Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Grape Sheep Etsy shop OPEN

My friend Racheal (Rachael's Space) that helps me on so many of my craft projects aka the purse, blanket, the Super Mom cape and so many has opened her own Etsy shop. She is an amazing knitter and makes beautiful yarns that she spins herself! You'll love it and if you're in need of anything for a project please stop by and see her!

If any of you play farmville on Facebook you'll know this, they have a purple sheep you can get so that is the name of her etsy page. Check it out: Grape Sheep

Here are a few she has up right now:

Strawberry Lemonade



Faukland top. Spun Aran weight (heavy worsted about 8wpi). 112 yards. Used Navajo ply to preserve colors. Great for next to the skin wear. Soft and springy. This yarn will felt so hand wash or have fun with your felting project!

Midnight Rainbow



What do you get when you dye a natural color Romney wool with a rainbow of colors? This beautiful dark yarn that will work up into subtle stripes. I hope you have as much fun creating with it as I did spinning it.
13 wpi (Light sport)

Purple Gem



This super soft 2-ply yarn is squishy and scrumptious. 440 yards of fingering weight (14wpi) merino. I knit a hat for my daughter with it and used less than 70yards. This is a great yarn for close to the skin wear.

Her daughter wearing a hat in the Purple Gem.

Stormy Skies



This a fun art yarn. Bulky and fluffy spun with scraps from other projects. 19.5 yards. Will felt nicely.




A soft yarn in fun colors that will stripe when knit or crocheted. Great for next to the skin wear. Worsted weight. 104 yards.


  1. very nice, thnx for letting us know about this.. have a great night!!

  2. hey send her my way to check out my shop in my blog.. or here is my site again to pass it along to her.. i have some great items under ten bucks in my shop.. I love etsy and the sellers and buyers are great.. i will look her up and add her to my favorites.. she is welcome to come chat with us in the chat rooms to expose her self.. Exposure is the best on Etsy..

  3. Wow, she makes yarn, that is so interesting. I wish her success in her Etsy shop.

  4. Wow. I don't know what to say. Thank you so much Alexis, I was not expecting this and you have touched me deeply today.


  5. I love it :) you know me and yarn LOL I just love it so much! And I love her site :) so many cool things! Thanks for sharing with us!

  6. Rachel's yarn is beautiful! She does a wonderful job spinning! :-)

  7. What gorgeous colors... and you are such a sweet person to feature her on your blog.


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