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Friday, November 9, 2012

Organizing My Photos with My Memories Software (Also a Giveaway)

We end out this week of organizing with getting my pictures in order.  As you all know I love taking pictures heck I have a camera in the kitchen to take pictures of food to post here (Yes I'm a little obsessive).  The only downside of all the pictures is the storage space on my camera stick or when I do download them they then sit on my computer.  Once upon a time I was an avid scrapbook-er   You know the old school time where I would cut up my own paper, glue it and spend hours putting together a book.  Once I spent 8 hours straight putting together a book for one for my best friends (I wonder if she still has it?).   Well then kids happened and my love of anything requiring peace and quiet went out the door well that is if it for me that is!

For years I have admired the digi scraps I have seen by others on places like Myspace (oh yes I went that far back ... come on people it was the before of FB get with the times).  Now with work and the kids I didn't think I had time to do this, I was wrong it is actually very easy to do.  You download the software (heck I can do that), then you can either buy or YES there are FREE layouts that you can download, then here is the hard part pick the picture you want to add to the layout!  YUP so simple, now it took me a little bit how to figure out how to get the layouts and play around with them in the program but once you get the hang of it, it's a snap to do!

My Photos are no longer going to be stacking up!!
So now my drawer of misc photos can actually be put into fun layouts that I can easily print at home or send to Walmart to print.  THEN I can actually put those pictures in the scrapbooks that are taking up dust in the closet.  Yes the same ones my husband keeps threatening to throw out unless I use!  Hold onto your big girl panties dude soon they will be filled up and then displayed in our home!

As you have seen I haven't done a lot of reviews or giveaways lately.  I take them very serious and think if I'm going to put my name on something I am going to give my all to it and that means taking the time to test the product and spend a good amount of time writing my post.  This usually takes me several hours so I only will take on something I know I really want to try and have the time to check out.  

My Memory Suite was very kind and offered me their software to try out.  The download only took about 10 minutes and then I was ready to play with the layouts and add my photos.   

Here are a few pages I made to show off, I will have to do some more with the photos I have and then I have great Christmas Gifts!!  Oh yes I'm all about the photo Christmas gifts.  Here you go time to WIN, you can win the software ($39.97 value).

For you who don't win you can use a $10 off coupon for the software:


Have a great weekend!  I hope you enjoyed my week of organization!


  1. I have this and it is indeed fun and easy to use

  2. We use picasa to organize our photos but this looks pretty awesome I've got to check it out.


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