Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Go Go Go Alexis ~ Crazy packed weekend

We had one packed weekend!  It started Friday with Cole’s school holding their annual Olympics at the local military base.  It’s a great event that includes the surrounding Lutheran schools.  So the kids get to meet new friends and have some fun. The 1-2 grade do a bunch of little activity stations.  The 3-8 grades do the running and jumping events.  We have a concession stand that helps the PTF for our school.  It was a great event.  This year I worked the am so I could then take Cole and hang out with him this year and help with the concession stand.  Here are a few shots of this years Olympics:

Faith Lutheran - Olympics

Saturday I got up and worked my normal shift.  Then clocked off and ran around like a mad women getting the kids ready for our first party of the day.  We hit the ground running for this “Rock Star” party.  The birthday girl’s dad did some awesome bubbles.  We did a 3 legged race, poor little Caden was dragged a little by one little boy who kept yelling at him.  Sad smile He came up to me a said “Mama I’m just a little boy”, big hugs dude it’s ok.  Same little boy kept pushing on Caden after a few stern words and looks he finally did stay away from him.

Blogger Pics

We ran home got the scooters and put my running shoes and we hit the park to meet my friend and go walking.  We learned a lesson that during the afternoon during the week this public park turned into a soccer and BBQ there was like 200+ ppl! YIKES we cut it down to 2 miles and headed home.  After pulling in we her a bunch of honks and we found we had a visitor.  My dad surprised us with his new Cam Am Spyder.  Soon they will have their own helmets so they can take a ride with him.

Blogger Pics1

After dad took off I made a mad dash to finish up my cupcakes.  Then we hit our 2nd party of the night.  A friend from high school had a Cinco de Mayo party.  It was perfect since kids could play.  They even had a pinata that went up and accidently fell and broke open … lol! It was so much fun and the cupcakes were a hit for the kids.  The adults had a VERY yummy margarita pie (I so need the recipe).

Blogger Pics2

Sunday we had church, my friend is going to do the late night service so I took the boys to the 9am service which was nice to have the afternoon to do laundry, grocery shopping etc.  Hopefully I’ll meet a new friend to sit with at church.  So there you have it a fun weekend!


  1. WOW!! You were really a busy family mom.
    The kid pushing Caden is well on his way to being a bully. Shame on him. I hope his parents were aware of it.

  2. Ok I'M exhausted! How the heck do you not end up in bed all the next day? Your Dad is so cool! Your kids must have been so thrilled!
    Now go get some weekend will be here before you know it!
    Blessings, Joanne

  3. wow and we only managed 2 soccer games, some food shopping and a party, go you

  4. Never ever in my life have I had a day like that! Girl you make me tired reading this. OMG!

  5. Busy, busy, busy!
    Love your dad's new ride.


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