Thursday, April 15, 2010

Another week of Ahhh Crap Moments ...


  1. I hate the Turbo Tax tease... hang in there!

  2. Sorry you've had a rough week. What you said in your first note is true: God has a plan. Even if we can't see it, He has a purpose for everything that happens.

    Get some rest. Hugs to you!

  3. Stopping by to say hi & thanks for following my blog. I'm following yours now too.

    Sorry things are rough - hope it looks up soon. Not so good around here - but I don't want to get into it - lol.

  4. Big Hugs!!! You'll make it through this! :-)

  5. Sorry you're having a rough time!

    I LOVE church - just LOVE it, but there is a fine line between "serving God" there and "being busy." You have to say "no" to the things He's not calling you to so you have the energy for the things He IS calling you too. It's the hardest place for me to say no, but sometimes it's necessary!

  6. great boss you have.. for teaching you to say no.. now you just have to implement it.. lol!!!!!

    have a beautiful wkend.. you totally deserve!!!!!!

  7. Sorry girlie for so much :( Thinking about you and hoping things will get better!

  8. Keep your head will be taken care of!

  9. sounds like yet another hectic week, love this post xx

  10. Oh... I was there last year, not refund and property taxes due. Changed my with holding to single this year so that won't happen again.

  11. Holy cow lady...

    Don't burn out girl. Take care of YOU.

  12. Oh poser what a week. Hugs to you.. I have so been there...

    I am proud of you for taking some hours away...

    Have a great weekend.

  13. Sounds like a rough week! I know this week I have been telling myself, one day at a time, it is often darkest before the dawn. Hang in there baby!

  14. That is a bunch of crap, I'm so sorry for all that you must face each week. Hugs and prayers for you.

  15. We have never used turbo tax. We go to H and R Block.. I am sorry to hear things are going down hill for you.. Its hard everywhere. We are just happy both of us have the jobs we have even if we arent happy where we are. I mean I am but hubby isnt really happy with his job anymore.. It makes it hard..

  16. I'm praying a job comes through for you guys soon!

  17. Hang in there! You are in my thoughts!!

  18. Oh girl... I wish I could give you a big ole hug!

    And... HOLY COW all the stuff you are agreeing to do??? YES, you need to learn to say NO! JUST SAY NO! :)

    You're not a bad mommy for only going to the gym 3 times... you're AMAZING to have gone AT ALL!

    Has anyone told you what a great person, wonderful momma and super wife you are today? Well, I'm here to remind you!!

  19. all things will work together for good! happy tuesday! (joined supah's meme too!)

  20. Ahhh crap is right ... sounds like you need an all day pajama day! Always works for me. :-)

  21. Hang in there. When the going gets tough, the tough get tougher.
    I've been there with the overwhelming church duties. Sometimes you have to learn to say "no", even as hard as it is to let others down.
    You'll make it.

  22. Umm....what do I say that hasn't been said already....

    MUAW! Hugs and Sprinkles LOVE!

  23. Sorry you had such a crap week! I hope things look up soon.

    visiting from Supah's!

  24. You know that I have been thinking and praying for you, I hope Rick gets hired soon. I know that something will come along soon and thank goodness for your dad giving him some work - gotta LOVE your daddy!!
    I know that not having as much work on Saturday & Sunday will mean a cut in money, but you really have been overdoing it and the rest will be good for you physically and mentally. I know the boys will love being able to spend more time with you. Don't feel bad about forgetting the 1/2 day - we have ALL done that, if any mom says she hasn't, she is a liar! :-)
    Take care... HUGS to you all!


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