Friday, April 2, 2010

I'm not worthy ...

Some days do you just not feel worthy? I must say thank you everyone I was having a down day yesterday when I wrote the post yesterday. You ever just have a day and you want to scream? Yup I reached it, and then things that I could have never dreamed came along and helped me out once more! Before I go there I have to say something :)

Rick for all his faults is a good husband, yes morning time not his best time of the day. His mom who is a lovely woman you don't call before 4pm yes PM she stays up late and sleeps all day, guess where he gets it! Now helping totally not his strongest suit with the kids but I do have to give him some props, I've cooled down and have decided better give some. Not perfect but helping .. lol. The days he hasn't been working thankfully about 30 hours last week he took Cole to school and picked him up. Did the yard work and let Cole play out there while he did and put in 3 new doors in the house. He thankfully has had 2 interviews and one of them turned into a 2nd interview!! And I'm on him like a hawk so he's been putting out resumes like crazy. So I thinking clear now ... LOL I was a little overwhelmed yesterday as always he offered to help someone a 2 hour project turned into 8 hours and when he wasn't able to pick Cole up it messed up the day. I was working and had calls that I wanted to get done so Cole had to go to daycare in the meantime. So needsless to say I was upset about having to pay that, having him home all the time really sucks when I work from home it's to much together time (I'm realistic people we're not perfect couple that can spend every waking minute together) and just crap happening with his car (that's another post!). Phew ok I feel better ... like I said NOT perfect, drives me nuts and needs to help more but not a total loser :).

NOW ONTO my "I'm Not Worthy Moment". Ok this probably has to do with the chubby kid who had a hard time fitting in to the "fluffy" adult that sometimes doesn't feel that comfortable either. Heck it may be the "egg donor" aka bio mom leaving while I was young and never returning but hey let's just say I have issues of feeling worthy. My dad always taught me to do my best, give to everyone and work is work you do over and beyond and some day it may come back if it doesn't it only matters to you because you know that you did more then the expected. My work has always just been that but never really saw more from my previous employers, but it was never expected.

So today I had this moment ... ok well not exactly this moment but this one makes me laugh!

You know I've said it many times but my employers are just amazing, they really just make me feel so loved and overjoyed! They really just go over and beyond, I'm not sure what I did to deserve such carrying people that do so much for me and my family. Today they actually made me cry and ask myself again how do I deserve such amazing people! They actually offered to pick up our medical cost until Rick goes back to work! I never really thought about how much a family of 4 could cost! It's just nuts, sadly I probably was going to have to just get coverage for the boys and let Rick and myself maybe go with out and pray we stayed healthy. Then they gave me this amazing gift. I never really thought there was people in the world like this! God has sent me Angels that are lifting the world weight of my shoulder. Really taking care of your employee is over and beyond, they are just Angels. Thank you Lord for bring me such amazing family to my life I consider them my family and will go to the ends of the earth for them! As I told them today they are stuck with me until they tell me to leave, I hope that is when I'm old and grey!

Then the topper on the cake, Caden was going to daycare 2 days a week since I started working from home just to get him out of the house. Then with Rick loosing the main job we cut back to no days. Poor Caden was loosing and so was mommy :). So this last generous gift made me cry like a baby. They offered to pick up daycare until Rick goes back to work. Not only 2 days a week but the WHOLE week! Yes not only have they offered to pick up health care for the family but daycare! I still can't get over my new family that is taking such good care of me. Family may not always be the ones we are given at birth but the ones we choose later on in life. My new extended family has made me cry in a good way. I was so overwhelmed with thinking of all these items and with out asking they just swooped in and offered to help. I so need to pay it forward, it's going to be baking time this weekend cookies for the church. I hope I can touch someone's life like mine was touched today!

Thank you so much for thinking of me and my family and showing me I am worthy. God Bless you!


  1. oh honey.. i am so GLAD that you have ppl surrounding you that care for you so much... i truly hope that only the best comes to you.. b/c i think you may deserve it the most...

    i'm thinking of you.

  2. Wow! What an amazing employer.

    In times where you only hear the worst about employers and how they treat employees as though they should just be thankful their employed, it's nice to know there are employers who do care.

    About your hubby, I didn't read yesterday's post, but understand from this post you needed to vent.

    It happens with all of us, but at the end of the day, everyone has their limits and you'll blow once you reached yours.

  3. That is SO awesome! What they did for you made me cry too! Yay!!! :-)

    I have those days with Rich too, but in the end he's an awesome husband and dad. I'm sure Rick it too. :-)

  4. Oh my sprinkles friend! I'm so sorry I've been mia and missed yesterday.

    How amazingly blesed you are. Your employer is just so stinkin' phenomenal. God works in such awesome awesome ways!

    I'm still praying for you, Rick, the boys and your Dad.

    Thank you for the update. many blessings for a beautiful weekend!

  5. Wow, those are amazing blessings! Thank God for people who care so much and want to help.

    Have a blessed weekend!

  6. Wow how nice of your boss to do that. I am so proud and happy for you my Poser friend. Love ya..

  7. Oh yay.
    It's karma - you do good and it comes back around.
    Your employers know they have a valuable employee who works hard for them.

    I'm glad you are feeling better today.

  8. well mom we all get bad days, and its cool u talked about it, as for hubby he will do whats right in the end, hope ur feeling better today xx

  9. That rocks! What a valuable employee you must be for them to offer to pick up all that for you. Such a blessing. Fingers crossed that Rick gets a job soon that he loves, but in the meantime - I'm so glad that you have this way of relieving some stress!

  10. You are worthy! That's why it's happening because you deserve it. I am thrilled for you and your family. And it's so good to hear that there are kind people in this world that are willing to help those in need.

  11. I know you are worthy, I never doubted that! I am sitting here with chills running down my spin and tears in my eyes. God is good and He is blessing you each step of the way. Your employer has a heart of gold and obviously you are very worthy to them. Amen!

  12. OH my goodness!! Those really are some amazing employers!!!

    I know that it must be the best feeling.

  13. Oh girlie ((HUGS)) You are worthy, don't you EVER forget that! And we are always here to help you go trough anything! YAY about work :)

  14. You are worthy!! I spend way to much time being down on myself! You are awesome and I am so glad things are looking up.

  15. amazing how things our parents did to us when we were younger still screws us up to this day, isn't it? You are a beautiful and kind, loving and generous person. And I look up to you and all that you do!

  16. Sweetie,
    I knew that something good would come your way, you SO deserved it!
    They see in you what I see in you - a wonderful woman who deserves everything good in life because she gives so much of herself to others. Your wonderful people who are so lucky to have you and you are lucky to have them.
    God works in wonderful ways.
    Praying for you always! :-)

  17. What a wonderful thing that you have a great support system. As for the hubby, even I have days that I'd like to wrap my hands around my husband's neck. Even though I know he is a great guy for the most part. Happens to the best of us.


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