad of a line, a little slow but over all it went rather quick.

By the time we made it back to the car it was time to head back to Amy's house so I could make it back home by 9:30am. Plus I still have one more store I need to go too before the sale ends at 11am. We rush back to her house get the bags transferred to my car and I'm back in the car heading towards home. With just a little prodding Rick has gotten all kids dressed for me and ready to go.

Back in the car we go and off to Fred Meyers for the awesome sock sale, plus a few other items that add up. But not as much as the lady in front of me, wow oh wow her total was over $600 I almost fainted. We checked out and even got a box of mini donuts they were handing out, yeah breakfast for the kids. Mom calls and wants to meet to pick Cole up, did I mention Cole is spending the night there? Yup oh yeah it's going to be quiet around my house for once! Drive to a few exits down meet my parents and do the drop ... LOL. Back home for a little rest before we go out again.

Rest over back in the car and this time K-Mart return a few items and pick up a few more. I'm doing pretty good at keeping the receipt thing! I forgot how easy it was to shop with just 2 kids, it was a breeze and no one asking if they could have anything. Just two more stops before we can retire for the night. Hit the Dollar Tree to picking up wrapping paper, hey why spend outrageous amounts on something that will be torn up and put in the recyclers later that same day? One more stop I promise boys, Over to Micheal's to pick up that scrapbook I've been promising Rick I'd buy to put all Cole's school stuff in. And finally home for the night.

But what the Olympics aren't over just yet, you still must wrap all the presents. Perfect timing since Rick is at work and Cole is not home. So you know it all the presents are wrapped and just because I'm crazy like that color coded for the person! Oh yeah I'm so done, well ok just a couple little items and stocking stuffers but besides that I'M DONE!!!

Check it out wrapped presents under the non-decorated tree!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

I'm a big girl now ...

Today was the day and I was going to do it all by myself no calling mom, ok maybe a little help from the Internet but really does that count? So here it is the day I did it by myself, well clean up all goes to my wonderful hubby Rick (yup he gets major high fives today).

When I woke at 6:30am you know feeling fully rested since I went to bed at midnight! I rolled out of bed and got ready to go to K-Mart's Thanksgiving Sale, hey I at least brushed my hair and teeth no comments about the outfit that I wore. All I can say thank you Lord that my children are young and don't want the Wii or whatever Guitar Hero thing people were about to throw down over. All I wanted was a few toys and some DVD's for $3.99 (who can beat that). I did end up standing in line for about 20 minutes since I had to check out in Electronics to buy the DVD's which I thought was a little silly but oh well. All I can say is WOW $250 for a game system and people where so excited about this price? I guess I'm more on the side of less is more? I was talking to a girlfriend and she was talking about a $300 truck that she was getting for her 3 year old, more power to her, in ways I wish I had this money for a gift then on the other hand this gives me heartburn (and no way do I want another ER visit). I think I'll stay away from this items. Is it weird for me to be a little freaked out over gifts this expensive for kids? Man I remember being excited over a phone and a phone line and that was at age 16 and I had to pay the monthly payment, I really think this is the most expensive gift my parents gave to me. Wait when I was 19 they did buy me a car for a $1000, but that was 19 and they were sick of driving me around so it was just as much for them. Ok getting over it and moving on to the day I had.

I was gone a total of 1 1/2 hours when I was about 10 minutes away from the house the phone rings, "Where are You?" Geez you act like taking care of the kids for the 1/2 hour they were up is going to kill you, what do you think I do every night and every weekend? So he has to go back to bed to take a nap since he's so tired, wouldn't that be nice. You know what's on my plate the dinner you're going to eat tonight. Every Thanksgiving and Christmas we have a Sausage and Egg Casserole which is perfect since you make it the night before and then heat the following morning. So while I started on the meal of the day, I put this in the oven for the hungry boys. Pretty soon the house was smelling of yummy sausage and melting cheese and I was bustling around pre-making everything so I can just slip them in the oven when it's time. The boys loved the casserole even though they had to add ketchup, I've created monsters! Everything was ready to go and I got a hair brain idea that we needed to go out and check out who else had sales going on today. We got dressed, put the turkey in the oven and left Rick and Caden who were sleeping soundly. We head to Wal-Mart who is not having a Thanksgiving Sale but if you bring in an add they will match, good to know for next year. Drove over to Target to find they were closed, so headed to a different K-Mart picked up a few more DVD's better lines this time since all the Wii's were sold out (crazy people).

We pull into the driveway and I have my speech all ready to tell mr. sleepy head what I thought of his sleeping in. I open the door and to my amazement my Christmas tree was set up, oh yeah all bad thoughts were gone! He even did all the dishes and PUT them away! He then started on a few little projects I've been asking to be done. I wanted to check to see if the body snatchers had taken him but I was to excited to care. We were gone so long the turkey was almost done, just had to throw the side dishes in and make up the pumpkin pies. Just a simple traditional meal nothing fancy for my first go around. I can't wait to see and read about the meal that Christine @ The Mistress of Cakes because she is just amazing and I wish I had just a fraction of her abilities! So my meal was traditional and not gorgeous but I was excited that I did it all by myself! I even had a nap after dinner and awoke to everything put away in the fridge and ALL the dishes done. Rick so redeemed and has a check mark in the good column, we'll see how long that last!

Rick is off to his second job and we're watching a movie and having some hot chocolate with marshmallows and whip cream! Yummy! Happy Thanksgiving everyone, Blessings to you and your families!
A few pictures of our Thanksgiving!
The Table is Set!
My 1st Turkey by myself! (Love the chili platter?)

What I'm not doing anything!

Ok fine I'll smile!

Yummy meal! Pumpkin Pie, nothing fancy this year!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

No Good News Goes Unpunished!

Sometimes it feels like I take one step forward to then have to take 2 or 3 steps backwards. Today I felt like the world opened up and was sending me all the bad juju.

Today started with Caden waking up not once, not twice, not even 3 times but a total of 4 times. I was about to give up and go sit in his room to shh him back to sleep the next time. Finally after 4 times of crawling out of bed I thinking OK I'm going to catch at least one hour of sleep. That plan lasted a total of 3 seconds since before I knew what was happening Cole jumped in our bed. And I mean he really jumped into our bed like a potato being launched out of PVC pipe (sorry just finished reading Plum mystery and they talked about them). After some tossing and turning and asking for cartoons, I roll over and prayed for just 15 minutes. That is when I feel legs thrown over me an Cole whispering "I have to go potty", now when I say whisper I mean his inside voice which can be heard in the front of the house. Fine whatever just let me go to sleep! Now I should be EXTREMELY happy (which I am) that he's getting up to use the bathroom. Ever since the arrive of Caden we've been having problems at night time, this week (knock on wood) we're going on 5 DRY nights. But when your sleep deprived these wonderful thoughts don't enter your fuzzy brain. What does is I better go to sleep before ... too late the alarm goes off. It's even an hour later then usual since I took the morning off for Cole's concert (just wait for that story).

I get the boys dressed and in the car and run a little behind, you know how I can tell this because a certain 10 year old is tapping his fingers and sighing over and over and over again. Hello kid you'll get there! I drop everyone off thanking the lord I only had to go inside to Cole's school and Grandma Pats, I dropped Roy off in front of his school. Since in our rush to get out the door only the top half of me was dressed, now stop gasping I was wearing my PJ bottoms, paired with my nice new sweater and jacket. Stacy and Clinton (TLC's What Not to Wear) you need to turn away from those camera's, sorry it was a bad morning! Hey I had my hair done, but I didn't have a lick of makeup on. I must have looked comical and was very happy no one said a thing to me. I went home and put real pants on and make-up go figure! I then head to the DOL to get my license renewed, yes I know my birthday was in June and yes I know it's November! OK I have a VERY good reason, see I was going to do it then things got a little crazy around here and then my hair dresser turned my hair brown so I just knew they would change my hair color on the license and these things last for 8 years! Yes I know it's a lame excuse and no I didn't tell the guy there my story, yes I blamed it on Rick and said I thought he renewed it online. WHAT it's only a white lie! So my DOL experience was fast and rather pleasant minus the guy asking me 2 times if my height and WEIGHT are the same. I wanted to scream I've had a baby, OK yes he's over a year but man it's taking a long time this time (guess that cheesecake tonight isn't helping). Oh well by 2016 I'll be close to that crazy number that I don't think I've seen since High School, or maybe that was Junior High?

After my adventures in picture taking I head to Cole's school to meet my parents for Cole's play. I was in such a hurry I forgot the camcorder (that I even charged)! When I get there just dad is in the parking lot so we head into the chapel. Where it is extremely dark and just the kids are sitting in the pews, maybe because were 10 minutes early (YES you read that correct)? So then mom shows up, how come no other parents are here? Let me tell you why, because today is not a concert today is just for the kids! Oh yeah major palm slap to the forehead on that one! Mom and dad did take me Nordstrom Bistro, no longer Cafe, for lunch. Score for me!

I get to work 15 minutes before I thought I would be there, and get this idea I better call the other host person that said they would pick Roy up today after school, since it's a half day and extended care is not open. Oh yeah he forgot and no they can't pick him up since they are leaving town right now! Oh crap, back in the car I go and towards Roy's school. I'm seriously thinking someone is laughing at my day! On the way there I'm still talking to the other host family and they are having some of the same problems as me, hmmm makes me feel better. Back to the point I pick Roy up and tell him sorry dude but you have to come hang out at my work. I just happened to have his DS in my purse since I was meeting someone off craigslist for a used one for Cole's Christmas present. I set him up and he got to have the other half of my sandwich from Nordstrom (which of course he didn't like). He lasted maybe a 1/2 with his game and went wondering around the building. Ugh ... sorry you have to stay in here people are working and I need you by my office. I was trying to get out at 4pm but it turned out to be 4:30ish instead. So for the 4 hours we were there he walked out every 1/2 hour and looked over my shoulder and asked when are we going home! Sorry I know this is not ideal but you have to deal with it, play your game. It's boring! So Jana was so sweet and let him borrow 2 books, that last less then 10 minutes. I let him know go back in there and read them, it's going to be a while! Yup 10 minutes later when are we going home, by this time I want to SCREAM NEVER. I reframe and keep chugging at my work and grumble to myself, it has to be over soon right?

But no I need to go back to the gals house from craigslist the same one I went to last night but the only charger Target has was car one and that didn't work. So I bring in Roy's wall charger and try it, nothing works! She says you can have it for $40 (was $75, mind you a new one is $129) and play with it at home. No problem I'll make it work if I have to. So Cole's major Christmas present is done, and even though at first the car charger didn't work on it but did work on Roy's. The wall charger left charging for a few hours let it finally boot up and it seems to work just fine! Yeah so now all I need is Mario Cart and we're set. So I guess today wasn't a total bust!

Always have to have the good with the bad, but really can we even it up? Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I'm cooking my 1st full Thanksgiving day meal all by myself. Yikes let's hope the house and my hair are intact tomorrow night. You know since I have to be up at the butt crack of dawn to go shopping Friday, plus a little shopping Thanksgiving day also.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The talks begin +++ Some WONDERFUL Results!

Yesterday was our first "real week" at our new building. I got up early got all dressed up and did my hair all pretty. I was making GREAT time until I had to get the boys in the car, I lost about 10 minutes of my time. Then I head to work, well it would help if I go to the new building! Back out I go and get to the new building 15 minutes late, really I was on time when it was just me in the equation! I walk in and run into a boss who ask why am I dressed up I have work to do ... ugh! But then he ended with you look very nice today, I ran into my boss who said the same thing. Made me start to think I must have been a real slob for a very long time! I set out to finish up a few things in my office and then head home to change. Well as always the idea of my life it sounds good until you try to make it work. 4 hours later I've already made a run to Kinko's since our copy machine is down, ran back to the office to bind the calculations and added a few little things in here and there. I made it home and back to the office in record time, if I have to say so myself.

After some clean up and throwing away it's time to go back to the office and work on the pile growing on my desk. I give up around 5pm since I want to get the boys home and feed before we have a visitor. I asked the coordinator to come to the house tonight to have a talk and lay down the grown rules. We make it home and walk in to the yummy smells of pork roast, what did we ever do with out crock pots? Which reminds me I've been using the auto-timer that is for my Christmas tree, and now it's either no crock pot or a Christmas tree that doesn't come on at specific time each day ... hmmm guess I could always go buy another one!

Our coordinator arrived 10 minutes early, oh how I envy the childless carefree time is your own people! Enough time for me to clean up the dishes and bribe Cole with Ice Cream to stay in his room while we have "the talk". Over all it went OK, most of it was spent us talking and him staring forward and nodding every once in awhile. You get the occasional uh huh and yes, but most of it was what I get when I ask him a question. Not sure if it's being heard or I guess it's being heard but is it really penetrating? In a way it was nice since now he sees what I deal with every day. Rick at times was trying to make jokes but for the most part, when ever I had to leave the room to remind a certain person to behave, he made it known that I was the authority figure and he's gone a lot which means he has to respect me. I guess we'll see how it goes, I don't really have high hopes. Which he told him about the trust and how you have to earn it back along with respect! There was one thing that kind of scared me when he was asked if he told the kid he punched he was sorry and he said no and it was with a scary laugh. He said the other kid said sorry but he did not, which makes me still believe he doesn't think he did anything wrong. That worries me because if you don't feel like you did something wrong then how do you go by what is right and what is wrong?

Anyways today was a better day I came in the right clothes and almost everyone was ready to leave when it was time to get in the car. The day went pretty quickly and I only got snapped at 5 times which is not bad at all. I chalk that up to a good day!

On a positive and VERY exciting NOTE the results of my test came back and the tumor is benign!!! YEAH if I could get my feet up over my rear I would be doing cartwheels!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Sleeping in? You Fool!

Why is when you have a day you can sleep in you just can’t? Your body and mind wake up and you’re ready to rock and roll at 7am!! I guess I should look at is an hour more of sleep then I usually get. I’m mentally squeezing that optimist that raises their ugly head every once in awhile in my life. What a minute it wasn’t me waking up on my own, it’s all coming back to me. I was awoken by the toilet paper roll noise; my house guest was spinning the toilet paper roll like it was a wheel. Who knew that a toilet paper roll could make that much noise? Well now I know since he was beating on it like a drum. Then went back to his room and promptly slammed the door, really dude it’s attached and it’s an interior door not a lot of force is needed.

Since I’m already up I’m going to go curl up on the couch and have some me time. Silly optimist I thought I pushed you down? Not shortly after I get up the whole house is up and running, well except Rick he actually left at 6am to work the tailgate party and then the Sea-Hawks Game. So much for being lazy today, I better get breakfast going before grumpy does the turtle thing. You know comes out of his room peeks around the corner in the kitchen, then walks slowly up to the living room peeks around that corner, looks at me then turns around and goes back into his room. Throw together a quick omelet and start doing the dishes, then I move on to more laundry (I think the neighbor must have added in his again … LOL). After breakfast clean up yet again the dishes and the table, I really wonder how much food makes it in the boys’ mouth!

A real relaxed day I even got a nap in while the boys did woo-hoo! We even made a quick trip to Wal-Mart which made everyone happy to get out of the house, like I keep them locked away (my teenager want-to-be thinks so). So much fun we had with a high energy 4 year old and a 10 year old who thinks he is now the parent and keeps giving stern directions, HELLO am I not standing here right next to you? This weekend was not a good time to push me I finally reached my boiling point and had a few of my own stern talks about pushing and pinching. Just because someone is in your personal space doesn’t give you a right to push, punch or pinch (the 3 “P” rule is now in place).

Once home I started dinner and unpacked the groceries, I even got Cole’s lunch made. Feed everyone and even had a moment to talk on the phone with a friend, a nice night minus the silent treatment from my house guest. Oh well guess a goodnight to you also! Finished up the last load of laundry for the day, hung up everyone’s clothes took a batch to grumpy boy who ignored my knocks and call of his name, after a few attempts I knocked and walked in. Still my house I need to take it back and not let a child run it, Today I stand strong and not taking anymore crap! LOL … ok at least I’m trying.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I want to see the rule book!

Does it really always have to rain when you move? So sorry it's taken me so long to blog but I'm finally getting a moment to sit down and take a breath. Here's a brief list of the past few days(well as brief as I can be, wordy woman here).

Thursday was the real first move day for me, since Wednesday I was working to get that proposal out by the end of day. Thanks to Kari my whole office was almost completely packed, I can't not say thank you enough. She's a world class packer she reminded me of Amy when we moved to this house. Don't step in that women's way because you will end up in a box wrapped in paper. So we loaded the trucks and off my office went, it was a little sad but always pretty cool all wrapped up. My boxes ended up in the black hole (I still haven't figured out where that is) so I helped here and there. By the end of Wednesday my boxes showed up and so did my computer minus the mouse, that thankfully showed up late Friday. I ended up do 2 pizza runs and driving back and forth since no one could make up their mind what office they were going to be out. I was rather comical chasing my tail, I really could have fit into a 3 stooges film. By the time I picked the boys up I was exhausted and just wanted to hit the sack. You know after I fixed dinner, gave the boys bath, did yet another load of laundry, read the night time story, came back to the kitchen did the dishes and said screw it to making Cole's lunch. Oh how sweet it was to fall into bed, into my well worn divot in the mattress that I call home!

Friday started with a little extra sleep, a 1/2 hour which was so nice! I dropped Caden and Roy off at their stops and head to Cole's school for his teacher conference. As some of you know Cole started a preK program in September, so we're 3 months in and loving it. He's been going to a home daycare since birth, which is a very loving grandma but had no structure or class time. So the conference went over a test that he took back in October (1 month of school under his belt). Cole did well but test low in some area's that if I had brought him to a school/daycare before now he would be ahead of the curve. Now mind you he is a head of the kids that go from nothing to Kindergarten, but still not were some of the other kids are that have been going to this school/daycare for a year or so now. Yup if I didn't feel like a bad mom before this I did now, so more homework and things for us to work on. Geez do you think I can get the government to add 5 hours to each day? That way I can still work, clean, and take care of everyone and hey add on school teacher at the same time. I know I could have been one of those moms that had learning stuff up around the house, but darn it I never thought about that. My main concern has always been on his well being, so now I kick myself and hope that with some help, Cole can excel over average in those areas to match the other areas that he scored 2 years over (hey I must have done something right with score like that).

After being a little bummed over my report card as mom I went back to fun of packing. So since yesterday rained I decided today no wet feet. I put on my SUPER cute black with white whale boots and made a very cute outfit with black cords and a pink S&H (our logo) Sweatshirt. Ok maybe not a fashion plate but I loved it. Yeah well that was until I was razed by all the guys, you would think none of them have seen rain boots before. I know they use to be for kids only but now a days they are in for adults too! After hiding out for a while I ventured with the girls to pick lunch up. We picked up sandwiches at the Poppy Seed Cafe, yummy stuff but OMG $11 for lunch is a little to much for this take out girl! Plus again my fashion was not meshing well with the uppity clients that were dinning in! Yup check out my boots you know you want a pair! Ok back to packing, I floated around to were I was needed and even got my office unpacked. I even threw out almost a whole garbage bag of crap, how did I accumulate some much crap in 3 years?
On to today which started at 5am and calls to make, today wasn't too bad only got one guy that really was a PAIN to say the least. Since I'm trying to keep this blog PG I won't go about what was running threw my mind talking to him. Of course the boys all woke up at 7am, you know 2 hours before my shift ends. Rick sets them up with trains in the front room! Really because I'm not working here in the kitchen. Well guess since most have trouble hearing, my kids running around whining about food wasn't something they would hear! I finish up and Rick goes back down for a nap! Wouldn't that be nice? I end up making breakfast, do a load of laundry, clean up the dishes and deal with not 1 but 2 explosive diapers. Oh joy don't you love my world?

To Rick's defense he does get up shortly (we won't go there) after that and gets cleaning the house. He even does 2 loads of laundry, vacuums, bleaches the countertops and fixes my garbage disposal. I even got to run out for an 1 hour and go to Fashion Bug to pick up some new sweaters for my new look. I finally got to use my check from my 2nd job for something for me, mind you it is something I wouldn't have boughten if I didn't have a new dress code, but hey I at least got to spend it on myself. It felt kind of nice to spend it on myself! I got home and got everyone ready to go to dinner with my parents. Rick actually even got Caden dressed for me, I think he felt guilty for his nap. We went up to my parents house since I'm a dork and thought the place was in Auburn, come to find out it was in Tacoma. Oh well mom was super nice and bought the boys new outfits, she even got Roy a new shirt and tie. She tried to style their hair and spike it which Roy was not having and even told my mom he didn't like it. I felt bad for her I think he hurt her feelings, since she went out of her way to make sure he was part of the family. Oh well he was in a foul mood all day, unhappy when were home and unhappy when we go somewhere he doesn't think will be fun. Oh yeah can anyone say moody teen in a preteen body?

The dinner was at the Elk's Club, now if your over 65 this is the place to be. Being that we're not and it was a buffet, which totally creeps me out all I can see is people touching food and not taking it and then I grab it ... YUCK! To make it worse it was $21.95 per person!!! My parents were super nice and bought mine and Roy's. Which of course I never get money worth either at buffets, I had less then 1/2 of a plate and couldn't eat anymore. Not that I wasn't hungry but corn that is waxy and undercooked potatoes are so not my thing! Looks like it will be a bowl of cereal tonight for this gal. Over all it was a nice night, minus Caden crying and Cole not listening and oh yeah Roy clutching on to my cousin who kept looking at me like HELLO (yes he was male, see a pattern here?). The celebration was for my Great Grandmothers 100th birthday, she passed away a few months ago but darn it she almost made it! She lived by herself in her own house up until about 98, talk about a full life! So here to you Grammie, Happy 100 we miss you!

So there it is in the shortest version I could do, and that is saying a lot for me. I leave you with some pictures to make you smile.

Ok I'm done, Ready to move!
Wow look at how clean!

My new office! Isn't it look so clean?
Yup Let's hope it can stay like that for a little while.
Happy 100th Birthday Grammie
Thanks Mom for being Vanna
What I'm not playing with these straws that you've said not to play with!
What I've been an Angel!
Ahh ... How Sweet!
Cole & Roy dressed up

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Going back to my roots ...

Well close enough to the true color! Yup I'm talking about my hair not my heritage. What fun would family history be compared to my new hair color? Stop rolling @@ your eyes at me, really because it's not doing anything since I can't see you! So back to me (ha-ha) I went and had my 1.5 hours of mom time yesterday, oh how I love that little slice of heaven every two months. It's worth every penny to sit and read my book, which a cry, a scream or something being spilt. Well that is if I don't spill anything there, which this time my coffee safely stayed in it's cup this time (no I will not talk about my klutz ways). I'm now back to blonde a little bit more blonde then I usually do in the winter, but the cut and color look cute! Shhh ... I know I plan to go renew my license this Saturday. Do you think I can shed 30lbs by then? Maybe if I suck in my cheeks and hold them in with my teeth and do a shy smile it will do wonders on the new license. Darn new WA license that last 8 years!

Hope in the car and headed to pick up the boys, I'm very proud to say that I screeched into Roy's school parking lot right at 6pm. Phew no over charge for this woman! We got home around 6:30pm and thanks to my smart thinking the night before the hamburger was already browned. Now to throw it in a casserole dish with corn, green beans, cream of mushroom, tatter-tots and what is the other item? Ahh right shredded cheese. Well that would be helpful if we had cheese, string cheese should work right? LOL ... Let's just say string cheese doesn't melt just like regular cheese. Rick came in took one look and literally backed up from the casserole asking what are those weird long things that are white and yellow. Oh yeah forgot to mention I only had the swirled kind not even the regular white kind! Well if Roy only takes one habit back home from me it will be Ketchup on everything! Oh yeah what a great thing to take back, so American! At least it's the red kind and not that crazy purple or green kind!

Rick had to run back to work last night, so I got everyone bathed and in bed by 8:30 which in my world is a GREAT night! And we have a new movie that we're going to wear out. When Cole was young Nemo was on every night up until age 2 1/2, now Kung Fu Panda is our new movie of choice. We have watched it every night (and a few times this weekend) since last Tuesday. Rick picked up Wall-E, wonder how that one will go over. When it was finally quiet I sat down to watch a little TV. Roy came out to use the Internet, walked right in front of me, did his thing on the computer and walked right back in front of me and went to bed. Guess I'm not good enough to say good-night too. Now if Rick would have been there totally different story, he would have even sat down to see what is on TV. Next time, IF there is a NEXT time I'm so asking for a girl!

Fast forward to this morning since I love to see how much I can pack into one morning. I get up go start throwing together pork chops into the crock pot, you know to make a certain 10 yr old happy that dinner will be in what he considers a timely matter! I then make Cole's sandwich since last night sleep called to more then PB&J did. So I packed his lunch, got Roy's breakfast on the table. Along with juice, a napkin and the light turned on (just once someone will not expect to be waited on). Then I head to do my make-up and hair since if I don't get in the bathroom now I never get in. What does a 10 yr old boy do for 20 minutes in the bathroom, maybe I don't want to know. All I know is every morning there is a pool of water everywhere. You'll be proud of me, instead of mumbling under my breath and cleaning it up I call him in every time to come clean it up.

I went it the boys room to blown over by the over whelming smell of poop. Look in the crib to see a smiling Caden and soiled sheets. Yup at least he's happy even sitting in an explosion and when I say explosion I mean it. I get him up carefully caring him at arms length away from my outfit not to have to change myself at the same time. I get him undressed and try to carry him to the bath to rinse him off when I see a blur run by my bedroom door. And before I can release what happened the bathroom door closes. Darn!!! Guess it's a babywipe bath for you little man. Get him cleaned up and dressed and then try to wake the monster named Cole. Who mind you is not in a good mood even for his regular grouchy morning mood. I get him dressed and of course the Scooby Doo Go-gurt as the bribe! Hope in the car and start the 3 drop offs before I can even start my work day! Minus the grouch Roy who informed me doesn't like Chapel, Hello your here on a Christian Scholarship!

Our office is in full moving mode, I can't wait to see my office desk (it's been a while).
So here are some fun pictures.

Here's my new do and hair color! Sassy huh?

Ok here's me with glasses

I don't wear contacts that often anymore.

Before of my office

And after a lovely Kari helped pack my office

Almost there! Hey stop it, it looks better!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Change is in the air (Good or Bad it's Coming)

Since my life is so calm and nothing ever happens, why not add a move to the mix. Ok stop panicking me personally is not moving but my office is. Tomorrow is the start for the big day and everyone is so happy. Well let me put that into a better ratio that almost everyone is happy with a few exceptions to the rule.

Last week we had the meeting about new dress code and appearance of the office that is also going to be stepping up leaps and bounds. During my review a few months back I was told about the changes and started acquiring new items. Which is so great because you know me and sales, now only if I could look model thin or maybe just look smooth (oh well). So I also took the new dress code and let others know since sometimes I know information doesn't go around like it should. Most had already heard and just went with it and then you always have a few that are resistant to change and don't even go there. So after getting the metaphorical butt chewing (only if it really removed some of ones rear) I left it alone. Back to the present meeting, pretty much everything we knew would happen but we got a nice website to check out what they consider business casual, thankfully it's not suits and stockings I can deal with it.

Foot in mouth insert here! How come it is always me that opens up that can of worms and get the lashing? Note to self do not ask questions to people who are not happy with the change. You will no doubt ably get some of the heat that is not really intended for you but you being the silly girl you are asked the silly question and now are getting it! Stupid ... Stupid! So the dark cloud has appeared and now the cheering up faze has begun. As my last boss pointed out oh so nicely to me "Anyone can do your job, you are easily replaced" yup he was a real winner ... I even stayed there 7 years! Now who's the winner? So from this already stressed out mom I will keep my head high, try my best to dress nice and stop asking silly questions!!

On a positive note my car went into the shop today, they think only 3 days so hopefully back Thursday or counting 3 days does that count today or does that mean I get it back Friday? Any hoo no more wet butts! I'm so excited to get into my car with out having to put a towel down first. Oh even better driving down the freeway with out having the constant whoosh of air like I have the window down first. Nothing was as good as the day I stuck in traffic and it was pouring down not only outside but in the car!! Can you tell that I'm still a little cheesed off about my car door. It just sucks being the person not at fault but having to deal with all the crap that goes on with someone else crap! Why must I be the dumping ground really isn't there a waiting period between the 3 bad thing rule?

That's it for now I'm sure something else will come about soon enough. Today is hair color day, hopefully this time I won't be so dark. Maybe I can go renew my already over due drivers license. I know stop shaking your head I'm crazy about that, already not happy with the post baby body ... but my hair I can change. I can't go in renew and let them change my hair color to brown, because really it's blonde or blondish (darn age) and I want that to stay the same on my license. Yup putting my foot down and I'm sticking to that!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

But Only MOM Will Do!

Sorry I never got around to posting my funny morning yesterday afternoon, you know didn't want to overload you with laughter.

So yesterday I got up to do my 5am shift for the call center, where I was met with oh so joyful people once more. It cracks me up how rude people are that called into a program requesting information ... HELLO you called us 1st I'm just returning your call. I had one guy turn on some machinery so he had to keep going "What?" "I can't hear you" ... really and your in the retirement age so I know you're old enough not to be pulling stunts like that. A few more calls like that and I'm ready for something new. At that point Caden starts crying, now the deal on Saturdays is Rick will get up with the kids during this 4 hour block. Ok as you noticed I say the deal or maybe I should say a plan that is just a formality because why would we follow thru.

I finish up my call and head to the boys room. Where I'm met with the over powering smell of diaherra, well at least it's not puke! So I purposively (I mean find the only open spot) take Caden to our bedroom to change him. Hoping the noise will give Rick the heads up that he needs to get up and take care of the baby. Well that didn't work he was sick and as usualful as another kid in this house would be to me. So I do the mini babywipe bath on Caden, change his clothes, and give him some water down milk hoping he will be able to keep that down. The start of Day 2 without puke we should be ok, right? I head back to the phone calls to hear screaming from Cole's room an hour later, when the piercing sound keeps coming I finish up and head again to the boys room. Grab Cole put him on the couch with cartoons and a blanket and go back to the calls.

It's quite for a total of 20 minutes before I hear screaming coming from my bedroom! Really why is everyone up at 7am and making so much noise and why is only mom can fix the problem? Once again I finish up my call and walk to the bedroom where I find Caden in a fit of non-stop crying and Cole at least laying down trying to pet his head. I fix another bottle and hope he will lay down with Rick and Cole. I don't even get my butt in the chair before the crying starts again. REALLY?? I march in there to find Rick out his wits end, really wanting to go post and ask him why he can't handle this. Since you know he had yesterday off, got to sleep in and not deal with kids! When do I get a day to sleep in and no kids? But I restrain myself knowing after my shift it's on! I grab Caden and head back to my computer, ok I can do this! I get Caden a toy and start back on a call, thankfully it's an answering machine since at that moment Caden starts puking. NOT just on him, but me, the floor I mean that boy had some amazing aim. Once more I stand up grab a towel to clean up the floor. I undress Caden run a bath and babywipe myself. Quickest bath known to man and we're dressed and I'm back on the phones. Mind you one handed since Caden is resting on my left side. You know how hard it is to type with one hand while holding the phone?

Someone was looking down on me because Caden fell asleep and I put him down on the couch. Finally peace and quiet and I only have a little over an 1 1/2 left on my shift. About 1/2 hour later Cole decides he needs to come out here and while I'm on the phone go "MOM .... MOM", when I shoot the death look, he continues with "MOM". Then a few more questions, I have a stack of cloth table mats that I throw at him. This doesn't detur him he keeps going, I'm trying to get off the phone but he just was lonely and wanted to talk. I wrap up the call and chase Cole around and of course wake Caden up at the same time. Could this day get any better? Guess not because we go over our shift and then hello all 3 kids are bouncing around and 2 of them wanting breakfast. Sure no problem I have puke on me and you 2 want breakfast and of course right now!

I walk into the kitchen to find dishes to the sky in my sink, who the heck did I peeve off? After do the dishes I start a quick cheese omlet for the boys and get Caden another bottle an hope he will lay down this time. I get the boys dished up and while I'm at it why not start a loaf of bread in the breadmaker. I found the best bread recipe Sweet White Bread that is so yummy it's not to sweet just a little to give a little extra. So yummy for the PB&J sandwiches Cole has been eating for lunches. I was thinking it would be very yummy for french toast I make every Sunday, but now then I started to think of the banana's I have that needed to be used. Guess I'll be Betty Crocker (Breadmaker version) and do another loaf. This one is a yummy Banana Chocolate Chip Bread that I used this morning for the french toast, super good! I got a good shot of the Sweet White Bread that I thought I'd send into the recipe website.

After breakfast and bread making and oh yeah more dishes I head to laundry duty. I strip beds and get some help from Cole which is awesome. Then I head to my room where grumpy sick boy is bed and oh so not happy. He finally gets up and goes to work and I start folding and put another load in the dryer and another one in the washer. I think I have done no less then 2 loads per day for the last week and half. Every day I've had to do Caden's sheet do to puke or diaherra (Note to self it might be a good idea to get a second crip sheet, cut down on the turn around need for the sheet ... just a thought). I finally get Caden settled down and asleep on the couch start watching a program and my mother law calls to see how I'm doing. I must say I have amazing friends and family they are have been calling and checking on me and it means so much to me. It's sad that we really only talk to a lot of people of sick or something has happened, I don't usually have time to sit and talk on the phone. When I'm about to hang up a light bulb goes off in my head to remind me that the baby shower (you know the one I made the diaper cake Friday night) started an hour ago. Double crap, ok monsters everyone get dressed we're heading out. I guess a shower probably would be a good thing to, only my family can stand me smelling like puke.

We arrive about an hour and half late, not to bad for 3 sick people and 1 not to happy to be taken out of his room in tow. We last maybe 40 minutes before Cole was running amuke and Caden was fed up. Enough time to have Cole say a bad word a little girl announce it and then let me know that I need to keep him away from her. I look at this 8 year old and then at the mom who is oblivious, so want to say hello he's 4 he's been talked to just go play. She then proceeds to tell the PG mommy-to-be that her 2 year old hit her with her princess wand. Not one word from the mom, nope she was too envolved to look around and say just go outside. Oh yeah it was so time for us to leave when an 8 year old has my blood pressure going thru the ceiling and at this point Cole is having a melt down. Oh joy please let me go back home and lock me up with 3 very cranky kids!

That was my wonderful day in a nutshell, I did work the night shift got a lady who I couldn't get off the phone and then was told to log off 15 minutes early. Really can I cry UNCLE again? Today I know is going to be oh so much better since I've started my 24 hour urine sample. Something is just not right with having to collect this and then keep it in your refridgerator. Ugh ... so doing a deep clean tomorrow on that!

Picture of the Sweet White Bread
Sorry no picture of the Banana it went to fast this morning.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

House of Cards ... Falling Down ... Falling Down

Gee now I have stupid London Bridges stuck in my head. Better then Mr. Ed that I had stuck in my head earlier when I told a co-worker I would call a Ed and my warped mind skipped to the Mr. Ed song. Oh boy where was I going with all of this? Not sure I guess I better start back at the start.

Let me back up to yesterday where the house of cards to yet another hit. Well no I take that back I had this wonderful house of cards called my life, you know a delicate balancing act. A while back I added a wing on to that house of cards when we took on an exchange student (or I should I say I took on the responsibility?). So for months my mansion of a house of cards has been standing it swayed here and there but it stood up pretty darn good. Then we started having problems with the exchange student so a little part of the house fell. Then as more time and problems have arisen more of the house has fallen. My beautiful mansion is now a single wide mobile hanging onto it's wheels since it may be the only thing standing here in a few weeks :). Oh yeah going back to the white trash roots, maybe getting my roots touched up next week will be a bad idea I'm not going to fit in ... LOL. Just playing nothing wrong with mobile homes just been one of those weeks and need a laugh and all I could see is a certain relative that has huge roots and wears way too tight clothing. Not going there!

Back to the point yesterday was so slow until about 1:30 when I was handed a project that needed some serious help. Around 3pm I was suppose to leave for the airport to drop off one of our employees. Well a bit after 3pm we're running to the car to make it to the airport. Traffic was looking oh so pretty and I'm was feeling oh so great that a long drive in traffic was exactly what I was hoping for. Turns out traffic was the least of my problems, since at that point I get a call from Rick that Cole is throwing up at school and needs to be picked up, crap! Can you pick him up, of course not he's on his way to Electronic Fry's for work. So this is when the phone tree starts. I call Mom who's car broke down today, but Dad was dropping her off so he could head up to the school. Then I call the school to let them know Dad is on his way for Cole. Then call back to Dad to give him the number of the school so he can put it into his GPS thing. Then call Rick to let him know Dad will pick up Cole. Then I call the person that took Roy for the day to let her know I wouldn't be home since now I need to pick Cole up at my parents house. Is your head spinning yet, because mine sure was and I so wanted to throw the cell out the window before it over heated.

Well going to the airport was smooth getting back was something totally different thankfully this time it wasn't raining. Just when I think everything is smooth the phone rings again, crap it's Cole School again. Cole puked again (#5) and where is Bapa. Call Bapa he's .2 miles away according to his GPS (what did we do before those, oh I know get lost!). Call back the school and let her know. For good measures try Roy's person again since I left a message the last time, guess what her phone's not excepting calls at this time. Call Rick he hasn't heard from the gal. Then my phone rings again this time Tarra, I totally forgot I was picking Khari up too today. Make plans to meet her to give her Khari. Really can I throw the phone out the window? Grab the kids at Grandma's House, 2 more calls from Tarra. One if she can go in the house (crazy girl go inside) and two are we meeting at your house (nice way to ask where the heck are you girl). Finally get there run into the house to grab the stuff for the diaper cake I need to make and then back out to the car. Crap I need to call the cleaning gal to tell her not to come but I don't have her number. Yup you guessed she calls next from my driveway (ugh), I save the number and apologize for being a lousy boss.

Well one good thing about running around I miss the traffic heading up to Bonney Lake. I get there with enough time to throw together a diaper cake, while holding Caden all at the same time. Sorry no picture of the cake I couldn't even think straight by the time I got home. Barely got Caden in his bed and let Cole run around like crazy with Rick and his friend. Off to bed I went I had to work at 5am this morning. Now there is another story for you, I think I'm going to rest before I write that story. I don't want to make you too envious of my life all in one shot.

I'm taking my single wide and rolling away (see having wheels is a good thing).

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I call uncle ...

Last night I went to bed thinking ok I really need some good sleep to kick this stupid cold and get my mind off the results of this CT scan. Well that last a whole glorious 10 minutes before Cole came flying into my room. What's up buddy? My Butt hurts? Then we go thru the whole butt game. Finally he turns to me in puppy eye look and says my poop was too big. Oh the joys of being a mom, really I never thought at age 30ish I would be having night time talks about poop. I should have guessed my night would be centered around poop when daycare told me Caden's was so hard it was leaving dents in his butt. I wish I could say those bumps on my legs/butt where from that ... ahhh the dream. So I gave Caden some apple juice which came to haunted me later that night.

When Rick came in to bed he put Cole to bed and I thought finally I can get a few hours of sleep before I have to go to work. Again that silly optimist in me gets the best of me each time. An hour later I hear Caden crying I go in there to find not only did he poop thru his pants but he threw up all over his bed. Well sleep is over-rated anyways. I get him all cleaned up and in new PJ's, grab a bottle with watered down juice and this time I remember to put a towel down under him. Well that would pay off an hour later when the pucking came back. I get up to get a new towel while Rick cleans up Caden. This goes on for several hours by 6am I literally call uncle hoping the hits will stop coming. I call work and let them that yet again I won't be in, geez thankfully they are understanding if not I would be out of a job. I try to go back to sleep with no luck, I give up and start working on my DVR stock up. Cole has school today and I have full intention of getting him there early for breakfast, well that helps if he is on the same page. Little man didn't have a good nights sleep himself as was being a spiting image of his father. We get to the school 10 minutes after breakfast and Mr. Sunshine says he is not hungry. Whatever!
Back home I go to lay down on the couch, this would be the time that Caden decides to get up. He's not feeling well so to glee (well I don't think I could even must up glee) we hung out on the couch. It was a very lazy day with lots of naps and hopefully on the recovery of becoming human again.

Well after several calls (yup I was stalking my doctor) I finally heard back. It looks like I do have a tumor above my kidney. So it looks like someone was looking down on me and sent me chest pains to get the chest x-ray that lead to 2 CT scan later. I now have some blood test and urine test to determine if it is active (which is bad) or non-active. If active we find out if it's just a bad tumor or cancer. Ugh ... so more test and more money to my deductible! I'm going to run into the lab tomorrow and hopefully get the test back soon. My doctor never done the urine ones for this type of test so she's not sure how long it could take. She said it could be a day or a week. Really do I have to wait yet another week to find out what is wrong with me.

UNCLE ... Did I say it loud enough? Really I think I'm at the end of the rope and can't handle anymore. Thanks to precious moments like this I can still have a smile on my fast! Cole was trying to sing Caden to sleep with his own version of Twinkle Little Star.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Close your eyes
Twinkle Twinkle time to go to sleep
Twinkle close your eyes (with a little authority here)
How I wonder when you're going to sleep!
Up above the bed to hi
Twinkle Twinkle Twinkle

Good Night All I think I need to go curl up in a ball and pray that someone heard my Uncle cry!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Caden's 1st Birthday Cake is Famous

Just a quick post! I read a wonderful blog Cake Wrecks by Jen and I sent in a picture of Caden's Monkey CCC that turned out horrible. She asked if she could use it on her blog along with Caden's reaction to his cake, he so didn't want anything to do with it =D.

I thought it was so cool she would use it, check it out and please comment :)

Waiting game ...

Well yesterdays test was oh so much fun ... NOT! I decided to got the office that is close to work since hey it's all the same right. Yeah right I get there 15 minutes early, according to my clock, theirs is 5 minutes fast and I'm sticking to that! Filled out the same paperwork that I filled out Saturday, did that much change in 2 days? And took my seat, of course my stomach is making the worst noises. How come when you are not allowed to eat is the time that your body thinks it is starving and let's you know it's not happy?

So I'm sitting there hoping my stomach doesn't sound like anything but rumbling, when Rick shows up. What a guy sometimes he can be a complete pain but when it really matters he's there. While I'm waiting I get the urge that I have to go potty, so I go ask since every time I've had to drink liquids before is while I was PG and your not allowed to. The cute receptionist thinks this is the cutest thing she's ever heard and dies laugh. Can I go or not? Ok course she snorts, whatever! I return to the waiting room and wait until 10 minutes after my appointment (according to my clock) and then I get called back. I get to change my clothes into a lovely gown, I at least got to keep my socks and undies on that place was freezing. I get to sit in yet another chair and wait and oh yeah drink yet another cup of white stuff this time (sorry no camera available). It tasted like coconut which wouldn't be bad except it was greasy so it reminded me of sun tanning oil and oh yeah that made it fun gulping down. Then I get to wait some more, and oh yeah now my bladder decides to be over active. Thankfully there is a bathroom there so I didn't have to cross in front with my rear hang out of those lovely gowns. Another question, why do they make hospital gowns like that? I know for the hospital but for this your just lying on a table could you get me a nice robe or something? You don't need to take it off me or anything. So another trip to the bathroom and yet again return to my seat to wait. Finally the room is ready and a get different tech for this phase. I think she drank a gallon of prune juice since she had a wonderful attitude. I do one set of the scan with out the IV or dye, yeah I'm done. Yup not so fast, the radiologist wants to look at it with the dye. She my favorite lady comes back to put the IV/Dye in, this time wearing a mask. She oh so nicely tells me I'm wearing a mask since your coughing and I'm not sure if you have a bug or WHAT (yup just like I had TB or something). I said no problem, she didn't hear me so she whipped around and said "WHAT" I said no problem!

IV time do you have a preference of arms, yes could you go for my right one since the left has been pocked too much? Oh but I like the Left arm it has a better vein, yeah well it's already been pocked 3 times. Can we leave that one alone please? Oh no it won't hurt. Yeah because 4 times in one spot is perfect! She stabs me and I cringe and want to curl in a ball. When she looks over does that hurt? Yes (in my most feeble voice). Well it's in right and it looks good. Really does that make it hurt less? She walked away, which is probably good I may have sat up (if I could pick myself off that table) and hit her! Yet another set of scan, and oh wait we'll do another set in 20 minutes! My bladder hears this and decides it's time to go again, I ask so nicely only because I have no strength left. She looks at me and says can't you hold it? By this time I've lost it, no I can't I've had 2 children and I know when it's time to go to the bathroom. Fine you can go, really you thought there was a question to this? So she lowers the table and tells me to go, hello can you help me up? Nope be asking to much, she may have to touch me and need gloves.

Make my quick bathroom break to come back lay down and wait (oh the theme of the day). 20 minutes felt like 30 which may really have been the case. Another scan and I'm done, ok you can go change your clothes. Then she starts to walk away and I yell when will the results be in. Oh a few days! Really when I went to TG on Saturday they had them in that day, well it will be a few days for here and she turns and walks away! If I had the strength I may have grabbed a bed pan and threw it at her!

Rick was sweet and picked Cole up while I picked up the other two (all at Grandma's since no school for Roy this week). Grandma said Roy was complaining all day about being bored, oh geez this is going to be a long week! I get home and Rick informs me that there are chip bags in Roy's room. Ok I'm about to loose it, 1st off I've told him multiple times NO EATING in your room, 2nd off those are hidden in the closet since they are for Rick and Cole's lunches (Roy gets lunch at school). I'm fuming and leave Roy with Rick to have a talk while I run to the grocery store and the library to return books before I pay yet another fine. The last one about killed me!

When I return I found Rick at the kitchen table not looking happy. Ugh, what happened? Well I went into his room to talk to him and asked him what was this in his garbage. He said I don't know? What are they doing in here? I don't know? (When did a teenager move into my house?) We've talked to you several times about eating in your room. Were you hungry? No. He then told Rick he was sick and had to lay down. So Rick left him alone. He then came out sat on the couch and told Rick to make him dinner he was hungry. Rick told him that I would be home soon and that he was not happy with him and they needed to talk. Roy then got up and headed to his room. Rick told him to stop and he continued to his room and shut the door. Now if this would have been me that would have been my breaking point, the door GONE. So when I unloaded I went into his room and he was sleeping and not feeling well. I told him that when he felt better we were going to have a serious talk about this eating in the room and eating things that aren't his.

So that was total stress-free night! Now I'm waiting on a stupid test! Joy to the world, I think I'm over the 3 bad thing limit! Ok I'm must go now. Oh yeah now I have 3 more bruises to my left arm! Yup I look wonderful like I've been beat up!

Monday, November 10, 2008

One down and now another to go ...

As soon as it turned 8am I was on the phones, first call was to the imaging place to see if the results were in. Yes they are in and your doctor will have to tell you what the results are, gotcha ya. Call #2 to the doctors office where I got a very nice receptionist who informed yes I see they are in and I'll let the doctor know they are in the system and she'll call you back. Do you know when that will be I'm a nervous wreck? She was very sweet told me if it's bad news I'll hear from her quickly if not it will be with in the next 24 hours! Yup that makes me feel oh so much better.

Today is my airport run to pick the guy from work up so I head up there, guess I should have had something to eat since I started to feel very light headed. I hit a drive thru which I usually avoid to just get something in me. While taking eating and letting my mind wander my phone rings, I look down it's the doctors office. I actually debate in my mind not to answer it, it's only been 1 hour and she's calling me that has to be bad news. After debating in my head I just bite it and pick up the phone (thankfully she didn't go to VM). She is so sweet and knew I was tearing myself up and talked very calmly to me. Why is it I always get ok let me give you some good news and bad news? Do they always have to go hand and hand? So good news is the spot on the chest x-ray was just a shadow and nothing. Ok here's part II of the news (not bad as of yet I guess) they see only part of my abdomen since it was only for my chest. Right above my kidney they see a little something. My doctor believes it is adrenal adenoma. An adrenal gland are above you kidney's in short they are benign tumors. If they are functioning meaning producing hormones you need to get it taken care of it they are non-functioning then no worries. Yup no worries just a little something extra in there for you.

One good thing about scans you can get in pretty quick for them, I can't wait to see the bill for these. So I went and picked up these lovely drinks, one I drink 3 hours before and one I drink 1 hour before with no eating 3 hours before. Glad I picked that sandwich up and ate that quickly. So this lovely drink will "coat" my organs, doesn't that sound lovely? I'll let you know how it goes, I'm down one lovely orange (kind of link Tang with a coating feeling for you mouth) drink and one more to go.

Ok I chocked them both down and now I'm off to get yet another CT scan. Your prayers worked last time, please keep them coming. I can use all the positive thoughts I can get right now. Thank you again, bless you all!

First one going down:

Ok one down, now to wait a few hours and #2 will be done also.

At last I finished both of them.
Now to go get the test done. Ugh!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Filling in the time until tomorrow ...

Today I had this wonderful plan to sleep in and just relax. Caden on the other hand had it in his mind that 7:30am was sleeping in and it was time for him to be awake which means mom better get her butt in here soon or I will scream until everyone else gets up. Thankfully Caden is rather low-key, so hanging on the couch trying to keep my mind on the TV and not on other things wasn't too hard. Cole must have gotten the same memo as Caden as decided to get up a 1/2 hour later. Well it was nice and quite while it lasted. Thankfully Roy slept until 9:30 so I didn't have to hear he pushed me or he hit me banter that fills my house most weekends.

Now the plan was to meet Anng and Kailey at 3pm to go to the Children's Museum, that's perfect enough time to lounge around the house. Minus you know making french toast for breakfast (with that really awesome egg bread I made yesterday) and then oh yeah it's lunch time so heat up some left overs for the boys. Only had spilled milk once when Cole touched Roy and Roy then pinched Cole, who then knocked over his milk. After a stern talking to them both about how this ends now, that you're both in the wrong so knock it off before loose it! I hope in the shower thinking that I don't want to be mistaken for a homeless person riding the link. I'm ready to go, I'm dressed have the boys dressed and come out to find Roy talking to his parents, I think he times these things to drive me crazy. So after some nice it's time to go and heading to the door we head to the museum. Not knowing where my head is I take the wrong exit and then try to park in the wrong garage and then go over to the other one drive around aimlessly before I exit and just park at Freight House Square, no clue what is wrong with me today. Ok I do I'm just trying to not think about THAT! Poor Anng sorry I made you wait today I'm really just not myself.

The ride to the Children's Museum was fun with me being late made it perfect time for the Link to show up, hey something going right! The kids had a bunch of fun running around the museum, only a few times I had to talk to Cole to share and be nice. And hey we only had about 2 parents give us the head shake, hairy eyeball and grab their child like we were going to eat there children. Yup got to love the yuppy daddy and yoga mommies, there kids are perfect and are always a joy :). Overall it was a great time, I think we got maybe 10 minutes to talk before we had to follow around our kids. Caden decided that the sun stroller needed to be a batting ram and was pushing it around the museum. Cole was running around like a crazy person, so nothing new there. Thankfully not to many messes were left in our wake and Caden only tried to eat the paint once, hey I'm chalking that up to a good day. Now leaving the museum a little after 5pm and riding the link during winter hours probably NOT my best idea (sorry Anng). We met some very interesting people waiting for it to arrive (thankfully only 10 minutes) and just a few different ones on the ride there. Speaking of interesting people I forgot about the Asian Photo Club on the ride there that were taking pictures of everyone, they got a few pictures of the boys that thinking now I really should have said something (really I'm not there today). Well we made it safely off the link and said our goodbyes.

A quick run to Target where I got the boys very nutritious snacks, you know a hot dog and popcorn. I left Cole and Roy snacking away at a table and ran real quick to get the two items I came for. Some how since the pharmacy closed 10 minutes early which was one of my two items I decided to grab a few things. Car full I head to the front of the check out following the tune of Momma Momma ... I'm coming Cole! Yup sitting still at the table covered in ketcup, well at least he stayed in his sit, staying clean is a totally different story! Really I went in for Kung Fu Panda DVD and a prescription and came out with $50 worth of stuff. Ugh ... shopping therapy so not a good thing when your already low on cash.

Well less then 12 hours until I can start bugging my doctors office to find out what the results of the CT scan are. I think I'll go watch Kung Fu Panda with the boys and try to go to bed to keep my mind from wondering. I'll update you as soon as I find out, thanks again for all the nice comments and prayers. I truly am blessed!

A few fun pictures of the day:

Caden keeping with theme of cleaning!
What I'm just hanging out!

Look we're friends at the moment.

Really they say write on the windows.

Cole, Kailey and Caden (looking like his dad's backside)

Painting time, look at us we're sharing

Darn this pic doesn't show it that well he had blue all over his mouth and hands.

Keeping my mind off the results ...

First off I want to say Thank you for all the heart warming comments and prayers. I am truly blessed to have people in my life that are here and out there in blogger world =D. You all made my day yesterday and put a smile on my face that has been missing since I got that call on Friday.

Sorry everyone I didn't post yesterday, I was a little out of it. Yesterday I tried to get up at 5am to do the morning show I take calls for, but it just wasn't happening. Besides being stressed out about the CT scan I have the worst head cold known to man. Of course the boys heard me getting up for the umpteenth time I went to rush to the bathroom and had to get up. Out to the couch I go with two rugrats playing cars around me. About an hour later Cole crashed on the floor, so I made Caden a bottle and dropped him off with Rick. Back to the couch I go to leave myself to my thoughts, thank the lord I'm so sick that I can't even think or stay awake.
I wake up with less than a half hour before my mom is to be here to pick me up, guess being sick helped me pass those 5 hours. I guess I should get dressed, hmmm sweats? Ok I know Stacy and Clinton from What Not to Wear would totally be freaking out, but any normal sick day I wouldn't leave the house in them. But what mom said something about going to lunch, maybe one of my dresser sweatshirts and fuzzy pants from Old Navy? Hey better then my Wal-Mart sweats! 20 minutes later mom is knocking on the door, guess I don't really need make up. I at least brushed my teeth and ran the curling iron slightly thru my hair. Mom must have guessed my plan of action this morning, she came baring a new sweater. It didn't look so cute with the black fuzzy pants, guess I better put on slacks. Which then cancels out the white socks and yup the comfy white sneakers. Well there goes the comfy look and here came the black slacks, dress socks and dress shoes. I guess I need to have some make up on also, good bye comfy day hello dressy day while still feeling crappy.

Some how Cole talked his way into going with me and mom, he kept telling everyone that I was sick. I think he may have been worried about me and wanted to come along. The CT scan actually wasn't that scary as I thought. I had to get another IV which was oh so much fun since they tired the same area that the guy at the hospital used. Let's just say after some prodding he had to move to the other arm, hey wants another hole in me right? I was a little worried about the dye they were putting in me since my dad had an allergic reaction once and actually flat lined twice with it. I'm here typing the next day so we know that I'm all good! The dye did burn a little bit like they warned me, but the scan took less than 10 minutes. The bad part you must wait until Monday to find out the results. Ugh ... I so hate waiting plus now I have a day and half of thinking. Maybe this cold is not such a bad thing!

Mom could tell I was worried so she took us to Ram on the waterfront for lunch, yeah a yummy warm crab and artichoke sandwich is calling my name. I know so not on the light diet side but today I'm so not into it! Afterwards mom had to run a few errands so yeah 1 kid and a little me time, what more can I ask for? For about 5 hours I was the lucky lady who got a little peace and quite time. When Mom dropped me off I was in for another surprise. Rick had completely cleaned the house. My buffet side of the kitchen was piled high with paper and clothes (Rick has a horrible habit of taking his shirt off and throwing it there and then getting upset if I move it. The house was still standing and Caden and Roy were still alive, probably a good idea we took Cole with us. Rick wouldn't have been able to handle Cole and Roy fighting and arguing the whole day.

For being a SUPER sweet guy and cleaning the house I picked Rick up his favorite Chevy's for dinner. Then I went back to bed, I tried to get up to do the evening shift on the call center but that didn't happen either. Thankfully I told them this morning I probably won't be in, I wouldn't want to loose this second job. So that was my day wrapped into a nutshell, only 1 more day and I'll find out the results of my test. Today if I can actually make it to the shower I think I'll take the boys to the Children's Museum. Hmm I wonder if sweats can work today?

A few pictures of my great family and things they did to help me keep my mind off the day.

Mom is getting granite for her kitchen. We stopped to check it out and there was a little boy there. Cole and him got to toss around the ball, yup those are racks of granite.

My SUPER clean sink
Check it out the freshly BLEACHED counter tops!
And Tada the clean counter top!
You know it's been months since I knew this existed.
The smiling face waiting for me when I got home.
So not my boy, look at it he took the frosting off!
Mom bought mini cupcakes for the boys.
Here is my wrist from the 1st of the 3 IVs.
Yup it's swollen and very bruised.
All this bruise and it of course didn't even work.

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