Friday, September 10, 2010

When the tough gets going ... It all falls on me?? (PINT Style)

That One Mom


  1. I'm so sorry sweet lady! I will pray your weekend makes up for all that mess! :-(

  2. I am sorry Alexis.
    Goat hugs...I wish I could offer more

  3. yikes!
    i pray and hope it all gets better and settled for ya...

    oh.. and boys and thier toys.. $350 for a tire!!! i tell ya.. i think doug's cost around $400...

    have a good wkend my dear!!

  4. You got your card stolen? Geeze that is aweful! I am so sorry hon...Here for ya! Hugs!

  5. (((HUGS)))
    Sounds like you're having a run on "one of those days/weeks"

    Glass of wine????

  6. Oh no big hugs to you. Have an amazing weekend. I hope you get some time to relax Poser.. Hugs..

  7. awe wow, card stolen, nasty, couldnt visit here yesterday browser said it had malware on your site and a danger to my computer?? eh lol been comin here for ages lol, glad I was able to comment today xx

  8. awe wow, card stolen, nasty, couldnt visit here yesterday browser said it had malware on your site and a danger to my computer?? eh lol been comin here for ages lol, glad I was able to comment today xx

  9. awe got your card stolen thats shit, I couldnt visit you yesterday my browser said you had malware on your site and stopped me from opening your blog, eh, been comin here for ages lol, bloody saftey...

  10. I hope this weekend is better for you! Sending you virtual hugs and positive thoughts.

  11. That must suck.. We had a flat tire about a month ago and thankfully hubby could take it to work and they fixed it. That is what Pomps Tire does besides send my hubby about 300 miles away each

  12. how did you know that I love cookies? THanks..

  13. Boy was the shit hitting the fan or what? Praying for better days and maybe winning the lottery.

  14. You dredged up memories, darn it! Once I was standing in my parents garage doorway feeling the nice breeze blowing up, I shook my head and hair like a rock star, but my hand was on the door frame, and the wind blew the door shut- right on my hand...ouch!

    Did that take your mind off the other stuff? Well I hope so, I will suffer for you...

  15. What an awful time! I got my account hacked too this past week...sucky! But ya know did my friend who banks with the credit union so not always the safe bet!

  16. Hope things are on the upswing by now...what a mess! Nothing like having everything go crappy!

    Now, it's time to smile...cause it's the weekend! :)

  17. wow. Just wow.

    You deserve a nap, a bottle of wine, some chocolate and a foot massage!

  18. What a bummer of a week. I spent a good part of last week dealing with a dead car battery. It SUCKED eggs!

  19. Oh man - you totally deserve a do over for last week! Hoping this week goes better!

  20. Man I am so sorry for your week...I think you need a do over

  21. That sucks! We always have a bunch of tire stuff happen all at once too. Hope this week is better for ya!

  22. Youve totally described my life! ROFL... stupid hot moms get all the attention. I look like crap 96.7% of the time. Why? I have an infant that likes to spit up on anything I have on that even remotely matches. :) I just got to the point, now, that I don't give a damn.

  23. Oh, crap, do I feel for you. I had one of "those" weeks also. I did a post yesterday about it.
    I say we ditch the families and the responsibilites and you and I go to the Carribbean for a week and have some cabbana boys wait on us with island fruits and drinks with little umbrellas in them. Sound good to you???


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