Tuesday, February 8, 2011

WWW ~ Hair, Birthday Party & Super Bowl

It was a pretty low key weekend but I did get in a few fun things :)
Ok bad angels, got the double chin look going on
Got my hair done & then a hair cut!
Saturday after I got done working the boys and I hit Chuck E Cheese for a birthday party. The boys had so much fun, mom was about to pull her hair out. That place was NUTS, over crowded and made me think over and over what is wrong with these kids and adults. They have no manners, my mom would have slapped me upside the head if I acted like some of those kids.
Sunday was the church for the AM service, home to do some baking (you'll have to check out my gumball cupcakes on my Saturday post). Then up to my girlfriend from elementary school for a Super Bowl party. It was fun to just hang out with friends and let the kids run. I actually didn't have to go check on them every 15 min. My friends mom did that ... lol, we'll let her be the worry wart :).
Yup it was a fun but busy weekend! Hope you're all having a wonderful week!


  1. What double chin? I think you look adorable - especially all foiled up! You look just like your offspring (but a girl!)! :)
    Blessings to ya!

  2. You are too funny! I love your expression on picture titled maybe not ready....So funny! I make the same face all the time! Your kids are adorable and they sure do look like they had a great time. ChucK e cheese was the bain of my existence at one point . almost every bday party my kids were invited to was to that den of smelly socks and pizza sause stinkin' place! I would come home with a migraine each and every time. What we do for our babies! Great Post as always. Blessings, Joanne

  3. Okay, I'm with Ann and don't see the double chin...but I must admit, it's the first think I see on me in pics or my vlogs. Inspires me to continue excercising and eating right.

    Your hair looks great. I just got mine done two weeks ago. I think I had you beat with my growout.

  4. You're hair looks great! I think my appt. is coming up soon.

    I can't stand those Chuck E. Cheese places. The kids in there drive me nuts!

  5. Your hair looks beautiful!!! My kids always loved Chuck E Cheese too, my youngest still does. I have a friend who calls it Chuck E Coli which always cracks me up :)

  6. HEH! YOu always look good, even when you feel you look bad...you do not have a bad hair day!

    Mine is finally getting to the point I love it, and then we know what happens...its too freakin long again!

    boys are growing up, but they still have that perfect mommy smile!

  7. Glad to hear that you had a good weekend! We just sat about the house and relaxed it was nice and for Brian, Saturday was it first day off in 13 days!

  8. Your hair looks so great, but what weekend do you ever have that's not busy?

  9. Your hair looks lovely. You need to run away alone for a weekend and just relax.

  10. Love the new hair. I always get the double chin too. What a fun weekend.

  11. The only saving grace for Chuck E Cheese is they sell beer!! Otherwise I wouldn't stay sane in that madness!!

  12. God love you for braving Chuck E Cheese... I consider a trip to the Cheese hell on earth! (I didn't know they sold beer!? WTH)
    Your hair is cute! Love the foils!

  13. Memories of Chuck E. Cheese, I don't know if I could last very long there now or not LOL Loved seeing all of the pictures and your hair looks great!

  14. Love the hair. I had mine done on Thursday but I just can't good pictures in the mirror like you!
    Sounds like a fun weekend for all of you.


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