Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Thursday DVD Review ~ Part III

Wow this week has flown by and I'm so behind, I just spent 2 hours making a birthday card for Cole's Party. I promise to be around soon! So I'm trying out Netflix again, Blockbuster and their horrible customer service have worn on my last nerve. Plus they let you watch on your TV or computer. So this week we had twice the movies since we're trying out the two week trial ... lol yes I'm taking advantage of it! Hope you find a new movie you haven't seen, I had a few hit and misses this week but at least it's entertainment!

Netflix says
In this sequel to Twilight directed by Chris Weitz (American Pie), Forks, Wash., resident Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) is reeling from the departure of her vampire love, Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson), and finds comfort in her friendship with Jacob Black, a werewolf (Taylor Lautner). But before she knows it, she's thrust into a centuries-old conflict, and her desire to be with Edward at any cost leads her to take greater and greater risks.

ALEXIS REVIEW: Ok as you know I LOVE books, and it's hard for me to like a movie as much as a book. Plus a book goes into such detail that fitting into a movie form is very hard to do. I must say I like the first movie in the series better, this one left out some key parts the book went into. It's was good but I'm sorry don't shoot me, I wouldn't buy it. But I must say Taylor is smoking HOT in this one!
Netflix Says:
On the verge of a game-changing business deal, a divorced dad (Robin Williams) and his womanizing best friend and partner (John Travolta) are thrown for a loop when they're tasked with caring for a rambunctious pair of 6-year-old twins. Helmed by Walt Becker, this family comedy also stars Seth Green, Kelly Preston, Matt Dillon,Rita Wilson and Bernie Mac, in his final big-screen appearance.

ALEXIS REVIEW: This one was GREAT, I laughed so hard and it was a great one even the kids could watch. Robin Williams is always funny but him with a spray tan like an Umpa Lumpa was the funnest thing I've ever seen. John Travolta of course was a perfect side kick, and it was a great role that showed his funny side. Then you add in Seth Green who always has great comic timing. This is one we watched a few times before returning! I would even buy it.
Blockbuster says:
Sherlock Holmes, gets an update with this adaptation of Lionel Wigram's comic book series by writer/director Guy Ritchie(RocknRolla) starring Robert Downey Jr. as the titular detective, with Jude Law stepping into the shoes of his sidekick, Dr. Watson.

ALEXIS REVIEW: I think I'm striking out with movies this was just ok. Now hear me out I'm a big FAN of Robert Downey Jr. It had some good ups and downs but it just didn't seem to flow or keep me wanting to sit and watch the whole thing.
Blockbuster says:
A wily fox uses his formidable cunning to outsmart three feeble-minded farmers, who resort to extreme tactics to protect their chickens in director Wes Anderson's animated adaptation of the popular Roald Dahl children's book. For 12 years, Mr. and Mrs. Fox (voices of George Clooney and Meryl Streep) have lived a peaceful life in the wilderness with their son, Ash (voice of Jason Schwartzman). Shortly after their young nephew Kristofferson (voice of Eric Anderson) arrives for a visit, Mr. Fox's long-suppressed animal instincts begin to take over and the faithful family man resorts back to his old ways as a cunning chicken thief, endangering not only his family but the entire animal community as well. When evil farmers Boggis, Bunce, and Bean force the animals underground in a desperate attempt to capture the audacious Mr. Fox, dwindling food supplies force the frightened animals to band together in one last attempt to fight for the land that is rightfully theirs.

ALEXIS REVIEW: The boys didn't really stay captivated by this one. Usually when a DVD comes for them they will watch it a few times. Cole told me, no thank you mama. Yup that about summed it up!
Blockbusters says:
Ryan Bingham (George Clooney), who makes his living personally handing out pink slips -- he's the top hatchet man at a company that other companies hire when they are downsizing. And since business is booming, his job keeps him on the go constantly. He flies all across the country, staying in a series of nice hotels. And although this itinerant lifestyle prevents him from having any kind of stable, regular life, this doesn't bother him in the slightest -- he's thrilled to be a boy in a traveling bubble. During one particular layover, he strikes up a conversation with Alex Goran (Vera Farmiga), a fellow savvy traveler. They bond over the ins and outs of various airlines and hotels, and quickly fall into bed. By morning, they are figuring out when their schedules will allow them to meet up again, even though they both make it clear that there are no strings attached. When Ryan arrives back in the home office, he meets no-nonsense career-oriented twentysomething Natalie Keener (Anna Kendrick), a fast-rising up-and-comer who wants to change the company's practices and save millions by having the staff fire people remotely via webcams. Furious at the thought of losing a lifestyle he's grown quite comfortable with, he convinces his boss (Jason Bateman) to let him take Natalie on a few trips so that she can learn what it's really like to fire someone.

ALEXIS REVIEW: I'm sorry I love George Clooney but I just couldn't get into this one. I found myself walking around doing things. Rick even said he couldn't watch it. It really didn't have the best plot to keep you drawn in.

These are movies I paid to rent no one paid me or gave me a free subscription (hint hint). LOL :)


  1. That's a bummer that Sherlock Holmes wasn't the best and I'm surprised that Old Dogs was good! LOL! I guess you can't go too wrong with a Disney movie though :-)

  2. ruh-roh.. doesn't sound like you enjoyed your picks that much...

    sorry... but i actually liked new moon better than twilight... though all in all.. i TOTALLY agree with you... books are ALWAYS A MILLION times better than the movies!!!

  3. I suspected that would be the case with "up in the air" I am glad I've kept passing it up. I think I will give Sherlock Holmes a try just because it's already sitting on my counter...
    Keep up the reviews! Love 'em!


  5. what great reviews. I only saw New Moon and I so loved it..

    My Round Robin is tomorrow if you want to stop by.. I hope you do something fun is going to happen..

    Have a great day my Poser friend..

  6. :( Yes I am sad. I loved Up In The Air! I must admit my husband and I love some strange movies.

    Thanks for all the reviews. Old Dogs was okay but pretty dumb which I expected it to be. I want to see the others. I am new to the Twilight movies and I am looking forward to New Moon. Hasn't come yet.

  7. Hm. Maybe I'll check old dogs out. The preview looked good, but I was suspicious because to often they put all the good stuff in the previews and there's nothing you haven't seen when you actually watch the movie.

  8. Gary and I recently rented Old Dogs and I about peed my pants SO many times! LOL! I thought it was great. =)
    Haven't seen the others yet...

  9. I am probably the only woman in America who hasn't read and does not like the Twilight series.
    I love John Travolta and Robin Williams, but not really a fan of Seth Green, I'll probably watch Old Dogs when this comes on TV.
    I also love Robert Downey Jr., but I think this movie looks like a really silly telling of the Sherlock Holmes story.
    Sorry your kids didn't like Fantastic Mr. Fox, I have no opinion or idea about this movie.
    I think I had the same idea about Up in the Air with George Clooney - and I agree he is HOT!!


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