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Thursday, February 6, 2014

My Adventure in PRK Eye Surgery

I posted this on FB and wanted to share my experience:
If you have the choice between Lasik and PRK I suggest Lasik. I asked over and over if I would be able to work, yes not problem. WELL here I am on day 4 and unable to see my computer. I even adjusted it so it's magnified 150%! Did they think I was joking or being over dramatic when I said I don't get paid when I don't work?? I would have went for the instant benefit of Lasik if I knew this would be the case! I feel I was lied to, I understand this may be a better surgery down the road. BUT I'm not a person that can take a week of down time, as I told them 9+ times!! VERY frustrated that it's a blur (better then before but still not where I was told I would be by today). Nurse said again well it should be better by Monday. Wait what happened to it will be better by Friday then by Saturday. EVERY TIME I talk to her she adds more days in!!! 

Day 1 - Surgery late in the day which was great able to work almost a full day.  My dad drove me since when I was done I could not drive myself.  My eyes were sensitive to light and I wasn't told to bring sunglasses!! This is an important thing because if not you will sport these throw away's that suck!  PLUS my dad was so sweet and wanted to take me to coffee and I had to look like this at the coffee shop.  YUP we actually sat down had a treat and coffee. 

I went home and went to bed.  My right eye started to hurt and throbbing shooting pain started!  I took a pm Tylenol and slept the night away.  My vision was blurry so I just kept TV on for noise.

Day 2 I woke up seeing the TV kind of better then if I wasn't wearing glasses before!  I was doing good sat on the couch was able to kind of see and I was happy.  I planned one day off with out pay so I was doing good.  I also planned for a friend to pick up boys to take to school so that worked out.
That was until the afternoon hit!  Shoot pain started in my left eye!  I was in so much pain had to call the clinic and they called me in Vicodin.  Had to wait for Rick to come home and drive me to the pharmacy to pick it up.  I was not feeling well and I thought I wanted to pull my eyes out!
Day 3 Woke up to work to find out I no longer had ok vision I had extremely blurry vision and I could not work.  I knew I couldn't drive safely so I had to call my friend to come pick up boys.  This is not something I planned on so that was a little disappointing also!!  Had to call into work, which did NOT make me happy that is day 2 with no pay!  I called the office to find the doc and assistant don't work on Fridays.  Was told to come in Monday.  Texted the tech to be now told oh yeah I usually tell people with PRK to take Thurs, Fri and the weekend off!  WELL that is great for people who have paid vacation and don't work the weeekend like I do!!!

Day 4 Work up again couldn't work, yup day 3 off of work!!!  I couldn't drive again so the boys missed swimming and other activities which was not cool! Cole had his first basketball game that I missed since my eyes were so light sensitive. I had better but still very blurry vision couldn't look at computer (my job) for long periods of time!  NOT happy

Day 5 by mid day I could see semi ok!  I could work on the computer for a few hours to help make up the pay I was loosing and the work I was behind on!

Day 6 I could work, vision was blurry but manageable for a work day.  By the end of the day had a splitting headache and couldn't work out like I was told I could do right away.  I did drive while it was light out to the grocery store down the street!

Day 7 I could work again vision blurry but manageable for a work day.  By the end of the day again a splitting headache and couldn't work out.  I didn't feel safe to drive to my women's group in the dark :(.

Day 8 I woke up today still blurry but ready to get the contact lens they put in to protect my eye after surgery.  I have an apt later this morning after I take boys to school.  

I'll update more later!  In my opinion this is not surgery for someone who NEEDS to work right away.  I've now have talked to many others and all have recommended LASIK instead and were able to get right back to work.  ALSO found other places a few towns over a lot cheaper which also makes me kick myself.  Yes my mom paid for surgery but don't want to waste the money.

Yes I (or my mom) paid for surgery nothing was given to me.
This is just my opinion.
The Doctor and Staff are very nice, the price is rather high for the area.
I would recommend the office just not this surgery.
Dr. Kopstein - Tacoma Eye Surgereons
Address: 3602 S 19th St, Tacoma, WA 98405
Phone:(253) 759-5555


  1. Oh wow- I thought Lasik was instant and pain free. I have thought about it in the past, but I am definitley not doing it now.

  2. Wow I hope this clears up soon because not being able to see and going through all that grief sheesh.

  3. I'm sorry it's been so frustrating for you. I do hope it sorts out soon

  4. Oh dear , I hope you get all better. Your ordeal sounds painful and frustrating . Hugs .

  5. I feel so bad for you Alexis.... My Hubs went for catarct surgery... They talked him into picking these very expensive lenses.... Supppose to be better.... Well they lied too. Must be a lot of liars working on eyes. He now has horrible vision and wishes he never would have went through this.
    I hope your eyes clear up though... it may just take more time than you planned on


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