Saturday, April 10, 2010

Eshakti Clothing Review

I'm going threw a change in body with working out and trying to get fit so clothing aren't always my friend. Going to buy something doesn't always fit right I get upset and don't end up buying anything. Rick never understands and thinks I'm nuts, try explaining to a guy that you've had two kids and my body has revolted against me ... :).
Buying clothes on line eliminate the nasty lighting and weird fun house mirror they put in dressing rooms just to drive "fluffy" people nuts and cursing our shape even more instead of embarrassing it and finding what fits us! Like we alway see on What not to Wear you must tailor things to FIT your body, all clothes are not made equal! Embrace it, your life will be so much better!
What if I told you I found a website that has you enter your measurements when you order a item! Yes I told you it's like you're own personal tailor, except you don't have to wait you order an item it's shipped to your door and it's the size and FIT you need!!! eShakti is a site that does just that! And the best part this is for woman of all sizes, yes they specialize in Women's clothes Size 0-26W and Custom Size Clothes. Ok ladies this is when you HAVE to be honest, yes you have to take measurements. This is NOT the time to fib, take real measurements.
For my amazing Ruffled end-on-end cotton asked me for measurements for my shoulder, chest, bust, under bust, waist, hip, upper arm and length of arm. Yes that was a lot a measurements and a little scary ... lol but I had to man or woman up and do it! I was so glad I did my jacket was amazing and it shipped in 3 DAYS! They offer all types of women's clothes like Day dresses, Tops, Little black dress, Blouses, Knits and tees and Tunics. Get this you say you don't like the neck line you can change it! Yes you have the option to change parts of the garment, everything from the neck line, sleeve type, tunic length, pant style and waist length. Yes ladies finally a store that let's us be us! We don't have to be a model or have the perfect body. We don't walk into a shop grab the same item everyone else does and expect it to look the same as the lady next to us! Get what you deserve and what your body type needs!
Thank you to eShakti for my beautiful Ruffled end-on-end cotton jacket. It arrived just in time for Cole's concert, some of my favorite teachers came up to me to comment on how much they liked it! Yes I was feeling pretty good that day! My beautiful jacket that was designed just for me was only $59.95! I know heck I can't even get a nice jacket off the rack that doesn't fit right for that price!
Check out eShakti for amazing clothes that fit and look right on ALL body types.
I was not paid for this post, I was given a jacket to test and give my personal thoughts. Everything said here is what I thought and believe.


  1. All I have to say is you look so sexy Poser..

  2. That's really great.
    It also looks great on you!

  3. That is so great, love the jacket a lot :)

  4. You look terrific in that jacket. I think you are doing great with your exercise program... I see your waist appearing so skinny in your pictures, you look beautiful!


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