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Friday, February 1, 2013

Darn you Jean Makers .... Why can one size not be universal?

On my journey for weight loss I have gone threw the ups and downs of trying on different size pants to see what fits me know.   One of the most frustrating parts is at one time you'll fit in to a certain size then you try on another pair in the exact same size and it's like you have become a sausage trying to fit in it's own casing.   

This weekend I tried on a pair of paints I've been waiting to try on to find that they fell right off, GREAT news!!!  Then I try on another pair in the exact same size to find that as I may be able to button them I also now look like a woman trying to cling to her high school years and pants!  Oh yes muffin top didn't even begin to explain it, then I saw this ecard and thought yup that is right! 

Hope you all have a GREAT weekend I hope this made you laugh like it did for me!


  1. Jeans are the worst! Probably why I only own a pair right now haha

  2. ha ha you crack me up. I totally understand that situation so depressing. You are doing amazing every time I look at your blog the weight loss goes up and up you are an inspiration to me keep it up girl you look amazing.

  3. SO funny and I know just what you mean. I have two pair of pants same size, same brand, different fit. It makes it really hard to buy pants online, unless of course your buying elastic waisted buffet pant ;)

  4. LOL!! So true about sizes varying. I wear anywhere from size 8 to 12 depending on the brand.

  5. LMFAO!!!!! That joke is hilarious!

    But seriously, I feel your pain. And even though I am finally at my goal weight, a Old Navy pair of jeans in one size fits great, but then I head somewhere else to get a pair in the same size and I can't get the damn things over my calves. It's absurd and I can't understand how a size can vary so much.

  6. I have a lot of jeans... but only maybe... 2 of them really fit me well.

  7. I have clothes in my closet with sizes from 2 to 8 and they all fit me perfectly.

    It does not make sense at all. I have shirts from XS to L that all fit the same. It's impossible to know what size to buy.

  8. Your blog is very beautiful and interesting, congratulations. kisses.

  9. I know exactly what you mean. i have lost 10 pounds since i found I have been diabetic. i have cut all the soda out of my diet and just drink water or sugarless koolaide. or coffee of course.

  10. Absolutely hilarious - that ecard! It's so true about the sizes being completely wonky from one to another.

  11. That ecard cracked me up. You're right, it'd be so much easier if all clothes were the same in regards to sizing.

  12. Too funny!! Been there felt that way. I hate how you can be looking at the same brand in a different wash and they don't fit. Old Navy is really bad about that.

  13. I could NOT agree with you more Right now, I can fit in an 8, a 10 AND a 12 ALL MADE BY THE SAME COMPANY!


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