Thursday, April 1, 2010

Can I get off this Roller Coaster?

LOL it's been a crazy 2 weeks, I would love to jump off this roller coaster but for some reason it's not slowing down. I guess I better strap in and hold on :). Thought it would be fun to post so funny what the heck moments in my life!

It's a little stressful hear tense run high, LOL love my husband but he needs to find a full time job. He's working part time and that helps but our one on one time is stretches us thin ... lol. Can you tell I've worked 19 days straight with out a day off. Sorry it's a vent day! ;)


  1. I hate when parents do that, hog the seats and then stand!!!!

    Hope your hubby finds a full-time job soon so you can get a break!!

  2. If only this were an April fools day joke, sadly I know it's not. Tell that man to put out or get out (and I mean do something other than laying on his ass all day). He would be out on the street if I were his wife (cuz really at this point he's just another mouth to feed).
    Ok I am just ranting I want him to treat you like the princess you really are and not like a workhorse. I bitch because I care. :)

  3. The Facebook part made me LOL!
    I hope you feel better, that all sounds very frustrating.
    I've often thought of leaving this note on the dishwasher:
    "This machine CAN be operated by people whose name is NOT Cyndy OR Mama!"

  4. I've missed you!....Trying to catch blog has been so very sparse....and I'm trying to get that fixed!

    Ok, miss DVD nazi....(I'm so like that too, because DVDs are the only sanity that gets me through the work day...but I also control the DVDs, so it's no biggie...TigerDaddy just watches the news on
    Do you have Netflix?....if not, I have to HIGHLY recommend it.....I love it.......and now, they just sent out the Wii disc, so we can watch Netflix on TV with the DVD. Last weekend, we spent half the time vegged out in front of it!....

    Sorry to hear about the job fun at all!....we're just struggling to keep the appliances and cars in tip top shape lately.....looks like we need a new refrigerator (but actually, I'm happy about that, because hopefully it means we can get a decent one and I can claim more space in it!..........)......the joys of living with inlaws........

  5. Have you ever thought of going on strike? My mom did this when the kids (yep, that definitely includes me), man, dog, etc. etc. got on her last nerve and she was totally fed up.
    No meals were cooked, no laundry was done, no shopping, she just completely shut down. Boy, did that get a lot of attention!
    Hang in there - you're doing a hell of a great job keeping it all together.

  6. You need a girl's night out in Michigan with me!

  7. OMGoodness, your house sounds extremely familiar. When you figure out how to put a fire under their *ss, please let me know. I am in need of an *ss fire and soon:)

  8. Still sending prayers that he finds a job soon!

    I'm impressed that you got to the gym even that much- you need a break, my friend!

  9. you vent all you need too honey!

    i'm so with blueviolet.. you soooo need a girls wkend.. in fact, i'll meet ya'll there in michigan.. don't leave me.. lol

    have a beautiful wkend!

  10. It sounds like you need a "come to Jesus" meeting with your DH. And when I'm mad -- DH can mean WHATEVER you want to insert for those two letters. :)

  11. You need to sit the hubby down and lay it out.
    He is a partner.
    You are not his slave.
    If you are picking up his slack - not that it is his fault he was laid off - he can help around the house. It will not hurt his "manhood."

    You are going to get sick if you keep up this pace and that will do no one any good.

    What will happen if you go down and NO ONE is working?

    Lay THAT out for him.
    goat hugs

  12. That or I can ship you Abby to give him a good butt in the erm, butt


  14. ((HUGS)) I know he is going thru a tough time (men and their ego) but he really should be helping you out! I'm so sorry.

  15. hi there.. I am hoping hubby finds work soon too.. i work 15 hours a week and do my etsy site.. and hubby works about 45 hours a week at Pomp's Tire... I have to go finish packing for this weekend though.. talk soon..

  16. Men! (Except our Dads of course-they're awesome!) I really hope he catches on to the fact that you could use some help while he's out of a job...or all the time (even with another job) would be good too! ;-)

  17. Oh Poser..

    Hugs to you.. I hope Rick gets a job soon and if not I really do hope he helps around the house. I know it is hard for you right now.. I am coming over with chocolate and wine..

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Hey, I think you should be proud of yourself for making it to the gym 3 times considering what your schedule has been like.

  20. Oh comeone! You KNOW you love flexing in the mirror and snapping shots for your Facebook page.

    Who doesn't?!?

    LOL....I'm sorry its so overwhelming right now. I wish I could help know I would if I were closer to you!!

  21. beautiful thoughts shared!
    Happy Easter!


    Happy Sunday Evening!

  23. Oh girlie, you know I give up on even asking after a while :( because it's not better. I don't want his help if he's going to bitch about it for days afterwards! Hand in there girlie, if you need anything you know where to find me :)

  24. ahh yes, a mother's work is never ending...and we are supposed to do it all... Hope you can get a break soon!

  25. that's what moms are... a never ending duties! have a break!

  26. I've done the 50+ hours a week on 3rd shift while I was pregnant. Hubby was laid off, and always had an excuse for non't helping out..."I didn't do the laundry, because I didn't want to wake you up." UGH!

  27. We sure do a lot of juggling these days.

    Have a great Tuesday!

  28. I totally agree you need to get off the ride, at least for a weekend. Thank god for your dad...
    You know that I am praying for you all. Hugs to everyone!!

  29. What the frick is it with men? When my husband has a day off, or gets off work, he acts like the is completely done for the day....ummmm, so when is my day off again??? Plus, with our jobs, and hourly pay, there is NO vacation. buttheads.

  30. you are one of the superwomen! gosh! hope ull have the much deserving break soon!

    u may view mine here

  31. Busy girl! I am not jealous. I've done the 17 days of working streak, and that was more than enough for me. And I don't even have children to worry about afterward. So props to you for being somewhat of a super-woman!

    - Visitor from Supah's blog


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