Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Thursday DVD Review ~ Part IV

Blockbuster Says:
The directorial debut of Brandon Camp concerns a widower (Aaron Eckhart) who makes a living as an expert on grieving. During the course of teaching a seminar, he meets and begins to fall for a floral designer (Jennifer Aniston), a discovery that leads him to face up to the fact he has not fully reconciled the loss of his wife.

ALEXIS SAYS: I so needed a good sappy love story and this was right up my alley and so what I needed! It of course had it's cheesy moments and predictable moments but you just have to love Jennifer Aniston and Aaron Eckhart isn't bad to look at either. It has it ups and downs and the dealing with ones feelings and moving forward. It was sweet and a good DVD rental, not one I would buy but a good cheer me up movie.

Blockbuster Says: Alvin, Simon, and Theodore meet their musical match after returning to school and entering into a battle of the bands competition in hopes of saving the school's troubled music program. Sent to live with Dave Seville's younger nephew Toby (Zachary Levi), the three lovable marmots decide that getting an education is more important than belting out pop tunes. But the school's music program is about to go belly up, and the only way to save it is to win the 25,000-dollar prize in the upcoming battle of the bands. Though the Chipmunks are confident they have the songwriting skills to steamroll the competition, a newly formed singing trio dubbed the Chippettes promises to give them some stiff competition on-stage. Brittany, Eleanor, and Jeanette are indeed the real deal, and the closer the competition gets, the more Alvin, Simon, and Theodore realize that in order to win, they'll have to give it everything they've got.

ALEXIS SAYS: I was surprised with this one, the boys did not care for it at all. They barely sat down threw it and did NOT want to watch it again. I was very sorry to say it didn't go over very well. I heard it on a few other people the didn't care for it but I thought we had to try.
A young robot with incredible powers, super strength, and the purest spirit on the planet discovers the joys of being human while embarking on a worldwide journey to discover his true potential in this animated update of Osamu Tezuka's classic anime story. Astro Boy (Freddie Highmore) is a young robot from futuristic Metro City. Created by a brilliant scientist named Tenma (Nicolas Cage), and powered by pure positive "blue" energy that gives him such abilities as x-ray vision, inhuman speed, and flight, the wide-eyed android longs to find his true place in the world. He sets out on an epic journey that brings him face to face with an underworld army of robots and some of the strangest creatures ever to walk the Earth, and along the way learns to experience human feelings and emotions. Astro Boy's remarkable mission of discovery is suddenly cut short, however, when he learns that his friends and family back in Metro City are in grave danger. As Astro Boy prepares to face off against his greatest adversary in order to save everything he cares most about, he realizes that only through victory will he finally discover what it takes to be a hero.

ALEXIS SAYS: The boys loved this movie I caught some bits of it and again caught myself watching for a few minutes. It's a cute movie for the whole family to watch. It had a cute plot that of course you know what will happen but kids will enjoy.

Blockbuster Says:
Ponyo, which deals with a friendship between a five-year-old boy and a goldfish princess who yearns to be human. The daughter of the king of the ocean, Ponyo is no ordinary goldfish -- she has all the magic of the sea at her disposal. But when five-year-old Sosuke befriends the spunky little fish near the seaside home he shares with his mother and father, a special connection sparks between the two children, and Ponyo becomes determined to become human. Transforming into a little girl, Ponyo shows up at Sosuke's doorstep, delighted to make herself at home with her new land-dwelling family. But having a magical fish princess walking around on dry land begins setting the mystical balance of the world off kilter, and even though the innocent love Ponyo feels for her dear friend is strong, it will take some help from the greatest powers in the ocean to make things right again.

ALEXIS SAYS: The boys LOVED this movie they watched it a few times before we had to return it, I wish I could have some extra money to buy it for them. I walked in a few times and caught myself watches it. It had the great feel of anime but it had such a great story behind it. It had the feel of little mermaid with a twist. The kids and you will enjoy this one!

Career firefighter Cathkart (Danny DeVito) and his wife (Katey Sagal) are ready to embrace their golden years, but push comes to shove when the only way to reclaim the nest from their slacker sons Elliot (Ryan Hansen) and Quinn (Skyler Stone) is to move out first. Left holding the keys, the fumbling couch potatoes get a crash course in suburban reality as the bills multiply and their newly founded lemonade stand goes belly-up.

ALEXIS SAYS This is NOT a family friendly movie, the language and adult content is everywhere in this movie. This is more a guy flick I didn't find it too funny or even something I would sit threw. I was so SAD I LOVE Danny DeVito and Katey Sagal, they were the whole reason I added this movie to my list. A guy flick, so not one I would want to watch again.

Netflix Says:

When his master, Parker (Richard Gere), dies, a loyal pooch named Hachiko keeps a regular vigil -- for more than a decade -- at the train station where he once greeted the man every day in director Lasse Hallström's touching drama based on a true story. Hachiko's faithful routine teaches the station's patrons about true love and commitment. Joan Allen stars as Parker's wife; Sarah Roemer, Jason Alexander and Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa co-star.

ALEXIS SAYS: This was a cute movie that of course was sad and even made me tear up a little. I like how they did parts of it threw the dogs eyes (color gone and all). You had some great big stars like Richard Gere and Jason Alexander. You know me I'm a sucker for a true story. I think it's a great DVD rental, not one I would buy but worth the rental! Now it's a G move my boys to young it wasn't animated and they wouldn't get that the man character dies and what the dog was doing. Older kids will enjoy it.

I have a rental that I pay for this are my opions, Sadly no one gave me free movies (man I keep hinting but I get nothing ... lol)

Ok guys do you have a DVD or Movie you've seen that you would like to talk about? Would anyone like to participate in Thursday DVD Review?


  1. Okay I have not seen any of these! I am soo bad at movie watching!!

  2. I have not watch a movie in a while.. I loved your reviews. Have a wonderful day...

    Awards are out and need to be grabbed by you Poser or anyone who reads this come on by...

  3. No doubt what we may be doing this weekend! MOVIES!!! I have been wondering about a few of those movies and like you I have a rent only list and a OOOH Let's Buy It list!

  4. These movies sound delightful.. We get our movies off netflix so we only get one movie at a time.. and We dont watch them all at once either.. We just watch them while eating meals. Its our time together.. But we have just recently seen again The Mist from Steven King.. Not really kid friendly but the girls did watch it.. Cant keep them out of the livingroom when a movie is on..LOL. Unless they are sleeping..

  5. My boys LOVE the squeakel. It's the movie in our van right now and they don't want me to take it out and put anything else in. It's kind of grating on my nerves a little! LOL

    Did you see you won the Food Should Taste Good giveaway? I can't remember anything these days so I can't even remember if I emailed you!

  6. I don't watch that many movies either but my favorite is an old one - Yankee Doodle Dandy with Jimmy Cagney

  7. brilliant, thanks for the heads up, u rock <)

  8. i've been wanting to watch love happens.. and now after reading this i most def will, maybe this wkend?!?

    and ooooh i so looved hachi!!!

  9. I found that the adults I know that have seen the Alvin & Chipmonks movie enjoyed it. The first one wasn't horrible, but I imagined it would only go downhill with the second.

    I like that you review a nice variety of movies.

  10. Been thinking of watching the Hachi: A Dog's Tale. Now I will check it out for sure! Thank you!

  11. Honestly, when do you find time? Do you actually sit down and not do anything else while you are watching these? I haven't even heard of a few of them. I love Aaron Eckhart & of course Jennifer Aniston. I will see that one. I will most likely watch Alvin since I saw the first one. Thanks for your opinions.

  12. Oooo I might have to look for that goldfish one. That sounds like a really fun one... maybe our next Movie Night With Mommy. In May. :)

    And do I have a DVD request? Ah-hahahahahahaha!

  13. The only one of those I saw was the Alvin & The Chipmunks - one of the rare few we actually went to the theater to see. For some reason my two kids loved it - they loved part 1 too.

    The Jen Aniston one looks good - if I could get my husband to watch it - lol.

  14. I'm bummed to hear Alvin and the Chipmunks wasn't that good. I'll still watch it when I get the chance though, since it has Zachary Levi in it from the show Chuck (LOVE that show!) :-)

  15. I'll have to see all of them ;)

  16. I can't STAND the Chipmunk movies -- their voices make me want to claw my eyes out!

  17. We've actually started watching movies again. I think I've seen two in the last two weeks. That's HUGE! So this helps.

    Good thing Posts don't go away after a certain amount of time. I'm on a marathon catchup cycle with you!

  18. I noticed that you really only got ONE movie that was for you, the rest were kids movies (OK, you thought Housebroken was going to be one for you), you are such a great mommy!!
    We have been collecting the inexpensive BluRay movies that they have on sale at Walmart so we will have stuff to watch during the summer reruns. They have some great 2-packs of older movies, but I know what you mean about not having extra cash to buy them.
    Thanks for your reviews, I really appreciate your "work" - HaHa!!


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